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conference room calendars double booking

Everything is working fine EXCEPT people can double book the calendars
Automatically Decline Conflicting Meeting Requests is enabled

still people can double book , any ideas


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I currently have a client that has a Windows  2003 SBS Standard Edition server. They rent out part of their space to a other single person companies. They share 2 conference rooms with these users. Is there a way to create a conference room calendar that can be viewed by the other tenants without making them a part of the network. They are currently sharing our internet connection but are on a different subnet ( vs.

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I'm new to the Exchange environment and I need some help. I'm trying to setup 3 Conference Rooms Calendars and have it shared in my network. I have the 3 Conference Rooms setup in AD, but I don't know how to go about setting up the calendars. I have already created 3 separate Outlook email accounts one for each Conference Room. On the first room I selected Tools, Options on the Outlook email tab and then I unchecked the default reminder box and clicked Calendar Options. Then I clicked Resource Scheduling and put a checkmark in the first 2 boxes on the next dialog box.

When I logged into the other 2 conference room email accounts (on 2 separate other pc's on the network, I tried to click the Resource Scheduling button, and both of them give me a " The Operation Failed" error box.

What is the best or easiest method for me to setup these 3 Conference Rooms Calendars and get them running?

Thanks for the help,


Today when I schedule a meeting I add my subject, invitees, add an agenda and attachments to the meeting invitation and invite a conference room as a resource.  All appears good, but now anybody in the company can go to the conference room calendar open up my invitation, see the agenda and even open up the attachments even if they were not invited to the meeting.  This is not so good and is actually really bad if the attachments were meant to be limited to the invitees only.

How do I restrict permissions on the conference room calendar so that anyone can still schedule a meeting and can even see the owner/subject of the meeting (all the stuff on the "week" or "day" view is fine), but cannot open the meeting to see the contents, invitees, or attachments?

Many thanks,
-the concerned security guy


I have an issues with only one of my conference room calendars. It will not
allow anyone on Outllook 2007 to create a meeeting. It returns with the
message Cannot open Free/Busy. I can have users that are on Outlook 2003
create a meeting on that calendar with no issue.

Any help would be great.


Is it possible to set the Defualt "show time as" to busy for all conference
room calendars?

I manage a number of conference room calendars. I have an employee who sent
an invitation to the conference room to book it. He got an acceptance from
the me, the conf room manager. However, when they showed up for the meeting,
I told them they should have scheduled it, since it wasn't on the calendar.
The employee printed out his request, and it does have me as accepting, yet I
never saw the invite, it is not on the conference room calendar. How can this

I have a dilemma here with conference room scheduling. Currently, we have calendar folders in the Public Folders for each conference room. Users can easily view the room calendars and add their meetings. Unfortunately, this has caused problems such as; rooms get double-booked, cancelled meetings are not removed; meeting organizers do not include their names, etc.

I know that you can setup a mailbox as a resource which can then be invited to meetings. This would allow more control but there are problems with this as well. I have 10 conference rooms and there is no quick and easy way to check all of them to see which rooms are available. Sure, I can have everyone do the File, Open, Other user's folder... but c'mon that is very tedious and time consuming. The only other way is to invite each and every room as a resource and then check availability in the meeting request. If there was an easy way to view all these mailbox calendars (such as publish them to a web page or export them to a public folder calendar) then I would definitely switch to the mailbox as a resource method.

How would you handle this? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

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Ok here is my problem with all the details. Like 2 months back we moved our 5.5 exchange to a better server because the old one was failing. We exmerged everything and it all seemed to work fine.

But since the move no one can use the calender to book a conference room. If I book the room from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and someone else wants it at the same time, they can also book the room. Its not showing up that the room has been booked. So mulitple people are booking the rooms we have here.

I have tried the free/busy fix, outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy but its not working.

There is a system folder schedule+free busy. I checked the rights and they are the same as the old exchange server which did work.

And the weird thing about all this is when I do go and book a room. The only days I can see that are booked are Tuesdays where people have booked a conference room. Every other day is free except for Tuesdays.

So I am at a lose here.

Any help would be appreciated


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Good day,

We have 15 conference rooms. We do not use the "Resource" tool in Outlook
2003. However, we created a calendar for each conference room. The person
responsible for making reservations sends an invitation to the person who
requested to book a room.

The question is: we have three rooms that can be used as one room. The
person who handles reservations would like to book them all together at once.
Now, she has to go into each room's calendar, send an invitation, etc.

Is there a way for her to use only one calendar instead of three?

Thank you.


Hello all,

I'm new to this, but thought I'd give this forum a try. Recently we had
someone send a meeting request, which had an attachment in it containing
sensitive data, and booked a conference room as a resource. Since the
conference room was booked, anyone in the company was capable of opening the
conference room calendar and viewing the sensitive attachment. Is there
ANYTHING that can be done to avoid this?

Thanks all in advance!

Is there anyway to make the conference room reply with an accept message when the room is booked?  I'm running Exchange 2003 SP2 and Outlook 2003.  I get the reply from the person I invited to the meeting but nothing from the conference room.

I need help in being able to Plan a Meeting by selecting attendees and seeing the availability of the Conference Room in the 'Plan a Meeting' view.  Right now I can see attendee's schedules/availability but I cannot select the Conference Room.  Do I need to set up the Conference Room as a Person or Resource?  Right now I have created a "Conference Room Scheduling" Calendar but you have to open it in a separate window to see available time frames.


I would like to have a calendar in Public Folders that is for a conference
room. I want only certain people to be able to schedule appointments, but
most people to view it. I also want schedule conflicts to be rejected.

I know how to create a Public Folder for calendar items and mail-enable it,
but I don't believe this calendar will report schedule conflicts.

Is there a way to have a user account's calendar in Public Folders that is
up to date?


Is there any way to avoid having to burn user accounts to set up shared
"resource calendars" for conference rooms and equipment?

Or is there no way around having to set up user accounts without losing the
'scheduling' features that show whether a calendar is 'free/busy'??

Thanks for the help on this.

I am currently using Exchange 2000 and have Meeting Rooms configured as
resources. What I have notice is that if you try to double book a room with
the same time and date the system will notify you that it can not be done
provided that it is within 11 months. The glitch that I have found is that
if the double booking is 11 months or further into the future it will allow
the double booking.

Does anyone know of a fix to correct this problem...a patch or configuration
parameter change?

Any suggestions will be appreciated...Thanks...btfbaka


I am in the process of transitioning from exchange 2003 to exchange 2010.
I have a mix of auto accept conference rooms and direct booking conference rooms.
My questions is with both type of conference rooms, one being auto accept the other is direct booking, am wondering is there something I should be aware of, or I just simply move it the same way. I have a feeling that I am missing a step somewhere...

Here's what I will be performing per Microsoft

1. Move the mailbox to an Exchange 2010 server
2. Run: set-mailbox [MailboxName] –type Room
3. You can use either Powershell or the Management Console to set AutoAccept.
In Recipient Configuration | Mailbox | Select a Resource Mailbox | Properties | Resource General tab | ensure 'Enable the Rsource Booking Attendant...' box is ticked.
You can also perform this in Powershell, in an EMS window:
Set-CalendarProcessing "Resource Mailbox Name" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept


I am looking for a web-based application that uses the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API to display a list of conference room calendars on one application.  The goal would be to have a large display at the entrance to our conference rooms area so someone could quickly verify what room their meeting was in without referencing Outlook or a mobile device.  It would also be used by the front-desk people to properly direct vendors to the appropriate conference room.

I know they could "just use outlook" but, frankly, I am just looking for an application that just shows a list of rooms and their free/busy data in a easy to view format.

Does such an application exist?


We have a conference room that folks that have access to make appointmens or meetings are not able to see

Exchange 2007 sp1 -

The meetings are all showing up as busy - can't see who is holding the meeting.

Meetings are not marked private.

Please advise.




There's this problem where when someone schedules a meeting in the conference room calendar, anyone can see the items inside that meeting. Is there a way to make it so only the organizer and attendees see that without having the organizer set the meeting to private?

Or is there a new method altogether?



I am having an issue with meeting rooms being double-booked. The account
has been set up to automatically deny a double-booking, but the users are
being told by other users to "just keep accepting" and eventually, the newly
scheduled meeting gets booked over the existing one. Is there a way to
prevent this from happening? Losing control over these meeting rooms would
be a very bad thing.

We are using Exchange 2000 and the majority of the clients are using Outlook

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


We have a newly installed Exchange 2007 server and 45 Outlook 2007 clients.
I have setup several room mailboxes (resource mailboxes with disabled user
accounts) to be used for conference room resources in scheduling assistant.
I followed EHLO and MSDN best practice in setting these up... using
Management Console I created the mailboxes.... then I gave myself full access
using the powershell to them so I could create a profile to login to them in
Outlook. In Outlook I went to calendar options, resource scheduling and
check marked the first two options ("Automatically accept requests and
process cancellations", and "automatically decline conflicting meeting
requests"), I did not checkmark the third because we have some people who
have recurring meetings in the conference rooms.

Anyway when you create meeting requests using the scheduling assistant or
the traditional method (just click rooms in the meeting request viewing and
e-mailing the resource mailbox along with other attendees)... there is never
an indication given that the room has conflicting appointments.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the Outlook/Exchange 2007 functionality... but
I was under the impression that if there was a conflict a grey box would pop
up and tell you there was a conflict.

When I have a conflict with an appointment on my own calender a reminder to
that fact appears above the "TO" field... but neither that or a grey box pops
up when a conference room is double booked.

As of right now we are unable to use the system because it doesn't seem to
be performing correctly. Help!

I am trying to stop double booking of resource room calendars. I have tried multiple things to do this from going through owa and setting the resource options to going through ems and trying to set it there.

Here is a dump of one of the resource rooms. Please tell me if something is not correct or other steps I could take to fix these issues.

AutomateProcessing : AutoAccept
AllowConflicts : False
BookingWindowInDays : 180
MaximumDurationInMinutes : 1440
AllowRecurringMeetings : False
EnforceSchedulingHorizon : True
ScheduleOnlyDuringWorkHours : False
ConflictPercentageAllowed : 0
MaximumConflictInstances : 0
ForwardRequestsToDelegates : True
DeleteAttachments : True
DeleteComments : True
RemovePrivateProperty : True
DeleteSubject : True
DisableReminders : False
AddOrganizerToSubject : True
DeleteNonCalendarItems : True
TentativePendingApproval : True
EnableResponseDetails : True
OrganizerInfo : True
ResourceDelegates : {}
RequestOutOfPolicy :
AllRequestOutOfPolicy : True
BookInPolicy :
AllBookInPolicy : True
RequestInPolicy :
AllRequestInPolicy : True
AddAdditionalResponse : False
AdditionalResponse :
RemoveOldMeetingMessages : True
AddNewRequestsTentatively : True
ProcessExternalMeetingMessages : False
DefaultReminderTime : 15
RemoveForwardedMeetingNotifications : False
Identity : Conference Room

I've got some public folder calendars on Exchange 2003 and I want to allow my
Office 2003/2007 users to book conference room time but not be able to double
book them. Is there a way to do this?
Sandy Wood
Orange County District Attorney

I am trying to create and manage conference room resources in Exchange 2003. I have very limited experience (other that what I have found on the web or from books). I have created the resources (Conferences Rooms and Projectors) as accounts with an exchange mailbox. The Executive Assistant within our company is the owner of these resources. How can she see the resources with out opening up the mailbox for each resource?. I had the resources forwarded to her email box but they do not schedule on the calendar properly. Any information would be appreciated.

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