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Hello -

we have a user whose inbox displays new, unread messages as (ascii?)
characters instead of actually words. more specifically, the From, Subject
and Received columns all show zeros along with other strange characters or
symbols. once the email is opened and read and you return back to the inbox
the email displays normally. the only time it displays with these
characters is when it hasn't been read yet. other than that, everything
displays normally. the user is running Outlook 203 sp3. we initially
thought it was the users PC however this problem is replcated on ovther PC's
the users signs on to. has anyone seen or
experienced this? thanks in advanced for your input!


Recent new user of Micosoft Office Outlook 2007 (Beta) 12.0.4017.1006 MSO

When composing a new message, in the Format Tab there is an option to Zoom
to change the display size. On reading recieved mail there is no similar
option as far as I can find. For the older amongst us with declining visual
ability, this would make it easier to read incoming messages. In Outlook
Express there is a facility to increase the Text Size from the View Menu
which is just fine!

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane. ?mid=816fcaea-e475-4b52-b8de-848ae72f370d&dg=microsoft.p ublic.outlook

Hello -

I am using Outlook 2007 to access my IMAP account. When I receive email
from contacts with non-ASCII characters in their display name, I am unable to
reply as Outlook mangles the display name in the To: field of the email. For
Joëlle [=?ISO-8859-1?Q? Jo=EBlle _?=]

(Note that if I attempt to copy & paste this text from the to: field to the
body: field, it will look absolutely normal in the body field). If i attempt
to send this message, I receive an error.

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Many thanks.


We have one of our outlook machines unable to display the jpgs when you
double click on them. The default window and picture viewer show a red
cross. The same happens when you save it to the hard drive of that machine.
The file size is correct as when this email is forwarded to other outlook
machines they preview fine.

Any suggestions on how to alleviate this problem.


I have a user that cannot access his unread messages pane. The error im
getting is when this folder is focused.

"Unable to Display the folder"

He is able to send and receive with no problems what so ever. I have ran the
detect and repair as well as uninstalled and reinstalled outlook. I dont know
very much about the outlook app so any help on this is appreciated


Has anyone recently started getting jpeg attachments that display as only a
red x when viewed using Outlook 2003, but display normally with Outlook 2007?
We have only started noticing it for about a week.

We've got an issue with signature files. The signatures have an embedded
image in them. The signatures have been made in word and they display fine
so long as "use word 2003 as HTML editor" is checked under tools > options >
mail format.

If that is unchecked the signature show's everything in double line spacing.
On some machines, a grey box, probably indicating the ActiveX control, shows

If I edit the HTML file in notepad there is the usual masses amounts of XML
and stylesheet information that word adds to the HTML code.

Any ideas how we can stop the double spacing? This is driving me around the

Thanks in advance.

Outlook allows you to save outgoing emails that you're composing as an HTML
file using the Save As function. That file (characterized by an .htm
extension) can later be imported into other email programs in order to send
the message out with the desired Rich Text or other HTML content.
I use a dedicated emailing program (MailThem Pro) to send out my emails one
at a time to all the people on my mailing list. That program requires an
HTML file for it to properly format the email in Rich Text before sending it
out. So I compose the emails in Outlook in HTML format (as opposed to Plain
Text) with all the Rich Text content I want (different fonts, boldface,
italics, etc.). I then save the formatted file as HTML and then import it
into MailThem Pro which sends out my formatted message to my mailing list.
However, the HTML code that is generated by Outlook using its Save As
function is so incredibly dense that a simple message of a few lines in
plain text can take up to 200k once it's encoded into HTML by Outlook.
Someone told me that what's happening is that the HTML encoder in Outlook
explicitly sets to its default value, every possible obscure tag in the HTML
standard, whether that tag or parameter is used in that message or not. So
the simplest of messages ends up with lines and lines of obscure HTML code
that sometimes cause unpredictable results in different computers. I have a
rudamentary knowledge of HTML, but I can't begin to decipher this code, it's
so obstruse! And several of my friends report very unusual effects from
opening my emails--from the message not opening at all, to the message
opening but not displaying any visible contents, to the message opening, but
crashing an unrelated application that was open on their computer. I have
pretty good virus protection on my computer, so I don't think I have any
sort of lurking virus or worm. I suspect it's this overly dense HTML code
that's generated by Outlook and perhaps choking the more primitive HTML
interpreters on certain computers. Is that possible?
Is there any way that the HTML encoder of Outlook could be altered to
generate a less "thorough" HTML implementation for such saved messages? Or
is there any other way around this problem? Are there any tools out there,
free or otherwise, that might give me a simpler HTML implementation of the
messages I compose in Outlook. By the way, if it makes a difference, the
version of Outlook I use is Outlook 2002.
I'd really appreciate any help or insight...

Garret Swayne

Is there any way to configure Outlook so that the From: field will display
the actual sender's email address and not what the sender has set to "Display

The reason I am asking is that I have been getting SPAM that looks like
email from Microsoft Canada, however when I veiw the header it is
actaully SPAM from From: "Microsoft Canada"

Currently when email arrives from:
"Microsoft Canada"
It looks identical to legit emails from:
"Microsoft Canada"

This is not a problem to filter now that I am aware of it. But I get
several other newsletters from other popular sources too and I am afriad that
SPAMMERS will start using other popular newsletters to do the same thing. If
I can't control how my From: field is displayed, I have to check the header
of my messages everytime to make sure the sender is who they say they are.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


I use the GTD productivity system. I am trying to filter my tasks list a
certain way but have not found a way to do it. I would like to filter by a
category of tasks (work related as opposed to personal) so I first assign my
task the category of @Work. Secondly, I'd like to assign it a project called
Project 1 so I assign it a second category of !Project 1. Now I've created a
view that displays all tasks with the @Work category and I group that view by
category. My one task displays in the view I created twice. It displays in
the !Project 1 grouping and another grouping, @Work. Is there any way to
exclude the @ Work category? I already know I am looking at tasks that have
the @Work category so I just need to see all tasks grouped by their
categories that are not @Work, presumably projects. I am trying to avoid
using a custom field for project names because then I can't both quickly add
new projects and use the check box feature. I am using outlook 2003.

I am using Outlook 2003 on a WinXP Pro PC in standalone (no Exchange
connection). I am
getting this error message when trying to access a folder from one of the

Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the
specified folder location.

The links in my favorites work just fine so the folders are still in tact
and working as they should. The error occurs when I try to access via a
link from my Today screen. This error started right about the time I
started using Interenet Explorer 7 Beta but I'm not absolutely positive that
is what set it off. Before you ask, no, I have not tried unstalling IE to
check it out. I can't find anything on MS' web site pertaining to the
subject. Any help would be appreciated.


Hello everybody, we're experiencing a problem with Outlook 2003 SP2
fully updated.

There is one of our users which is unable to see the message body when
external contacts with Lotus Notes (they are all in the same
organization) reply to his email. He is able to see attachments and the
quoted part of his email.

If I open the message as text, directly from the server (or with a tool
like magicmail monitor) I can see the body.

If I open it with Outlook Express or Outlook 2003 non patched, I can
finally see the body but not the attachments displayed as winmail.dat.

Im' going mad :-) any idea?


HI all -

I'm hoping somebody out there can help me. We are running Office 2007, we have http over rpc configured and running. When the profiles were setup all was fine, then all the sudden Outlook seems to like to display the mail folders in french.

Now we installed all this from an image that has French, US english and UK english installed with US english as the default language.

I have checked all the settings and they all refer to US english, I shut down outlook and restarted it. I even removed French from regional language settings and still it's displaying in french.

The bad news is I accidently fixed it on one computer, but unfortunatley don't have a clue how.

And now the problem is spreading. So any help or advice would be great.

Thank you!


New to Outlook 2003. When I open a contact list to address an e-mail, the
names are displayed firt name, last name. I don't like this. Can I have the
list displayed last name, first name as in the actual contact card? Thanks.

My message sent from KUL at 19:49 on 14th July 08 displayed as 02:22 on 15th
July 08 at KUL

Using Outlook 2003 , when I send html formatted mails out, they display
correctly for the recipient but in my sent items they only display in plain
I have configured to write in html and I am NOT using Word as editor.
Can this behaviour be changed since I would like to see the correctly
formatted html mails in my sent items?

Outlook is stripping my emails even after they are marked as not junk. I get
that this is important to do if the emails are viral, but I've marked emails
as not junk and they still show up that way. I've gone so far as to turn off
the junk email filter and still I get the stripped emails. They are not in
the blocked sender list either.

Yes, I checked the options. I am on Internet security (not Restricted or
anything else), the options for not displaying images are unchecked, I went
so far as to even add the items to the Safe Senders list. Nothing. I've
gone through every single option I can think of and nothing changes. The
email looks great on gmail, then when it downloads, Outlook strips it. What
gives? How do I fix this?

My app currently has a button for Outlook Contacts that sets focus to
Outlook, specifically the Contacts tab. Can I programmatically set focus to a
specific address book on the Contacts tab? I know I could physically set each
workstation using the "Show this address book first". But, the users could
change that. So, can I set focus to the correct address book from my app?
For example, my company has a global address list with all employees in it,
and I want to set focus to that address book instead of the user's personal
address book.

Current code

Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim oNS As Outlook.NameSpace

olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
oNS = olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
If olApp.ActiveWindow Is Nothing Then

oNS.GetDefaultFolder(Outlook.OlDefaultFolders.olFolderContac ts).Display()
oNS.Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder =
oNS.Application.ActiveExplorer.Session.GetDefaultFolder(Outl ook.OlDefaultFolders.olFolderContacts)
End If
oNS.Application.ActiveExplorer.WindowState =
oNS.Application.ActiveExplorer.Left = 215
oNS.Application.ActiveExplorer.Top = 87
oNS.Application.ActiveExplorer.Width = 800
oNS.Application.ActiveExplorer.Height = 627
olApp = Nothing

Some of my contacts do not display when Alt + K is used to bring a a contact
after a full last name is entered, the same name that begins the "File As"
field, i.e.: File as "Smith, John" if I enter Smith in the To: field in an
email, Alt + K will not bring that contact up, yet the contact is in my
personal contacts list, and very visible when I go into that folder. Which
of the "All Contacts Fileds" must the "key" name, or last name be entered, or
how must a contact be entered so that it can be visible when yoy press the
To: button or key Alt + K?
Rene - Do appreciate your help

Hi, I would love some help with this, as it's driving me nuts!!! When
people complete my Outlook form and send it back to me, the text fields
are blank!!!! How can I fix this???


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