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My citrix server on 2003 crashed yesterday. I used kanalyze to look at the
memory.dmp file but did not find anything. what do i do?


Can anyone suggest anything better than Google Desktop?

Although Google Desktop is WAY better than all Microsoft's searching,
the problem I'm having is that after I do an archive of my Outlook
from one .PST to another .PST file, it does not bother to correctly re-

- Any suggestions?


Shiperton Henethe

P.S. Max budget $50 (preferrably free, with adverts if necessary)

In other words, is there a recommended and robust way to export from
Outlook (.pst) files to anything 'open' (i.e, non-MS proprietary)?
Most of the folks I work with store everything in flat, ASCII-text
files, and use a bunch of utilities to search/manage/parse files
looking for particular strings (i.e., have 10+ GB of compressed text
files I've output from Eudora and T'bird, which covers about 95% of
the email I've sent over the past 5 years or so...).

My institution is moving to an Outlook/Exchange setup, and while I
could probably learn to live with Outlook for most things (learning
curve to do most things was

In my outlook (not express) I accidently blocked ebay. I went and unblocked it, but I still cannot receive anything from them. I even had my husband try and forward an ebay email from them to me, but anything with ebay in it. It just disappears. I can see where it starts to come into my inbox, but then disappears and I can not find it any where. Can any body help?

When I open my outlook and click on my first item it freezes. It is a very large file but I can't get into it to compress or delete anything. Any idea's on how to fix. I no longer have my disk. I have outlook 2000 sr-1


I added the LinkedIn provider file for use with the Outlook Social Connector but when I click on a persons name that is a contact that is on LinkedIn it doesn't display anything.


Outlook opens but will not display a home page.  I can't see anything except the very top toolbar

HELP. I didn't realize how much I relied on this until it broke. Neither
Advanced Find nor Instant Search will find anything.

System Info.: Outlook 2007 (12.0.6316.5000) MSO (12.0.6425.1000)

What I've tried so far:

1) Index - Rebuild
2) Index - Restore Default
(for both of these, let them run overnight to make sure everything was
3) Ran Scanpst and found zero errors

I can have an email visible in the preview pane, search for text that I'm
seeing right in front of me, and it won't find it. In the Advanced Find
feature I select
--Search In: Subject Field and Message Body
--Browse: Check search subfolders.

Any suggestions?

I find in Outlook 2010, search of emails works well... but in Contacts, only the Find functions works and it finds only names. The Search function shows it is fully indexed... but search for anything, it always shows virtually no results.  In 2003 the Find function worked well; in 2007 the Search function was quick and found everything containing the input item.  What is the problem with 2010?

"Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The file ....pst is not a personal folders file" message shows up. You hit okay and then it closes.  You cannot open anything up to try to fix it.


I have created some macros in Outlook 2007, put them on a custom toolbar, and saved the project. I copied the file elsewhere and resaved the project without the macros and toolbar so I could see what would happen when I copied it back.

I found that the macros come back in, but the toolbar does not. Is there a way to keep the toolbar with the project? Is it possible to create the toolbar or custom menu in the VB Editor so every time Outlook is opened, the toolbar or menu is there? I don't have access to Visual Studio or anything like that. The only thing I have is the Custom UI Editor, but I don't think that will work with Outlook.

There are others in my department who could use the same toolbar, so I am hoping there is some way to share it that requires little if any work on the recipient's part.

I have an issue where depending on the site users are at, a few of the users cannot recieve email through outlook or log into the OWA.

They can recieve email from other PCs at the same site. If I move there PC from 1 site to another it may or may not work. If I move there PC to HQ it seems to work fine everytime.

There is no ACLs or anything preventing them from connecting.... They can ping the exchange server.


Dear Friends,
I have a MS Exchange 2003 server and I want to setup Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes in order to connect to our mail server which has been hosted outside our company but I can not find anything on the server.
Is it an extra Add on which I has not installed it? or is it nesseary to install a third party application?
I want to do this by Ms Exchange itself, is it possible?

Exchange 2003 server is running on a Dell PE 2650 dual Xeon, 4GB of RAM, etc. 1GBit network, Dell 2716 switch.. Dedicated ADSL (Cisco 837).

It seems the email queues take longer than normal to update even though the update time is set to the lowest setting. IS there anything i can do on eXchange?


I have a user who will send an email message or even reply to an email she has received and the message will appear in her Sent Items folder for about 1 minute and then disappear!!! When it happens to a message she has replied to she can go to the original message and it shows "your replied on..." but when you R-click and use the Find Related Messages, the reply is not found in the search.

Anyone experienced anything like this?


We’ve encountered a problem with our distribution groups, we have a number of mail enabled global – security groups which we want to use as distribution groups. All the groups appear in the GAL fine but any outlook enabled user can edit the member of any of these groups and we want to lock them down.

I’ve searched the internet and haven’t been able to find anything specifically for this problem. In fact it seems like be default users should be blocked from modifying the members in this way, and then control be delegated via the ‘delegate control’ option.

Can anyone suggest a way in which our exchange server is mis-configured? Or suggest a fix for this particular problem?


I have a couple of users that sometimes when they send out email the people receiving the email will not see anything in the from field.  The from address will be totally blank.  This can happen random on a sent email or on a reply. 

Any ideas?  If it was happening to one user I would touble shoot the machine but it is at least 3 (out of 2000 but still it's more then one).

Is there any kind of work around to reinstalling SP2 for Exchange?

The server in question use to have Exchange running on AD, I pulled AD off Exchange but ran into some problems with Exchange afterwords so I thought I would try to install SP2 again but because I installed the latest patch for IMF which updated it SP2 refused to install saying the current version of IMF is different than the SP2 version and that I must uninstall it; so I checked Add/Remove and there is no way to uninstall the patch or anything.

So I thought maybe installing SP1 over top of SP2 would work... Guess again it worked part way then failed, so part of SP1 is installed but IMF is still installed and working.

I tried some / command which is suppose to force the setup to install with SP2 but it comes to the same are and runs into the same problem with IMF. You'd think that MS would have fixed this citing the issue some people might have with their Exchange servers and having to reinstall SP2 maybe the best way to fix the issue.

I don't have another server to install Exchange and move it, I would rather explore the possibility of getting SP2 installed again before just giving up and leaving it. The box has been running this way for months with very little problems which I'd rather iron out without doing a rebuild if I can.


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