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Receive accept decline messages when setting meeting as a delegate Results

I am set up to send meeting requests on behalf of my boss. However, he's
still getting the accept / decline messages. Is there a way to have those
sent to my email instead so that I can keep track of responses without having
to go into the calendar item itself?

We have a single Exchange 2007 server on Windows 2008. Our clients use Outlook 2007.

We make use of five Resource Room Mailboxes. One of them, our Training Room, provides the following error when a user attempts to book the room via Outlook, but does not receive this error when they attempt to book it via Outlook Web Access (OWA):

'You marked "<resource name>" as a resource. You cannot schedule a meeting with "<resource name>" because you do not have the appropriate permissions for that account. Either enter the name as a required or optional attendee or talk to your administrator about giving you permission to schedule "<resource name>". '

I'm vexed why users can book the resource via OWA but not via Outlook. My assumption was that permssion is based on the account and is not client specific.

Here are my settings when I run 'Get-MailboxCalendarSettings "Training Room" | fl':

AutomateProcessing : AutoAccept
AllowConflicts : False
BookingWindowsInDays : 730
MaximumDurationInMinutes : 1440
AllowRecurringMeetings : True
EnforceSchedulingHorizon : True
ScheduleOnlyDuringWorkHours : False
ConflictPercentageAllowed : 0
MaximumConflictInstances : 0
ForwardRequestsToDelegates : True
DeleteAttachments : True
DeleteComments : True
RemovePrivateProperty : True
DeleteSubject : True
DisableReminders : True
AddOrganizerToSubject : True
DeleteNonCalendarItems : True
TentativePendingApproval : True
EnableResponseDetails : True
OrganizerInfo : True
ResourceDelegates : {}
RequestOutOfPolicy :
AllRequestOutOfPolicy : False
BookInPolicy :
AllBookInPolicy : True
RequestInPolicy :
AllRequestInPolicy : False
AddAdditionalResponse : True
AdditionalResponse : custom text
RemoveOldMeetingMessages : True
AddNewRequestsTentatively : True
ProcessExternalMeetingMessages : False
DefualtReminderTime : 15
RemoveForwardedMettingNotifications : False

These Get-MailboxCalendarSettings are identical to those of other rooms that are working properly.

I also logged on to the Training Room resource calendar via OWA.

Options > Resource Scheduling Options¬*

Enabled : Automatically process meeting requests and cancellations
Enabled : Disable Reminders
Maximum number of days:¬* 730
Enabled : Always decline if end date is beyond this limit
Enabled : Limit meeting duration
Maximum allowed minutes:¬* 1440
Disabled : Allow scheduling only during working hours
Disabled : Allow conflicts
Enabled : Allow recurring meetings
Allow up to this number of individual conflicts:¬* 0
Allow up to this percentage of individual conflicts:¬*¬* 0

Resource Scheduling Permissions¬*

These users can schedule automatically if the resource is available:
Enabled : Everyone¬*

These users can submit a request for manual approval if the resource is available:
Enabled : Select Users and Groups:¬* blank

These users can schedule automatically if the resource is available and can submit a request for manual approval if the resource is unavailable:
Enabled : Select Users and Groups:¬* blank

For requests requiring approval:
Enabled : Always forward to delegates
Enabled : Always tentatively accept these requests¬*

Resource Privacy Options¬*
Enabled : Always add the organizer name to the meeting subject
Enabled : Always remove the private flag on an accepted meeting
Enabled : When declining meeting requests due to a conflicting meeting:
Enabled : Include detailed information about conflicting meetings in response
Enabled : Include organizer's name in conflict information
Enabled : Always delete the following when sent to this resource:
Enabled : E-mail messages
Enabled : Attachments from meeting requests
Enabled : Comments from meeting requests
Enabled : Subject of meeting requests¬*

Moving on to using Outlook 2007 to check calendar permissions...

Traning Room > Properties > Permissions:

Name : Permission Level
Default : Reviewer
Anonymous : None
All : Reviewer

These are the same permissions that appear in the other four resource calendars.

These are the places I've looked and the settings I've checked. The Training Room resource appears to have identical settings as the other four resources in our office. Does anyone have any further suggestions as to how I can determine what is causing this error? Thank you for your time.

Hi there

Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find an answer. We're running Exchange 2010, with Outlook 2010, and I've set up a few room maillboxes for venue bookings. What I am trying to achieve is for the delegate to receive a notification mail when someone books the room, and they must then be able to accept or decline the booking request. I am not sure if I am setting things up the correct way to acheive this though. At the moment†the request is automatically placed in the calendar of both the†booker, and the room calendar, but the delegates are not receiving forwarded message requests when a user books the room.†Take one room as an example:

All users can submit In Policy and Out of Policy requests. The Resource Booking Attendant is turned off, and the checkbox to forward meeting requests to delegates is checked. The delegate has been added to the 'Delegates of this mailbox' section, and has also been granted editor permission on the room calendar.

Is it possible for the delegate to accept and deny requests for a room without having to add the room calendar to Outlook? Why would the request not be being forwarded to the delegates mail?


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