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Shared calendar Option is missing.

I have installed Outlook 2003 into a PC but the Share My Calendar option
isnt there.

The Outlook is connected to a SBS 2003 exchange. All other computer have the
Share My Calendar option.

Is there a way to turn the option on?


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I have installed Outlook 2003 into a PC but the Share My Calendar option
isnt there.

The Outlook is connected to a SBS 2003 exchange. All other computer have the
Share My Calendar option.

Is there a way to turn the option on?


Trying to chare my calendar with business colleague, but the "Share Calendar"
option is not displaying in the Navigation view.


I am setting permissions on the calendars for the reps in my office, there
are two girls who are on Outlook 2003, same set up as the rest of us, but
their "Share My Calendar" option is not available. How do I find those
options so that I can set the permissions?

In the Navigation Pane, after right clicking on the default calendar, "share
calendar" option is not available. the prompt is there, but not available.


On a PC with Office 2003, I want to import contacts from an Excel 2003 file
into Outlook 2003.
According to the Outlook help file this should be in Outlook 2003: "File -
Import and Export - Import from another program or file - Microsoft
Excel". See:
However, this "Microsoft Excel" option is missing. Does anybody have an idea
what could be causing this?




On a PC with Office 2003, I want to import contacts from an Excel 2003 file
into Outlook 2003.
According to the Outlook help file this should be in Outlook 2003: "File ->
Import and Export -> Import from another program or file -> Microsoft
Excel". See:
However, this "Microsoft Excel" option is missing. Does anybody have an idea
what could be causing this?



The Leave a copy of the message on the server option is missing from outlook 2010, by default messgaes are left in the server and there seems to be no way of automatically deleteing messages from the server.

I have an exchange acount and able to work around these missing links, but
it's a pain in the neck.

Why are the links for "share my calendar" and "open a shared calendar"

I saw something elsewhere on line that indicated it might be because my mail
is sent to my personal folders. I'm not willing to change that - it just
isn't an option.

It shouldn't matter where my incoming mail goes anyway - seems like that
would have nothing at all to do with it. The key thing ought to be having an
active exchange account, which I do.

Any ideas?

The share my calendar tab (under open a share calendar) is not there and the
navigation plane is open...I would like that tab to come back.

I am using Outlook 2007 and I have been given access to several calendars. I
initially open the shared calendar and the users names are displayed in
the Peoples Calendars on the Navigation pane. My problem is when I exit out
of Outlook and come back in to the Calendar. All of the users names are gone
from the Peoples Calendars. I have to go get them each time by clicking
the Share Calendar option in the Navigation Pane. Is this a function of
I was under the impression that once you access a users calendar and place
it in the People Calendars area, it would remain in there. In Outlook 2003,
the name stays in the Other Calendars area. Is there something I am missing?
Thanks for any help in advance.

David Frazier

I have seen several posts, and understand I have several options wrt sharing
calendar with my colleauges (all of us are on '07). As I understand it, I
have the following options:

1) free/busy publishing - requires us to have a site to which to post (plz
confirm there is no publicly available MS site for this); allows visibility
of private and non-private events, but only as a block of time; does not
allow for calendar overlay function to be able to see colleagues times
overlayed on my calendar view (plz confirm)
2) publishing calendar to internet - know that it gives levels of sharing
(full, available, etc.), but not clear where this resides. Is this
public/free internet site? Also unclear as to how much I can limit access,
although it seems it's a matter of anyone to whose address I give share
permission (whether same domain or not)
3) Sending via email - gives a snapshot one time, with same potential for
showing/hiding as publishing to internet
4) "share calendar" - not sure how this differs from others

If anyone can check my comprehension, would be appreciated. Basically, I
think what we need in an ideal world is to be able to see each other's blocks
of time, and not have to rely on having our own site to do this (our hosting
provider is only currently investigating allowing for this functionality on
our server space).

Any help is appreciated.


I have multiple systems running on a network, and an exchange server. On
this network, I have 2 systems that need to share each other's calenders.
System "A" had no issues sharing the calender to system "B". But when I
follow the same steps with system "B" to share that calender, the "Share
Calendar" option is not even there. Originally I thought maybe it was an
older version of outlook, so I've installed all avaliable updates, and it
still doesn't work. Does it need to be setup in the exchange profile to
enable calender sharing? Or am I missing something else. Running Office

Please help. Thanks!

Outlook 2000
Windows 2000
All service packs
Have been using the share calendar using net folders

Suddenly on one of my computers the calendar has stopped sharing. When I
went to reshare the calendar again the share option is not available. This
computer is using office 2000 with all service packs. Can anyone help?


Hi, I have the latest version of Outlook, 2003 running on Win XP Pro over an
exchange server
I can access other members' calenders and contacts, but cannot share my own,
when I view my calendar / contacts the usual option of "share my calendar" on
the navigation plan is simply not there! I have the open a shared calendar
option, but not the share my option
I use outlook to open several email accounts, including my work email
connecting to the exchange server, which I have set as the default
and I have a hotmail and yahoo email running through it as well

how do I share my calendar? Is there way to make sure that my calendar is
on my exchange server account and not on my hotmail account?
any help would be much appreciated

I have a user who opens our CIO's calendar on her computer. Everything was
working fine up until Monday. Now when she goes to view his calendar, it's
empty. (only on her computer). If you go to his computer, all his
appointments are there. We are running Outlook 2003. Exchange 2007.

He is not here today for me to check permissions but what i have done so far
is delete and re-add the calendar with the file>open>other users folder
option....and used the "open shared calendar" option and no luck. I also
right clicked on the calendar and chose "customize current view" and made
sure the fields are set to "Start, End".

Ideas? Thanks.

Windows 2000
Office 2000
all service packs
Not using microsoft exchange

I have been sharing my calendar for 2 years. Suddenly the
file/Share/calendar option is no longer available. Does anyone no why?


I opened my outlook 2003 this morning and all my calendar data is missing
from Aug. 2006 forward. How do I get it back? Thanks

Hi there,

When I am in a blank message and I try to go to tools > options my
options is missing.

I have tried ALT T, ALT O to brin git up but this does not work.

I have also tried to rename my outcmd.dat file but this does not work

I ma using OUtlook 2003.

Any help please


I created a "vacation calendar" for our dept. I would like to be able to
have members add their vacations to that calendar, and at the same time add
it to their own personal calendar. I tried adding it to the group calendar
and sending an appt. to my own personal calendar, but it doesn't add it to
the personal calendar. Any other ideas?

"JuliF" wrote:

Of course, you can always send Invitations, but to be able to sync your items
to a shared calendar that is not assigned to one person in particular, but to
the group is so helpful. And to have that calendar then sync back with each
other in the group would be incredibly helpful. That way you don't have to
open each person's calendar's all there.

"Patoo" wrote:

I have checked the link that John gave you, but it didn't work out because
it's not compatible with the server I use. I think that Outlook should be
made in a way to allow a user to add soemthing on someone else's calendar
with the option ot accepting or regretting of course. (The users are the
persons working in the same department for example)

"JuliF" wrote:

Unfortunately, this is for a group of users who are out in the field most of
the time and won't be going to each others' appt, but just need to know
how/where to get ahold of each other if needed. So having each others'
schedules available in one place but not having to do anything to get to them
is what we are needing. But I'll check out the exchangegroupcalendar. Thank


"John" wrote: will do most of that. However it does
not yet support creating items in the public folde rto be synced back to the
personal calendars. Exchange server offers invitations for that (type a
distribution list name in the Invite tab of the appointment where all team
members are in the dist.list)

"JuliF" wrote:

Team members could share a calendar on Exchange. Each time they added
something to their own individual calendar it would synch with the Shared
Calendar. The appt card would have a place to designate if this would a Team
appt or an Indiviaul appt. As items were added to the Shared calendar if
they involved the Team, they would be synched back down to the individual

The Shared Calendar would be stored in the Public folders so that all who
had permission could see it. You could sort/query by member of the group so
that each member's appts could be displayed by their name/initials.

OWA would offer these same features.

Hello all, I have a calendar in my inbox called PBA Schedule Calendar. It is
a shared calendar that I've added that I am sharing with multiple people. I
also need everyone that has access to be able to log into it using OWA. I
just want to get some help in the right web address to give them.

We have a user with a shared calendar that is separate from their main
calendar. The appointments in this calendar are color coded. When opened on
another user's Outlook, some of them show colors, others don't. I have looked
through all the options and can't seem to find anything related to this.
Also, searching has turned up nothing either. Any advice would be helpful.
We are running Windows Server 2003 Standard with Exchange 2003. Users are
running Outlook 2007 on Windows XP.

I cannot get to Accounts via Tools in Outlook 2003 tool bar. Tools option is
missing. I have attempted restore and repair, reinstall from original Office
2003 distribution disk, and nothing has worked. How do I restore the Tools
option? My ISP has been changed (telecom merger) and I cannot get to
Accounts to change my Incoming and Outgoing addresses, i.e, I currently can
only get to my email via Webmail and that truly sucks.

The news option is completely missing from my menu options.

There is a help topic that tells how to restore it to the Go option by
customising it, but it is not present to drag to the Go command.

In IE6, my Save As Type: "Web Archive, Single File (*.mht)" option is

Could anyone share the steps how I could resolve it?

I have tried the suggestions in KB198061 and also considered

and searched many emails and web sites for the solution, but nothing worked.

Thank you,
Jonathan Goh

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