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Meeting requests received as plain text with attachments

I am running Outlook 2000 and when i receive meeting requests, they are shown
as plain text messages with an attachment. Consequently, I am unable to
accept them and they are not added to my calendar. Other members of the
distribution list are not having the same problem. Is this something to do
with my configuration, or the sender's?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm having a problem where meeting requests are being received as plain
This only happens between accounts in Exchange. When it's sent outside of
the organization like a home email that uses Outlook, it works fine. It also
works from a home email to an account on the Exchange server. Further, when
you put multiple invites where some are internal to Exchange and some are
external from an account in Exchange, only the externals get the proper
meeting request and the internal accounts get the plain email.
Please help.

Installed Outlook 2003 and downloaded a lot message that were stored on one
of my webmail accounts. All message got loaded into inbox but "from"
information was stripped off. As well, all messages are showing up as plain
text and attachments show up as part of the text.

Message header, to/from info, HTML tags, and attachment indentification show
up in the message body. How can these be converted back into the orginal
formatted emails nad attachments recovered?

Outlook 2007 Trial - How to view some messages received as Plain Text

I am trying to find a way to set up Outlook 2007 so that only messages I am
expecting such as those in my Contacts List are automatically displayed in
HTML format and all Junk/Unexpected Possibly Dangereous Email is displayed as
Plain Text. Can I indicate the Read Format of Emails Sent by Contacts and a
different Read Format for Emails sent by Non-Contacts such as 3rd Party
Mailing Lists and other SPAM?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Some messages come in to my inbox as plain text and they were sent as HTML.
I'm being told that it's on my end and it seems to be as I can see the email
in HTML on Outlook Web Access. What could be the issue?

Hey guys!

I have user that is using outlook 2003 on exchange 2000 that is sending a
meeting request to a client with outlook 2003 in internet only mode. The
meeting request shows up as plain text. Any ideas why this would happen?



I am using microsoft outlook 2003 email client. When I am trying to
send an .ics file as part of the email generated from another
application to myself, this email when opened with Outlook has an .ics
attachment as desired, which can then be clicked on to become a
calendar object to be accepted/declined. But when I am trying to send
it to external users( their email client is outlook 2003 as well -
with or without versions sp1/sp2) it is being read as a plain text
message by their outlook. I am trying to understand as to why its
working for me while its not for the external users. What should done
in order for the external users to see this as an .ics attachment
which can be clicked on to become a calendar object? Any suggestions

Currently I can send meeting requests and they are recieved in the correct
format. However, upon recieving the requests from another user they are
recieved in plain text format. Exchange server is not used. I am confused as
to why this is continuously happening I have checked all options, I cannot
find the setting that states "all messages recieved as plain text" Is this
option available in Office XP (2002)???? Any and all help would be
appreciated. I can be reached via email @

I send from home in html format but receive at work in plain text with
references to a webiste rather than pictures. As far as I can see both
computers are set up to send and view in HTML. Any suggestions on a solution


I bought a Windows Vista computer with Office 2007. Every since I join this
computer to my domain and used the Outlook 2007, All my user having trouble
sending out meeting requests.

I am in a Windows 2003 Domain with Exchange 2003 environment. The problem
is when user schedule a meeting request that include external email address,
all internal invitees receive as regular email ( No Accept or Decline options
). If the meeting request only invite internal email address, everything

HELP Please!


I'm reposting this question in the hopes that someone might be able to shed
some light. I've searched the Internet for a long time and can't come up
with any explanation:
Something strange just started happening in Outlook for me. I've been
getting emails from someone using AOL for years and they've always come in as
HTML messages. All of a sudden they're coming in as plain text and I can't
read them because there is all sorts of junk (Internet headers) in the email
and attachments aren't even coming through. When I check them on my other
computer using Outlook they come in just fine as HTML and I can read them and
see the attachments. It also is fine when I check my mail from the web.
It's not happening to all emails I receive, only from a certain person.
Other HTML emails come in fine. The sender hasn't done anything different
and all my settings are identical in both instances of Outlook. I have this
funny suspicion something happened in my registry (though I'm certainly no
computer genius). I've installed and reinstalled and had no luck. I've even
used different versions of Outlook. If anyone has ANY ideas at all PLEASE
HELP? I can't read his emails anymore!

We are using Exchange with SBS 2003. We also have external mail on a
POP server.

In certain cases, meeting requests appear as a .msg attachment to a
regular email. This happens even if the message is sent internally via
the Exchange server. But it does not happen all the time, and i was
not able to pinpoint when.


For years I have been unable to accept meeting request from family or
work computers. They are always seen as a text message. I can send
them meetings, they can accept/decline, but their response is also
received as a text message. I assumed that it was because they had
Office XP & I still had Office 2000. I recently tried (& removed) an
upgrade to Office 2003, but that did not fix the problem.

all request are received/sent over the internet

Per past postings:
No reminders checked
iCal unchecked on mine & theirs
I cleared my forms cache
I have SP-1, SP-2 & SP-3 installed

Outlook 2000 SP-3, IMO - Security Update
Windows XP Pro ver 2, SP 2002


I am using an addin from MarketSharpM to create e-mail templates.I did a test- I sat on another computer (Outlook 2007), created a html e-mail template in MarketSharp (logged in as Karen) and sent it to Outlook 2007 computer & my computer.  The e-mail was received as an html on both computers.  I then went  to my computer (Outlook 2010), sent the same template (logged into MarketSharp as Karen) from my computer to Outlook 2010 & myself- it was received by both in plain text.  The e-mails in the sent items folder view in html.


US/outlooksend/thread/87178b25-1761-4d2c-a741-71dbc087c689  I tried the work around described here, (saving as rtf then html again) maybe because I am not using an Outlook template. 


On one curious note, I do have one MarketSharp  template that receives correctly in html, but it does not contain any merge fields.  Can anyone help?


Looks like there is an issue with Outlook 2013 client. I've noticed that if plain text email is sent with an attachment with SMTP connection then outlook lose the MIME format and sends uuencoded message to exchange server. I believe Outlook/Exchange server still supports the uuencoding so we don't see any problem when the message reaches to recipients but this is creating issues in our outlook add-in. Since our add-in expects that outlook should send MIME message. Outlook shows this peculiar behavior only in case of Plain text email with attachment and SMTP connection. If I repeat the same scenario with same attachment in Outlook 2010, I don't see any issue. Outlook 2010 sends proper MIME message.

I've collected the raw logs (attached with this thread) of DATA command in case of Outlook 2010 x86 and outlook 2013 x86, which clearly shows the difference. I am trying to send "first.png" attachment in plain test.

I am trying to understand why does outlook 2013 shows this peculiar behavior . Is this a bug or OL2k13 is trying to follow some standard, if yes what standard ?

We have one user, with Outlook 2003, who is experiencing the following issue:

When somebody sends her an email sent as HTML, when she receives the email and opens it, it is displayed as plain text. In the upper left corner, it says (plain text). But if other people are copied in on that same email, it shows up as HTML on everyone elses Outlook.

I checked to make sure that "read all standard email in plain text" is not checked.

I also verified that under Options - Mail Format, it is set to use HTML and Word as the editor.


We have a contact that has to receive our e-mails as plain text. He is in
our shared contacts folder on exchange 2003. In his contact, I double
clicked on the e-mail address and selected "Send Plain Text Only" in the
Internet Format field.

We have our outlook 2003 settings to use HTML. I thought setting the user
contact info with the above setting would change it to plain text before
sending it out. But when I check the sent folder, and confirm with the user,
the e-mails are going out as HTML.

Do we have to manually change the Format setting to Plain Text every time we
send an e-mail to him (sometimes hard to remember, and not preferred when he
is part of a larger distribution list). Let me know if there is way this can
happen automatically.


Mixed-Mode Environment:

Exchange Server 2003 SP1 Clustered Active/Passive
Windows Server 2003 SP1 Clustered Avtive/Passive

Exchange Server 2003 SP1 Non-clustered/Standard
Windows Server 2003 SP1 Non-Clustered/Standard

Exchange 5.5 SP 4 Clustered Active/Passive
Windows NT 4.0 SP6a Clustered Active/Passive

Exchange 5.5 SP 4 Non-Clustered/Standard
Windows NT 4.0 SP6a Non-Clustered/Standard

We have identified that any calendar invite request, when sent outside of
the Exchange Server Environment arrives at it's destination as plain text
instead of the standard invite format in Outlook. This occurs from users
homed on either version of Exchange. However, any invites received from an
outside Exchange environment arrive in our environment as a standard Outlook
calendar invite. Is there a configuration setting we need to set in order
for our calendar requests to be sent as invites instead of plain text? Any
ideas would be greatly appreciated ~ thanks!


Using OL 2010, Html formatted messages with stationary/theme for new, signatures for replying.

As a message is edited, all seems fine and even after it is sent, it is shown in de Sent box with the correct layout.

But in fact all messages are sent as plain text, I checked this at the receiving end.

Any idea how to correct this?


When I receive an Email into my Junk Mail folders, even if it was sent in an
HTML format is gets converted to plain text. If you drag and drop the same
email into an inbox it converts back into HTML. Why is this and what can be
done to display all Emails as HTML whether in my inbox or junk mail folder?
This is true for both my POP3 and HTTP mail accounts.

Something strange just started happening in Outlook 2002 for me. I've been
getting emails from someone using AOL for years and they've always come in as
HTML messages. All of a sudden they're coming in as plain text and I can't
read them because there is all sorts of junk in the email and attachments
aren't coming through. When I check them on my other computer using Outlook
2002 they come in just fine as HTML and I can read them and see the
attachments. It's not happening to all emails I receive, only from a certain
person. Other HTML emails come in fine. The sender hasn't done anything
different and all my settings are identical in both instances of Outlook.
Any ideas??

I am receving mail sent from Lotus Notes, where the Internet Mail format
preference has been set to HTML, as plain text only in Outlook. I'm trying
to figure out if the problem is on the Outlook end or the Notes end. It only
seems to happen with Notes mail sent by certain users, but I'm not absolutely
sure of that yet.

If I reply to such mail, and change the text format to HTML on the Outlook
end, from then on as that particular message is replied-to back and forath it
remains in HTML format.

Can anyone suggest possible causes for this problem, or suggest some
diagnostic procedures I could undertake to get to the root cause of the

Dave Jenkins

I send ("assign") tasks daily to my boss; we both use Outook 2003. As of
this morning, our tasks come through like plain text with two attachments:
the first is a .txt file that when opened shows the task details (in plain
text) and the second is an "untitled" .dat file. Any ideas as to why this
all of the sudden started happening? And even more important, any "fix"
suggestions? Thank you so much!


I'm using Outlook 2003, all patches installed.

The problem is that when I sent some email or received some, they are in
Plain Text, even if all settings are set to HTML.

Email format is set to HTML, there is no check mark in the "read all email
as plain text" option. even when I sent a email, I select HTML and the mail
is sent as plain text.

Any ideas... ?

Some HTML messages come through as Plain Text in Outlook. Most of the
messages I receive are in HTML format, and most are displayed correctly. But
a few messages (always from the same senders) come through as Plain Text.
When an HTML message is not recognized as HTML and instead shown as Plain
Text, large portions of the message look like gobbledygook. After some study
I've figured out that what I'm seeing in the message is: 1) the internet
headers; 2) the message with embedded font codes; 3) the message in html code
with all text, font, and formatting as text. If the message includes a
picture, the binary data will be embedded as huge blocks of text.

I do not have the "show all messages in plain text" option enabled. When I
tried it, the offending messages still showed the same HTML codes. This
problem started when I upgraded from an XP computer to a Vista computer,
although I don't see why this would make a difference. I suspect that the
senders of messages that display incorrectly may have something in common.
Maybe they are using the same email program that sends HTML in a slightly
different format. But it's difficult to check this because they are mostly
from email lists where I don't know the sender well enough to quiz them about
their email programs. Other people receiving the same mail from the same
senders don't have the same display problem.

I have checked all my email options and have tried many different
combinations without any effect. I do use the AVG virus checker, and I
thought maybe it was causing the problem, but changing options in AVG had no
effect. I checked the encoding on the problem messages, but they all seem to
have valid settings.

Any ideas?

Bruce McKinney

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