Recurring meeting 5th working day of the month

I am trying to create a recurring meeting on the fifth working day of the
month. THe only options available are upto the fourth weekday. Can fifth be
added to this options list? and if so how?


Steve W

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Is it possible to set a recurring reminder in the calendar of Outlook 2007
for the 5th working day of each month?

I want to setup tasks to be completed by myself and others on the 5th working
day of the month. Work days are generally Mon - Fri excluding public holidays
in the persons personal calendar.

I've tried all the options but I can't specify recurrence for e.g 4th working
day of the month, just 4th day of the month.


I need to be able to set up a recurring item in Calendar to be based off of
work day (ie: 6th business day of the month, not 6th day of the month). Is
this possible????

thank you,

In Outlook, can you set a recurrence for the first work day of the month --
that is, automatically skipping Sat and Sun?

There should be a mechanism to create a recurring schedule for the 5th day of
the month within Outlook. My specific requirement is I have a standing team
meeting, and have chosen to the 5th Tuesday of the month for a different
discussion with a different agenda (and different attendees). To date, I've
not seen a mechanism within Outlook to accomodate this feature (I have to
schedule the 5th days manually).

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I saw the post about recurring appointments every x work day, and that
worked great for me. But, now I need a recurring appointment the last 3rd
work day of every month. So, I need to set a reminder for March 27, April 28,

Any ideas how I can do that? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Hi there
Did you happen to get a response on this? I am also trying to do the same
thing where I need to set recurring appointments for 8th, 10th and 15th
working day of every month and just can't see how it can be done ...

"RSmith" wrote:

> I see how to set a recurring appointment/task for the 1 through last Monday
> (or any weekday) of the month; however, I am not sure how to set a recurring
> appointment for the 8th business day of each month - regardless of the actual
> weekday. Any suggestions?

Can you set a recurring meeting for certain days of the year without an
established daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timeframe? Such as March 22,
April 12, May 15, June 14, July 17, etc.

Could someone please tell me how i can schedule a recurrence for the last
week of the month and also the first week of the month.
Sometime the duration will vary eg if the last day of the month is a
thursday, i want to schedule and event that starts on the monday but
finnishes on the thursday, then i want to schedule annother event that starts
on the first of the month eg as above, starts on the thursday but finnishes
on the friday.
I want it to re-occur every month. I have done it once before but cannot
for the life of me remember how it is done. It has something to do with -
exeption to recurrence, but i cannot work out how to do it, thank you.

In the Outlook Calendar, I am using the default grey/white background.
However, each 11th day of the month the whole day is green. I have tried
changing the background colors from the Tools - Options menu but it won't
change back. What can I do?

I need to send a number of recurring meeting on x day of the month where x
needs to be a working day. It seems Outlook 2003 cannot do this, are there
any plug ins or work arounds to specify i.e the 8th workday of the month and
not just the 8 th day of the month ?

I have appointments that occur on specific week days of the month i.e. first
and third tuesday etc. At present this means going thruogh the callender
instead of schedualing in "reoccuring apt "

the pull down lists the first - fourth and last. I want a meeting to recure
on a specific work day - such as the fifth for an accounting related closing

I'd like to create Recurring Tasks for certain working days of each month.

Outlook is OK for the 1st to 4th But I need to create tasks for the 5th to

How Do I do this?

Outlook Version: 2003

I have an appointment that recurs on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays of the
month. I have set up on for each of the Sundays except the 5th. Is there a
way to set this up, or even set up a recurring appointment for all three
weekends of each month. Most months do not have 5, but occassionally they do.

I have a recurring meeting (6th calendar day of each month) with a 15 min
reminder. If the 6th falls on a weekend, I want the reminder/meeting to come
up on the Friday before the weekend to ensure I can do the work then, instead
of the Monday morning.

Anyway I can create a rule that if the 6th is Sat/Sun, then the
meeting/reminder occurs ont he Friday?


I am trying to set up a recurring monthly meeting. However, the meeting will
fall on different dates and days each month. (i.e. Setting the recurrence to
happen on a specific date of each month or specific day of each month will
not work in this situation.) Is there any way to create this recurrance? Or
am I going to have to create a recurring meeting and change the dates each
month manually? (The meeting must be scheduled on the 4th or 5th business
day of each month until Dec. For the month of Sept, it will occur the 2nd
week of the month due to Labor Day.)

I see how to set a recurring appointment/task for the 1 through last Monday
(or any weekday) of the month; however, I am not sure how to set a recurring
appointment for the 8th business day of each month - regardless of the actual
weekday. Any suggestions?