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Embedded images

In Outlook 2003 I had a macro to extract embedded images.

This is it

Sub SaveAttachment()
Dim objCurrentItem As Outlook.MailItem
Dim colAttachments As Outlook.Attachments
Dim objAttachment As Outlook.Attachment

Set objCurrentItem = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
Set colAttachments = objCurrentItem.Attachments
Set strFolderpath = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

For Each objAttachment In colAttachments
objAttachment.SaveAsFile ("D:Douganni" & ""

Set objAttachment = Nothing
Set colAttachments = Nothing
objCurrentItem.Close (olDiscard)
Set objCurrentItem = Nothing

End Sub

I don't know VB. However when I put this macro in Outlook 2007 I get
this error message

"Object variable or With block variable not set"

Can someone help me?


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Anyone know if this is possible? We are getting tons of spam that are images embedded in HTML emails. The entire emails are images, with little or no real text. I wanted to find something that will look at the body of an HTML email and if it finds IMG (the tag to include an image), delete the email. Can an event sink do this? We are using GFI mailessentials and mailsecurity and they cannot do this. We have had great success against spam with these products, the only exception being these emails with embedded images. Thanks for any ideas..


I have an issue with embedded images in html emails.
The email can take over than 5 minutes to open.
As soon as I remove images in html email I don't get the problem.
It's only work if I use OWA in basic mode.
I only get this issue using IE 6 sp2

I don't have this issue in the following cases:
Using IE6 sp1, IE 7 or Firefox.
Using OWA on Our Exchange 5.5 frontend with in the same DMZ of Our Exchange 2003 frontend.

Our Exchange 2003 SP2 is up to date. It is installed on Windows 2003 SP1

Thank's for your help.


I occasionally receive emails from a customer containing embedded images. I can view these images ok in Outlook but if I save the email as html and then open the same file in I.E or Word I can only see the containers with red X. I have examined the source code for one of these emails and found a line:
I understand that "image001.jpg is the actual reference to the image itself and I know that "img src" is a pointer to where the image resides but I do not understand "cid" and the code following the@ symbol.
I have searched Google for information on this without success.
Please can someone explain how Outlook finds the image in order to display it? Is the image hidden in the email or does Outlook refer to a remote location similar to a weblink for the image file? What exactly does the reference after the @ symbol do? If the image is actually "hidden" in the email then why can't it be displayed when I open the doc as an html file in I.E or Word?
Look forward to replies.

i saw several posts by people who suddenly had outlook 2003 stop
displaying embedded images. i didn't see any solutions posted. anyone
ever figure this one out?

Whenever I send HTML mail with embedded images they are received by other
clients as attachments which cannot be read, but the same message to other
outlook users in the same organisation are received ok with no attachments.

Any suggestion?

I don't want my emails being seen as attachments.

I have using to send email with embedded images. I can received the
email without problems and all images displayed correctly. However, when i
highlighted the email subject and click on Print, some images did not
printed, i just can see a "red cross" on the image. But if i double click the
email and print, all images printed. Any ideas what is going on?

I am using Outlook 2003 (original edition without service pack).

Thank you.

Hi all,

Since I use Outlook 2007 I've got problems with embedded images in HTML
When I send a message, which is made in word 2007 saved as HTML and then
by Outlook 2007 with embedded images, the images get lost when opened by an
Outlook 2007 client.

When I send the exact same message to an Outlook 2000, 2002 or 2003 client,
message is good including embedded images.
I've allowed the receiving domain and allowed images from the sender in
Outlook 2007,
so I don't think it is an Outlook 2007 security issue.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


The Netherlands

Hi All,

I am using Outlook Web Access 2003. I can see embeded images (*.gif,
*.jpg) in my emails. But when I try to reply to or forward any such
email, the images disappear sometimes leaving a missing image icon (X)

Any solutions?

Thank you,

If I embed an image (JPG, GIF, etc.) in an e-mail and send it, it is received
fine by the addressee, but I can't see the image in the message if I look
through the "Sent Items" folder. All I see is the message is dredded Red "X"
box where the image would have been.

If I , however, click on "Forward", it then appears in the message to be
forwarded, so I know it's stil there somehow.

Any ideas how I can scroll through the messages in my "Sent Items" folder
and see the embedded images without having to click on "Forward"?

- Mike

I seem to be the only email receiver from a mac sender who receives the
embedded images as attachments. Also, it is only from a brand new mac that
this happens. From the persons older mac everything worked fine. Can anyone
help with a fix either for my PC or for the senders mac to solve the problem?
Al Rosanes

Someone sent me an email message with an embedded image. How do I
find this image on my harddrive so I can open it in photoshop?



I have a user that when he receives an email that has an embedded image all
he gets is a red x where the image should be. If he hits reply or forward
the image shows up in the resulting email. I have unchecked the setting
under Tools|Options|Security|Automatically Download Picture Settings and I
have verified that he is set to use HTML for emails.

The machine is a newer Toshiba M5 with 2 gigs of RAM running XP Pro SP2 and
Office 2003 Enterprise. It is on a domain and the user has local admin

Any Ideas?

When I get an email with image files, Outlook
refuses to show them in the body, and removes
all of them "to file: xxx"

Here is all Outlook shows in the message body:
(Embedded image moved to file: pic21086.jpg)


"Brian Tillman" wrote:

> LaDonnaE wrote:
> > Outlook XP has recently started moving images to attachments. How
> > can I stop this and put the images back in the e-mail message where
> > they belong?
> Outlook 2002 has always shown attached images as attachments and embedded
> images as embedded. The sender controls this, not the recipient.
> --
> Brian Tillman
Then why does Outlook say that it "moved" the embedded image?

Also, how can the sender make the images show up in the
email message body (and not be "moved" by Outlook)?

It is aggravating to have to open 2 dozen "moved" images
one at a time when I could simply scroll down to see them
in the message body.

Thanks a bunch,

Hello All - Outlook 2002 with SP3 with a Server in backend.

Some of the emails with embedded images not seen.

I have not tried reinstalling office but have changed the mail Format from
HTML to Word and viceversa and nothing.

Ina single email, there might be three embedded images and maybe two of
them just show an X.

Thanks in advance for any information.


Whenever I send HTML mail with embedded images they are received by other
clients as attachments which cannot be read, but the same message to other
outlook users in the same organisation are received ok with no attachments.

Any suggestion?

I don't want my emails being seen as attachments.

Using Outlook 2003 with SP3 on laptop. I am inserting images as embedded
images within emails. The image cannot be seen in sent or inbox items,
leaving a small red cross in top left hand corner. When forwarding the email
the image is revealed. Any ideas what tick box in options need to be made
overcome this?

I have set up Outlook to send and receive in HTML- when I receive an e-mail
with an embedded image the image is stripped away, There is no little "x" in
its place- nothing on the header asking me if I want to download it. Nothing
is there just a box with a black line around it where the image use to be

When I am sending I can not put an image into the e-mail either

What do I need to do in order for this feature to be returned

Thank you


If I forward an email with an embedded image, often (but not always) the
person whom I send the forwarded email to gets the embedded image, but also
one or more attachments of the embedded image.

How can I stop this happening? Somethings the person has recieved up to 5
attachments of the embedded image.

I am having problems with viewing embedded images although my security
settings should allow me to do it. The only way I can view images is to click
the forward or reply buttons they then show in the email. Until a few months
ago, this was not a problem.

I suspect an update is causing the problem but I don't know which it is or
how to correct it. This is effecting my ability to work effectively for
clients, please advise.

I also have a related problem with Outlook for opening attachments but will
send a separate note. That occurred about the same time.

Platform PC / Windows XP Professional / Office/ Outlook 2003.

Ok...this started happening only recently, and i can't pinpoint why. Am
using Outlook 2003.

When someone sends me an email with an embedded image "I can" see it, no
I can create an email with an embedded image, no problem.
The recipients can see the images, no problem.
I usually copy myself on these emails, no problem.

Here's my dilemma:
Problem is when I open the email i just sent, i cannot see the embedded
image. All i see is an "X".

Temporary Solution:
Under the "Mail Format" tab in Outlook I have the following settings for:
- Compose in this message format: HTML
- Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages - "Enabled"
- Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to read Rich Text e-mail messages -

When I DISABLE the "Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages"
and "Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to read Rich Text e-mail messages" - IT
WORKS (I can see the images in my emails that i just sent!

Problem is, I prefer to have the "MS Office Word" features "enabled" when
creating emails (i use "tables" in my emails alot). Odd thing, is that i
have always had these features enabled, and this only started happening a
couple of weeks ago. Maybe there's another setting that i am missing.

And by the way, under my "Automatic Picture Download Settings", i have
"unchecked" the "Don't download pictures..." box.

Would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

When I receieve an internal email from other staff via Exchange server in the same office, I see the dead link for embedded images. As for the external email, I can see the embedded images. I have no ideas what causes the dead link when receiving an email with embedded images. I can't find any option or configuration to allow show emedded images when receive an internal email. Can anyone help please?



Product : Microsoft Outlook XP

I'm having this little annoying problem. When I send mail to a couple of
recipents, some of them do not get the embedded images (No problem with
attached images). This is strange. Some of these recipients are members of
our domain and some aren't. (We are using Microsoft Exchange Server 2K3)

However, the embedded pics get to almost all of the recipents that are not
in our domain?????

This is very frustrating!!!!!

I do not want to go back to Outlook Express to solve this problem...

Please help....

Hi All

Somebody has sent me an email with embedded/attached images in it, but all
of the images appear to be small 2KB snapshots of the original pic icons
rather than the actual pics.

For example, if I double-click one of these jpgs I get the standard windows
jpg icon with the original filename underneath. As if they have done a
print screen on the original icons, cut them out and emailed these to me.
Thing is they didn't! They just attached the pics to an email and sent it.

Only points to note are:

a) there is an incredimail smiley gif pic (which has come through OK) so I'm
assuming they used this.

b) All of the attached pics have the lines:

(Embedded image moved to file: pic05705.jpg)(Embedded image moved to file:
pic28145.jpg)(Embedded image moved to file: pic23281.jpg)(Embedded image
moved to file: pic16827.jpg)(Embedded image moved to file: pic09961.jpg)
(Embedded image moved to file: pic00491.jpg).... etc.....

Like I said before, if you double-click on these picxxxxx.jpg files all you
get is a pic of the original icon and filename not the pic.

Any ideas?


Attachments and embedded images are lost from my mail to others.

My email with attachments or embedded images have no problems reaching about
80% of my recipients, but these same emails are stripped of everything but
raw text when sent to Mac users and a few PC users.

The messages arrive with place holders such as:
"", "winmail.dat"; or even

If I send these same messages directly from my Yahoo mail page they seem to
arrive OK, but if I send them from Outlook 2007 (12.0.6316.5000) SP1 running
under Vista then I get the above noted failures.

It does not matter if the offending email originated from my keyboarding
efforts or is a Forwarded mail, the results are the same.

The failures happen 100% of the time to the same recipients, and work 100%
of the time to recipients that get intact messages.

It used to all work OK but changed maybe 5 months ago. It is driving me
(and my friends) crazy. My above noted Outlook vs Yahoo tests would seem to
point the finger towards Outlook, but I sure can't figure out why/how Outlook
could affect successful messages with some recipients but not others.

Is there any insight you can share with me, that might help me address this

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