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attachments come as pdf file

Whenever I receive attachments they appear as a pdf file. Is there a way of
automatically opening them without having to save to a file and then open as
adobe. I do have adobe on my computer.

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when people send me pictures in outlook they do not open but come as a file
conversion in small squares

One of my customers fiddled on its Outlook (Vista Business, Outlook 2007).
Since then all attachments open as PDF, neglecting the proper type of the
attachments. - .doc opens as PDF, .xls opens as PDF ....
Where can I reset the asignements
Thanks, Chris

NB: if they store the attachment and click it afterwards, it opens with the
correct program: pdf as pdf, doc in Word .....

One of my customers fiddled on its Outlook (Vista Business, Outlook 2007).
Since then all attachments open as PDF, neglecting the proper type of the
attachments. -> .doc opens as PDF, .xls opens as PDF ....
Where can I reset the asignements
Thanks, Chris

NB: if they store the attachment and click it afterwards, it opens with the
correct program: pdf as pdf, doc in Word .....

When I receive an attachment from outlook, it comes out blank and was a zip
file. what can I do to repair the problem.

Whenever I send an attachment such as pdf, doc, exl, etc... it show's up on
to the recipient as a .dat file than cannot be opened or the entire email is
blocked from opening. Please help.

I am using Microsoft Outlook 2000 OS Windows 2000

When i send an attachment with an e-mail, my colleauges recieve them as .dat
If i send them a pdf, or excel or word document they are all recived as
..dat. This has only just started happening

Thanks in advance

After my Office was recently upgraded from Office 2000 to Office 2003, I can
only longer open JPG attachments in outlook, it says the file can't he
located ... I can open other attachments such as pdf files, doc files, xls
files. JPG files are associated with Windows Picture and Fax viewer, which
opens fine when I click on a jpg file. What has happened and how do I fix
this.. Others who received the same e-mail with the same jpg attached can
open the it..


thanks in advance


Up to now I have been able to attach a particular pdf file to an e-mail.
Today I am receiving a message "Can't create File: the specific pdf file.
Right click the folder you want to create the file in and the check
Properties in the short cut menu to check your permission for the folder.
I have spent hours trying to correct the problem without success. As an
aside, I can attach the file in Outlook Express without a problem, but not in
Outlook. I don't know what folder is being referred to or even how to access
Any help would be greatly appreciated

I downloaded and installed the PDF/XPS add-in for Office 2007, and from
Word/Excel, there are now options to save as PDF. However, in Outlook I
can't see any way to save an e-mail (or any other item) as PDF. The help
implies this is possible with an add-in, right in the "What's new in Outlook
2007" section, it says:

"PDF and XPS creation is available only when you open an item in Office
Outlook 2007. The File menu in the main Outlook window does not provide
access to this functionality."

However, this funtionality is not available when opening the item either.
Is this an installation/configuration issue, or is the feature not actually

Can I send a quick text message with a link and attachments, such as PDF files to all of my contacts using Outlook? Any answer would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, I am no longer able to see attachments with the name "snagit.png". We use
the program SNAGIT to take screen shots and e-mail them to one other. I may
have hundreds of these e-mails in my inbox, all with the attachment
snagit.png. At first, all worked well, then after a while I was able to see
the attachment name but could only open the attachment by saving to the
desktop - it wouldn't open straight from Outlook. Now, I can't even see the
attachment name after "attachment:" but I can right-click where it should be
and click save-as - indicating the file is actually there. However, now it
won't even save to the desktop. If I forward the same e-mail to another user,
the attachment snagit.png appears normally. And I can receive and see other
types of attachments such as .pdf files. Any ideas as to how to correct this
problem. I am going to try moving a lot of the snagit.png files to my
personal folder and see if that helps, but I would like some explanation as
to why it happens so I can avoid this problem. Is there some contention in a
linked-list or a temp directory caused by having so many attachments with the
same name?

I'm having trouble understanding something, maybe someone out there can
help me see the light.

We use to send out plain/text emails with PDF attachments to our
customers. In the last month we've gone to an HTML formatted email,
same PDF. What's happening though is some of the users are reporting
that the PDFs are being converted to ATT...Txt files. Screen shots
show that the emails look as they should in the right HTML format, but
the pdf files are in fact txt file. The users can save the txt files
as PDF and they are read fine using Acrobat Reader.

What I'm trying to pin down is where the problem is. When I send the
same email to any of my email accounts, the email looks good and the
attachments come thru fine. So I'm thinking there is a problem on the
clients side (y/n?) If the prob lies with the client what do they need
to do to fix this? Can I fix this on my end without messing up the
email look/format? I've attached to code we use, maybe someone can
look at it and see something.

Thanks in Advance..

Set oMail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
With oMail
.HTMLBody = pHTMLHeader & pHTMLBody & pHTMLFooter


= pSendUsingPickup


= mRunOptions.SMTPServer


= mRunOptions.SMTPServerPort


= mRunOptions.PickUpPath


= mRunOptions.SMTPConnectTimeout

.BodyPart.ContentMediaType = "multipart/mixed"
.BodyPart.Charset = "utf-8"

.Subject = "Report Notification"
.From = ""
.To = ""

.AddAttachment (App.Path & "logo.gif")

'Loop thru the PDF/XLS attachments
For pAttachIdx = 1 To .Attachments.Count
.Attachments(pAttachIdx).ContentTransferEncoding = "base64"
Next pAttachIdx

End With

Outlook Express on Windows XP

When sending a pdf file as an attachment, the recipient gets this error
message: There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and
could not be repaired. The same files when sent as an attachment from a
different application (hotmail e.g.) open properly so it appears that Outlook
is the culprit.
I found this generating PDF's from crystal reports.
The file is being truncated. I have found that this happens if the PDF is
below a certain size (around 10k but it depends). Essentially if the PDF is
a single page and only has a single section compressed with /FLATE, outlook
will truncate it.

I've sent .xls files as attachments to some people, but they come as win.dat files.  When I went to attach the file, it is put in the body of the email.  What, if anything, can be done?  Is it a problem on my end or on the receivers end?  Help!

I have a user who is trying to send an email using OWA with a 3mb pdf file attachment.  He opens the attachment window, clicks Browse and selects the file, then when he clicks Attach the window freezes and nothing seems to happen.  I was able to duplicate the issue with a test account from multiple locations (outside networks) using the same file as well as another zip file of the same size.  What I did notice, is that after I close the stalled attachment window, a copy of the email is now in the Drafts folder with the attachment intact.  I'm unsure if this is some kind of web related time-out issue or just what might be the issue. 

We are using Exchange 2003 FE/BE, no ISA server, and I have tried this with and without the Firewall enabled on our Cisco 871W router.  The default attachment limitation in Exchange is 10mb.  Any ideas???


what happened in 30minutes? earlier the company owner was able to attach a
pdf file that resides on our shared server to emails as he does everyday.
when he tries to attach the pdf file to an email now, an ms word error
message states he cannot CREATE a file without checking the folder
destination. (and word isnt even running.)
what the hell does that mean? the document hasnt changed in a year and he
had no problems attaching it to an email till a half hour ago.
any help appreciated.

When pdf's disapear after you send them or someone receives it as a
winmail.dat file your email account setup for sending format is NOT the only
place you have to turn off Rich Text Format for sending emails. You must
also change the rich text format in the email address properties in your
address book for the person you are sending to. double click on the email
address to bring up the email address properties and change it to let outlook
decide. The address book properties over ride what you choose in your email
account set up.

"Bev" wrote:

> Thank you so much for letting me know that if I sent my winmail.dat file
> through my yahoo e-mail I was able to open it....I struggled with this for 3
> days until I saw your solution..........this was a very important legal
> document I was trying to retrieve and couldn't do it through my Outlook
> express mail system..thanks a million. Bev
> "Srinivas" wrote:
> > Most of my file attachment sent through outlook 2000, irrespective of their
> > fomat are being received by other party as winmail.dat file.
> >
> > If the receipient receives the file in yahoo mail and he saves the files in
> > his disk and it is saving as original format as was sent, but when the
> > recpient receives this in his outlook express then it is not opening. The
> > attachment always dispalys winmail.dat.
> >
> > I tried all means of attaching the file like insert as attachment, insert
> > as text, insert or insert as shortcut, but end result is same.

when I set Word as the standard editor with Outlook 2003, all replies and
forward messages are automatically attached as a pdf file, which I cannot
read or change. I have changed "when replying to a message" and "when
forwarding a message" under "tools / options / preferences / email options",
and this does not fix the problem. Could it have something to do with
settings on Adobe Reader?


I upgraded to Dell Studion 1535 running Vista Home premium 64 bit.
I am running Office 2003 and Outlook 2003. I am experiencing the same
thing all of a sudden. These are programs I ran in Toshiba Satellite with XP
Now I have to send my attachments in Plain text or the get dettached or
transformed in DAT files. My colluege says this is a particular problem with
Vista. I tried to get help from MS, they referred me to Dell who will only
offer reinstallation of Vista. Dell does not support Vista problems, they
just say it is a third party problem. What a headache. Can anyone help?

I appreciate your time and attention.

"Carter" wrote:

> I have tried using HTML format to send out my emails but nevertheless, my
> friends are occassionally still receiving as .DAT or worst scenario, no
> attachments at all
> "SgtRich" wrote:
> > On Sun, 8 May 2005 06:40:02 -0700, sgoldman3320
> > wrote:
> >
> > >When I send files, some of my friends receive them as DAT files which they
> > >cannot issue. I use Outlook 2003. What can be done
> >
> > Stop using rich text format to send your messages. Only Outlook can read
> > them. Use plain text or HTML format for your messages.
> > --
> >
> > Email: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 SP1
> > News (Text): Forté Agent 2.0
> > News (Binaries): News Rover 10.2.2
> >

 In our office we all use read receipts. Since we switched to SBS 2003 /Exchange 2003 receipts from external email addresses come as txt attachments and don't transfer into outlook like normal receipts.

Can anyone help?

I cannot open a pdf file by clicking on the pdf icon. I tried going to
windows explorer and setting up there but to no avail. What next?

I am sending .pdf files as attachments to certain addresses and they receive
the email but not the attachment. What gives? I have found that they use
Outlook Express and have Outlook 2002, does this matter?

How can I prevent my attahcments from downloaing as .dat files? I have to
save the attachment to my desktop then right click, open with, then choose
the correct program. This never happened before!!!

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