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Digitial Signature for vbscript?


Before I can deploy my custom form on the network there are concerns about
enabling vbscript to let it run.

The system admin have decided it be best to create a certificate to be on
the safe side. I have noticed there is digital signing for VBA code in the
editor but does that same certificate cover vbscript?

Or is there even a certificate available to cover vbscript?



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Before I can deploy my custom form on the network there are concerns about
enabling vbscript to let it run.

The system admin have decided it be best to create a certificate to be on
the safe side. I have noticed there is digital signing for VBA code in the
editor but does that same certificate cover vbscript?

Or is there even a certificate available to cover vbscript?



Dear Sir/Madam !
I'm managing a Exchange server 2003. I want  user send email alway have a signature.
For example : Company xyz. Address:xxxxx.
I want setup on email server, not on outlook.
Can you help me ?
Thanks in advance.
Pham Hong Nhuong

I've got a simple question : is it possible to set on echange2000 a signature for email on server level? with a logo and reply adres?

My boss wants me to set up a default Exchange signature for all users so that they all have the same format and the same CONFIDENTIALITY statment. Does any one now how to do this? I also want it set up so if I add any new users it will atomaticaly pull that signature in.
Thank you

Hello !

I had confronted with interesting problem. I want users of my network use similar signature for outdoing messages in Outlook 2003. Its mean that user "Andy Hunt", for example, must have signature like that
"Best Regards,
Andy Hunt
Sell Manager
tel : +7 812 702-05-35

Name, position and contact information i want to receive from Active Directory. Office Resource Kit haven't the apropriate tools. I think i need to write script, which get information about current user from AD, and generate simple HTML file. This script must run when user is logging.

But, how i can explain to Outlook, to use those HTML file as signature??????? And where i can read how to create the script????

Does Anybody know the unswer????????????
I really dont know what to do

Hi all,Does anyone know if it is possible to use exchange, or a 3rd party utility, to set up server side signatures for all mailboxes?Thanks,Steve

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forums and to exchange.

I'm a total newbie with exchange, but for my internship I need to use exchange to setup a company-signature/disclaimer. I googled for hours but found actually nothing, can anyonebody help me? Is there a manual for doing this? I've been reading about rules, but don't know where they are found.

This programm seems to work aswell? ( But once again I have no experience with it (Outlook Signature for Exchange - Set Signature)

Thanks in advance

Hope one of you can finally help me

Hi, We have some workstation with Outlook 2003 and exchange account they have a HTML signature. That seem's to work fine. We would like to get this signature for OWA user, is it possible ?

Pierre Langlois

Is it possible in Outlook 2003 to insert automatically different signature
for a certain receiver? For example: I use one signature for Reply, but I
want to use another signature for Reply ti specific e-mail address or group
of addresses.

One of our users has this this problem where the "signature for replies
and forwards" is checked and works fine but every now and then
signatures stop being added to the forwards / replies and sure enough
the appropriate check box is unchecked?


i have a problem. I need a solution for the following problem:

I need a Corporate Signature for all my Users auto generated with the
Information from my Active Directory.

How can i do this?

thanks in advance
yavuz bogazci

I have set up separate signatures for each of my e-mail accounts, but even
though they format is set up correctly, both e-mail accounts pull the same

I have multiple email accounts with signatures for each and when i send from
any of the other email accounts than my default account the signature does
not appear. It is however present with the default but when i change the
email account it disppears and the correct 1 that i assigned to the email
account in tools / options / mail format / signautres does not appear.

I have 2 e-mail address. I need to have a separate signature for each to be
automatically inserted.

Is this even possible... I would like to put a link within my signature for
my recipients to be able to click on and download or pull it up to review and
print... the file is a submission page... if it reside's on my computer would
that work or would i have to put the file on a website and link it that way...

I wanted to add a signature manual while using MS Word as an email editor. It
was not possible and this was part of the HELP text I found when looking up

When you use Word as your e-mail editor, the signature that you can manually
insert is AutoText that comes from the name and information that you typed
when you installed Microsoft Office. To view the information in Word, on the
Tools menu, click Options, and then click User Information.
When you use Word as your e-mail editor and you have Outlook automatically
apply your signature to messages that you send, forward, or reply to, the
signature comes from the e-mail signature that you created in one of the
following places:
In Word, on the Tools menu, click Options, click General, and then click
E-mail Options.
In Outlook, on the Tools menu, click Options, click Mail Format, and then
click Signatures.

This setup is very limiting and stupid.

I don't just want one default signature for email. I like the other
functions in Word when sending Email. Why is the signature function so

Paulie I'm a 6-year old, how to do this.

I have had replies saying things like, you need to use Word as your
editor. Yes, I can do this..., but if you have 10 accounts, how do you
make a unique signature for each one?

I need to automate the deployment of signatures.
when you set 'Signature for replies and forwards' in outlook via Tools,
Options, Mail Format tab, it does not use the registry to hold this

But there must be a way to configure this via the registry.

Does any one know the coresponding registry key?

The stationary is
'hkcusoftwaremicrosoftoffice11.0CommonMailsettingsnew stationary

And 'signature for new messages' is
'hkcusoftwaremicrosoftoffice11.0CommonMailsettingsnew signature'

what is the key for 'Signature for replies and forwards' ?

Please Help!!!

Outlook 2003

Just got a new computer, so now I'm trying to get everything to work like it
used to.

When I set up a signature for outgoing email, I indicated I wanted html and
for the signature I wanted Verdana size 8. When I start an email, the
signature is changed to Times New Roman size 7.5.

If I set up a signature indicating rich text with Verdana 8, it changes the
signature to Arial size 8.

What's going on? How can I fix it?


I am using Outlook 2007 in plain text format. I have a number of
different accounts set up, one of which is my business account, but
the default is a personal one. I have created a confidentiality
statement which I want to append to all messages sent from my business
account only. Under default signatures I have selected my business
account and the selected the confidentiality signature against 'new
messages' and 'replies/forwards'.

When I create a new message it defaults to my personal account as
expected, but when I select my business account from the 'accounts'
drop down the signature is not appended to the message automatically
as I would expect. Instead I have to manually insert it. Surely the
idea of the default signature setting is that the chosen signature
will automatically appear appended to messages sent from my business
account? What is the effect of setting the default signature for an
account? I can see no effect whatsoever.

Thanks in anticipation,


Hello everybody.
I am new here, and have been searching in old posts to find out how to solve my problem, but I failed.

In my Outlook 2003, I have two email accounts, each one have their own signature.

If I create a new email with default account, works fine. But choosing the second account (I put a button at toolbar = New mail using), I always get the signature from default account.

How can I get the right signature for each account ?

Note: In menu Tools >> Options >> Email format I have created signatures and setup looks ok.

Thank you.

I am SysAdmin for a company with 70 users, and we are still using a Windows
Server 2000 environment with Outlook 2000 -- I would like to add a
confidentiality agreement as a default global signature for all users, as
opposed to logging in to all 70 accounts and setting the signatures
individually. The signature is saved as an .rtf file and stored on a shared,
network folder. Is there a way to set this signature globally using 2k?

I have an user who wants his signature to be automatically added for outside
email (no problem, we've already set it up), but not for internal mail. I
know he can go through all the steps to change or eliminate the signature for
any particular piece of mail, but he is not a patient person and would much
rather have it done for him automatically.
Is this possible???

Are there any tools to create 100's of signatures for Outlook 2000 and 2003?
And maybe using LDAP to get the infomation?

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