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Can't insert picture into email

I can't insert a picture into my html email in Outlook 2003
It was working before and now when I go to Insert/Picture, Outlook
locks up and I have to shut it down with the task manager.

-I have run 'detect and repair"
-scanned the computer using several online virus scanners including the

onboard AVG
-checked for spyware... microsoft antispyware, adaware and spybot

Any ideas

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I can't insert a picture into my html email in Outlook 2003
It was working before and now when I go to Insert/Picture, Outlook
locks up and I have to shut it down with the task manager.

-I have run 'detect and repair"
-scanned the computer using several online virus scanners including the
onboard AVG
-checked for spyware... microsoft antispyware, adaware and spybot
-also IE6 locks up when I try to delete my Hotmail junk mail folder
email, maybe the same problem??

Any ideas

Hi, I'm sure this is an easy fix, but i just can't seem to find. I receive
email from say CompUSA which is an ad with images/pictures. I get the text
but the pictures are just rectangles or squares. I don't get any red x's
and i took the advice of any earlier post which fixed my Word but not my
Outlook - unchecked show picture in place holder, wasn't able to insert
picture into email or word - but now i can. Few weeks ago, i had to rebuild
pc from scratch. Just now starting to find these little issues. If any
can help or has ideas i would be thankful.


I'm using Outlook 2003 with XP. I know how to insert pictures into the body of an e-mail by clicking Inert, Pictures (if Word is the editor). However, I would like to select a group of pictures from the My Pictures folder, right-click for the options to Send To, Mail Recipient, make them smaller, and then have them show up in the body of the message as is typical of Outlook Express. They are showing up as attachments, instead.



Attempting to insert a picure into a new HTML email causes OE6 to
freeze. I click on the insert picture icon, the browse box pops up, I
click on the browse button and a box pops up for me to choose the
picture file I want to insert, but at that point OE 6 stops responding.
The only option is to click on CtrlAltDelete to bring up Windows Task
Manager to force OE6 to close.

I read in a web page somewhere, after doing a Google search, that
compacting files may help solve the problem of OE6 freezing when
attempting to insert a picture, but I have a problem there too. I click
on FileWork Offline and then FileFolderCompact All Folders but every
time I try this, and just before the compacting procedure is complete,
a box pops up telling me "The folder is being used by Outlook Express
or by another application." Clicking on either the OK or Cancel button
gets rid of the box and I can continue using OE6.

Can anyone help?

OE User (Ric)

OE User

I just upgraded to Office 2010.  I use Outlook for email.  I use a picture in my email signature.  When I try to insert a picture into an email, I get a box with a red x and it says "This image cannot currently be displayed".  I tried with both a .jpeg and a .gif - both of which I used with Outlook 2007 previously.

For some reason nothing happens when I go to Insert a Picture into my email
message. (No pop up window to select the photo). I've run 'detect and
repair' and still nothing.

This used to work, is supposed to work but now doesn't.

Any ideas?


Apologies for jumping into this thread, it will not allow me to open a new
topic for some reason.

I do have a related question to that of the originator. I have Windows XP
Pro 2 svc pack, IE 6.0, 1GB RAM. I have cable H/S connection but use my MSN
email address. My OE works fine, except for this: When I
insert/picture/browse/ and select My Pictures, the Pictures window comes up
(I can actually see some images) -- and then my entire system immediately
freezes up, I can't even reboot from the computer, I have to shut it off at
the power source and bring the system back up. My pictures folder is quite
full, total about 19 MB. I have no trouble inserting other things such as
file attachments, signatures, etc. ... just pictures.

Any ideas? I've checked all my settings and they seem to be right.

Thanks for any help you can give me

Hi, I am trying to create an email signature using microsoft outlook version 9 and although I am able to create a text signature I am unable to insert a picture because when I click on "Advanced Edit" the next screen that comes up is "Notepad" and nowhere on this "notepad" does there seem to be an option to insert a picture....can you tell me if this is even possible on version 9 and if so how do I do it?

Thanks Olivia

Could you tell me how to put an animated picture into the email message body of Outlook 2007.

We have just upgraded to Outlook 2003. In the older version you could use an
Icon on the Toolbar to insert a signature into emails. (Thus avoiding
signature with all emails or have to do the longer manual insert.)
Anyone know how to do it now?

I'm trying to insert a text file (frequently used) into emails and insure
that the text matches the format of the email message. This was the default
in Outlook 2003, but I'm using 2007, and it doesn't seem to detect the
"destination" format. Any suggestions?


Good afternoon,
I have never had this problem in the past, but today at work when I went to
insert a picture into my e-mail message, the picture will not show up. All
that shows is the annoying red X. I have tried re-saving the picture in
Photoshop, and it still won't work. (It's a jpeg.)
I've never had a problem inserting a picture into an e-mail message before
today. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I'm using 2003 version
of Office Outlook, and Windows XP Professional.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated... !


Since upgrading to Outlook 2007 I am unable to insert pictures (or photos)
in my outgoing email messages. Using the command under the Insert column to
place pictures in the email seems to work fine when I compose the message.
However, when I receive a copy of my message, the pictures are not visible
in the body of the message--instead the pictures are included as attachments
to the message. Any way to correct this?

When I insert pictures into the body of my messages, the pictures are
inserted in humongous size, "super-sized". The recipients also receive
them "super-sized".

What do I have to perform to reduce the picture sizes before inserting
them into my email?

I've sent emails with pictures as attachements without any problems.

Thank you for any assistance.


Hi, I am trying to insert Picture into the main message body. I get to the
Insert Picture dialog and click the browse button then it freezes. Cannot
click Cancel, Open or even close the dialog by clicking the 'X'. OE is still
running but can only close OE by logging off then back on. Unfortunately I
lose that message. Should I use Word to create the email and send it or
should OE require repairing?


My email (outlook express) has suddenly stopped me from inserting pictures
into the text. When I choose insert it goes to the select box, I chose browse
and pick a picture, hit ok and the pic goes into the page but then it locks
up. The insert box doesn't close and nothing I click on applicable to OE will
work. The only way out is to use Task Manager to shut down OE. It will
however allow me to add the pic as an attachment file but not into the text
body. Any clues Jeff

Recently I switchd over to Outlook 2000 but so far cannot insert pictures
into my e-mail.

I searched the Help for guidance on inserting symbols into email, such as
square root. The alternatives seem to be:
Character Map, which is effective but long-winded,
Insert, Symbol, which is not available unless you are using Word as the
Character code, which is fine as long as you can remember the code
Autocorrect, which again assumes Word is the editor.

If I don't wish to use Word, how can I get a list of character codes? I
could reduce this presumably long list to those characters of interest and
put those in a Note as a reminder for use during email composition.
Would it be possible to create a toolbar to insert them directly in the
Outlook email editor?


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has anyone ever figured out a fix for OE6 freezing when trying to insert
picture into the message body? i have been reading all the posts but they
are kind of old.

i have a new Dell xps400. i click on insert pic either on the icon or in
the upper menu. takes me to browser window and is grayed out. at this point
it freezes, and i cannot cancel or close on the X. have to ctrl,alt, delete
to get out of it.

i have tried all the suggestions in many of the posts including making sure
my HTML is checked, Send Pic with Messages is checked. i created a new

i did have slight progress on one suggestion of disabling Startup items. i
did this and clicked apply, then exit without restart. i could then insert
pictures with no problem. however, when restarting or rebooting, it goes
back to the way it was, the problem persists. so i believe it is in the
Startup section, a conflict somewhere.
i am stuck. don't know what to do at this point.

seems to be a common problem. hopefully someone out there has the solution.


I've inserted pictures into the Outlook Contact form, but can't get it to
print. I've also inserted an object into the text area of the Contact form,
but only the "OLE" icon gets printed. How do we turn these things on for the

I'm using Outlook 2000, with Word as email editor turned off, with html
turned on.

I am trying to put a jpg image in the message body...which I am able to do
(file-insert-etc.). However, it is placing the image so that it looks HUGE. I
have to scroll over and down to see all parts of it. The orginal jpg (created
in illustrator) is only 5x5. I thought I would just re-size by dragging the
handles (holding SHIFT), but the image gets distorted anyway (it ocntains
text, which then becomes random different sizes).

How can I get the image to appear in the correct size?

Also, for background, I started thisprocess with Word as email editor turned
on, and inserting a tiff into the email, but when I sent it (to myself as a
test) it lost a lot of resolution and developed gray shadowing around all the
words. With Word turned OFF, the picture comes thru just as crisp as can be,
but way too large.

My o/s is Windows XP and I am running Outlook 2002. I don’t have any problem
viewing pictures that are sent as an attachment, however, when I receive an
email with a picture inserted in the base of the letter I cannot view the
picture. I have even tried it the other way, whereas I inserted a picture
into my letter, I can see the picture before it is sent. I had the person
forward the mail back to me and the picture was again not showing up. There
has got to be a setting that lets me view these inserted pictures. I have to
have this problem fixed as soon as possible. Please help

I noticed in just the last few days that I've been using OL2003 that when I
add certain images into the email body they automatically become reduced to
like a fifth of the original image. Even if I already have my images set to a
size I want to send (i.e., I want to send images of 640x480 pixels and when I
"insert picture" the get scaled to 128x96 pixels automatically). Anyone know
why this is happening? I'm using Word as my email editor currently and would
like to keep that as is if possible.

Sometimes even the opossite occurs when I add smaller image of like 100x100
pixels it goes up to about 105x105 pixels in the same scenario as above.

Someone, please help. Thanks.

Hi Experts,

I've seen this issue addressed before, but haven't seen an answer that will
address my issue.

I've inserted a picture into my auto-signature using 2 different methods.
First, I used Word to edit the signature via "advanced edit" from within
Outlook and then I did the "Insert-Picture-From File" command to add the
graphic/picture. It looked good, but the recipient receives the picture both
in the message AND as an attachment. I tried it again by creating it in an
outlook message using the "Insert - Picture" function, but still no luck.

I read another solution where someone suggested using MS Picture Manager to
manually email pictures, but since this is a signature function, that won't
work for me.

I am using Outlook 2003 at work, but 2000 & OE at home. Any ideas would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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