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Couple of problems please help Results

Since a couple of days we have very big problems with our exchange server.
These dirs are filling up to the top.

All files of 197.922 KB with names like Y6A6JBSK.

And our server is very slow.
Can some one please help me with this problem?

This might be a little clearer than the last post.

I am tearing my hair out over this one (what is left of it anyway)!

I have a number of POP3 email accounts set up using outlook 2003. I also
have a VPN set up to another network with a server (so that I can share
folders in Outlook).

I can send and recieve emails with no problems when the VPN isn't connected
up. As soon as I connect the VPN the email on a couple of my accounts will
not recieve. It sends OK but will not recieve. Also, and very wierd is that
I can not get onto our website either. (probably based on the same server as
the emails. me2uweb are the hosts).

This problem seems to have prgressed over the last couple of months and now
nobody can get emails whilst there LAN is connected to the server either by
VPN or within the same office.

I can view all my shared folders though and also recieve emails from other
accounts and view other websites.

Please help me as I am stumped, big time.

Please hold your seat firmly, as I'm going to describe a situation so
horribly screwed up you'd probably want to leave I.T. for ever as soon as
you finish reading this post :-)

I'm also looking for some help, if anything at all can be done without
reinstalling everything from scratch.

First of all, the scenario: this big customer is an Italian government
agency where I was sent by my company as an external consultant, and where
lots of people manage things they don't have any clue at all about (and I'm
not talking only about computers here). There are about 600 users in the
main office here in Rome, together with a hundred servers (literally), a lot
of whose nobody is actually sure about what they're here for; there also
about 100 peripheral offices around the world, which usually have only a few
users and a local do-it-all server; the main office and the others are
connected via some VPNs.
The situation is almost hopeless: the network is *quite* confused and
definitely undersized, with even lots of 10 mbit hubs around; the desktop
computers are... well... not exactly top-of-the-line: the standard
configuration includes a P2-350 with 64 MB of RAM; the servers are simply
scary: you *can't* run a critical Exchange which stores top managers'
mailboxes on a box which has 256 MB of RAM and normally uses 370.
This was for the hardware; the software side is even worse: all those
machines run NT 4.0, with only some new desktops having Windows XP, and
every single server is also NT; Exchange, where it's used, is of course the
infamous 5.5 version. And yes, I know NT is Old, and Bad, and Ugly, and also
Unsupported (which is the worst of the four), but they're definitely *not*
going to do any migration until Windows 2042 comes out, so they'll have to
stick with it.

My only luck in this story is, I don't have to re-organize this chaos and
make it work; I'm only there to solve some specific problems, and the
current one is what I was talking about in this post's title.

Some guy who probably was more suited for farming than systems
administration decided to implement e-mail for the peripheral offices, and
Exchange (or any analogous server-side software) wasn't take into any
consideration due to various reasons (like "I don't want to pay for it" or
"I love when a desktop's disk crashes and the user loses every message
together with his documents which of course weren't stored on a file server
in the first place"); I don't know what was chosen in regard to receiving
e-mails, but the plan for sending them is to have every user connecting his
mail client to the local server, which will then relay it to a main mail
gateway in the central office, which will (hopefully) send it to the outside
world; I'm not commenting on this, other than remarking that the sites are
linked via VPNs, so every mail will have to jump around the Internet at
least a couple of times before reaching its recipient; the main gateway
server will also be very happy.
Anyway, this was planned before I got there, so I can't change anything
about it; my role is to find a way to configure about 100 NT 4.0 servers to
properly relay Internet-bound e-mail to the main office.
To be more exact, this is not my role, since the configuration checklist was
already prepared; my real role is to find how to resurrect some of these
servers that are in conditions, well, critical.

The main problem is: these servers are of the do-it-all kind, so they're
domain controllers for the local office's domain, they host some application
back-ends, some of them also run Oracle DBs, and all of them have some
version of IIS, on top of which sits the corporate antivirus package they're
running; the reason I wrote "some version of IIS" will soon be clear enough.

The goal of this project would be to properly configure the SMTP component
of IIS, installing it where it isn't installed; but there are basically
three states in which these servers can be.

Some of them, due to excessive luck, actually *have* the SMTP component
installed and able to run when configured and started; these are simple, and
I'll leave them alone, hoping they'll survive long enough to relay some
messages before reaching the Big Domain Controller In The Skies.

On some of them, Something That Shouldn't Happen actually happened: somebody
whose systems administration skills are roughly comparable to those of an
amoeba, a long time ago, installed Exchange for reasons which are now lost
in the fog of time, and then decided he didn't need it anymore, so proceeded
to..., the period isn't ending with "properly uninstall it".
It ends with "disable those services which looked Exchange-related,
physically remove some of the program files and databases and deleting
random Registry keys without having any clue at all about what he was
doing". If he had fired at the servers with a BFG 9000 he would have done
less harm to them.

Now, normally my opinion on Exchange 5.5 can be summarized as "a big load of
crap" (as opposed to, say, Exchange 2000/2003 which I consider good
products), but I know Microsoft managed to sell lots of copies of it, so
maybe it *is* good for something else than putting the installation media in
a microwave oven and watching the fireworks. Howewer, ripping its
installations away surely *isn't* the right way to use it, so something got
really, really screwed up in those poor servers, and that wasn't Exchange's

Obviously, the IIS SMTP service is not installed there, and it also refuses
to install, since it detects the mortal spoils of the dead Exchange and
states that, ah, it isn't going to run there if you don't remove Exchange
before; but you obviously *can't* remove Exchange, since it isn't no longer
there, and also can't reinstall it, since it's (partly) still there and its
own setup won't be able to run properly; so, while Exchange lies in this
sort of limbo screaming in search of its revenge, having the server relay
any kind of e-mail is definitely impossible.

Now, let's digress from this frightening topic and talk about the other
status in which one of those servers can be found; and finally, here the
"some version of IIS" part will come back to haunt your dreams.

On some of those servers (where, incidentally, the above mentioned Exchange
catastrophe can *also* have happened, making a not-so-small number of them
good candidates for euthanasia), IIS is not installed. Its place was taken
by its stripped-down version, the Personal Web Server 4.0. Now, there is
something really, *really* weird about this, since PWS comes with the
Workstation version of NT's Option Pack, as opposed to the Server version
which contains the "real" IIS; and the Option Pack for NT Worstation is
actually installed on those servers, even if *this program is not allowed
there*, and its setup refuses to install it saying "this is NT Server, use
the Server Option Pack instead of this one". I've tried this on a server in
a test lab for all the afternoon, with no results other than a great urge to
do some experiments with torture devices on whoever is responsible for this.

After having somewhat retrieved interior peace, I was quite ready to
uninstall PWS (which, of course, doesn't have the SMTP component that now is
needed) and replace it with IIS, when the antivirus problem arose. That
software relies *heavily* on IIS, so heavily in fact that uninstalling IIS
will lead to having to re-install it, losing all the informations about its
clients in the process. Unless, of course, one can manage to replace PWS
with IIS while mantaining exactly the same web site configuration in terms
of permissions, virtual directories, file types and so on.

Oh, and did I say that *no one* of those servers can be reinstalled from
scratch, since all of them have some valuable data and/or are running some
programs which have been working for years, and nobody remembers anything
about how (or, for what it matters, why) they work and how to install them?


Ok, let's get to some conclusions here.
I need a way to:

1) Finally putting an end to Exchange's sufferings where its tormented soul
still resides altough it lost (parts of) its body. I.E. I need to properly
and totally remove it, its services and its Registry keys, in order to be
able to install IIS's SMTP where it's needed.
2) Replace the infamous PWS 4.0 with the a-little-less-infamous IIS 4.0
without losing the antivirus web site's configuration.
3) (Optional) Send a legion of very bad-tempered demons hunting the
(sub)human being(s) who managed to unleash such chaos, in the hope they'll
never be able to do it again.

Hope to get some help from you, and thanks for reading this post until the



All of a sudden as of a couple of days ago, when anyone in my exchange org
tries to invite people to a meeting, a message displays when they try to
check the other person's availability that says "No free/busy information
could be retrieved"

What I noticed that may have changed is that the public folder that
apparently used to house this information is gone. So I followed
instructions on microsoft's website to reset the system folders. Once that
was done, I restarted the info store on all the servers in the admin
group... but I still get the "no free/busy" message.

There was another article I found that suggested to repopulate free/busy. It
says that I will need to send a meeting request to all users at my site, and
they all must accept or free/busy won't repopulate. Now I have about 2000
users and I'll bet not all of them would be able to respond, so is there any
other way? Can someone *please* help me out? I don't know what else to do!

Hello I would like to request some help in the following:

Lead-in - I work at a school as a system-/networkoperator/-admin/-infra/AD designer/-etc. Our Infrastructure has grown quite complex in the last couple of years. I manage all of the 16 severs that are running here. As one of the early adopters of W2K I've created the following:

A mixed-mode AD structure with '' as root, in the root there are two DC's (one backup) and two DNS's (one backup) and the 'main' GC.

Installed servers in the root '' -populated with personell/managment/etc.- are -the ones that matter for this picture- one File/Print server (GC, DC, DNS, DHCP, WINS), two Application servers, one Echange 2K3 with OWA (DC backup, DNS backup, WINS backup) -succesfully upgraded last week from E2K- Protected by a Barracuda AV/SPAM/Firewall system.

In a child domain called '' -populated only with 1400 students- there are 2 file/print servers (Root GC backup, EDU DC & DC backup, EDU DNS & DNS backup, EDU WINS & WINS Backup, Root DHCP backup

In two child domains -not populated, with one way trusts called 'fsa/'- there are two ISA2K -which will be replaced by heavier servers running ISA2K4- One for the administrative system and one for general Internet Access (personell/students)

What I wanted to do is to install a second Exch2K3 (OWA only!) in the '' child domain for the students, backed by a second Barracuda (The students do not have mail yet.) Create a third child domain '' and install a third ISA2K4 sever so I can use the first for personell, the second for the administrative system and the third for the students. (All have a seperate 10 Mb connection to the outside world.)

Main project - So... I went to work and installed last week the second Exch2K3. All seemed to go well only to find the next day the next day that the SECOND server overruled the FIRST server!? -after some replications overnight obviously...- All the personell's email addresses had changed to Ok, after fixing this -setting a default address rule- I found out that the second installation had interweaved completely with our 'primary' Exch2K3.

Lead out - Hmmm, what went wrong... Ah! I think I needed to create a second administrative group... (??)

Now I'm trying to uninstall the SECOND Exch2K3 server -without compromising the FIRST or my AD- but that gives only problems. I had -when trying to run SETUP and doing a 'Remove'- three error messages. I managed to get that back to one. (First one was that there were mailboxes in use -> removed, second one was something about rules/credentials needed to be transferred to the FIRST Exch2K3 server.... Sorry I forgot; Used a KB# to solve that one

And for the third one, the I haven't been able to solve -or any steps in the above (or to follow next) that are wrong or incomplete- I seek some help & wisdom. ;-)

When trying to uninstall I get the message: 'This server is the only server with an instance of the "ALL PUBLIC FOLDERS" hierarchy. If you want to remove this server, you will need to create an instance of this hierarchy on one of the remaining servers in your orginazation.'

Maybe related to that are the following messages in the Event Viewer: Application: Source - MSExchangeIS Public Store; Category - Replication general; Event ID - 3113

Some KB's I found on the the Internet speak of dragging & dropping the Public Folders from the SECOND server to the Public Folders on the FIRST... but that doesn't work. I've tried also some other things.... which I can't remember anymore right now. -Getting a bit numb after 3 days of 12 hours searching for a solution.-

So I'm -almost- with my back against the wall.....Please help?!

(Why don't I hire someone to solve it? Schoolbudgets are VERY tight. Most projects -read hardware- is 25-50% subsidized by the government/county... most of the rest is up to the administrators themselves. I'm actually here in my vacation!)

Thanks in advance!

Micha van Neerwijk

When I try to reach OMA, I receive the following error:
Server Error in "OMA" Application
Description: The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission please contact your system administrator or change the application's trust level in the configuration file.

I have read a couple of articles about this issue so I have reinstalled ASP.NET, reinstalled Device Driver Updates 2.0 and used the asp_iisreg tool to reset the ACLs. Nothing worked.

I have Sharepoint installed on the same server and the OMA path is excluded. I can use OWA on the server without any problems.

I have no clue about what my specific problem might be.

Need help.


Hi.  I am having a problem with both Outlook Mobile Access and OTA Activesync.  Outlook is able to access Exchange, and OWA works fine from both the LAN and the internet.  However, neither OMA nor Activesync OTA work.  The server in question is running Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 and Exchange 6.5 SP2.  I am set up to use SSL, integrated / digest / basic authentication on the virtual directory, and no forms-based authentication on the Exchange server.  Each AD user has mobile access and web access enabled.

When trying to access OMA, I browse to  I get a login box, which I enter credentials in (same credentials used for OWA), and then the browser works for 5-10 seconds and displays the following:

"A System error has occurred while processing your request. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact your administrator."

The same thing happens from browsers on the LAN and internet.

Activesync on a Windows Mobile 6 device fails with error 0x85030027.  I know it's not the WinMo device as I have recreated the problem on a WM6 emulator. 

I'm not sure what led to these problems.  Activesync was working fine up until a couple of months ago.  I have done many web searches on these problems, and followed many suggestions from KBs and others (including reloading certificates, re-creating virtual directories for OMA, disabling SSL, re-enabling SSL, etc. etc.), but nothing has worked.  I'm sure I'm leaving out some critical information, but I'm not sure what... but I'm happy to respond to any additional questions.  Thanks in advance for your help. 

Will someone please help me?

A couple of quick questions about ntbackup running on my server 2k3 enterprise/exchange 2k3 machine. After I schedule daily system state & exch store, and weekly ASR backups, icons appear in the scheduled jobs calendar as they should.

(1) The backups run initially, but report logs shows no subsequent backups. Since I'm replacing previous backups in the Schedule data>properties>task>browse, I've entered "/um" at the end of the run command line to authorize file replacement.

(2) Also, what do the calendar icons & colors mean (i.e. light blue D, light green D, dark blue N)?

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Ever since I got E2K over a year ago, I have found that it will not deliver mail to the next highest priority MX record for a given domain if the highest fails.

Here is a perfect example. has 3 MX records; IN MX 100 IN MX 200 IN MX 300

Both the 100 and the 200 refuse connection for whatever reason, (that's not the point). MX record 300 accepts connections.

I replied to an email from a sales rep at yesterday and the message is still sitting in the queue waiting for delivery. It seems to me that E2K querrys the highest priority record, in this case MX 100, and if it accepts connections fine but if it doesn't then it won't querry any of the other MX records for delivery.

I have known this to be an issue and have setup a couple of SMTP connectors for a couple of our customers to work around this problem.

I am asking someone with E2K to try and deliver a message to the email address I have for I know it is good because he emailed me and I replied but the reply is sitting in the queue. If your willing to test delivery, email me at and I will give you his address. Thanks for your help.

Hi I have a problem connecting externally to my OWA, unfortunately i feel there is a couple of things wrong and dont have the knowledge to locate the problems, so if i have left points out please let me know
I inherited a SBS2003 server that soon after, decided to give up the ghost, I managed to install a second server, join it as a domain server, transfer all the AD and Exchange functions Promote the server to PDC, before the oldserver died. Fortunately 4 weeks on and there is no error msgs or problems with the server AD or Mail part.

The old server had access to blackberry users and an ssl certificate installed, and this is where my problem begins.

From what i can tell i have no Virtual Website details running, internally OWA works fine, Via VPN no problem also but externally i cannot connect to the exchange at all.

I have followed instructions on re-installing the ssl certificate that looks fine.
I have removed all legacy information regarding the oldserver without problem
I have followed the insstructions for re-installing the Default Website from these articles without success
and now i am at a loss what direction to take to resolve this.
I have trawled many forumns and searched extensively but cannot seem to find anything that matches closely enough my problem

Please bear with me as my knnowledge of sbs server is fine, but exchange is a bit shady.

Can you advice what tests i can do to
A) Get an overall picture of exactly what is missing
B) How to get the OWA working again

Your help is most appreciated.

OK, i'll try to start from the begining as I have a feeling i'm going to need a lot of explaining and help here.

I have an old and slowly degenerating server with windows server 2000 installed. On this we have Exchange 5.5 installed as our mail server.
We have bought a lovely new much more powerful server which is installed with server 2000 and is implimented into our domain.

My objective is to install Exchange 2000 on this machine, and remove the old machine from the network completely without loosing any data.

On our existing 5.5 server (called server A from now on) we have only a few mail boxes (our company domain is nice and small) and a few more public folders which we NEED to keep.

So far I have installed Exchange 2000 (called server B from now on) and it seems that the installation was successful. When I installed it I have added to the existing 5.5 site (I hope) and when I load out the Admin program on server A (E5.5) I can see the new Server B (E2K)

I have created a couple of test public folders to replicate accross to the new installation, and it seemed to take ages, but if I navigate to the Public Folder Inatances on the Exchange System Manager I can see the Test public folder there.

I have since created a new TestUser account on the domain with a mailbox that is held on the new server, I can logon to the mailbox but I cannot see the Test public folder that was replicated accross (or the couple of others I have e.g. 'Nonsence')

The other issue I have is that I can send mail from my new Server B (E2K) to Server A (E5.5) but not vice versa. I don't know why this is! I added a new MX record onto my DNS server for my new Server B (E2K) but that doesn't help (should I have done this?)

I'm basically very new to this Exchange stuff and obviously need all the help I can get, especially before I even thing about attempting to move all the proper mailboxes and proper public folders accross!

So I guess I need to make sure I can:

A: see public folders that I have replicated accross with my test account
B: send and recieve internal and external mail from the new server to the old server etc

One other thing, I have logged onto an Outlook client with my test user (called 'testuser') and I can see a few of the public folders that were on the old server A (E5.5) but they don't contain data (each time I click on them to try to view data it tells me I am unable to display the folder. Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange computer .

If I create a 'new' folder in one of the public folders that I cannot see inside I have access to it, and the strange thing is that a Outlook client attached to the Server A (E5.5) can also see and access this new folder.

Something is wrong here! HELP! :( :( :(

THanks so much in advance


Hello all. I am new here and this is my first post, so please forgive me if this topic has been discussed to death in the past.

I recently installed a new SBS 2003 server at a client and helped them migrate from POP mail to Exchange. Things are generally working well, with the exception that they are having trouble sending mail to a few domains. These domains tend to be local companies, rather than well-known domain names. Mail to these domains just sits in the queue until it finally times out after a couple of days. I have been searching for a solution to this for several weeks.

When I do a message track on one of the messages that is stuck, it says "Message transferred to through SMTP." It may repeat this several times, but the message does not actually go through.

I have spoken with the administrator for the receiving domain, and he assures me that we are not on any kind of blacklist. I have used smtpdiag.exe to test the connection and it comes back completely successful every time. I have tried creating a connector just for this domain, but that does not seem to help either. I have tried different DNS servers.

When we first went live with this server, we did suffer a small reverse NDR attack. I tightened up the security and implemented sender and recepient filtering, so that has not been a problem recently.

I am a loss to try and figure out what is going on here. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Hello all,

I am hoping to get a quick answer to this as I am leaving my current job and moving to a new company and this is something that I am being asked to complete before I leave.  Here is the situation.

Our company just purchased 2 Blackberry handhelds to allow a couple of managers to access their email through them.  It would normally be a simple process but for some reason the two managers in question can't access our exchange server via OWA.  I have tried resetting the protocols just in case, but still no go.  I, on the other hand, can access it without issue.  I have compared my settings to those with the two managers and I can't see anything different so I am really at a loss as to why they can't connect to OWA.  I have tried both IP address/exchange and to access OWA and both will still not work for them but do for me.

Please, please, please, if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks much.

Hi there,

I have a client who is having constant problems with his outlook 2003 on his windows 7 laptop. We can’t seem to find anyone who can help solve this problem. We’ve gone through all the tests that the Microsoft website has suggested to no avail. We’re hoping that someone out there has had a similar problem to ours.

Our client can’t seem to send emails. He can receive emails most of the time. He has this problem when he’s at home and when he travels as well. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to his problem. We have done several tests changing the kind of ports and preformed these tests on a PC and a Mac. We’ve tried:

1) Use out going SMTP port 587
2) Change the Outgoing server authentication method
3) Use IP address as out going mail server

I made sure Authentication was checked changed the port 587 and 110. I received the error: Trying to log into the SMTP server "" failed. I made sure the user name and password I entered was correct. During one test when I took the account back online, the emails downloaded just fine. I then went to the PC and to outlook to try to get the email account set up there and it wouldn't work.

I set everything up with the authentication and port change and received this error:

Task ' - Receiving' reported error (0x800ccc90): Your incoming (POP 3) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to recieve this message, contact your administrator or internet provider (ISP). The server responded ESMTP

MAC pushed it through, but the PC could not. Is there a compatibility issue with the emails clients and the server? OR is there a setting some place else I should be checking?

Here are the results of several of the other tests:

(Please NOTE: The “Authenticate” button was checked throughout all of these tests.)

TEST ONE (PC- outlook 2003)
Outgoing Port: 587
Incoming Port: 110

Find Outgoing mail server (SMTP) – COMPLETED
Find Incoming mail server (POP3) – COMPLETED
Log onto incoming mail server (POP3) – FAILED
Send Test e-mail message – FAILED

Log onto incoming server (POP3): Outlook could not connect to the incoming mail server (POP3). The problem could be your SSL or port setting for the incoming server. Verify your port and SSL settings under More Settings on the Advanced tab.

Send test e-mail message: The Specified server was found, but there was no response from the server. Please verify that the port and SSL information is correct. To access these settings close this dialog, then click More Settings and click the Advanced tab.

When trying to send an email:
Task ‘john test’ – Sending’ reported error (0x80042109): ‘Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’

Eventually…after a couple of hours:
Outlook Send/Receive Progress said that 1 of 2 tasks completed successfully, but nothing seemed to come through to the intended emails.

TEST TWO (PC- outlook 2003)
Outgoing Port:
Incoming Port: 110

Find Outgoing mail server (SMTP) – COMPLETED
Find Incoming mail server (POP3) – COMPLETED
Log onto incoming mail server (POP3) – FAILED
Send Test e-mail message – FAILED

Log onto incoming server (POP3): Outlook could not connect to the incoming mail server (POP3). The problem could be your SSL or port setting for the incoming server. Verify your port and SSL settings under More Settings on the Advanced tab.

Send test e-mail message: The Specified server was found, but there was no response from the server. Please verify that the port and SSL information is correct. To access these settings close this dialog, then click More Settings and click the Advanced tab.

TEST THREE (PC- outlook 2003)
Outgoing Port: (client ip address)
Incoming Port: 110

Find Outgoing mail server (SMTP) – COMPLETED
Find Incoming mail server (POP3) – COMPLETED
Log onto incoming mail server (POP3) – FAILED
Send Test e-mail message – COMPLETED

Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Outlook could not connect to the incoming mail server (POP3). The problem could be your SSL or port settings for the incoming server. Verify your port and SSL settings under More Settings on the Advanced tab.

When trying to send an email:
Your Message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.
The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

‘’ on 12/8/2010 3:11PM
533 sorry, that domain isn’t in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)

TEST FOUR (MAC –Mail 3.6)
Outgoing Port: 587
Incoming Port: 110

When trying to send an email:
When we sent an email and then it eventually sent in about 10 minutes.

If anyone has any suggestions, it would be very appreciated. We’re at our wits end trying to figure this out. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions.

It started about 2 weeks ago I can't think of anything that changed as far as software installs or updates go. My problem is I have added a couple users to exchange. One of the users ended up never being hired so was immediately removed from exchange and he is still showing up on the GAL. The other user was added to exchange about a week later but is still not showing up in GAL. It's been about 10 days should be plenty of time to update. The OWA GAL is working and updated properly but all client versions Outlook 2010 and 2007 are in use are not showing these last 2 most recent changes. I've tried redownloading the GAL in exchange, restarting all the services associated with exchange, making a new offline address book, checked the event viewer logs for errors, and am getting no where... Please help... my head hurts...



Please help me, I'm going mad!

Problem: I have Outlook 2003 client running a main mail account on work Exchange server. In the session, I also have added a couple of extra mail accounts that are shared with other colleagues (so we can all access their mailboxes, use a central calendar and centralise contacts etc).

I can access the contact lists in Folder View of all the mail accounts, not just my own (i.e. the list for the 'main' account for the profile).

The "Outlook Address Book" - i.e. a collection of contact lists - only shows the contact list for the main account, not any of the additional shared mail accounts. This is frustrating because when I want to send an email to people from my main account, but using distribution lists stored in the shared mail accounts, I can't use the 'show names from the Outlook Address Book' after clicking 'To'.

SOLUTION: HELP ME! I KNOW this is possible as it has been done before. I've tried everything I can think of, including right-clicking the 'contacts' entry in the folder list for the shared mail accounts and selecting 'properties'. However when I do this, it doesn't show an option of 'including this in the Outlook Address Book' like it does for my main account's contacts properties.


Desperate, UK.

"Whenever I start a "New Message" in Outlook, the text color is now Ivory and
also double spacing. This started to happen a couple of days ago. The
defaults in MS Word are O.K. and Word works perfectly. I have deleted all
instances of "" and rebooted my computer but nothing has changed in
Outlook...Also ran AntiVirus and 2 anti-malware programs, PC is "clean"
I have Word and Outlook 2003 - IBM ThinkCentre - Intel Pentium 4/3 Mhz - 512
Mb RAM - 40GB HD Can you please help?
Thank you,"

I am a desktop support technician. We use Exchange 2003 and have
Outlook 2003 clients. We are having ongoing issues with one of our
users who is an assistant to an executive. The latest issue is that
the person, who is a delegate of the executive with Editor permissions
to the calendar, is getting the following errors sometimes when
opening and sometimes when accepting meeting requests:

"Can't open calendar item for user (executiveuser). Item could not be
Sometimes this is preceded by "Unable to open meeting item '(name of

Additionally, sometimes these same items cannot be viewed in the
preview pane; it appears "greyed-out" and displays the message "This
item cannot be displayed in the reading pane. Open the item to read
its contents."

The strange thing is that there doesn't seem to be a pattern to it and
it does not always happen. Closing and reopening Outlook usually
fixes the problem for a short while, and even the same items that were
producing the error are able to open with no problems after restarting

I have tried opening Outlook with the /cleanviews switch. I have
checked delegate permissions. They appear to be correct. I am at
wits end with this and I need a resolution fairly soon. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. In researching this problem, I have not
been able to find a situation that matches the symptoms exactly that
has actually produced responses. I have seen some posts about this
that have gone unanswered. Please reply, even if only to say you've
encountered the problem too. Hopefully someone out there knows the
answer. This particular problem just started a couple of weeks ago.

I have posted this before and then I just replied to another user's post that
had the same issue, so now I am trying again. The original post I responded
to is at the bottom, but I went into a lot more detail into what actions I
have taken, but have not been able to resolve this major issue.

I am having the same exact problem except i didn't upgrade mine was a clean
install on vista business. It seems to be every email in rich or plain text
regardless of the domain. Only shows the html links. HTML emails are fine
though. I wish someone could fix this or tell me what I'm doing wrong. I
switched Outlook to view all messages in Plain Text and that didn't help

In Windows Mail (the new outlook express) everhing is great, but i didn't
pay a few hundred bucks for windows mail and i really need the features in
Outlook 2007 especially the business contact manager!

I have disabled add ins, uninstalled/reinstalled Office, disabled antivirus,
messed with every single option available, and still nothing. Trying to
manage 8 email accounts through Web Based email is too time consuming, and it
seems that Windows Mail and Outlook 2007 get in a pissing contest and either
one or the other steals the email and downloads it from the server. I have
both set up to leave a copy of the message on the server, but it seems that
if one of the accounts downloads it the other won't. (i have verified that
the email is still in fact on the server) Even if outlook is not open it
still downloads sparatic messages and I have to actually end the oulook.exe
process to get it to stop.

I have literally spent hours on this. I have searched the internet
endlessly for an answer, even posting here a couple days ago, but I cannot
find the answer. There are plenty of people posting the same issue, but no

I did find a post in some forum in cyberspace that was talking abou AVG
email scanning causing the issue, but #1 I don't use AVG I use Symantec
Corporate 10.2,and #2 I even disabled Symantec Email Security just to be on
the safe side and rule it out. Hell, I even disabled Antivirus all together.
I also read that people were having the same issue as a result of the PDF
add in for outlook 2007 but...#1 I don't have that add in and #2 I disabled
all possible add ins through the Trust Center. Some of them it won't let you
disable because of some registry value in Outlook, but every single other add
in I disabled. There was another forum that said that it was an issue with
themes, so I got rid of the theme (that wasn't showing on any messages I was
trying to create anyways) and still the same issue.
All but one of my accounts is POP3, with the other being IMAP. I did import
a pst file from Office 2003 on my old computer, but the blank emails are
still coming in the new messages so I can't see how the pst being corrupted
could be a problem. Lastly, the IMAP account redownloads the messages at
every sync so it is definitely a viewing problem in Outlook 2007 in my
opinion at least. I am no computer tech or anything but I am not a novice
either and this makes absolutely no sense. One would think that if I were
having issues with all of my text being completely missing and my messages
only containing hyperlinks, that if I switched Outlook over to read only this
specific type of email that it would work but it doesn't. Granted it is a
bit more confusing and tedious to change the mail format in Outlook 2007
versus Outlook 2003, but I still found it and tried. Like I said earlier, I
have literally spent hours troubleshooting this and playing with every single
function available and then switching it back after I found that it didn't
help any.

"shaine89" wrote:

> I recently upgraded from Office 2003 to 2007 and didn't have any problems
> until recently. Now when I receive e-mail from certain domains (i.e. yahoo)
> I can see that the message arrives, however the preview pane shows a blank
> message (No type except html links in blue). I can highlight the message and
> cut/paste it into Word and finally view the message after I change the font
> color.
> I've tried to change the stationary/font color but nothing seems to change.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!

I have implemented a new php form handler for a client's site. The php
program sends mail from the form in an email. The form results are formatted
using a plain text template created in Notepad. The template tells the php
program to display the results with a couple of hard returns between lines so
that the email will be readable. Here's the problem.

When I receive the email in Outlook Express on my laptop, the email displays
perfectly, with all results doublespaced for readability. When the email is
received on my desktop or on my client's machine using Outlook, the email is
all run together as one continuous line, making it completely unreadable.

I have tried changing email formatting without success. Can anyone please
I need the Outlook results to display with the double spacing.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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