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Reset Outlook 2003 to default configuration

Is there a way to reset the fonts and layout in Outlook 2003 to the default
configuration. For some reason the last computer (out of 5) that I set up to
connect to the customers network/exchange server has huge fonts and a
different layout than the others.

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I reset office 2003 to its default settings. When I opened Outlook my
contact list was empty. How do I retrieve or import my old contact list?

I've recently switched occupations and need to reset Outlook 2003 so that I
can start from scratch. This includes needing to delete all current contacts,
tasks, birthdays, etc. that are currently in Outlook and just have a fresh
version available to start from scratch with. Can anyone tell me the quickest
way to do this?


We have Windows 2003 SBS and the clients are using Outlook 2003 to connect
to Exchange Server 2003. We are using POP3 Connector to get our e-mails that
we host with some ISP. Everything works fine with this configuration.

One of my users has another e-mail that is hosted by other ISP that the
first one, and this e-mail is his main (default) e-mail profile.

Lets assume that the company's e-mail address for this person is:

I followed the instructions below for configuring Outlook 2003 to read

Add or Remove Buttons - Customize
Select Go in Category List
Select News in Commands List and drag into the Go menu

It initially appeared to work. However, after I closed and re-opened
Outlook, News was no longer in the Go menu. I tried configuring it again
using the above procedure but News is no longer in the Commands List. How do
I configure Outlook 2003 to read newsgroups? Thanks.


I have recently changed from Outlook Express to Outlook 2003 after installing
Microsoft Office Proffessional Edition.

In doing so, although all existing emails have transferred to Outloo 2003, I
am no longer receiving new emails.

Can anyone supply me with simple instructions on how to configure Outlook
2003 to use with Broadband?

Thank you.


I have a wierd installation. I have a machine which runs Windows XP
Professional running in a Small Business Server 2003 R2 domain. Through
upgrades and licensing, the user is entitled to Excel 2000, Powerpoint 2000,
Word XP (2002), Visio 2003, and Outlook 2003.

BTW, the older versions of the apps were never installed. They were made
"not available" during the install process.

Now I know this seems problematic to begin with, but that's how it is.

The problem is, the default email client as shown on the Programs tab of
Internet Explorer 7 shows "Microsoft Office Outlook" as the default email
client. However, any time an app tries to call up an email, Outlook 2003
either doesn't respond or, (as in Internet Explorer 7) calls up Outlook
Express 6 instead of an email through Outlook 2003.

Is there a way to force these settings without uninstalling and reinstalling
(suggested in an other's email)? Perhaps a registry setting? Can a registry
key be exported from my working machine and reintroduced on hers? Or, maybe
backed up and delted forcing Outlook 2003 to recreate the key and take
control again.

I prefer fixing the issue instead of hoping that the Offiice installer will
to the trick, it seldom fixes any install errors.

Thank You,

"This is our most desparate hour. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're our only
hope. Oh, by the way, bring pizza."

Afer a long struggle I finally configured Outlook 2003 to connect to an
exchange server at work from my home PC. Outlook was already set up to
access the exchange server on my work PC.
On my home PC My outlook is configured for a POP account that does not leave
mail on the server as well as now this exchange account.
As I set up the exchange server account a dialog box warning that mail would
be stored in a "personal" folder unless you go in to Outlook and change where
it is stored. I asked the IT administrators if that meant that my email
would be removed from the server and they replied that it would not be
removed from the server.
I therefore did not change that setting.
I had about seven years of email on the exchange server and the folder
synchronization took about five hours on a high speed cable modem connection.

Much to my surprise, the next day when I went into Outlook in my office PC
all of the mail that was in the "inbox" was removed from the server ( or has
been moved somewhere else )
What setting needs to be changed so that the server "inbox" is not emptied
from the server?
Are these "Inbox" message likely still on the server but in a new folder?


How do I get Outlook 2003 to default to print layout view on new messages?

I'm upgrading Outlook 2003 to 2007. I currently use a .pst file as my data
store and have no exchange accounts or storage to worry about. However, I do
have about 12 POP3 email accounts configured in Outlook 2003.

I'm currently running Office Pro 2003 and am upgrading to Office Pro 2007.
Can I safely upgrade or should I do a completely new/fresh installation? I'd
prefer to upgrade as I'd hope it would carry over my Outlook 2003 settings,
email accounts, .pst files etc.

If upgrading is not a good option, can I safely utilize my existing ,pst
file, created in Outlook 2003, with Outlook 2007? I've been relatively tech
savvy in the past and won't get lost if you pile on the technical jargon.
Would it be safer to do a fresh install,, import from my 2003 .pst to a 2007
..pst and resetup all of email account access in 2007?

How about files, such as Doc/XLS/etc, created in 2003? Any compatibility
issues to be aware of?

Thanks in advance for your expertise!!!

I have set a user up with a mailbox in exchange 2003, when I try to connect
his Outlook 2003 to his mailbox it says cannot display default folders and
closes Outlook? Any Ideas?

I have a new computer with Windows 7 pre-installed. Can't get Office 2003
Small Business but specifically Outlook 2003, to work. When I try to open I
get the following error message :

Unable to open your default e-mail folder. Outlook could not start because a
data file to send and receive mail could not be found. To add a data file,
such as a personal folder file, douible click the mail icon in windows
control panel.

I've tried to do taht withour any success at all so any suggestions very

Many thanks

I upgraded from 2003 to 2007 and now cannot find any of my accounts. I still have contacts, but not accounts. I found the files Mr. Tillman mentioned in this thread (%UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook), but now that I've found them, have no idea how to restore them or get them active again.... I shared this on Microsoft's forum, but got no replies.... Help, please! Thanks.

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Re: Lost information after upgrade from Outlook 2003 to 2007

Rob wrote:

No they haven't. They're still in the old PST. Installing Outlook 2007
creates a new mail profile and a new default PST.

PSTs are, by default, created in a hidden folder. On Windows XP, they're in
%UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook and on
WIndows Vista they're in %LocalAppData%MicrosoftOutlook. Open Windows
Explorer and enter whichever of those paths are appropriate to your
operating system into the Address field. Click the Go button or press
Enter. Explorer will open the folder.

If you were using an IMAP account in Outlook 2003, unless you moved messages
from the server to a local folder set, it's all stll on the server. That's
the point of using IMAP. What you say about the non-mail items, like
Calendar, and Contacts, however, is true - it's in your local PST.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

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I am installing exchange 2003 as part of the SBS 2003
I havent seen a way to migrate existing mail from outlook 2003 to a mail box
for that user on the newly installed exchange server.

Is there a import & export function that can be used by both outlook and
Can exchange import outlook backup files?
Is there an option during creating/connection to a new mailbox to import
existing mail.


Sending my laptop in for repair due to faulty fan. Backing up all my data
and I've been able to transfer all my e-mails from Outlook 2003 to a laptop
running Outlook 2002. However, I cannot get the settings (i.e. "Mail
Format", "E-mail Accounts", etc.) to transfer.

Any way to do this?

How do I setup outlook 2003 to send mail only and not receive? May sound
wierd, but I have my reasons, thank you guys!


How can I get Outlook 2003 to automatically send and receive messages when I
launch it? I use Mailwasher to preview my e-mail on my ISP's server and if I
allow it, it launches Outlook. I want Outlook to then download any messages I
have without me selecting the Send/Receive button.

Is there a way for me to import all of my data from Outlook 2003 to Outlook
I tried to import a .pst in a former beta version and it didn't work.

Thanks in advance

Back in Sept, I bought a new laptop. The machine cam with Office 2003
Business Trial Version that just recently expired. I have Office 2002 (XP)
which has Outlook 2002. I tried copying all my E-mail addresses and e-mails,
which are seperate files into outlook 2002 but i doesn't work. Do you know
of any tricks on how to covert back from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2002.
Thanks for the help.

How can I copy the address book which I use in Outlook 2003 to Outlook

how do I sync my desk top outlook 2003 to my laptop outlook 2003

In office 2003 there was a wizard to save your settings and by this wizard
you could also get all settings from outlook. (rules, junk settings,
shortcuts etc)
How can i transfer hundreds of settings that I had in outlook 2003 to
outlook 2007?
Also, for one who uses word, how can I get my from 2003 to 20004
with thousands of auto text and auto correct entries???

I plan on upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2007. This obviously includes
a switch from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007. Since this is the program that I
use to do almost all of my e-mail coorespondence I wanted to make sure that I
wouldn't lose my e-mails or my contacts. If I backup the .pst file will I be
able to integrate it into Outlook 2007? Also, I use an HP Ipaq to write some
of my e-mails. Will I still be able to syncronize my messages between my
computer and my mobile device? I have the latest version of Activesync
installed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

can i download outlook 2003 to my pc's that currently have outlook2000, if so
how? is there a way to upgrade it?

I have exported my outlook 2003 pst files to my desktop and have now tried to
copy them or move them to my outlook 2002 home pc. I recieve an error message
that states that the pst file is not compatible with this personal folders
service. Is it an issue going from outlook 2003 to 2002? and how to I move
pst files from outlook 2003 to 2002? Both computers are running XP

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