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File/Share/Calendar greyed out

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I have been sharing a calendar with multiple users for a couple of years.
everyonce in a while the calendar would stop sharing and I would have to
setup the share all over. This time I went to setup the share the
"File/Share/Calendar" is greyed out. I reinstalled office with all the
bells and whistles but I still cannot get to "File/Share/Calendar". Can
anyone help?

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why is whole calendar greyed out when publishing

I trying to share my contacts and calendar between 3 computers our office. We are using Vista and 7 with outlook 2010. I tried to share the contacts as described in this article but for some reason the "Share Contacts" and "Share Calender" buttons are greyed out. If I select an individual contact it will allow me to share that but no matter what contact folder I select the button stays greyed out. Any Ideas what is causing this and how to fix it?

Hi guys, How can I share a calendar in Outlook 03 with my networked
laptop running Outlook 07? THe work computer running 03 has "share
calendar" greyed out.

CUrrently I'm getting around things by using SyncMyCal but it's not
really ideal because I'm not a great fan of Google Calendar.

I just really want to be able to view and edit my office appointments
on my laptop. Unfortunately my Palm Pilot doesn't recognise Office 07,
otherwise I would have synced between work and laptop that way.

Please help me sort my life out?


How can I share my Outlook 2007 on a wireless network with my laptop. PC is
vista, Laptop is XP pro, both running Outlook 07. Since I do not want to
publish calendar to internet nor use hotmail as an in between. Just sych. via
secure network. Is there an option? I do not want to purchase Lookout
software for $ 100.- to accomplish this, nor go to server mode or buy
Can not believe this is so hard and not possible. File sharing and synch
should be a no brainer, especially these days with software.
Good times

Hi guys, How can I share a calendar in Outlook 03 with my networked
laptop running Outlook 07? THe work computer running 03 has "share
calendar" greyed out.

CUrrently I'm getting around things by using SyncMyCal but it's not
really ideal because I'm not a great fan of Google Calendar.

I just really want to be able to view and edit my office appointments
on my laptop. Unfortunately my Palm Pilot doesn't recognise Office 07,
otherwise I would have synced between work and laptop that way.

Please help me sort my life out?


I have an instance where a user has a shared calendar but when an event is
placed in the calendar one of the people who this is shared with sends an
"Out of Office" notice to the user who set up the appointment. Any idea why
that would be happening? The users with rights to the calendar are set to
editors. Thanks!

When i try to use the coloring in calendar the options in it are greyed out,
(etc Important, Business, Personal, Vacation) ?


We are an SA license holder and have downloaded the RTM 2010 versions of
office and BCM. We are trying to set up a test database for BCM on an
existing SQL 2008 server using the BCM 2010 database admin tool beta (since
the i cannot find the RTM of this tool). The database gets created without
error. I am able to add users to the shared database without error. But
when i try to connect to the remote database with a client BCM, the database
is greyed out and it will not let me connect. Is this because the database
was created with the beta admin tool while the BCM install is RTM? Or am i
missing permissions on the database that will allow the client to connect?
Russell Reid

Original Title: calender grey out

I want to make calenders grey out at the end of each day so that only today and future calender events appointments are seen in full

I would like to share an entire year of my calendar, but the option to share
an entire calendar is greyed out. Is it possible to do this?

I've been using shared calendars in Outlook 2003 (using an exchange server)
for some time now, but recently wanted to change labels on one of them and
for some reason this option is greyed out for me. I was looking for an anwser
and apparently there are some guys who had been having the same problem, but
nobody managed to sort it out. I was told that it might be a problem with
permissions, but as far as I'm concerned I've got all the required
permissions: owner of the mailbox, delagate, owner of the calendar.
Are there any other permissions which are required for this to work or there
is something else which is preventin me from changing this? I forgot to
mention that there is one particular calendar which allows me to go that
option and to make changes there.

Any ideas guys?


This problem occurs with a handful of users running Outlook 2007 on an Exchange 2007 system:

They go to share their calendar with another user in the system by clicking the Share My Calendar... link in the Calendar view and when the invite message pops up the To: field is disabled and the button is greyed out.  They can work around it by clicking the Address Book icon in the ribbon but cannot choose the "Recipient can add, edit, and delete items in this calendar" as that is also disabled.

Any ideas? Thanks for reading.

When right-clicking the calendar to share it, the publishing options are
greyed out. When attempting to "subscribe to calendar" from another user,
the following message is received:
Publishing your calendar to Office Online has been disabled. This may
happen for one of the following reasons:
-Microsoft Office Online publishing has been disabled by your organization's
network administrator.
-You are currently working offline.
-Outlook is in Reduced Functionality mode, or you are not the owner of the

I verified I'm working online. This isn't an exchange server account. It
is a licensed copy of Office. The .pst file was recently copied from another
computer (same user).

I am trying to do the following in a calendar in Outlook 2007.

Insert Object (inserting a linkable Word document into the Calendar)

Create from File (I select the file and it shows its path on the network)

Link to File is greyed out

Does anyone know why the Link to File is greyed out.



In OWA I want to be able to create a meeting request to a Public Calendar but the Invite Attendee option is greyed out. Is this by design? Is this functionality not available to a Public Calendar? It works normally on my Calendar in my mailbox.

For all normal workstation users (with no admin rights), anytime an
attachment is opened, you get an option to either open, save or cancel. Right
underneath these options, there is a checkbox with "Always ask before opening
this type of file."

The problem is that this checkbox is greyed out for all normal users.

Does anyone know how I can ungrey this?

After doing some research, some people were unchecking the option within the
file types to "confirm open after download" but what this will do is open the
right away when clicking on an attachment.

I have journal entries linked to .doc's, .tif's, .csv's, .xls'. However,
after a recent reinstall of Vista and Office I now get the above message when
clicking on the journal entries that are linked to these files. I cannot
un-check the box because it is greyed out. All I want to do is to un-check
this box. How do I do it?

I am trying to set up an xml file with shared calendars that I could copy and
install in the outlook folder and get all (about 15) clients to have the same
shared calendar. I would like to do this without having to setup on each
computer. Is there a way to set up one and then copy the file and place into
the others outlook folder? Any info on this would be a great help. J.Couch


I believe that we have made our situation more complicated than it needs to
be. Hoping we can get some feedback from this group.

We have multiple people that are sharing calendar and contacts (right now
5). Each person has a personal calendar and contact as well as those that
are meant for the group of 5. Question is how do we best do this?

We thought we could use OfficeLive, which we have tried, but it seems that
in Outlook 2007 you can only define one default data file and not be able to
break it out inot different groups. We are questioning if we even need
OfficeLive for this purpose?

It seems there should be a way way to use Groove and Outlook 2007 to have
personal calendar (private) separated from a shared group calendar (public).
Same goes for the contacts.

Anyone have suggestions? Thanks.

How can I manage the list of shared calendars (user's folders) in the
File -> Open menu of Outlook 2007? I want to delete one of calendars
from that list. Thanks

I am using Outlook 2003 with Exchange.

I have set up a public calendar and then I used folder assistant on the
administration tab in properties to automatically email the appointment to a
user. On that user's pc, I set up a rule/filter to automatically add the
incoming appointment to their personal calendar.

Now my question. I want to do this same thing with my personal calendar. I
want to automatically email the appointment that I create on my personal
calendar to several exchange users. But, the folder assistant section on the
administratration tab in properties is greyed out. What am I missing?

Is the folder assistant only available on public folders? I am trying to
figure out a way to share calendars with as few clicks as possible.

Is it possible to restore a shared calendar (Outlook 2007, shared on
Microsoft's website from a different desktop) to a recent re-install of
WindowsXP/Outlook2007? File And Settings Tranfer function in WinXP SP3 does
not work. The "Import" function in Outlook2007 does not allow the shared
calendar to get updates. If I just copy the .ics from the old computers'
folder and drop it into the same place on the new computer it will not get
updates/changes from the master.
It is incredibly inconvenient to have to send out another invitation to
20+users, have them delete their old shared calendars, and then accept
another invitation from the person sharing just to get one restored
Outlook2007 client fully functional...

I use both my mailbox calendar and a shared calendar,
and I want to import a calendar event to the shared calendar,
however when I select the .ics file it always goes into my personal
How can I configure outlook to save it in the shared one.
(XP and Office 2003 - and I do have write access to the shared cal)


I just picked up a new client that has a 3-PC peer-to-peer workgroup, all
running XP Pro. They have one XP Pro station as their file server, and it
has all their documents on it, as well as a PST file used for contacts and
calendaring. They POP their mail from their domain host.

The other two (aside from the "server" XP station) each have their own XP
Pro workstation with Office 2003, and they each have their own local PST for
Outlook 2003. The receptionist sets all the appointments, so she opens the
PST file on the XP "server" and shares the calendar. That has worked fine
for them for up until today.

When I right-clicked the second PST file's calendar in order to check
sharing, the Sharing item was grayed out, as were Delete Calendar and Rename
Calendar. I looked for a Permissions tab as I would expect to see on an
Exchange/Outlook setup, but there was no Permissions tab.

How can I share the Outlook calendar in the second PST file?

Thank you for your time!

Gregg Hill

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