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Can't Open Calendar


User can not view her own calendar. The right pane says folder can not be displayed. Also, there is no checkbox next to her "My Calendar" only a small calendar icon. In addition, if she opens a shared calendar (also just has calendar icon, no checkbox), she can then go back to her calendar that now has a checkbox and open it. I don't understand why she has to go through all of these extras steps just to open her calendar. When she closes Outlook or goes back to her mail view, her calendar goes back to having the calendar icon and no checkbox and she can not open it until she completes the above steps.

We have tried deleting her OST file, running /resetnavpane, repair, etc all to no avail.


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I have two users who are delegates to some Executives with Editor
rights to their Calendars. We are using Outlook 2003 and Exchange
2003. Both the delegates and the owner have the latest service pack
as well as the servers. Whe the delegate receives a meeting request
for the owner and click to open the meeting they get the "Can't open
Calendar folder for user "Executivenamehere". Item could not be
found" or "Unable to display the folder. Item could not be found".

I have the /cleanfreebusy switch permanently on their Outlook
shortcuts, the issue is resolved for a while after the close and open
Outlook but it keeps coming back. I have moved their mailboxes to a
different server, performed an extract/import with Exmerge overwriting
their entire mailbox with the import, not just the Calendar.

Everything seems to solve the problem temporarily but they keep coming
back, the frustrating part is that the issue happens randomly from
meetings generated by different users and both on recurring and single
instance meetings. The recurring meetings do have an end date.

I have search but haven't found any answer so far so I am posting this
question here in hopes that I am not the only one in this situation
and that perhaps someone has found a solution or something else to
try, before calling for support and spend countless hours on the phone
while coordinating with the users, etc.

Responses are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I am having problem.

I can't open any items on my calendar in 2003. I have reset the preview and
i have cleared the form cache. If i click on an item it highlights blue,
but it doesn't open. I can't create a new calendar item either. I don't get
pop up reminders when they are supposed to fire. It's like the lauch
function is broke.

I tried rebooting but it didn't fix it.
I have checked for multiple OUTLOOK.exe in the process tab of task manager.

All other buttons work fine. on the mail link i have no problem view or
creating mail.


I have one user that can't seem to open his calendar via Outlook 2000
or XP, however via OWA he can see all of his calendar items. This just
seemed to start happening today. We are running Exchange 2000 w/sp3 on
Windows 2000 server sp4. I have tried this user on several different
computers. Is the calendar corrupt or something? Are there any
utilities that I can run to check this? Thanks.

My default calendar disappeared. and I get this message: Unable to display
folder: Errors have been detected in the file C:Documents and
Settings|Mary|Local Settings|Appilcation DataMicorsoftOutlooOutlook1.pst.
Quit Outlook and all mail enables applications, and then us the Inbox repair
tool (Scanpst.exe to diabnose and repair errors in the file. For more
information about the Inbox repair tool, see Help.
Well, I've done all this, several times, I have uninstalled outlook and
reinstalled it. I still cannot get rid of these emails and I can't open my
default calendar.

I have meetings set up under Calendar in my Calendar but I can't open them
up. I can open other meetings set up in conferance rooms on my calndar.
What's the deal?

We are using Outlook 2003 SP2 in cached mode, and have a handful of people
that keep experiencing an issue when open a recurring calendar item. Some of
these items will not open when clicked on and they get a message that says:
"Can't open this item. The Object cannot be found."

This does not happen for everyone, others can open the same meeting without
incident, so it seems related to her machine/profile.

Things that I have tried:
Renamed the frmcache.dat to old. This temporarily fixes the problem but
then it will happen again.
Created a new outlook profile.
Renamed the Office 11.0 reg key, again this will temporarily fix the problem.
Ran a detect and repair.
Re-installed Office.

Has anyone seen this before or have any other suggestions.


When I create or accept a repeating event in Outlook 2003 calendar, I cannot
open it. I get the message *Can't open this Item. The operation failed.*

Single events will open.

Does anyone know how to fix this???

MS Works Calendar(not sure if this is the same as Outlook calendar)-I can't
open events/appointments from the monthly calendar, but can if I go to the
daily. This is new, because I used to be able to click on items in monthly
to open them. When I click on them I get an empty box, ready to put new
appointment in. How do I get back to accessing items on the monthly page????

Unable to open or delete one specific reoccuring calendar item. Returned

Can't seem to find anything directly related to this error. Anyone came
across or has seen this issue before?

We are getting an "can't open this item" error message in Outlook 2000
calendar when we try to open the item. this is an appointment item. I
cannot delete it, move it or print it. It blocks the Outlook calendar
template too. can anyone help. Tks

I can't open one of calendars in Outlook 2007 (I have 2 old ones and they open OK; all other folders open OK) in Windows 7.  I get message "Could not read the calendar. Outlook cannot open this item. The item may be damaged". I did Reset Current View for this calendar. It did not help. Any further advise?

I can't open any appointments on my Outlook 2003 calendar all of a sudden.  I can't create a new appointment nor open one that exists already.  It just sits and looks at me and does nothing.

When a delegate tries to create/modify an item in the shared calendar it
receives the error message: 'Can't open this item. Unable to open the
free/busy information'

I've followed Article ID 958443 and it works for a moment but then
'suddenly' the problem reapears. I've repeated this some times and made
different tests but I couldn't find why this happends.

The problem started after migrating from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007.

This is my scene: User A uses a PC and Tabletpc alternatively. Outlook cache
is only enabled for the Tabletpc. User A delegates Edit Permission over its
mailbox to user B.

User B now is using Outlook 2007 (cache disabled) to access user A mailbox
and the problema arises.

Office updates are uptodate.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

I have a user on Exchange 2000 running Outlook 2003. This morning when he
opened Outlook, he cannot open items in his calendar. He also cannot create
new items. Everything else in his mailbox works fine. I copied his
calendar to a PST he uses and the calendar is accessible. Could there be a
setting that he clicked unknowingly that will not allow him to edit his
calendar. His secretary can access his calendar from her Outlook client and
can make and change appointments, no problem.



We are using Exchange 2007 and once computer having office (outlook) 2003 .
When user tries to access one of shared public calendar he is getting below
error message...

Can't open this item. There is not enough memory available to perform the

once we reopen the outlook it works fine for some time and again gets same
error message..

We have tried with office repair and new profile creation but still getting
same error message..

It works fine with other users..

Any suggestions/idea that can help us..

For some strange reason I have a number of appointments that showed up in
today's calendar that I can neither open or delete. If I try to open them
individually I get a dialog box that says "Can't open this item. The object
could not be found." If I select them individually and try to delete them
nothing happens.
Can anyone advise me how I can somehow delete or eliminate these items since
they clutter up my Calendar with invalid information?
John E.

We are running Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003. User Oppie shares his mail
box and calendar with Dave as Editor. When Dave tries to log into a
recurring appointment, he get the error message above "Can't open this item.
The operation failed."
This does not occur with every instance of this recurring event, but it does
happen on every machine, new or old. I deleted the forms cache file.
I ran the eseutil /p also. Any thoughts?
Thank you.

Outlook2007: Can't get calendar to view in home page. Won't show appointments
or anything. There is another calendar in my drop down calendar menu, that
doesn't have anything on it. It won't delete and I can't seem to figure out
how to get the calendar I use to come up when I first open Outlook.

Hi. I have a user with a weird problem. Everytime he tries to add a new
appointment to his calendar, it duplicates. He gets two copies of the same
appointment. Also he has a recurring appointment which he now can't open,
"Can't open element." (translated from Norwegian). I've tried scanning the
calendar for errors, but it turns out fine after the scan, no errors found.

I am running Outlook 2003 (SP2) on a Windows XP (Sp2) machine. I am
constantly getting the error message "Can't open this item. The object could
not be found" when I try to open messages with attachments (tif) from my
inbox. After clicking on OK (from the error message screen) I am able to open
the attachment. The issue repeats itself on the next attachment ..and so on.

In addition after accepting a calendar request, I am unable to open the item
with the same error message being displayed (Can't open this item. The object
could not be found). However, this time the request never opens.

I have tried the following:
- deleted / recreated outlook profile
- Updated to latest hotfixes and SP's
- Detect and Repair
- Cleared Form Cache
- Unistalled and reinstalled
The only thing that works is working on another machine on Outlook 2000.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All of a sudden my calendar won't open if i click on a date and it is not
sending me reminders. It just stopped both fuctions.
I live by this calendar so someone please help ASAP !

Thanks in advance,

I have a user who is the Executive Secretary to the CEO. She is using
Outlook 2003 with an Exchange 2003 SP2 server. The CEO is using Entourage
2004 on a Mac OS X.

She sheduled a recurring meeting for Mondays at 1PM. She rescheduled one of
the meetings to Tuesday at 1PM. The Outlook calendar has the Tuesday
meeting, and all of the Monday meetings, including the one that was moved.
When she tried to look at or delete the Monday meeting (that should no
longer be there), she gets a message, "Can't open this item. You changed one
of the recurences of this item, and this instance no longer exists. Close
any open items and try again."

This makes sense, since the meeting seems to be an "orphan" and should no
longer be on his calendar, but is. How can this meeting be removed from the

Environment: Exchange 2003, Windows XP and Outlook 2002.

When a User tries to access calendar of another user (who uses Blackberry)
while he is off, Show fine in scheduler but cannot open the calendar. Error
message 'can't open this item unable to open the free/busy information'. Once
the blackberry user is back in office, works fine.

No. I never found a solution.

"bellga" wrote:

I am having the same problem with Outlook. Were you able to solve the
problem and get it corrected.

LohnesLink Wrote:
When I try to open a Journal entry in the Activities Tab of
Contacts, using a double-click, I get an error
message "can't open this item". When I try to open the
same item using RIGHT click and "open", the item will open
just fine.

I can still open all other types of entries in the Activities Tab -
Calendar appointments - by using a double-click. It's only Journal
that will not open using double-click in the Activities Tab of

Any ideas on how to fix this back so a simple double-click
will open Journal items like it used to do?

When I go into the Journal itself, these Journal entries open just fine
double-click and all.


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