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why can't I forward pictures or attachments? Get a red X. Help.

It's been frustrating for some time to either not receive e-mail with
attachments or receive them and not be able to send them with out having the
red X appear. What could be the problem?

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It's been frustrating for some time to either not receive e-mail with
attachments or receive them and not be able to send them with out having the
red X appear. What could be the problem?

I just installed Internet Explorer 2003 and pictures in received email don't
show. I get a red X.

In Outlook 2007 if I attempt to insert a copied web address from the address
bar in Internet Explorer all I get is a Picture placeholder that contains a
red X in the email. It will not let me insert a web address by cut and
pasting into the email. I can type a web address but not paste one, can
anyone help.

I am using Outlook 2003 connecting to a Exchange Server on our local lan.

I recieve Emails from other people logged into my Exchange Server, and many
times not always I cannot see the Imbeded pictures. I get no error, no
blocked picture message, and no message to download the picture. All I can
see is the outline of a box teh size the picture should be with a Red X in
the upper left conner.

I can take this same Email and click on Reply or Forward and the Pictures
will become visible on the new copy of the Email I'm about to send out.

This is driving me waco:
Any Ideas???

when I try to type an email or reply
to one using Outlook Web Access/Internet Explorer, a red X appears in the
body not allowing me to type

When I receive an email with a picture imported below the text all I can see
is a white rectangle with a red X at the top corner. Does anyone know if
this is just a setting or not?
Thank you very much!

I have Mappoint Eurpoe 2006 installed, why cant i switch to it, its always

Why cant I e-mail through outlook express? The window said I had to sign up
for a hotmail account and I did and I'm still not able to e-mail through the
outlook express.

I am trying to create an Outlook rule which, based on certain conditions will
FORWARD certain messages as ATTACHMENTS and base the message on specific
The Rules wizard lets me reply based on a template or forward a message as
an attachment but I can't find a way to "Forward as attachment using a
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have changed my security settings to LOW and have download HTML
content to automatic but still the image in my email has a red X on
it. i've forwarded the email from a 2003 Outook client to a 2007 with
the same settings and it still shows the same red X in place of the
image. i've also cleaned out the outlook secure temp folder but that
didnt seem to help. is there any other ways to get this image to show
up or was it original sent to me with the picture not properly

My clients kept getting a red "X" when receiving a picture attached to the
body of the email. Once in a while they can right click on the red x and down
load the picture, but sometimes the download option is not there. How can I
configure Outlooks to always display pictures in the body of emails?

I have enabled the Options/Security/Change Automatic Download Settings/ in
Outlook 2003. CDO is enabled, but still I get red X's instead of pictures.
What should I try next?

After I send an email, why does the logo (an image I inserted into my auto
signature) get replaced with a box & a red X.

A setting must have changed or MS security update has changed something.

How can I fix this?

Office Outlook 2003 SP2 on Win XP Pro

In receiving some emails with images I will get a blank box with a red X
inside a smaller box instead of the image. Is there a setting I need to
change in order to receive the images every time?

When I receive emails (with pictures) from one person (not everyone) I
receive a blank square with a red x in the upper left corner of the square.
I don't know how to retrieve the pictures. Help!

Why do I frequently receive emails that display a red "X" where the pictures
should be? This doesn't happen with all senders, but just with some.

Also, when I attempt to send pictures (after having done a copy/paste) my
sent emails ALSO show red "X's" where the pictures should be.

Probably some kind of security setting, but I've looked at changing this and
can't find anything that works.

I am attempting to send out an email to my non-profit's elist. I set up a
table, insert photos and graphics and hit send. All photos are delivered
with a red X through them. I have tried everything suggested in the help

All of a sudden I get a red x in a box in my preview pane instead of
pictures. What setting do I need to change?


Hello All

We use windows XP, office 2007 with a 2003 exchange server


I have a user who, when receiving e-mails, gets a Red X where the picture should be


I tried clearing out the Outlook cache on the local machine getting the path from HKEY_CURRENT_USER

C:Documents and SettingsusernameLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Filesxxxxxxxx

I had them go to IE>>tools>>internet options>>Advanced Tab>>Multimedia and click show pictures

(it was already checked)


neither of those worked any other ideas?




All of a sudden I get a red x in a box in my preview pane instead of
pictures. What setting do I need to change?

Newest Hotmail LIVE locking up EVERY week!  I cannot read messages and get a window that says a script is running.  I use System Restore and it works OK for another week !

A web site Shutterfly downloaded pictures from my son's wedding. All of the
pictures are replaced with a placeholder that has a red x in it. What must I
do to view these pictures?

I use Print screen on a daily basis - it has always worked
Today - I tried to send a screen shot like always - and it shows up as a
little box with a red X in it.

I cannot see other screenshots that are sent to me either.

I have ordered new computers for my staff.  Some are using Outlook 2003 and some are using Outlook 2007.  In both versions some of the users are recieving e-mails where the images have a Red X and others don't.  It is obviously a setting that needs to be changed to display the images all of the time.  Where is that setting?

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