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mrb bebim sıkıntım outlok 2003 'ün özellikleri hakkında mesela gelen
kutusunun kapasitesi ne kadar bu ve bunun gibi konuların cevaplarını nasıl
bulurum yardımcı olursanız sevinirim

Hi all, I've got a rather nasty problem with Outlook 2003.
The customer has some 45 rules that are used to redirect messages to folders, on a per sender basis.
These rules just stopped working. When I installed Office 2003 SP2, they worked all of a sudden (emails
from certain defined domains arriving in the correct folders). Then five minutes later, the rule didn't work
any more!

Does or did anyone encounter this problem?

And magically, after another 15 minutes, they work again, I can create new rules and those work too.
Microsoft Magic 2003!

Any Idea can we view Outlook 2003 as Outlook 2000

users from outlook 2000 had created short cuts for folders and were able to view share drive, my documents folder Windows explorer from outlook 2000.

we upgraded to outlook 2003 now all their short cuts are gone and they are not able to add them back also.

anybody has a work around.appreciate VM

I am needing to enforce a new email archive policy and am currently testing it on my test environment's terminal server...Running exchange server 2003 and all clients are using outlook 2003.

Confused as to why it wasnt being applied, I went ahead and ran the GPMW on that server with an user account that the policy should apply to just fine - I continuously get the GPO as Denied with reason denied of "Empty"

Am I missing something with this? I have no WMI filters active and security filtering is set to "Authenticated Users" only.

Hi everyone,

I have deployed in our organization RPC over HTTPS on our Exchange 2003 SP2, everything works fine and everybody are happy :-) Some of our coleagues goes on other locations in corporate LANs where admins restricts http and https in standard way (Blocking port 80 and 443) instead they have to configure using proxy servers on their Internet Explorer.
Is there possibility in Outlook 2003 or registry tweak, to configure Outlook 2003 using proxy for RPC over HTTPS connection?

Thank you.

2 Questions really:

1st How many connections does an outlook 2003 client make to an exchange 2003 server? I am running a monitoring util that shows that I hhave 4704 MAPI inbound and same for outbound connections to my email server. I have 1367 mailboxes though.

2nd Can outlook run via SMTP to my servers internally? Not to say I want users outside the company to connect via SMTP but internally. I have my users running in cached mode but when one user decides to email a 10 MB attachemnt to 50 users at a remote site they all slow down until the 50 users have downloaded (500MB!!!) to that site. I was wondering if SMTP would handle the traffic Better?

Exchange server is 2003 No SP. (Yes I know thier is SP2, its coming as soon as management will allow)
Outlook clients are 2003 sp2.

Environment: 2 node Exchange 2003 cluster and WinXP SP2 Outlook 2003 clients

Recently I have received reports of users receiving a pop-up message in their system tray with the following message: "Outlook is trying to retrieve data from domain name. I sometimes get this message when I click on a large folder that takes time to enumerate the data. But, at times I get the same pop-up message as stated above but instead of it referencing the 'excahnge server' it is referencing one of my 'domain controllers'.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance


Apologies for posting an office question in an Exchange forum, but I've posted this problem in a couple of office forums now and haven't yet received a response, so I'm hoping that another Exchange admin will have come across this problem and help shed some light on it.

I'm trying to install Outlook 2003 SP2 with some custom settings using an .mst file created using the Custom installation wizard. I have an existing user base of Outlook 2000 users, and I want to deploy Outlook 2003 with various options based on differing deployment scenarios.

For one scenario I am trying to get Outlook to use cached Exchange mode, and trying to specify some settings for cached Exchange mode.

The install source is an administrative installation point updated with SP2.

Upon running the install the setup appears to be ignoring the majority of the settings specified in the .mst file, for example the settings for cached Exchange mode are ignored, as are some options for preventing access to add new accounts etc. however I have specified that a desktop icon for Outlook should be created in the .mst file and this does appear, so clearly the setup is reading the .mst file.

The steps I have gone through are as follows:

At the "Outlook Custom Default Profile" screen I select "Modify Profile". I then select to "configure an Exchange server connection" and specify a username and server name and tick Overwrite existing settings. I've tried the setup with and without selecting enable offline user in "More options". I've also tried specifying that a new profile should be created.

Under "You can configure new or existing profiles...." I've selected "Configure Cache Exchange mode" Then ticked "Use Cached Exchanged mode" and selected the option I want.

I then click through to the end of the wizard.

I have also tried specifying settings in the "Change Office User settings" page to specify that users should use cached exchange mode and that they should not be able to add other POP or internet accounts, however these settings are also ignored.

Any help would be appreciated as I really can't see what I'm doing wrong and I've re-read the MS stuff about 5 times now..... Hi,

I am trying to setup Outlook 2003 to connect to my Exchange server.  The problem is my computer with Outlook 2003 is not on the same network as my Exchange server.

I know there is a way to connect to the Exchange server using HTTP, but I cannot get it to work.

Can someone help me out?


Is it true that Outlook 2003 can support PST over 2GB without causing corruption?


I've been faced with a strange outlook 2003 issue. Outlook 2003 prompts my user to use  "Mailbox Cleanup". Even though I do not have quotas enabled. The exchange server is 2003 with sp2.

I did verify no limits are set in AD and mailbox database. Both user and server have plenty of space. User is running on cache mode.

However on our terminal server (non cache mode), the user's mail box opens up just fine. Could there be a registry setting on the users computer or is the ost file corrupt?

below is the sync log...

11:45:13 Synchronizer Version 11.0.6352
11:45:13 Synchronizing Mailbox 'USER'
11:45:13 Synchronizing Hierarchy
11:45:13 Synchronizing local changes in folder 'Drafts'
11:45:13 Uploading to server ''
11:45:13 1 item(s) added to online folder
11:45:13 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Inbox'
11:45:13 Downloading from server ''
11:45:14 2 item(s) added to offline folder

11:45:14 Terminated in error
11:45:14 [8004010D-50E-8004010D-560]
11:45:14 There is not enough disk space available for this operation.
11:45:14 Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
11:45:14 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:

11:45:14 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
11:45:14 Download successful

Hi All,

Some of the users in my org have this error message popping up when they try to open Outlook 2003: "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Unable to open Outlook Window. The set of folders could not be opened...."

The mailbox is on Exchange 2003 Enterprise server. There are no problems accessing the mailbox through OWA

Any ideas how to resolve this?



I have a couple of remote users that need to configure their Outlook 2003 to access our internal Exchange 2003 server. I've seen informaiton that this can be done through RPC over HTTP but I don't know how to set this up. We only have a hardware firewall before the IIS / Exchange server (IIS is running for OWA access but OWA seems to break about every 30 days so I've given up on that.)

Where can I find step-by-steps on setting up remote users to have Outlook access to our Exchange 2003 server?

My company would like all users to share their calendars by default to everyone in the organisation for reviewer rights. However Outlook 2003 is set to hide calendars by default.

I have asked my users to share their calendars, some have and some havent. When I go to book a meeting via Group schedules, some of my users have their free/busy status set to "no free/busy information could be retrieved" even though they have shared their calendars! The upshot of all of this is I dont know who has and who hasnt shared their Outlook calendar!

Is there an easy way to see if all users have shared their calendars?

Is there an easy way for users calendars to be shared read only by default?

Thanks in advance for any help with this

Hello all.

I use Outlook 2003 (SP2) and Exchange Server (SP2) Recently my calendar appointment alarms have stopped working on my PC.

I have tried opening my account via Oulook Web Access and the alarms work fine. Also I have a Blackberry and on the Blackberry the alarms also sound.

Its only on my Pc where they don't work. I am completely lost now. Been searching on the web reading message boards etc and nothing seems to point to this problem.

I have done a re-install of Office 2003 and that did nothing.

Any ideas? I keep missing loads of appointments because of these darn alarms..



Is it possible to make your own calendar in Outlook 2003 read-only?  I would like to only view my calendar appointment while another person, who has full rights to my mailbox, modifies my calendar.  Any help would be great.

A customer needs to have the permissions tab in Outlook 2003 removed so that users can not give access rights to their own mailboxes. Is there a way to do this, or even a way to remove permissions for the users to be able to make changes here?
I have not been able to find an answer.

Does anybody know how to set up a delivery order in outlook 2003 as it was in outlook 2000 with corporate email service option ( I mean pop3 and exchange accounts).
The problem is whenever I try to send a message to multiple ricipients (external and internal) I receive "Undeliverable" error message depending on which service outlook has used. Is it possible to set up delivery order for the accounts (was services in outlook 2000) in order to make outlook 2003 processed all recipients one by one with appropriate service, but not all of them just by POP3 or exchange.
Thanks in advance for any help.

I have a client that runs a small office and needs to have remote access via Terminal Services. However the problem I am encountering is after Installing Outlook 2003 on the server I receive an "Operation Failed" error message when you click on the new mail button.

Unfortunately they do no have enough room in there budget to run two separate servers. So all services are running on one server.

I am wondering if there is any way for the exchange administration tools and for outlook 2003 to co-exist on the same machine?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi All,

I have a quick question to ask. We currently have Outlook 2003 running on all our machines and a Exchange 2003 environment. We are looking to upgrade our Office package to 2003 as well.

My question is if we have a user who has a cached exchange mode, locally cached mailbox etc etc we uninstall Outlook 2003 and reinstall it with Office 2003, will the Outlook version have to cache the mailbox again or will it retain a copy even after Outlook has been uninstalled?

First, I'm fairly new to Exchange Server. I work at a small non-profit and we recently upgraded from a network running Exchange 2000 with Outlook 2000 / XP. Our new network is Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003.

10 of our employees have an "outside" email address, which is an email address through our ISP (specifically We also use Exchange Server to send in house emails (specifically @samaritan.local.)

Currently (the new setup), when sending a message, you must specify which account it is to go out on (whether sending in house or out of house.) You can also not send to mixed accounts (one in and one out.) With the old system, however, there was a way to set it up so that you could send to mixed accounts and you did not have to specify which account it was going out to.

An example. Joe wants to send an email to three people: his boss (using boss@samaritan.local), his friend (using and his mom (using With the new system, Joe would have to send the same email two different times. One to his boss and another to his friend and mother. With the old system, Joe would be able to simply send it to all three. Also, when sending with the new system, Joe must also specify which email address he wants to go with (either his Centurytel Account or Microsoft Exchange Server account) before he sends or the message will bounce back.

Now, I did not know how to set it up the old way, but I do know it could be done. Perhaps it is the same way, and I just don't know how to correctly do it. If more clarity is required, please let me know. And thank you in advance for any replies!

We are in the process of moving from qmail to exchange 2003 and i am trying to run exmerge to import the user pst files into the relevant mailbox store. I think there may be a problem with pst files from outlook 2003 as when i try to run the exmerge program with an older outlook 97 pst it works fine but then when i run it on an outlook 2003 pst i get the following error message:

Error configuring message service (MSPST MS) (UNKNOWN ERROR) (CMapiSession::CreateEMSPSTProfile)

This appears in the exmerge log file and basically comes back instantly and does not merge any data. Has anyone come across this ?




I'm seeing multiple instances of my mailbox and public folder in Outlook 2003.  I see 2 Mailboxes (Identical) and 2 Public Folders (Identical).  How can I get rid of 1 pair of the mailbox and the public folder?


Got a Outlook 2003 (running Exchange 2003 SP2) calendar question.  I have a user who is the ower of a Meeting Room.  Here’s the scenario I want to achieve.  In the Meeting Room’s calendar she wants everyone to have Read rights. If someone wants to book the Meeting Room as a resource, the appointment request would go to her for approval.  Otherwise, the appointment could not be booked.
How can I achieve this?  Has anyone successfully implemented something similar?

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