Receive one account

I have two accounts setup in Outlook. With 2003 I could automatically
send/receive one account and only send/receive the other as I wished. I
believe the option was something like "include this account when
sending/receiving". I can't find where that option is with 2007.

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I have two accounts setup in Outlook. With 2003 I could automatically
send/receive one account and only send/receive the other as I wished. I
believe the option was something like "include this account when
sending/receiving". I can't find where that option is with 2007.

Running OL2007 under Win7, with several accounts. One account holder went out of town for a few weeks and intended to access his mail at the server. In order to prevent Outlook from receiving his mail and deleting it from the server (which I intentionally do for all accounts), I removed his account from the system. Now he's back and I'm re-establishing his account.

Is there any way I could have simply temporarily suspended his activity in Outlook instead of doing what I did?

I have a company acme that already has a 3rd party POP account that is used via outlook to send and receive mail. They want to keep this email address because it synch's up with the Blackberry and the business cards reflect @acme. The new doman is acmelaw. How can I setup Exchange so that the users receive all their email in one account and default to send out in the neew account but also have the option to change between accounts? Is it possible to have Exchange send mail out to the Blackberry or have the Blackberry pull messages from the Exchange server and if so, how?


How can we configure exchange 2003 to deliver unknown recipients to one
account (postmaster)?

Now we receive a message some e-mail was not delivered to the postmast
account, but we cannot see the original message.



In OE, I was able to click on an arrow on Send/Receive button and just
downloaded the mail from one account at a time. I see no arrow in
Outlook 2000. Is there a way to do this or is it all or nothing?



I have more than one way of dialing up from my laptop, namely via WiFi, 3G
HSDPA and WiMax. For each different connection I need to change the SMTP on
my default email address in order to send an email. Typically, the SMTP
needs to be that of the connection / dial-up provider. How can I load
multiple SMTP's in the one account so that I don't have to change this each
time, dependent on the connection I'm using?
Incidentally receiving emails is not affected by this!

Recently developed a problem sending / recieving mail in one account - am
running XP. Others work fine. Error message states:" The operation failed.
An object could not be found." Checked server settings - everything seems
fine, including the test. Mail is okay on server, but I can't get it into
outlook. Any ideas what the missing object is or how to fix this?

Outlook Accounts shows only one account

Send/receive shows sending and receiving for also.  Thsi account no longer exists so naturally Outlook keeps asking for the password.

Search of the registry shows no items at all for

I am using Outllok 2010 (32 bit) on a Win7 OS with two email accounts runing through the same server. Both accounts are set up as IMAP accounts and synced with an iPhone 3GS. I also sync a gmail account with the same iPhone.

I receive and send hundreds of emails through both accounts on a daly basis with many companies through many servers. Often message threads with the same people or multiple people from the same company go back and forth numerous times (almost like chat sessions) during the day or over multiple days.

I have been using this set up for over a year and have never had any problems receiving or sending messages from Outlook, iPhone or the email provider's webmail application.

Recently, out of the blue and in mid-thread, I started receiving messages with blank message fields from a correspondent. I soon realized that messages from other people in the same organization were also blank. My messages to them were not blank. A few days later I noticed that messages from someone else in a different organization located in the same city also came in blank. These are the only tow organizations that I am having this difficulty with. All other messages come in fine.

I ran a test by having a sender from the company send a message to both of my Smarsh accounts and my gmail account. I found that the messages come through on one Sarsh account but not the other and are ok in gmail. Also, if Outlook is not running and I check the message on my iPhone it comes through fine in all accounts, but not if Outlook is running and syncs before I look at the iPhone.

I have discussed all this with the technical support people at the email provider (Smarsh) and they noticed that the internet headers on the identical message were different in each account--basically about two-thirds of the header was truncated in the account with the blank message. I have not examined the entire header line by line, but this is obvious, the bottom portion of the header with the message information is missing in the one account. Smarsh says they have never seen this before and since it is only happening in one account, it must be an Outlook issue.

I have search the Outlook help files, forums, support groups, etc, etc. and found nothing on this issue. I have run through Account settings and re-set everything, but still no help. I have done everything except completely un-install Outlook and re-install it, which I am hesitant to do unless ablsolutely necessary.

But the real mystery, is why is this happening with messages from only two companies and only on one email account?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I have my spam software installed on the exchange server for all email to be passed through and have setup one account in Outlook 2003 but I have another email account I want to come into the same inbox using the exchange server. I know I could setup a POP/IMAP but this would not use the exchange server and would bypass my spam software. Is there any possible way of using the exchange server for more than one email account? Any assistance would be great.

Looks like Exchange is not pulling into just one account.
SBS 2003 10 PC LAN, all getting mail but for one station.
Symptoms :

Client got mail on both cell and desktop for 4 days after changes made to Smartermail server on web machine which routes mail into local exchange server
Email to desk stopped tue morning.
No changes were made to PC.
I can see her mail coming into Smartermail server ; I can send to her account and it sits there.

Microsoft exchange MTA stacks have stopped. (not relevant I understand )
All other users Ok on both PCs and Androids
How to test further ? How to fix ?
(also: I'm having problems using tools/message tracking; is there any way to show mails for all senders ?)
Many thanks

how to set under send/receive email account by email name in microsoft outlook

At time i want to receive mail only and when in microsoft outlook under
send/receive button pop down all account is like show thus i
am unable to find proper email acccount under that , as i
have many email with many servers , in outlook express is a option to
set/view accounts by email name account not find in this exapmle - it should
be view ,, but insted of this shows and, i have 50 accounts under same, then how can i select to check only specific email id.,

please send me solutions if you know,

I have five email addresses(profiles) set up and would like to direct all
incoming email into one account only. This would save me having to go in and
check each profile. I have a stand alone computer, at home and use a POP3
mail service.
I've tried using the same PST file for all, but I still have to go into each
profile to get my email. Any suggestions.

Gary, Saskatoon, SK

Currently, I have four e-mail addresses that I maintain. Each address
forwards it's e-mail to one account. I download all my e-mail into Outlook
2003 through that one account.

Now, I would like to send e-mail with the option of choosing either of my
four addresses as the "reply to" address. Any suggestions as to how I might
use Outlook to solve this problem? Other programs utilise a multiple
identities option, but Outlook does not.

Hi there,

I am just looking to try and add a Digital ID to one account of 3
accounts I manage using outlook.

But when I set tools/options/security/Add digital Signiture to
outgoing messages it errors on the accounts I do not have or want a
digital ID for.

Is there anyway I can setup outlook, so that it only adds the digital
signature (and encrypts) messages from one account associated to

Many thanks


I have 10 outlook email addresses. I want them all to go to my inbox except
one, which should go to a different folder. I've set up the other folder but
can't figure out how to direct the mail from only one account into it. The
screen where that instruction is stored seems to apply to all my accounts....



Recently lost ability to send or recieve email in one account on my PC thru
outlook. Running XP and others work fine. Error message states: "the
operation failed. an object could not be found". Checked all server settings
- OK. Mail available on server, but can't get it into Outlook. Any clues
what the "object" is that can't be found or how I can restore it?

How do I set up outlook to automatically send the mails coming in one account
to another account? The old account's user is not active anymore, but we
still have mails coming in.

What is the easiest way to use Office 2003 andor Windows Live Mail servers
to send and receive email accounts from POP3 servers?