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how do i delete activities which are showing in contact tab?

when i double click on any contact name it is opening a contact properties
box and there is a option that is add to Contacts(left bottom) .if i click on
that contacts button it opens a new window whis is showing all the things
about contacts. but it is showing all the activities which are done by the
contact .
i want privacy when i send mails. but if somebody open my name in his system
as a contact he can see my activities. how can we rectify this.

Thank you.

Pavan Kalyanam

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I am using outlook 2002 How do I get attached pictures to show in the body of
e-mail please I need help with this. let me say thank you now if you can help
me out

I have selected HTML format to receive messages. HTML messages sent to me
display in plain text. How do I receive messages, that are sent in HTML, in

I am an EA and my boss has multiple delegates who can view his calendar,
although only two of us are listed in the permissions/delegate list. How do
I delete delegates that are no listed?

I am an EA and my boss has multiple delegates who can view his calendar,
although only two of us are listed in the permissions/delegate list. How do
I delete delegates that are no listed?

I've searched for something on an email in the "find now" box of Outlook. How
do I delete my search history?

I did a dumb thing. I attached a very large movie file (250MB) to an e-mail
in Outlook 2000. Of course, it was too large, so it is stuck in my Outbox,
and thus, I can not receive or send other EM's. How do I delete this large
file? I can not open it since the MAPI spooler is running on it. It will
not delete from any of the delete options. How do I set up Outlook to work
offline, so maybe I can delete it once spooler is not working on the file?

Frank at 949-768-6422

I am trying to delete the words I typed in the "look for" search. I have
tried deleting the history of forms and it did not work. How do I delete this
without deleting all my history of the websites I have visited? I am using
Microsoft Office 2003 and my pc works with Vista.
Any help would be much appreciated I am pulling my hair out.

When starting to write an email adress a smart tag window appears with all
contacts that start with the same letter. How do I delete some of the
adresses that appear in that window

When I click on the "To" when sending an e-mail, a list of previously-sent
e-mail names comes up, called "Select Names." Some of these are incorrect,
old, etc.--and I don't want them to show any more (a big nuisance)--how do I
delete names from this list??

Every time I open an attachment from Outlook it is saved in a temporary
folder. Many of them are of no consequence and are taking up space. How do
I delete the files in the temporary folder? Windows XP Professional

Just installed office 2007. How do I get journals entries to show in
activities. I tried resetting the groups in the properties folder as well as
creating a new folder group(not sure if I did it right). thanks for your

When I start a new mailnote and type in the first few characters the name is
automatically filled in.

Some of these names (which I want to delete) do not appear in my contacts

How do I delete them from wherever they are stored?

I wanna know how to delete the news items that are created when you import newsgroups.Say you import into your newsfeed, that will create a hidden entry in the main recip container, right, but how do I delete these?My problem is that I have an exchange server(5.5, Sp3) that used to have ~1000 newsgroups in its feed, but now the feed is gone and the NNTP service shut down, but the entries in the main recip container remain.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

"Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]" wrote:

> should help.
> --Ā
> Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]
> Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. Due to
> the (insert latest virus name here) virus, all mail sent to my personal
> account will be deleted without reading.
> After furious head scratching, Chris Lucas asked:
> | I have received an email which requested a receipt. I now only
> | download from the ISP in question, cannot upload, and therefore the
> | recipt keeps generating a transmission error.
> |
> | I cannot see it in the Outbox, so cannot delete it.
> |
> | How do I get rid of this?
> |
> | Thanks!

The above link did work for me, but it's trialware. I had the same problem
twice, a few months apart, and the second time I couldn't use it without
paying for it. But Microsoft puts out a free utility that will get the job
done. Try:

I created a few templates. They are letters that I send out on a daily
basis. There are some of these templates that I do not need anymore, how do
I delete them out? Also, What if I want to change something in the letter,
how do I change it? I opened up the template, made my changes, saved it, but
when I go back into it to see if my changes were there, they aren't? Any
help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Email addresses are automatically added to the "To" drop down list. Some are
no longer valid and I would like to delete those. How do I delete old

One other question-is there a way to automatically have the addresses in the
drop down menu added my address book?


When I am editing a draft email, I routinely accidently hit the keystroke
combination of CTRL + ENTER, which instantly sends an email message in
Outlook, instead of CTRL + DELETE which deletes a word. How do I delete or
remove the keyboard shortcut of CTRL + ENTER to send an email, so my email is
not prematurely sent before I am finished editing it? Thanks!

If I schedule a 1:1 and the attendee declines, how do I delete from my
calendar without having to cancel meeting and SEND update? which would notify
the attendee that declined needlessly.

I have put an erroneous email address into Send. now every time I want to
send an email to that person Outlook shows me two addresses for that person.
Since both email addresses are very similar i am constantly getting "Cannot
Deliver" messages. How can I Delete the wrong emaill address?

I think you are working in imap account click on edit and purge messages it
should take care or it
"day j" day

After creating a contacts folder from our church software program, I took
this information and synced it to our minister's palm pilot. Now it shows
reminders for everyone's birthday on my calendar-twice. How do I delete all
of these without individually deleting each one?

How do I delete the Calendar folder from my personal folders stored on flash
memory stick so I can copy and paste my regular calendar to keep it updated
for portability?

I can drag my regular Calendar and drop it in the portable personal folder
group - it will create a "Calendar (2)" but the empty Calendar which was
created by defalult still rmains and cannot be deleted.

When creating a new form, I inadvertently inserted an image to the Message
text form field (it now shows as an attachment). Now, every time I want to
add a new Message field, the image is attached. How do I delete this image
and restore the default "plain" field? I can't seem to delete it out of the

When I sign in or out of Outlook 2003 the send/ receive box says it is
sending messages. There are no messages in the outbox. How do I delete
these phantom e-mails?

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