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Outlook won't load.

I updated my computer with XP Small Business and now have 2 outlook icons on
my desktop. If I click on the "old" one I get the message "Cannot start
Microsoft Outlook. Unable to display the selected folder or item. Could not
open the item. Try again." If I click on the "new" icon I get the message
"Unable to open your default e-mail folders. Could not open the item. Try

Can anyone help me get this straightened out? Do I take Outlook out of the
computer and start again and, if so, how do I reload my data? I use Windows
One Care for my weekly backup so the data is there I assume.

As you can tell I am not very computer literate.

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Just bought a new laptop and have loaded Office 2010 on it. I have obviously done something wrong when I first started up Outlook and went through the wizard. I think I pressed 'Microsoft Exchange' instead of 'POP3'. Now it wont start up, error message saying 'connection to microsoft exchange unavailable'. I have tried all sorts to find the Exchange/POP3/IMAP question but have failed. I even tried uninstalling it and trying again, hoping I'd get the wizard back but it never happened - just tries to load a profile then get the error message.  Can anyone help; I'm desperate. Ideally I would like the wizard to come up so I can start all over again. Even when I try adding a new email account, it still looks for Microsoft exchange and does not give an option to change to POP3


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Patty wrote:
> I try to open Outlook and it says there is a problem and has to close.
> Then
> takes me to a page which tells me I have to install service pack 3 to
> Windows Office 2003, and the service pack wont install. I need to access
> my outlook! Any ideas?

I have Windows Vista and Office 2007. When I try to send a link or page by email outlook wont start and the page freezes so I cannot close the broswer. However if I already have outlook open it works fine. The same thing happens if I try to send a word documentn from the open document, outlook wont start and word freezes and wont close. Any help would be great.


Just received an email from a friend saying her outlook wont open sometimes
and she has to reboot the machine. Any ideas on how to fix this ? She has
WinXP Home Edition but not sure of what version of Outlook ( but when she
installed it she only installed Outlook and Word )


My partner died. I have his Outlook ID and password. How do I get Outlook
to load to where I can actually enter an ID and password?

Same as subject. It takes approx 1/2 minute for outlook to load up? Any ideas?

I created the file with outlook and the file has all my feilds and data but
outlook wont copy all the feilds back

1 have had my DEll in 1 mnd. and sundenly Outlook wont start. Can sombody help

Frustrated that Outlook 2007 loads very slowly both on XP and Vista. All the
rest of Office loads quickly... just Outlook loads slow. Past versions
loading within a couple of seconds. '07 taks about 30 seconds. anything i
can do differently?

Athlon 64X2 Dual Core
2 gig RAM

outlook wont populate read pain. opens 2 outlook windows and hangs...

I had to reinstall all my programs after a hard drive crash, and when I
installed MS Office Pro 2003, I made sure I did not click on the box to have
Outlook automatically load (can't remember the exact wording of the option);
however, I cannot copy my outlook.pst file from my desktop to my flash drive
to copy it onto my laptop. I used to be able to copy the file after closing
Outlook 2003, but now I get an error message that another program has part of
the program locked.

I am sure I did something wrong, but can anyone tell me how to remedy this
situation? I appreciate any help you can provide.

I don't pay much attention to the two, but is there a difference? I noticed
that there may be when I tried to send an email to a group I had already set
up in the Outlook contacts folder (and has been working fine), then today I
tried to send a message to that group and the group will show up in the 'To'
field, but the group is now empty. When I look that group up in the Address
Book, it is empty. The Outlook group is still full, but Outlook wont load
that group to send it. I would prefer to use just the Contact folder, but is
there a way to turn the address book off? Thanks!

Using outlook web access on a win 2k3 r2 machine.  When I login to owa 2003 and then choose public folders I get a new window that loads public folders but the window just says loading and no public folders are displayed. I am using IE 6 sp1.  I tried clearing the cache and temp int files. Reset IE to defaults as well. This owa account works fine on other machines so I know it something on this machine. Any help is appreciated.

I'm running a ex 2003 server which works fine on all internal email. in outlook there are two accounts, the exchange account and an external mail account. well when you send/recieve you will get all your mail but if you send a new message with an external address (anything other than the it wont route it thru the external account. if i set the external account defualt then it wont route the internal mail to exchange. this worked fine until we started using exchange, (from MSmail).. this is very urgent, ! Thanks! setting up a connector in exchange isnt an option b/c the external mail is a diffrent domain the ISP's domain.

Hello -

I'm starting to notice some problems with Outlook XP (2002). Before this
little problem started happening, Outlook would load the mailbox and the
messages pretty much instantaneously. Now, it loads the folders (as I can
see them) but it takes about 30 seconds to load in the messages of the inbox
and the Outlook display to disappear. How come this is happening? I figure
this was an Outlook issue as I use Outlook 2003 and mine works fine. Also
sometimes I notice that it takes sometimes 2 minutes for an email to reach
another co-worker within the company. Shouldn't this be instantaneous as
well? Is there something delaying the message? Thanks in advance.

i recently chanded ISP's from verizon dsl (super slow) with msn, to Cox cable
(15 megs) super fast, anyway since doing so I can no longer open Outlook
Office to configure the mail server to handle my new mail address nor to read
any old mail it just wont open saying in an error message "the folders will
not open and to try re-installing it"
I have uninstalled several times and it still will not work (open) if anyone
can offer help please do so and contact me at this post or my email.
Thank You--

Am using XP pro, Dell laptop w/1gb ram and connect via DSL to my own server.
Takes approx 30 sec for outlook to load to point where I can see messages in
inbox. In addition when I click on message to see attachements the
attachments open but are hidden behind window that was open when I opened the
attachment. When I minimize original window the attachment will appear.
Also, big delay when I want to respond to/reply to an email. Other functions
via internet using server are normal speed. Have tried to repair and .pst
files are normal size. CPU usage appears to be normal when comparing to
friends' data. Have defraged and used clean up utility as well. Any

Sometimes I can view e-mail, reply, etc., etc., and have no problem. Often,
however, Outlook does not collapse the program completely [leaves files open
apparently upon shutdown] and will NOT load the second time--THEN when I do
get it to load, it asks me if I want to start in SAFE mode because it didn't
shut down safely the last time. Is there any solution for this?

my Outlook (office 2003 with business manager) has stop opening Business
manager and states that it can not load the program or complete the last
task. when i try to repair or reinstall it begins THEN stop and states that
it could not finish required task.

the second thing is that the email that is forwarded from aol, and juno,
will not open, and will NOT allow me to veiw it. i have removed the level 1
as instructed on the windows knowledge base. no change

I loaded my microsoft outlook (while loading xp office) on my new computer
that has Vista op system. It loaded, but when I try to start / set it up it
comes back with this message and shuts down:

Failed to register a VB Script DLL. Reinstsall or run Regsvr32.exe
VBscript.dll to self register. An error occured while creating a form.

What do I need to do to fix this so I can finish with the setup?

Have been having several problems with the trial version of standard but
thought that these had ironed themselves out until this morning! Now Outlook
gets as far as loading the navigation bar and then stops. Task manager says
its still running but it does not respond except when I close it? This is
slowly driving me mad as I need several of the messages. Diagnostics came up
with the solution that the Beta is out of date - this was removed last week
to install the trial. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm having a problem with outlook not loading on my account. It loads and
works fine on my wifes account.

I'm running Win2k. Free Zone Alarm (most recent update 7.0 something)

I don't have a clue as to where to start with this glitch.

It will hook up with my PDA. (gave me a tone of duplicate entries thought)
While it was doing that it was downloading email. The problem is that I
cannot get to it to read it.



All of my setting are set correctly to automatically send and receive every
minute. However when I load Outlook 2007 it will not send and recieve when I
load it. I also have to manually hit "Send/Recieve" the first time and then
it will begin to check every minute after that. I did not see a option for
"send/recieve upon startup" so maybe there is an option I missed. I know, I
would suggest a fix.


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I have just completed the trial of MS Office 2007 and decided to uninstall
and revert back to MS Office Professional 2003 - after installing the older
version of the software I cannot get Outlook to load, other than in safe

I do not want to format my hard drive - is there anything you can do to help?

Hi there,
My outlook (2003) won't load unless I open in safemode (hold the ctrl key
while opening). Otherwise it just sits in the task bar ... won't display or
open. Strangely enough, it will download my emails while it sits there, but
I can't do anything with it.

I've done a repair but this didn't fix the problem. Any other ideas on why
this might be happening. It started yesterday. I've cleaned my system and
I reboot everyday. My OS is WinXP Pro.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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