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s'il vous plait je demande de l'aide pour cree mon adreese e-mail

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Suite à un changement de disque dur il ne m'est plus possible de recevoir
les e-mails. J'ai reconfiguré et dans le compte
mais rien n'y fait.
Les messages d'erreur m'informe une non reconnaissance de l'autentification,
mot de passe refusé, pourtant je l'ai changé, il a bien été validé par FREE,
mais toujours pas de reception e-mails.

Qui peut me donner la procédure à appliquer?

D'avance merci.


I am brand new to Exchange and I love the features and benefits that come with it.

Just a little background to start out with:

Currently I have the latest version of Exchange server running on a Windows Server 2003 machine on my local area network at home. I have a Comcast Cable connection with an IP that changes whenever I restart the router, so I use to keep track of my IP.

My goal in setting up Exchange was to have a central location for all of my e-mail accounts (Hotmail, gmail, my personal POP3 account, etc) and I have a POP3 connector installed that periodically hits up all of my POP3 accounts and pulls e-mails from them to my Exchange account. That way when I'm out and about I can log into my OWA and see all of my e-mails.

Unfortunately whenever I send an e-mail using the Outlook Web Access, the "From:" field says kirkouimet@inf.home. "inf.home" is my local domain. Obviously when users try to reply to kirkouimet@inf.home that isn't going to work. My workaround right now is that I have Outlook setup on my home machine with all of my POP3 accounts added in. When I click on new e-mail I just use Outlook to say "Send from my account." That way the e-mail received says "From:"

I would like to have all e-mails sent from my Exchange server to look like they are coming from Is this possible? I set my domain masquerade to be, but that didn't fix it. I started and stopped the service after changing the masquerade as well.

Any help would be appreciated, I sure hope I can set this up!


I've got a question about sending mail to external mail addresses.

On our network we have 3 companies. CompanyX, Y, Z.

CompanyX wants to send mail with there e-mail address. So when you get a mail from CompanyX in your Hotmail Inbox you get as Sender address: ( )

CompanyY wants to send mail with there AD Display Name. So when you get a mail from CompanyY in your Hotmail Inbox you get as Sender address: Display Name ( John Woo)

CompanyZ wants the same as CompanyY, sending with AD display name.

Is it possible to get this work? I don't know how this could be done with Exchange 2003.. Do I need to change some configuration?

Using: Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP1
Using: Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server SP1

I hope that someone could answer my question. Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,


My company is beginning to send out e-mail newsletters, and instead of using an ASP service, I'd like to buy a piece of software that can tie into our dedicated Exchange 2003 server.

Can anyone recommend any applications that do this server-side. Also, it must have some sort of database to keep track of e-mail addresses that people can opt-out of.


We are using a third party application to do our spam filtering, but then some stuff that it lets through Exchange puts into the users "Junk E-mail" folders.  Is there a way that we can turn this off?  Everything that the third party application lets through we just want to go to the user's inbox.  So far the only way I've found to turn this off is on a user by user basis by going into the options in OWA.  But I would like to do it for everyone, without us having to walk them through it.

Thanks for your advice!

Help and we can't fix it.  A situation occurred were a user in organization left and a colleague decided to just give all the attributes of the old user to the new user /(not udsure how it was done).  The problem is we can not change the cont of the title and when the new user's name comes up in a global distribution list the old user's e-mail shows up but the new user still recieves the e-mail.  Does anyone have any ideas.


I have an exchange 2000 standard box running on windows 2000 server and exchange 2003 enterprise running on windows 2003 enterprise. On my
mail filter, I'm getting e-mails from [][/email] to [][/email]. Does anyone know where these e-mails are coming from, distinguishably the "IS" part? Is my mail servers sending mail to each other?

I set up a recipient policy in system manager to delete junk e-mail every x number of days. I followed this article: but my policy isn't working. Does anyone have some tips or tricks that might help? Do you have to be using IMF?

We're going to be installing a new Small Business Server 2003 system for one of our clients.  I'd like to obviously make use of the POP3 connector for receiving and sending e-mails.

When setting up servers before (win2k etc) we've used a third party package for routing e-mail (mdaemon).

Is the POP3 connector for sbs 2003 straight-forward to configure?? I take it that it also allows the sending of e-mails??

Thanks in advance.

we've got a couple of users on our network who are abusing e-mails - in particular they send and receive a lot of e-mails to each other.

Is there a way of a) preventing them from sending e-mails to each other and b) preventing a user from sending e-mails totally (but still receive them from other people).

cheers in advance

My company needs to send an e-mail to multiple recipients, but their mail provider (yahoo) is rejecting them as spam, is there any work arounds for something like this, like a timed e-mail sending program???

we want to block certain incoming e-mails from specific e-mail addresses. is this possible in exchange and if so could anyone advise on how to do it?

ok i have just set up server 2003 and exchange 2003. latest sp's etc. the server also connects to the internet so there is no additional NAT server, just need to know what exactly i need to configure / do to make exchange send/recieve external e-mail via my web domain i have set up ( i want to be able to send e-mails from and also recieve e-mails from any 1 to (where username will be the current user who is logged on to my internal domain using outlook via exchange server) any ideas where i start?


Here's the situation:  We use a 3rd party spam filter that is hosted offsite.  They filter junk out and forward the good stuff.  These e-mails then pass through our GFI filtering, and then arrive to the user.  The problem is that I receive random, duplicate e-mails for up to 2 weeks (when the message finally times out), sometimes with attachments, sometimes just plain text e-mails.

The 3rd party says that our Exchange server is not replying to them correctly to let their systems know that the e-mails in question have been delivered to the Exchange server, so the 3rd party's servers continue to re-send the e-mail.

I guess my question is; Where do I look to find the settings for this "reply" to the 3rd party's spam filtering servers?

Thank you.

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a quick way to find out which particular user owns a certain e-mail address.  For example, a user called Zak owns the address '' and he is at the bottom of the active directory list so you have to go through them all manually in the e-mail addresses tab to see who owns it which can take a long time.

Is there a quick way such as a command prompt line or similar that can let you know who has the e-mail address your looking for?


Please let me ask you about that possible or not we can use different account to send an e-mail.

Our server and client pc environment is:
Single Exchange2003 organization.
User uses Oulook2003,2002,2000
We have 2 domain name.The domain name is domain A and domain B now.
We can receive e-mail delivered to both domains by our Exchange server.
When we send an e-mail, we can use domain A but can not select domain B as
sendor account.

My question is, Can we use different domain name to send an e-mail ?
We don't want to cleate a mail box for domain B. 

We are trying to write a script in to automate users accounts to have the ms-exchange Establish Email address value set, so we can ues the script to enter the users email address in. 

The majority of our uses do not use our Exchange server as their home mail server, there fore we do not need to establish an exchange mailbox for them.  But would we would like to do is add the users email address, which is always an Internet email address (SMTP) with their account. 

Right now we have the script set up to add in the email address along with other user information using Cold Fusion tags to write to the Active Directory, but I can't seem to automate the enabling of "Establish E-Mail address" functionality..

Is there an entry in AD that I could be guided to or am I looking at this the wrong way?

Thanks in advance for the assistance

I'm having a problem sending out e-mails from our system. We have a program (essentially a large database-type program) that's running on a server, it is set up to be able to e-mail out to customers. However anytime it tries to send an e-mail with an attachment to an external e-mail address, it's coming back as non-deliverable.

You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.

I've tested with some e-mails. I can send an e-mail with no attachment to an external address, and I can send an e-mail to an internal address with or without an attachment. So I'm guessing there is a setting somewhere in our server that's telling it to kick any outgoing e-mail with an attachment, atleast from the given IP address.
Does anyone know where I need to be looking? I'm not overly familiar with Exchange; I've looked through the settings some, but I don't see anything that jumps out at me. I'm guessing this is something fairly easy that I'm simply not getting. Thank in advance for any help that can be offered.


background: windows 2003 servers, exchange 2003. all service packs, patches installed.

i have a problem sending e-mail to the mail server
i keep getting delayed messages:

Reporting-MTA: dns;

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: delayed
Status: 4.4.7
Will-Retry-Until: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 21:36:39 -0700

and ultimately failure and ndr of the message.

when i telnet from my main mail server, to 25 i just get a blinking cursor and then it times out (this server goes thru the untrusted port of my firewall and has the ip address i have tried telnetting from other computers that are allowed smtp outbound and use the untrusted port ip and get the same results. these computers are all able to send mail to other servers on the net.

when i telnet from a computer that has a different internet ip address, for example, i am able to successfully connect.

i have checked all the rbl's that i could find and isn't on any list. why would i not be able to connect from my untrusted ip?

i have tried to connect via ip rather than dns name, but this changes nothing. when i do an nslookup the mx record is correct as per dnsstuff.

i contacted my isp, but he says "well, i can connect". that doesn't help me very much! i can connect as well, but not from the untrusted ip adress that i need and use for everybody else!

i have been working with this person's isp ( and because he uses the same mail server i can't send mail to him from my main mail server. the isp claims that he is "wide open" and is using no blocking.

my reasoning is that if i can send mail to everybody else, but not this guy he HAS to be doing something!

what's up with my untrusted ip address? i'm worried that this will include other mail servers over time. i'd like to find the root cause, but everyone is shrugging their shoulders.

I have the need to change a users primary e-mail address, however, Exchange 2003 just won't let me do it.

We have a single server, fully patched, and I can add another SMTP e-mail address to the user without any problems. I then highlight it and set it as the primary and close the users properties. No matter how long I wait when I go back to the users properties the original e-mail address is back as being the primary again !.

Is there something wrong or is a recipient policy or somethign else doing this ?.



I am getting the error as follows while sending the mails and it is giving undelivered message,what can be done to resolve this
please let me know.The following is the error which i am facing while sending the mails

"The e-mail address could not be found.  Perhaps the recipient moved to a different e-mail organization, or there was a mistake in the address.  Check the address and try again.

Domain of sender address alex@domain does not exist"

Dhirendra katti

We've been getting a fair amount of undeliverable e-mails recently. It seems that they're occuring when the mails are to both internal and external addresses, the external addresses just keep bouncing back. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens enough. If anyone has come across this before, I'd be glad to hear what you have to say.


[ April 01, 2005, 04:30 PM: Message edited by: cwainright ]

I am having a problem with Exchange complaining about an e mail address already existing within active directory.

I have only recently taken over the site and I have no access to the previous engineer.

There is no sign of an alais anywhere and the there are no entrys in the globel address list. The SMTP service also rejects the mail which is sent to the address that I am trying to create.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

For your info, Exchnage is running on SBS 2003 currently and is updated until December last year as far as I can tell

I've never been certain as to when an oversize e-mail, one that is larger than the receiving limit, is blocked ?. Is it blocked when the two SMTP servers initialy say hello to each other or is the whole e-mail received by the SMTP server first and then evaluated by Exchange as to whether it is to large ? (I realy hope it's the first).


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