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I am sending an e-mail in a normal format (Arial 9) it appears that the
recepients are receiving the e-mail in small format. This is only for one set
of users using LOTUS NOTES.

I have send an e-mail to hotmail, yahoo and the mail font in the received
e-mail seems to be fine.

I can see their reply to me and I can see the message I sent was in small
fonts. this is true for many LOTUS NOTES users.
One caveat is that I cannot be absolutely sure that they are receiving the
e-mail in the smll font. I am deducing that based on their reply

Any thoughts on wether this is an issue ? If its an issue how do I resolve
the same ?


We have a user that sends us calendar requests using his correct e-mail
address. When everyone else in the office responds (using accept, tentative,
decline, or propose new time), his OLD e-mail address shows up in the "To"
box. Of course all the office mates receive a kick-back from the server
because there is no such person.

What needs to be done to get rid of this old e-mail address?

I've checked and rechecked my incoming/outgoing server settings (with my
DSL/ISP service provider) and I still cannot send/receive e-mail. Of course
my ISP techs (Bell/Sympatico) are convinced that my problem is a MS Outlook
2007 problem. After going over settings, I've selected the "Test Account
Settings" button to send a test e-mail to myself and I get a "Send test email
completed" message, however, the test email does not get delivered to my
inbox. Wierd thing - it does show up in my ISP server mailbox.
My firewall is Zone Suites and I turned off all Zone scanning (even for Junk
email) just to make sure Zone wasn't the culprit. Additionally, and I'm not
sure if this is relavent, but I can't find the "Send" button for a new email
message. Aside from becoming a firewall expert freak, thought I'd ask the
real user experts to help me. Thanks.

I have just spent the last several days working with Comcast on a problem
that they cannot figure out. Because neither of us probably wants to
reinvent the wheel, I am going to cut and paste the germaine portions of our
interactions so that you can see where we have been and suggest solutions.

I1. really need someone's help. I finally had had it with Incredimail
which I had been using to download my e-mail, so uninstalled it and proceeded
to try to get Outlook 2002 to download my e-mail. No matter what I try, it
won't do it! I had no problems getting Incredimail to download - it was
other issues which were the problem - so I know that it is possible. I have
tried everything. I can log on using my password and read my mail in Comcast
Mail, so I don't think that it's a password problem. Any ideas? I am really

Thanks in advance, Dan

Their first response:

Are you using any incarnation of Norton Internet Security? If so, the
Symantec/Norton folks have an article about problems like this, so their
suggestions should be attempted first. They have a troubleshooting routine
you can run from that webpage. If that fails, they suggest removing and
reinstalling Norton.

To set up Outlook, follow these instructions step-by-step:

1. choose Tools
2. choose E-mail Accounts
3. choose "View or change existing e-mail account"
4. choose Next
5. click on your Comcast account to highlight it
6. choose Change
7. enter Your Name (whatever you want to appear on your messages)
8. enter E-mail Address (your full Comcast email address)
9. Incoming mail server is
10. Outgoing mail server is
11. enter User Name (your Comcast user ID, the part before "
in your email address)
12. enter Password
13. check "Remember password"
14. make sure “Logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” is NOT
15. choose More Settings
16. go to the Outgoing Server tab
17. check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”
18. choose “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”
19. go to the Advanced tab
20. check both boxes for “This server requires an SSL-secured connection”
21. change port number to 465 for outgoing, 995 for incoming
22. bump up the Server Timeouts slider to the high end
23. Click OK, Next, Finish

Turn off whatever email scanning your anti-virus package is doing. Comcast
already scans incoming email for viruses, and your outgoing email isn’t going
to be infected unless your machine is already infected, so there’s no point
checking it all the time.

On your firewall, make sure ports 465 and 995 aren’t blocked (if the
software will let you do that).

Don't bother with the "Test" function in Outlook - it often fails for no
particular reason.

Exit from Outlook, then make sure it isn't still running in the background.
Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, go to the Processes tab, and kill any occurrences of
OUTLOOK.EXE before launching Outlook again.

The plot thickens. I finally logged onto my Comcast e-mail account directly
and discovered that all of the test messages I have been sending from the
Outlook set-up dropdown (toolse-mail accountsview or change/add new
accountchangeinternet and mail settings) area have been getting through.
It is not the outgoing which is causing me problems, it is the incoming.
Making it worse is the fact that Outlook Express which I just tried downloads
my emails from Comcast just fine - ao I am wondering if it is the whole
firewall issue. (While I wait for other ideas, I am going to try again what
you mentioned above.)

If I could figure out how to do so, I would even download screenshots of all
the above settings so you could help me figure this out. It is maddening! I
am getting requests from other Outlook users in my office for meetings that
are supposed to work with the calendar function in Outlook to schedule
meetings and I cannot even download them.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Dan


Well, I tried what you mentioned to do under your first reply. Made certain
that every setting was correct. Did every step. Even thought that I'd found
the problem - I had spelled "SMTP" as "STMP" in one place. All to no avail.
It is weird. Express works just fine - ingoing and outgoing - but regular
Outlook continues to give me the message "The operation failed" no matter
what I do. HELP!!!!! Is there any way of importing Express's settings into
regular Outlook?

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Their response:

RevMoose, all I can suggest is to double and triple-checking the settings
I've laid out. There aren't any "better" ones. If you are, in fact, having
a firewall problem, the way to find out is to turn the built-in WinXP
firewall ON (it never interferes with email), and go into whatever other
firewall you're using, and disable it. You may need to reboot to get the
other firewall to shut down completely (once you've told it not to run on

3. Forgive what must sound like a very silly question. How do I determine
wht firewalls I have operating on my system? I know that XPs is loaded. I
also have Norton Anti-virus installed and don't know if it has a firewall
function. Also, I have a wireless network which connects my wife and my
computer (hardwired) and my laptop (wireless). I think that there may be a
firewall that is part of that network thingamajig but I have no idea where to
go to discover all of this.

Thanks in advance for all of your help with this.


If you have just Norton Antivirus, that does not include a firewall. If you
have the whole Norton Internet Security suite, on the other hand, there's a
firewall in there. To find out, there will be one or more icons for Norton
down in the system tray, in the lower right corner. Double-click on each one
you see and just do a little looking around. If there's only one icon, one
that looks like a little yellow computer terminal, that's just the antivirus
part. That, by the way, is where you would go to shut off the antivirus
scanning of your messages (it's unnecessary) - double-click on that icon, and
look for a place to change the email settings (I haven't seen it in a while,
so I can't give you better instructions than that, I'm afraid).

Your wireless network includes a type of firewall (the router acts as a
firewall), but it's very unlikely to be the source of your problems. In
fact, if Outlook Express can retrieve the messages, but Outlook can't, that
pretty much rules out firewall interference, since those two email clients
usually react the same way to a firewall - they either both work, or they
both fail.

Remember, too, that if you've run Outlook Express, it has downloaded all
your waiting messages to its inbox, so they're no longer sitting on the
server, waiting to be picked up. So, if you now launch Outlook, there are no
undelivered messages for it to fetch. You'll need to send yourself some test
messages (don't use the "test" function in Outlook - just address a message
to yourself and send it).

Their responses:


Since you mentioned that your email works with Outlook Express but not with
Outlook, this should mean that your wireless router (the networking device
you use) is not blocking you - unless it has some feature to block certain
applications which most of the residential routers will not do by default
without you setting up a certain rule in the router setup.

As for firewalls on your computer, you mention that you are using Norton -
look down in the lower-right corner of your computer screen where the time is
displayed and find the icon that represents your Norton program and
double-click on it. This should open the main control panel for norton.
Look around on the control panel to see what features it has enabled on it.
If it is Norton System Works, you should see some information or links within
here for firewall controls that you can enable/disable. But if you have just
Norton Antivirus, you will likely see no links for firewall controls.

But you may want to try simply opening Outlook first, go into
Tools-Accounts-View/Change Accounts and just delete your Comcast account
that you created here. Once it is deleted, try closing Outlook next, then
re-launch Outlook so you get a fresh start. Then go back to the
Tools-Accounts and try adding your Comcast account back in. Once you have
it added back in correctly (use this FAQ if you need assistance re-creating
it), give it a try to see if you can retreive your emails without errors. If
you still get the same error, go back through EarlyOut's suggestions above to
see if this clears out things. The goal here is to simply re-create the
account in case Outlook has corrupted your earlier setup.

Jason, you mentioned in your post above

"If it is Norton System Works, you should see some information or links
within here for firewall controls that you can enable/disable. But if you
have just Norton Antivirus, you will likely see no links for firewall

Norton System Works DOES NOT have the firewall included in it, but it does
include Norton Antivirus.
If the poster has Norton Internet Security Suite, the firewall and antivirus
are both included with this.
Norton also makes their firewall and antivirus as stand-alone programs.

4. Jason,

Is there a way that I can e-mail you some screen shots so that you can see
what is happening? I am really frustrated! I am reasonably computer
literate, but this is really bugging me. I feel that Microsoft has just
**bleep** things up again and I don't know what to do about it. I am not
about to pay Redmond $35.00 per call to have them tell me that they don't
know what the problem is. I have just spent the last hour trying to find out
how to completely remove Outlook and to try a fresh install to see if that
works. I have searched the MS knowledge base and there is plenty of info on
how to remove Express, but nothing for Outlook. Now I know that my wife is
probably correct when I am looking for something in the refrigerator that I
can look right at something and not see it (a common malady for us males I am
told), but this is getting really frustrating. Almost enough to make the
pastor (which I am) start swearing!

I am willing to try a fresh install if I need to. I would even uninstall
all of office and reinstall it if I thought that it wouldn't destroy all of
my files in the process. Can you please help me. That lousy little
"Operation not completed" message is really getting on my nerves. Like I
said earlier, Outlook Express downloads Comcast's mail just fine - but
Outlook just refuses. I have reconfigured using all of the advice found here
and elsewhere at least 25 times (I am not exaggerating) to no avail. Outlook
sends messages to both Comcast and Gmail fine - but anything incoming is an
impossibility. I should be working on a sermon for this weekend but I am
stuck working on this. PLEEEEEEEZE help me.

Thanks, Dan

I don't know what the "bleep" is for. I used a word for what you do with a
screwdriver, in the past tense, to describe what Microsoft did and I don't
think of that as profanity. Oh well . . .

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Uninstalling Microsoft Office will not destroy your files-they will remain
on your computer-you just won't be able to read any of them until you
re-install Office.
If you want to uninstall, Start Menu/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs.
Find the Office Entry, uninstall.
After it's removed, go to your C drive, Program Files, and if Office folder
is still there, delete it. Start with a clean slate.
As for a screen shot, that's an easy thing to do.
When what you want to take a shot of appears, hit PrtScn on your keyboard.
Then from Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories/Paint. (You can also use word
or word pad)
When Paint opens, Edit at the top,then Paste.
After it's pasted, File/Save As.
If you have more than one screen, you will have to do each one individually.

Note: Before uninstalling Office, make sure to save any mail that is in
Outlook to your hard drive. Also save your address book. Once it's
uninstalled, those will disappear. Make sure to back up accounts for other
users of your computer who check mail with it.

PS. There are times in life that would make a saint swear, driving and
computer problems are 2 that come to mind.

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Thanks for your help. My problem is not capturing a screen shot - I have a
great little program called "Snag-It" that does that easily. My problem is
that nowhere on the Comcast Forum message screen is there the ability to
place a PNG or JPEG in a message or attach it. You can link to a picture on
the web or another site using the picture icon, but there is nowhere where
you can link to a picture on your own hard drive and the program will not
allow you to cut and paste it into the body of the message. It would be
handy when trying to get help here on the forum to be able to do so.

I am trying the removal of Office as we speak.

Thanks again, Dan

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Go ahead and take a screenshot and save the file on your computer. When
this is done, go to, click the Browse button and find your
image file, then press the Host it button. When the page changes, you should
see 5 different boxes with URLs in them - copy the contents of the last box
(labeled "Direct link to image"). Then come back here to the forums and
start a new post. When composing the post, click on the image button in the
toolbar that you mentioned above and paste the URL you just copied and press
Ok. Your screenshot should now be visible in your forum post.

6. Well, I removed Office completely and reinstalled it. When I did,
Outlook came up with all of the same settings and the e-mail that existed was
in the same folders which were also there. I may try it again. How do I
remove those files (settings for Outlook, etc. from my computer after I
remove Office so that the same things do not reappear?

Thanks, Dan

Their response:

Outlook stores everything, and I do mean everything, in a file called
outlook.pst. It's usually buried many layers down in an obscure directory on
the C: drive, so you might have to search for it. If you delete it, however,
be aware that will take everything with it - settings, address book,
messages, folders, etc., in short, everything you see currently in Outlook.

(My outlook.pst is at c:documents and settingsownerlocal
settingsapplication datamicrosoftoutlook, but that can vary with the way
you've got WinXP set up.)

8. I then posted screen shots of each page of the Outlook e-mail set up
screens which I apparently am unable to do here. (I would be happy to either
send those to whoever is willing to help me, or send liks to Image Shack)
with the message: Okay,

Where have I gone astray?

Their response:

Your settings all look fine, but I notice that your Comcast account is not
set as the default. Could it be, simply, that when Outlook does its
send/receive cycle, it's only checking your default account, the gmail one?
Try making the Comcast account the default. Then go do some poking around
under Tools, Send/Receive Settings, Define Send/Receive Groups, and make sure
your Comcast account is included in the normal process.

9. Dear Early Out,

I got so frustrated I gave up for a while. Now I am ready to tackle this
thing one more time.

If I delete Outlook.pst will the program then recreate it and allow me to
make new settings, or do I need to reinstall Outlook at that point.

Thanks, Dan

10. Okay, so I got tired of waiting and eliminated every instance of
Outlook.pst on my computer - even looked in the hidden files and eliminated
it there. I still have all my contacts, my settings, etc. when I open
Outlook. What do I do now?

Thanks, Dan

Their response:

Instead of going through all of this, just delete your Comcast account in
Outlook, and start over (this will not delete your Comcast account with
Comcast!). Go through the instructions, step-by-step, carefully. I'm sure
you're missing some small piece of the puzzle, like entering something
slightly wrong, but without looking over your shoulder, I can't tell what it

11.Done it already at least three times - to no avail. I have even
completely wiped Office off my computer and reinstalled it and that didn't
work. As you are able to note by the screen shots I sent, I have everything
right that anyone can see. I would love to wipe whatever files contain my
settings completely off my computer (it is obvious that eliminating Outlook
in an Office removal does not take the data files) and start over. Something
is lurking back in the bowels of my memory and refusing to turn loose of
this. Any ideas?


As you can see, I am getting really frustrated and could really use some
help! Short of completely reformating my hard drive and starting all over
with a clean slate, is there any way to wipe out whatever settings are
lurking around there and keeping me from just receiving e-mail in Outlook.
This shouldn't be rocket science.

I cannot affort MS's customer support rates and am desparate for some help.

Thanks in advance,


Disable email scanning by your anti-virus application. It provides no
additional protection and even Symantec says it's not necessary:

Disabling Email Scanning does not leave you unprotected against viruses that
are distributed as email attachments. Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect scans
incoming files as they are saved to your hard drive, including email and
email attachments. Email Scanning is just another layer on top of this. To
make sure that Auto-Protect is providing the maximum protection, keep
Auto-Protect enabled and run LiveUpdate regularly to ensure that you have the
most recent virus definitions.

Troubleshooting error messages that you receive when you are using OL and OE

NB: This is an Outlook EXPRESS-specific newsgroup.

Outlook-specific newsgroups:
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear
MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE, Security, Shell/User)

"gila" wrote:

I started using comast about a month ago. Outlook worked just fine, but now
I can only receive emails and not send. Comast says they don't support
outlook. Im ususing McAfee for virus scanning v. 9.1 build 9.1.10 engine
4.4.00 dat 4.0.4724 and zonealarm (free version) as my firewall.

Any suggestions

these are the error messages I have received

Task ' - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC60) : 'Your
outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue
to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet
service provider (ISP). The server responded: has too many
connections ( 2 ) on sccrmhc13'

Task ' - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC60) : 'Your
outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue
to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet
service provider (ISP). The server responded: has too many
connections ( 2 ) on rwcrmhc11'

I have just bought a 64 bit Acer Aspire X5810 to replace my box that just
died. The Acer came installed with Vista which I decided to opt for upgrade
to Windows 7 before loading any other software. The upgrade was fine until I
then ran the Windows Office Professional Plus 2007 suite of programs. All
seemed to have loaded fine until I came to use Outlook! The Acer box did
have a copy of Home and student Office 2007 pre loaded but I uninstalled that
before loading my copy of WOPP2007 which I had used without a problem on my
previous pc.

Initially Outlook would not load and returned an error message "No profiles
have been created. To create a new user profile use the Mail icon in the
Control Panel". Even though it gave that message there was a profile when I
looked via the Mail icon. After trial and error using support advice I was
able to load Outlook and make a connection to my e-mail service albeit
creating a new pst file. My success was not fully rewarded because when I
tried to reply to some e-mails I received a further error message "The
operation failed an object could not be found". As a result I cannot send
e-mails even though when I use the test facility via the set up it reports
success for both receiving and sending. I have tried Microsft Fix It which
simply wiped my profile completely and then I entered a new one which created
another new PST file but still refused to let me send anything.

So I need to resolve the send problem but I also want to utilise the pst
file from my old computer which I had backed up before my previous pc died.
However here I hit my second problem in that when I try to access the data
file via the File|Open|OutlookDataFile route it will not open any of the
files even though I can see them listed - will not even load the first new
profile file I created before the Fix It solution led to me having to create
yet anoyther pst file. I have tried the import route into the new file and
all I get there is another error message "Messaging interface has returned an
unknown error". Have tried uninstall and reinstall and same problems
persist. Also used scanpst to repair the previous pst file and the issue is
still there. I am more and more frustrated because I can see my large old
file siiting there but inaccessible and now I cannot send from the new file
as well!

Is it too much to ask that W7 and Outlook 2007 should be more than
compatible? Help Anyone!

After reinstalling Microsoft Outlook a popup comes up each time I open
Outlook stating " Microsoft LDAP Directory - Connenction Details - Server
Name: NULL ; Port: 3268 ; User Name: NULL ; Password (blank) User Secure
Password: (blank) .

After exiting out of this pop-up, I can receive e-mails, but cannot send

How can I correct this? I have tried to reinstall Outlook and repaired
Outlook but it still appears and I still cannot send e-mails.

When my Korean clients send me e-mail from their Korean web mail web site, it
is going straight into my Outlook junk/spam e-mail folder.

I don't know for sure if that is because of what's in the Microsoft Office
2002 Outlook junk e-mail filter, but I'd like to be able to modify it to test
a few theories. I can't do so because the Microsoft Office 2002 Outlook junk
e-mail filter cannot be modified by users.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane. ion

Outlook users please help. I cannot seem to figure out how to set up the
system so that I can STOP getting the following error message which is
driving me crazy:
Task 'Symantec Fax Starter Edition - Sending' reported error (0x80042109) :
'Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you
continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or
Internet service provider (ISP).'

I have a separate fax machine with a phone line so I do not fax from my

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Outlook 2000 on Exchange server.

The computer is a notebook and the user creates emails off-line to send
at a later time.

This worked fine until he managed to corrupt his profile. I deleted
the profile, recreated it, and made sure to answer "Yes" that the
travels with the computer.

Now when he tries to create an email while off-line, he gets "Cannot
create the e-mail message because a location to send and receive
messages could not be found." When he tries to reply to an existing
email the message is "The information store could not be opened."

I've checked the delivery options and "Microsoft Exchange Transport"
and "Microsoft Exchange Remote Transport" are listed.

Creating mail online works fine.

What else? I'm at a total loss here.

Thx for any help.

I have been trying to send a contacts group to another user off-site. The
user receives the e-mail, but cannot click and drag the file to her contacts
list. Also when she tries to open the file it is empty. Any suggestions?

PeoplePC E-Mail

I have just resolved this issue for myself. The information PeoplePC
provides is all correct; just deficient:

Incoming mail server =
Outgoing mail server =

Incoming Mail Server Username = MailBoxUsername (For

outlook 2003 - I cannot send email to a couple of accounts within my
organization. Others outside cannot send either, but majority of users can
send emails to the accounts. If I reply to an email sent from the account,
the message goes through. The error I receive is "The e-mail account does
not exist at the organization this message was sent to. #5.1.1

I click on the button to add an e-mail account in Outlook 2007, and enter my
name, user name, and password. Outlook than cles into test mode, and can
properly 1)Establish network connection and 2)Search for (my e-mail) server
settings but gets hung up on "Log on to serve and send a test e-mail
message." It then repeatedly asks for my user name and password, which I
repeatedly type and then hit enter, finally Outlook gives me the message
"Cannot log onto server." I appreciate any help that anyone can give...


The e-mail messages from three internal Exchange accounts (including my own)
are delivered into the Junk E-mail folder by Outlook, for this one user.
The three accounts can't be added to the Safe Senders list (through right
click Junk E-mail Add Sender to Safe Senders list), because they are
internal and a message pops up saying: "The e-mail address for this sender
is internal to your organisation and cannot be added to this list."

The e-mail client is Outlook 2003, the e-mail server is Exchange 2003 SP2,
the OS is Windows XP Pro SP2. I've added the

It sounds like an update to Outlook has switched your default mail program.
Try re-registering Outlook Express as your default email client and see if
that fixes it:

Go to Start | Run and type the following:

(Check the path to msimn.exe to make sure that is correct)

Make certain to include the quotations marks and the space between the
ending quotation mark and the slash.

Then open Internet Explorer and go to ToolsInternet OptionsPrograms and
set OE as the default mail (and news) program.
Jim Pickering, MVP, Outlook Express
Please deliver feedback to the newsgroup, so that others can be helped.

From: "Bill W"
Subject: Unable to send messages
Date: Monday, March 13, 2006 11:29 AM

Zone Labs on my laptop and Symantec Internet Personal Firewall on the others
in the house.

"Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE" wrote:

What firewall are you using?

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE

"Bill W" wrote in message

I tried to delete the protected storage system provider...Rebooted
and still no results. I don't think OE is even getting to the SMTP
server. How can I check to see if port 25 is open to the SMTP server?

I am not sure why Outlook 2003 works but Outlook Express doesn't.

"Bruce Hagen" wrote:

Outlook Express keeps prompting for your password

Cannot Save E-Mail Account Password in Outlook Express 5

Save Password Check Box Is Unavailable

"Bill W" wrote in message
I get the login window. Asking for username and password. The
smtp server and the POP3 are the same DNS name. The inbound is
still working fine. The
outbound is my problem.

When I put in the password, it just cycles back to asking me for the

No errors at all...

"Bruce Hagen" wrote:

What happens when you try? Any error messages?

"Bill W" Bill

I have a Digital Certificate and exchange encrypted e-mail with other
Outlook users who have Digital Certificates. Everythig works fine on
original new e-mails. However, doing a "Reply To" has lots of problems.
Doing a "Reply To All" as an encrypted e-mail doesn't work. I get an error
message that says, " Microsoft Office Outlook does not recognize ""." Then
I get error messages that say the recipient's certificates are not valid.
Unclicking the encrypt icon (the envelope with the padlock) to send the
Reply To All e-mail un-encrypted, seems to work from my (the sender's) end,
but the e-mail arrives at the recipients as an apparently blank e-mail that
cannot be unencrypted. The only thing that works is to delete all of the
addressee information that is automatically populated in the "To:" and "Cc:"
fields, and manually picking the addressee names from my Contact List. This
works except for a very irritating problem - the recipient sees extraneous
wierd characters in the reply message: "In this attempt at â?oReply Toâ?ť Â
Iâ?Tm going to â?oReply To All,â?ť but..."

Any ideas about what is going wrong?



My company has an exchange server running all of the incoming email. We recently had a few new people come on, but one cannot receive email from outside the network.

Me and most other users can receive email from outside the network but not her.

When I sent an email from my personal email to hers, I got this error message back.

The original message was received at Tue, 8 Dec 2009 14:41:01 -0500
from []


Your e-mail is being returned to you because there was a problem with its
delivery. The address which was undeliverable is listed in the section
labeled: "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----".

The reason your mail is being returned to you is listed in the section
labeled: "----- Transcript of Session Follows -----".

The line beginning with "

Users on our exchange server 2007 cannot send email to hotmail or windows
live accounts. We get the following message. #550 SC-002 Mail rejected by Windows Live
Hotmail for policy reasons. The mail server IP connecting to Windows Live
Hotmail has exhibited namespace mining behavior. If you are not an
email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for
help. Email/network admins, please visit for email
delivery information and support ##

Users on our exchange server 2007 cannot send email to hotmail or windows
live accounts. We get the following message. #550 SC-002 Mail rejected by Windows Live
Hotmail for policy reasons. The mail server IP connecting to Windows Live
Hotmail has exhibited namespace mining behavior. If you are not an
email/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for
help. Email/network admins, please visit for email
delivery information and support ##

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