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Hello everyone

i am having this issue with exchange 2010 DAG .As I click on the database and click on add a mailbox copy it gives me an error message “network path cannot be found “.I am new to this DAG thing and I know I am missing something .Let me give you guys a little background of what I did

I have two mailbox servers MBX1, MBX2 with exact same drives and size

E drive I have the DB hosted and F drives I have the logs.

What happened a month ago that my E drive was almost full because of the journal mailbox got to big .SO I created a new DB on the F drive where the logs are hosted because it has space on it and transferred all the mailboxes to the new DB on the F drive and deleted the old DB on E which was making the drive full. Now the issue is the new DB on F drive I cannot create a DB copy on MBX2 .It always give me an error that network path cannot be found .AM I missing something do have to give the path of the drive that the DB is on .PLEASE HELP

OK, this is not so much a question, more trying to get a discussion going.

I have learned, as probably the most of you out there, that’s it’s best practice to create “High Availability” for my Exchange 2010 environment.
It consists of a CAS array, 2 HT servers and 2 MBX servers, all running Exchange 2010 SP2.
So, I’ve created a second copy of my MBX in a DAG, running my servers on mirrors for the OS and RAID10 for the databases, separated logfile disks and database disks.
For some time now we also run MS Data Protection Manager to “protect” (we still say “backup”, but OK...) everything:
DPM backups the entire servers every day and every 15 minutes takes a snapshot of all the MBX databases.
So, when one of the mailservers crashes, I keep on running on the second DAG member and have enough time to rebuild the primary.
In this rebuilding we have the choice between restoring the server and let DPM to the rebuild of the databases or just let the DAG resync again.
So far so good, but now I’m realizing that we have build 300% of resilience, where I think 100% should be enough (this is what we were all dreaming about a couple of years ago?)
On the other hand all the users constantly want more storage and more performance and want to pay less….

That triggered me to a naughty thought:
If my protection is that good, why wouldn’t I create a primary mailbox server that has high capacity and high performance?
Let’s say: I’d build a new server with a RAID-1 for the OS, a single disk for the logfiles and a RAID-0 (high performance stripe set) for the database?
I hear you all say: that’s not done, it’s out of the question, one disk defect and your server is gone!
OK, I agree. But then again: what’s the problem if my server is gone?
I always will have my secondary DAG member that will take over seamlessly and I will be able to recover the database quickly using Microsoft DPM.
After this recovery there will be a data loss of something like half an hour which the still running other DAG member will have solved quickly.

So, my question is: am I overlooking something or was I just stuck in “old” best-practices which from time to time should be reconsidered?

Like to hear from you all!

Dear All,

Before, I explain my issue, I must really appreciate all members on

this forum for their replies and help. Hats off to you all.

Well... I am a bit confused with my Exchange 2010 Organizational Level

Setup. We have 4 branches (more to come in future) namely Branch A,

Branch B, Branch C, Branch D respectively. Following is the

setup for my Exchange 2010.

Branch A,C & D in New York City
Branch B in Mexico

Domain Name: xyz.local
Branch A Primary DC -
Branch A Additional DC -
Branch A Mailbox Server -
Branch A HT+CAS Server -

Branch B Additional DC -
Branch B HT+CAS+Mailbox Servers -

Branch C Additional DC -
Branch C Mailbox Server -
Branch C HT+CAS Server -

Branch D Additional DC -
Branch D Mailbox Server -
Branch D HT+CAS Server -

Every respective user mailbox of each Branch, its mailbox resides on its respective Branch's Mailbox Server

All Branchs are interconnected with WAN links.

But, Specifically on Branch C which is recently configured with around 2000 users, I have observed for some reason the Microsoft Outlook Client while configuring the email account, despite providing the server as, automatically resolves to random Server i.e either or

Moreover, for some reason, when email sent from Branch C to Branch A, the messages pass through Branch B's Server i.e, although Branch B is a far site and if VPN between Branch A & B is down, then messages sent to Branch A users from Branch C users bounce back with either Message Delayed notification. But sometimes, the message is either failed or Delayed after 24 hours.

I am really confused.

If Branch B VPN is down, then the users who are automatically got the in their email client stop working. However, OWA works for them.

Issues need to be resolved :
1. Microsoft Outlook must be forced to accept the local HT+CAS server name and not random
2. If one branch VPN is down, its server must not be used to route the message even if the users 1 sending to user 2 both are in Branch C, but still message gets stuck in queue. Strange !!!

3. Is it possible, I can force using Send Connector that messages intended to Branch A users must pass only through a specific connector.

Please note : That only located in Branch B which has typical Exchange Setup with HT+CAS+Mailbox Roles installed. Rest are separate as mentioned above.
Branch D servers are ready but users not yet created, hence didn't test full mail flow from this site.
DAG Not yet configured.

Appreciate your suggestions !

We have 2 exchange 2010 servers, each on a separate site connected via a VPN over a 50mbps link.

We would like each site would have 1 active database for the users in that site and a passive copy of each on the opposite server.

Hopefully im correct in my understanding with DAG + DAC, if the WAN drops then the site without the FSW would dismount the active DB and the site with the FSW would mount the passive DB and make it Active.

My question is that would using the below command stop the automatic swap of the Active/Passive if the WAN link drops? What we want is in a scenario where the link drops the Databases do not failover automatically and for it to be a manual process.

Suspend-MailboxDatabaseCopy –identity –ActivationOnly


I have 3 CAS/HT servers in a CAS array and 4 servers in DAG. The CAS array is load balanced with a hardware load balancer. I have enabled kerberos authentication. When I reboot a CAS server I get prompted for a password. I put in password and Outlook reconnects. If I leave Outlook running and reboot a CAS server again I don't get prompted, Outlook just says disconnected and retrying like it should and will reconnect. If I restarted Outlook and reboot a CAS server I get prompted again. I have turned off autodiscover and that didn't help. I am using cached mode and have disabled that. Nothing seems to work. All servers are Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with Exchange 2010 SP2. Clients are XP and 7 with Outlook 2010 SP1. Any ideas?

At the moment we are using a product called Mailcleaner to scan all emails for SPAM, viruses etc. Fantastic product.

We are just in the workings of making Exchange 2010 highly available. With a DAG, CAS array etc. However the last piece to the puzzle is that for people to login to their spam quarantines, and for the system to actually check that their email addresses are valid, it does an LDAP query to 1 x IP address.

Obviously we have multiple DCs in our environment, however I can only point this LDAP query to 1 x IP.

I am aware that I could use a Kemp load balancer, however this is a very expensive solution when all I want to do is make an LDAP query Highly Available.

Does anyone know of a good virtual appliance, or other solution that would allow this query to failover?

Look forward to your response

Thanks, Scott

I've been following Henrik's excellant article on load balancing the transport role in exchange 2010.

Can anyone confirm if adding an addition IP address to the PROD interface will then register 2 ip addresses in DNS?

If so, is this a problem or do I need to untick the "Register this IP in dns" check box on the PROD interface.

Also, if I do this will it affect dynamically registering the DAG IP in a multisite solution when the PAM moves between sites.


I want to setup a 2 server Exchange 2010. Both servers will run all roles (CAS/HT/DB). Both servers are in same AD but in different physical buildings on fiber LAN. Both servers will be members of same DAG. Total of 300 mailboxes. I want to minimize complexity and costs so I'd like to avoid a load balancer. Can I configure these 2 servers as a CAS Array without using load balancing and still achieve failover by using a witness server? Thanks


We implemented a DAG solution with two servers across a WAN. We obviously need a Witness Server and a Witness Directory so we created that step during the DAG instalation. Also we put the Exchange Trust Subssysem in the Local Administrators group in the Witness Server

We noticed that when the WAN is out, the server in pur main Data Center unmounts its databases. We investigated and we believed is that the Server is losing Quorum. The Witness Servier is located in the main Data Center also and the server can reach it.

We investigated further and undersood that a Witness.log file is needed, however we checked in the Witness Directory and it's totally empty so we believed that is the problem.

How can we check if that is what happening?


I got stuck in prerequisites for recovery installation. I hope someone more experienced could give me a hint what to do.

Let me explain some background please.
I have my own training server where I learn about Exchange 2010. To increase my own motivation I have placed my wife’s mailbox there. So even though it is a training server and I am doing nasty things to it, I am highly motivated to make it work again every time. Last thing I want is to listen to my wife criticizing my IT skills. ;-)

I am using VMware ESXi box with four servers: DC01, DC02, EX01 and EX02. All are running Windows 2008 R2. EX01 and EX02 have Enterprise edition of Windows server and Standard edition of Exchange 2010. I have installed EX01 first with CAS, HUB, MBX roles. I have installed EX02 later also with CAS, HUB, MBX roles. I have formed DAG a created a copy of mailbox database. Everything was working fine. Then I have powered off the EX01 server to simulate server crash. Then I started to correct the damage. Everything works fine again on the EX02. Now I would like to do a recovery install on the EX01. I have installed a clean OS, installed prerequisites. Now I turned back to EX02 and started the prerequisites to recover DAG member.
I have run:
[PS] Remove-MailboxDatabaseCopy mdb01ex01
Are you sure you want to perform this action?
Removing database copy for database "mdb01" on server "ex01".
[Y] Yes  [A] Yes to All  [N] No  [L] No to All  [?] Help (default is "Y"): y
WARNING: Couldn't communicate with the Microsoft Exchange Replication service on server "" to pick up new configuration changes for database "mdb01". Make sure that the service is running and that the server has network connectivity. Error: A server-side administrative operation has failed. The Microsoft Exchange Replication service may not be running on server Specific RPC error message: Error 0x6d9 (There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper) from cli_RpcsNotifyChangedReplayConfiguration
WARNING: Couldn't delete the replication state for database mdb01 on server ex01. Error: Requested registry access is not allowed.
WARNING: The copy of mailbox database "mdb01" on server "ex01" has been removed. If necessary, manually delete the database copy's files located at "d:exchangemd01logs" and "d:exchangemd01dbmdb01.edb" on that server.
WARNING: The search catalog could not be dismounted for the database 'mdb01' on server 'ex01'. The files may be locked while the Microsoft Exchange Search service is still running.
WARNING: The requested data move replication constraint, SecondCopy, isn't valid for mailbox database mdb01 because it either has only one copy or has copies in only one datacenter. The constraint has been set to None instead.
I think that this was expected.
But when running second command…:
[PS] Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer -Identity dag01 -MailboxServer ex01
Are you sure you want to perform this action?
Removing Mailbox server "ex01" from database availability group "dag01".
[Y] Yes  [A] Yes to All  [N] No  [L] No to All  [?] Help (default is "Y"): y
WARNING: The operation wasn't successful because an error was encountered. You may find more details in log file
There was a problem changing the quorum model for database availability group dag01. Error: An Active Manager operation failed. Error: An error occurred while attempting a cluster operation. Error: Cluster API '"SetClusterQuorumResource() failed with 0x1725. Error: A quorum of cluster nodes was not present to form a cluster"' failed.
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (:) [Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer], DagTaskProblemChangingQuorumException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 722AAE81,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfigurationTasks.RemoveDatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer
I am not sure whether to send the whole log. I hope it is not a problem:
remove-databaseavailabiltygroupserver started on machine EX02.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] remove-dagserver started
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] commandline:         $scriptCmd = {& $wrappedCmd @PSBoundParameters }
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Option 'Identity' = 'dag01'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Option 'MailboxServer' = 'ex01'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Option 'ConfigurationOnly' = ''.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Option 'WhatIf' = ''.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Process: w3wp w3wp.exe:7032.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] User context = 'NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'Everyone'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'BUILTINUsers'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'NT AUTHORITYSERVICE'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'CONSOLE LOGON'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'NT AUTHORITYAuthenticated Users'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'NT AUTHORITYThis Organization'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'BUILTINIIS_IUSRS'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'LOCAL'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'IIS APPPOOLMSExchangePowerShellAppPool'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   Member of group 'BUILTINAdministrators'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Updated Progress 'Validating the parameters.' 2%.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Working
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Looking up IP addresses for dag01.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]   dag01 = [ ].
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Looking up IP addresses for
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] = [ ].
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Updated Progress 'Validating removal of mailbox server 'ex01' from 'dag01'.' 0%.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Working
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] CheckClusterStateForDagServerRemoval entered. m_removeNode=False, m_destroyCluster=False
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Dumping the cluster by connecting to: .
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] The cluster's name is: dag01.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Groups
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]     group: Cluster Group [Cluster Main Group]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         OwnerNode:
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         State: Online
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]             Resource: File Share Witness (DC02.TNX.CZdag01.TNX.CZ) [Online, type = File Share Witness, PossibleOwners = EX01,EX02 ]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]             Resource: Cluster Name [Online, type = Network Name, PossibleOwners = EX01,EX02 ]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]                 NetName = [DAG01]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]             Resource: IPv4 Static Address 1 (Cluster Group) [Online, type = IP Address, PossibleOwners = EX01,EX02 ]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]                 Address = []
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]                     EnableDhcp = [0]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]                     Network = [Cluster Network 1]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]     group: Available Storage [not a CMS]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         OwnerNode:
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         State: Offline
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Nodes
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]     node: [ state = Down ]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]     node: [ state = Up ]
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Subnets
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]     Name(Cluster Network 1), Mask(, Role(ClusterNetworkRoleInternalAndClient)
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         NIC on Node ex01 in State=Unavailable
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         NIC on Node EX02 in State=Up
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]     Name(Cluster Network 2), Mask(, Role(ClusterNetworkRoleInternalUse)
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         NIC on Node ex01 in State=Unavailable
[2010-10-25T08:00:06]         NIC on Node EX02 in State=Up
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Trying to open the node on the cluster.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Node.GetState( ) reports that it is Down.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Successfully resolved servers based on the AD configuration.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] The following servers are in the StartedServers list:
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] The following servers are in the StoppedServers list:
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Verifiying that the members of database availability group 'dag01' are also members of the cluster.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] Verifying that the members of cluster 'dag01' are also members of the database availability group.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] There are 2 nodes in the cluster.
[2010-10-25T08:00:06] DAG dag01 has 2 servers:
[2010-10-25T08:00:07] DAG dag01 contains server ex02.
[2010-10-25T08:00:07] DAG dag01 contains server ex01.
[2010-10-25T08:00:07] Reopening a handle to the cluster using the names [ex02].
[2010-10-25T08:00:07] CheckClusterStateForDagServerRemoval left. m_removeNode=True, m_destroyCluster=False.
[2010-10-25T08:00:07] Checking if msexchangerepl is running on ex02.
[2010-10-25T08:00:07] The CNO is currently Online.
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] Updated Progress 'Removing server 'ex01' from 'dag01'.' 2%.
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] Working
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] The core cluster group 'Cluster Group' is currently on machine 'ex02'.
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] Updated Progress 'No longer using file share witness share because there are an odd number of members in the database availability group.' 4%.
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] Working
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] Setting cluster quorum resource to the netname resource (i.e. MNS quorum).
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] The operation wasn't successful because an error was encountered. You may find more details in log file "C:ExchangeSetupLogsDagTasksdagtask_2010-10-25_08-00-06.151_remove-databaseavailabiltygroupserver.log".
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] WriteError! Exception = Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Tasks.DagTaskProblemChangingQuorumException: There was a problem changing the quorum model for database availability group dag01. Error: An Active Manager operation failed. Error: An error occurred while attempting a cluster operation. Error: Cluster API '"SetClusterQuorumResource() failed with 0x1725. Error: A quorum of cluster nodes was not present to form a cluster"' failed.
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] Updated Progress 'Done!' 100%.
[2010-10-25T08:00:11] COMPLETED
remove-databaseavailabiltygroupserver explicitly called CloseTempLogFile().

I have done some googling, but with no luck. The reason might be that I am not entirely sure what I am looking for. Any hint is highly appreciated. If any other information required, I will post it here.

Thank you
Jan Kovar

Hi All,

1st post here: please be kind :)

I'm about to add an Exchange 2010 server (hosting all roles) into our existing 2003 site. Then remove the 2003 server after a period. In the future I would probably like to add another 2010 server at our other site and use DAGs.

I have a HP DL370G7 server dual CPU, 24Gb Ram with 7 x 300Gb 15k SAS drives. My plan is to create a single array of 6 x 300 Gb drives RAID 1+0 with a hot spare.

I'm then thinking that I should create logical volumes on the array as follows:
1 - Windows Exchange Binaries - 200Gb
2 - Pagefile - 50Gb
3 - Database - 600Gb
4 - Logfiles - 50Gb

We have about 100 users (not using cached mode) and their mailbox sizes varies from a few 100Mbs to 20Gb in some cases. Currently our priv / pub is about 400Gb, but we're about to archive some of this off via mimecast.

Does this sound sensible?



As you know, you need to be running at least EX2010 Standard on top of Server 2008 R2 ENTERPRISE to take advanted of the DAG features of Failover-Clustering.

I am looking to use DISM to online upgrade an Exchange server to Enterprise. I have run this in a test environment and exchange seems to run fine after.

Any recommendations? It would be a pain to rebuild a secondary, move the mailboxes, to and back again.



I am trying to import some PST files to a bunch of users using the new-mailboximportrequest cmdlet, but keep getting an error:

(this is the last part of the VERBOSE where it seems the problem starts)
VERBOSE: [11:04:16.460 GMT] New-MailboxImportRequest : Couldn't connect to the target mailbox. -->
MapiExceptionLogonFailed: Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80040111, ec=1010)
Diagnostic context:
Lid: 45095   EMSMDB.EcDoRpcExt2 called [length=143]
Lid: 61479   EMSMDB.EcDoRpcExt2 returned [ec=0x0][length=48][latency=0]
Lid: 23226   --- ROP Parse Start ---
Lid: 27962   ROP: ropLogon [254]
Lid: 17082   ROP Error: 0x3F2
Lid: 26937
Lid: 21921   StoreEc: 0x3F2
Lid: 31418   --- ROP Parse Done ---
Lid: 22753
Lid: 21817   ROP Failure: 0x3F2
Lid: 26297
Lid: 16585   StoreEc: 0x3F2
Lid: 32441
Lid: 1706    StoreEc: 0x3F2
Lid: 24761
Lid: 20665   StoreEc: 0x3F2
Lid: 25785
Lid: 29881   StoreEc: 0x3F2
VERBOSE: [11:04:16.460 GMT] New-MailboxImportRequest : Admin Audit Log: Entered Handler:OnComplete.
Couldn't connect to the target mailbox.
+ CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [New-MailboxImportRequest], RemoteTransientException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : CCD1CC7C,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.NewMailboxImportRequest

Does anyone know what might cause this?

We are running W2k8 R2 with Exchange 2010, I have run a New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role "Mailbox Import Export” and we have full access on the mailbox in question. The exchange environment exitsts of 6 servers, 2 mailboxservers in DAG, 2 CAS servers and 2 HUB servers, if this could have anything to do with it.  Can't figure out that is causing the problem


I have 2 newly installed  Exchange 2010 standard servers with DAG running on  Windows 2008 R2 Ent servers.Now when i am trying to backup the mailboxes(only the mailbox folder) through windows  server backup i am getting  an error as given below :

"Application will not be available for recover from this backup. Consistency check failed for component Microsoft Exchange ServerMicrosoft Information StoreServerNameGUID. Contact the vendor for help in resolving."

And because of this the log files are not getting cleared from the mailbox folders, they are getting increased in large quantities day by day.

Please help !

Hello Collective,

So I have two questions.

1. What do you guys do to stop a flood of emails. Recently our legacy email server had a process hit the server with 4,000 emails in rapid succession. Since we are halfway migrated to Exchange 2010 I was wondering how I might stop a similar action on Exchange 2010.

My Setup
x2 Edge in DMZ
x2 CAS/HT in CAS Array (Soon to be hardware load balanced with Kemp LM 2200s! w00t!)
x2 MB in DAG in Windows Failover Cluster

2. Now that Microsoft appears to have dropped TMG or most of the services on it what are you guys using for SPAM protection other than the simple Edge SPAM filtering? Any recommendations on software that plays nicely with Exchange 2010? Any software that would stop an email flood?

Your shared knowledge is greatly appreciated!

Hi guys,
I am new to the Exchange community recently I ran into some issues with one of my Mailbox Server. We have Exchange 2010 with 2 mailbox servers and 1 hub/cas.
First there had issue with some users that they were not able to receive messages. All the messages pointing to this mailbox server 2 were in the queue and were not getting delivered. I noticed that the affected users mailbox were located on this server (Mailbox server 2 Mailbox Database 0904540269).
I found out that there was not enough space on the C drive. I try to free up some space on the server and restarted the server and issue was resolved.
Couple of days later same users were complaining that they are not able to connect to exchange server. I found out that there was hardly any space free on the C drive and Mailbox Database 0904540269 was dismounted. I had no option but to restart the server and it did free some space on my C drive and the operation was back to normal.
My concern is that this is not normal and it will happen again and I tried to investigate the matter.I have some questions and Doubts which I would like to clear before I will make any changes to the Server.
1. Why are these user mailbox Database location pointing to (Mailbox server 2 Mailbox Database 0904540269 and not to DAG .Can I Move these Mailbox to Dag by performing Local Move request through EMC. Will it have any adverse effect?
2. I also noticed that the Data base Path and Log Path is still on C drive. I believe this is the reason why C drive is Getting Full. Can I move the Database Paths to Another drive. What are the necessary measures and Steps Before I will Start changing the Paths.

Thanks in advance

I am wanting to setup a lab environment to mirror our current Exchange setup. I am wondering how some of you have your lab environment setup.

Our production setup is the following;
Edge Transport x2

Do you simply run these Exchange servers unlicensed? Do you license all of them? That is a silly amount of licenses for a production and a lab setup.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

My company is taken over sever support for another division. The have two Exchange 2010 servers. Server 1 and Server 2 are both running 3 roles CAS, HUB, and mailbox roles. They both have 1 single private and 1 pub folder data store. They are not setup in a DAG. My issue is that users the private store on server 2 is not getting any emails. Not even if they send email to themselves.

So this is what I have found. The messages queue up but never get delivered. If I move the mailbox from server 2 to server 1 and restart the transport services than the mail gets delivered. The user can then send email to themselves as well as other users and external contacts. Once I move the mailbox back to server 2 they can still email other users on server 1 as well as external contacts. In fact I sent one email emailing the user and copying an external user. The external users get the email but they never receive a copy but I am able to find it in the queue and it’s in message tracking as received but does no go to the delivered state. EMC says that the last error is” 250 2.0.0 OK”.

I created a new message store on server 2 and preformed the same test while the user’s mailbox was in the new store and it worked fine.

hi all

I have 2 Exchange sites

we run site failover

in the primary site has a fast connection to the internet - it has 2 hub/cas servers and 2 mailbox servers

in the DR site we have the same setup as above and run DAG accross the 2 sites - this site only has a poor internet connection to get us over a failure

ok so my problem is that when I send mail from a server in teh primary site it flows from the mailbox server to the hub server on the primary site, then it routes to the hub servers in the DR site which then routes the mail back through the central internet connection in the primary site

anyone have any idea how to control this so that mail will go to the hub server then straight out to the internet or even why this is happening


A little background. We have an all Exchange 2010 environment with one server in Australia hosting all roles. We have 4 servers in the US, 2 mailbox servers in a DAG and 2 HUB/CAS servers in an array.

For some reason over the past 2 days, certain emails from Australia to the US will not go through. I have found that it only is affecting users in 3 databases. Any time they email anyone in those 3 databases, the emails are stuck in the Australia queue with the error "There is currently no route to mailbox database". Now if the exact same user emails someone not in those 3 databases, the email will go through fine. All users and Exchange servers are all in the same domain, in the same forest.Also, all email sent from the US users in those databases to he users in Australia go through fine.

Again, this only has begun happening in the last 24-48 hours and these databases have existed for several months with no issues. I have visually checked permissions and security in ADSIEdit all everything looks fine.

Any ideas? I've tried rebooting and even setting security settings as a test to allow everyone full access to the database and still the same issue. If I can't find a solution soon, I guess I will be forced to move all users out of those databases but since that's not really a fix, I would like to avoid doing that.

Not finding an answer? Try a Google search.