How to avoid duplicate meetings?!

Is there any way at all that some command could be put into Outlook to alert
us of any clashes when we enter bookings for e.g. meeting room, conservatory,
main hall, etc?

At the moment we have to go through ALL entries for ALL days in a term to
make sure there are no clashes/ double-bookings. There must be an easier way
- ??


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How to eliminate duplicate email in outlook in order to save space?

My file PST is too large because same emails ware duplicated. I need same
help in order to solving this problem. Is there any function to avoid this

Kind regards.

I use my Outlook calendar at the office and synchronize my palm pilot (Zire
31) with it. This is a great way to get my business andpersonal appointments
on one calendar, but it causes duplicate entries in both Outlook and onthe
PDA.. Is there a way to avoid the duplicate entries?

Hi all,

since a few weeks I receive html spam message with this kind of source:
img src=""

Off course, this is used to track valid emails. How to avoid this image to
be downloaded in Outlook (office 2003) ?

Thanks for help.


Outlook 2007 -Word 2007 as the editor

Please advise on how to create a 'Meeting Request' template which can be

Thanks in advance

From some contacts I am always getting the same mail two or three times in my
inbox. The mail is send by them only once. This becomes very irritating. How
to avoid this???

I have access to a shared calendar as an editor. as the owner of the calendar
is setting the meetings, I receive the attendees' meeting confirmation like
the calenda's owner.

how to stop receiving meeting confirmation from a shared calendar?

I have been sending Excel work books to outlook mail recepients using VBA.

The code is written in the Excel VBA Editor as follows:
Dim oMSOutlook As Object
Dim oEmail As Object

Set oMSOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set oEmail = oMSOutlook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
With oEmail
.Attachments.Add (ActiveWorkbook.FullName)
.To = "
End With


When I run the following code outlook generate a message saying
" A programm is trying to send mails automatically . Do you want to allow

How to avoid this message. since there are more than 50 mails and have to
"Yes" for all these mails.

pls help

- Zulfi

How to avoid recurring tasks from being scheduled on the weekend?

how to remove duplicated items in outlook 2007 calendar (events and

How to setup the Authentication Access control in Exchange 5.5 to avoid the unknown user to send outgoing mail via SMTP service?

in outlook2003 sp3, I would like to set Prevent meeting request replies
function when I wrote a meeting request, from the Outlook help online I knew
that I need to set in menu "actions"-- "request reponses", but from the
"actions" menu I could not see the "request reponse" menu.
could you tell me how to relize the function? thanks very much!

Hi everyone

At work we have an Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 setup.

Everytime a user sends an email to a group to which he belongs, he
gets a copy of the same message he just sent. Is there a way to avoid


I set the default for all reminders to 1 day. However when I accept meeting
notices emailed to me, the reminder is always 15min. How to I get Outlook to
set them all at 1 day.?

I have a meeting appointment open in front of me.

On the status bar, underneath "Please respond", it says "1 instance of
this recurring appointment conflicts with another appointment on your
Calendar in the next 11 months.

How on earth am I supposed to find what the meeting conflicts with?
There's nothing in the help, no search function in the calendar view, no
information no help no clues and no options. I right-click on the status
bar but there's no pop-up menu. I've checked the "Tools" and "Actions"
menus, and there's nothing relating to conflicts there. I've searched the
help documentation, and there's absolutely no mention of how to find
conflicts. I clicked the "Calendar..." button, and it opens my calendar at
the first occurrence.

Are you seriously telling me I have to manually click on every tuesday
from now for the next eleven months and look to see if there's another
meeting there?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

I need to remove a recurring meeting from one public calendar but do not want
to cancel the meeting. How can I do this?

I'm in CST, trying to setup meetings in EST time zone and we office in CST
time zone. It's confusing everyone....anyone have suggestions on how to make
this work?

Hi, here is my situation, my plugin creates a folder in outlook, then I
want to avoid that any messages in that folder could be deleted... I try
with the ItemRemove event, but this event is called when the message is
already deleted... any suggestion ? Then the other thing is that I want that
the user neither could open the messages in that folder... I test the
NewInspector event from the Inspectors collection, but I don't know how can I
avoid the Inspector to be open. Or should I try something else ? I using C++
for this...

Thanx in advance...

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I know how to auto-accept ALL meeting requests. How can I automatically
accept requests from ONLY one user? I tried setting up this rule:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
from "Company Calendar"
and which is a meeting invitation or update

but got stuck at "Select action(s)" as I did not see an action which would
automatically accept the request.

thank you for your advice,

Is there any way to change the meeting organizer of an appointment?

We have a shared calendar and people are sending in updates.

When the person managing the shared calendar receives and accepts an
update from someone else, we want the owner of the calendar to be shown
as the organizer, not the person sending in the new item. Otherwise a
new event is created, rather than updating the existing one.

So how can people contributing an event to the shared calendar indicate
that the meeting organizer is the owner of the event rather than
themselves. If they can do that then we think that the update issues
will resolve.

Environment: Outlook 2003 with exchange version 5.

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