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j ai du faire une ereur quand on m'ademandé le nom de mon serveur j' ai mis
mon e.mail ,je n'arrive pas a envoyer mon courrier avec outlookon me dit que
mon serveur est introuvable j'ai mis mon e.mail sur la ligne compte et
aussi sur l'' adresse serveur que l'on me demandé.Comment je peux remedier à
cette erreur?
Merci de me repondre. Bien cordialement.

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Dear All,

I have a problem about outlook rules. I am using Windows 2000 with Exchange 2003 SP2. When I want to set the auto forward email to other outsider, it was failed. I.e., I set a rules in outlook for forward all received email to my yahoo account. It is fail and said I am not authorized. But when I create a contact list in Exchange, it success.

Do anyone know what's the problem?

Ivan Tin

Hi All,

One of my clients is having problems is sending emails to specific servers due to the fact that they were being blacklisted by spamhaus and spamcop. They have exchange 2003 setup and operational for sending and recieving emails, since few days back they started encountering series of problems one after the other which were as following. and yes one more thing they have recently deployed GFI MailEssentials 12 and MailSecurity like 10 days back.

Problem #1: Four days back some one reported that he is unable to send email to one of his regular recepient and "undelivery message" arrives in his mailbox upon checking the network admin found that the message is saying that there server is blocked by spamhaus xbl-sbl list. Therefore, he sent the request to spamhaus and by next day the ban was lifted.

Problem #2: Two days back it was reported by many users that they are unable to send emails to many different recepient. upon checking the network admin found that there exchange server is blacklisted by spamcop this time. but since we know that you cannot send the removal request to spamcop to be unlisted from the blocked list and have to wait because they remove it automatically and only if they do not receive spam from the server. therefore the only way is to make sure that no one is infected inside the network and generating spam. so they excersied and checked all network machines for any infection and YES did found many infected machines and cleaned them.

Problem #3: during this finding, cleaning and waiting durtion I found something strange. they have one domain say which is hosted by another web hosting company and since they are the primary DNS for (this web hosting company) they also have the MX and A record for pointing to accessible from outside for web exchange users.

Strange part in all this is; that when there exchange got blocked by spamhaus and spamcop, the undelivery message which the users were receving claimed that their email server is blacklisted by spamcop/spamaus, where the server IP which they were showing was not the one their exchange; meaning it should be but instead it was showing

any ideas or help would be great to actually get me started up with this issue. i have tried to resolve there email server ip and it also shows the one which it orginally belongs to ( even checked it on and other sites as well as nslookup. plus inside there network this ip is alive.

problem #4: while looking up on spamcop, they are reporting that two email addresses were caught spamming and amoung these two addresses one does not even exist in the exchange, actually it belongs to a person who had left long time back and they had deleted the account along with the email address but still on the GFI Security this email address is being seen spamming and sending emails forged automatically, is there a way in exchange 2003 to DIG and completely remove or block it? thanks in advance.


We have recently migrated from Exc5.5 to 2003 and our users are having problems viewing all of the phone numbers when viewing the contact properties in their address book. 

Staff's internal extension numbers had been entered in the Business 2 field when running 5.5.  All the information has been migrated across into 2003/AD succesfully, and the phone number is visable in AD but opening the user properties >> General then clicking on the Telephone Number / Other button as a Current Value.  Going into the Outlook address I (admin) can see the number, which is a drop-down box in the Business 2 field. However there is no number visible to standard users and it is greyed out.

I'm thinking it could either be permissions, or it hasn't been assigned to a field correctly - i.e. appears as a drop-down box to admins

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi,      I'm having a hard time on configuring my exhange server. I'm a newbie on this, i have a few questions and i hope someone could help me. 1. I configure my firewall to only allow the pop3, smtp, rpc over http and ssl on my firewall. Incoming mail was ok. but when i try to send a mail from exchange going to a 3rd party mail. like yahoo, aol, gmail and etc... the mail was still on the queue on exchange perspective. 2. What are the important port numbers that exchange is using.? Apparently, port numbers is key to my problem. 3. Is the problem lies on the exchange itself or not?  Thanks, 

I am facing a problem in Exchange Server 2003 SP2, OS windows 2003 SP1 some of the mails from Mailbox are not moving from Inbox to personal Folder and outlook 2000 display an error message that the Item is deleted, moved or access denied this problem is not only for a particular mailbox but also any mail box at any time show this erratic behavior however if we configure the same mail account on other PC some time mails are moving into personal folder.

Pl. suggest me the right solution


I've moved a mailbox onto a different exchange server and have hit a bit of a problem. Any existings meeting requests cannot be edited. When you edit the request it lends you send it but you then get a mail saying that you dont have permission to send a mail to the recitipiant.

Any new requests are fine.

Any ideas??!! I need an answer ASAP if possible because its the MD!!

Outlook 2003 can't send email to Distribution list after change PST file path.
I move outlook pst file from Drive C: to Driver G: (drive G map to file server).
After I open this new pst file with Outlook2003 I can't send email to Distribution list
defined before. System error 'unexpect error'. And I opened distribution list,
system indicate most of contact not is invalid(but it is in the contact).
Do you have any idea about this problem? thanks!

I have a client with Small Business Server 2003. They have about 10 staff at the office running SBS and another 30 or so who work remotely and never visit the office (or even the area!)
Their email domain ( is handled by an external company on a POP3 mail server so the exchange server gets the mail from it via the POP3 connector only for the 10 internal users; the rest of the team get their mail via POP3 direct from the POP mail server. Mail is sent via SMTP as normal.
The problem arises when an internal member of staff wishes to email an external member; what we need is for exchange to send these emails out via SMTP but of course it thinks it is the sole repository for, and as there is no user set up internally with that email address it returns a NDR.
One solution, I know, is to handle the mail entirely within the exchange server but we would have to provide 30-ish VPN connections for all of the external people to get their mail – the project director is not happy for them to work with webmail.
Sorry for the length of this post but I had to explain it properly; can anyone propose a solution for me?


I've got a very strange problem. Some of the old messages that were delivered a couple of weeks ago, or months, are sent automatically (somehow?) for a couple of users. What is very strange is that none of these messages appear in the sent items, but when I look in the message track, all of them are sent. All of the Exchange servers are checked for viruses and all the PC's for the problematic users and everything is ok. I didn't restared the servers yet, I just tried to restart the SMTP virtual server, and I'm waiting for the result. The Exchange version is 2003 + sp2. I need to find out way this has happened because some people have received some emails that they already received a long time ago and their are confused what is going on.

Has anyone got any clue on what can be the problem?

Hi all - new poster here.

I'm using Exchange 2003 and all users are on XP.

I am having a problem with the mailbox sizes of my users. It seems that the size of peoples mailboxes in Outlook is different (always smaller) than the mailbox size that Exchange displays.

I'm wondering if anyone knows why this happens and also if there is a fix?


The following problem started to show when we are using VPN to access the exchange server via Wireless or DSL.

The laptop users connects to ISP via the 56K modem when on trips. they can connect ISP, then connect to the VPN (uses user name and
password). It connects and says authenticated. I then can start Outlook and pick the Modem profile and select Offline. user's can then retrieves
mail with no problem.

But if they go with a wireless or DSL connection. They can connect to the VPN and again it says authenticated. When they try to check the mails. send & receive process hanged at 50 %, then it give the following error:

The error in the Send / Receive Progress is
Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004011D) : 'The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.'

This happened when we first login to VPN and open the MS Outlook 2003, if its start working it will work fine with no problem.

Strange that if we sometime repair the network card it helps to make it works.

Can any out there to help me please.


I'm trying to setup different GALs/OABs for 2 user groups.

I've successfully segregated the GALs, but the OAB for the new group keeps reverting to the default OAB, EVEN WITH DENY access set!!

This is what I've done:

1. Created 2 user security groups with the respective lists of users
2. added BOTH groups to the default GAL and granted DENY permissions.
3. Create 2 new GALs, which return the correct user lists when I preview. I added the respective security group with read/list access and the OTHER group with Deny access
4. I've created a new OAB, added the appropriate GAL to it. I also created a new mailbox store for the new mailboxes and assigned it the new OAB.  (I only need the 2nd group to use the new OAB. The 1st group can use the default)
5. I updated security in ADSI to Deny access to my new user group on the Default OAB and grant access only to the new group on the new OAB
6. I set the "msExchUseOAB" attribute for all users to the D.N. of the custom OAB.
7. I've rebuilt the new OAB countless times and I can see it in the system public folders.

Problem is the new mailboxes are still getting the entries from the original default OAB!

I've deleted/re-created the MAPI profiles and when not using cached mode I have the correct GAL, but in cached mode once the OAB is downloaded I keep getting the default one, despite the DENY access.

Im at a total loss and can;t understand why this isn't working, can anyone assist??



We're running Exchange 03 SP2  on an SBS 2003 server, with Outlook 2003 as the Clients. I have 2 mailboxes with what seems like the same issue. Every time Outlook is opened, and tries to update the inbox, the size of the download is always huge. One always says its download about 180MB and the other one about 350MB. The machine slows to turtles pace. As a result, the users are using OWA temporarily, but they are getting frustrated with not being able to use Outlook. Any ideas on what this could be. I've ran virus checks and theres nothing. The 350MB problem started about 3 weeks back, and the 180MB problem started yesterday.



We are running an Exchange Server 2000 for the last 2 years without any problems.  I have recently installed one Exchange Server 2003 and moved 30+ mail boxes from Exchange 2000.  Now both are using for email communication.  In the router, the exchange 2000 server IP has configured to mapp into our Public IP.  The connectors and routing group has automatically established in the Exchange 2003 Server. 

The users in Exchange 2000 can get emails from other domain (say gmail or yahoo) but for Exchange 2003 Server users couldnt get emails from other domains. 

When the users in Exchange 2000 sends emails to users in Exchange 2003, they gets.  But the emails from Exchange 2003 Server didnt reach Exchange 2000.

To conclude, the Outbound emails from Exchange 2000 (Exch1) is not sent and Inbound emails for Exchange 2003 (Exch2) are not received as well as the outbound emails from Exchange 2003.

I have checked all the configuration, checked with ISP etc.  But didnt work out.

Any help, would be appreciated. 



We're running Exchange Server 2003, client is running Outlook 2002.

When the user tries to forward an email (with or without attachment), she gets a pop-up to login to webmail.  ????

This person has never used webmail on this machine (or anywhere). Sometimes it comes up when she tries to print also.

She can compose new emails and send them fine and she can receive emails fine. She is not having any network issues and has not changed her password recently. She has rebooted her machine. No recent changes to the server.

This is the second user today that has had this problem. Any ideas?


Hi everyone.

I installed a fresh server the other day, the same way i always have done it, but for some reason i cannot recieve any mails from the outside. I have checked everything,
and tested my firewall from four different servers in different countries. All ports are good, and i can connect to both port 110 and 25 without any problems showing up.

Anyone have any ideas where i should start looking for some more errors?


Hi There,

I have a problem with DirectPush on Exchange, I cant recieve any emails, it brings folders down and sends emails but no emails to fill the empty folders.

I have run the performance counter for Ping Interval and it sits flatlined at 100... Is this why Im having the email problem??

I have added registry keys to countereffect default Ping interval settings but no joy.

I have run netstat -amo and the correct link is not in there...

Where do I go from here? HELP


I am using Exchange 2000..and SBS package..i am facing one problem in my instant messenging system ...The user who have login is able to send the messege to users who had logged in before his login..and the user who are logged in after his login ...he will not able to send the messge to them..what may be reason..pls help me solve this issue...and sometimes it may happen that suddenly all the users are forcefully signed out and i need to reboot the server or else..i need to restart IIS service then and then they are able to send the messages to each other...pls help me....

Thanks in Advance...


Hi I seem to have a problem with certain off site users that our in our domain. Most of them are given an account with a generic password. They dont come into the office and need to use OWA.

For security we have set forced them to change their password at next logon.
This is where the problem occurs...

For some reason no of them can access their Mailboxes. But if I uncheck the required to change password at next logon they can.

I could leave it off for all of them and get them to change their password in OWA, but not all of them will and this will be a security risk that I dont want exploited.

Is there a way around this? Can Exchange apply the same force user to change password at next logon like AD can?


We just switched our email to be hosted off-site.  I am paying extra to be hosted on an Exchange Server in hopes tht we can share Contacts and Calendars.  Email is working fine but when I look at the Contacts Nav panel I do not see Share my Contacts.  I check the Email account and it says Exchange.  But it doesn't act like it knows I am using an Exchange Server.  Tech Support at the host is lost and has to wait for someone more experienced to get back from vacation.  Has anyone experienced these problems?  TIA.

I just finished installing exchange 2003 server and I can send receive email from yahoo, but he problem is I just cant send to hotmail or When I'm using a different domain to send an email to my new exchange server I cannot send email, the mail bounces back.

I know this issnt a Exchange 2k3 problem but figured you guys might be the best to ask.. I have a Win XP box running Outlook 2k3. Every time outlook is opened it comes up with a dialog saying the mailbox wasnt properly closed and is being check. does this every time.. is there a way to get rid of this dialog? The person whos box it is thinks it may be because they deleted an archive folder or something.. Any help to get rid of this would be great! Thanks!


I've had to move some mailboxes within the same Admin Group, but it seems that mailboxes in excess of 100mb has been giving me some problems.  I've temporarily adjusted the storage limits for the desination mailbox store to accomodate the large mailboxes.  I used the Move Mailbox wizard.  The problem is that it looks like the mailbox would move (reach 100%), but it would hang on the last process.  I let one particular mailbox sit at this phase for 3 hours!  Both Exchange servers are in the same location and are not going over a WAN.  If I cancel the move, the mailbox would reside on both servers, so I would have to attempt to move the mailbox again to delete the errant mailbox on the destination server.  Anyone know why this would hang?


I wonder if anyone can help with a problem that I've having when one of our users sends to several distribution lists.

What happens is as follows

The e-mail is sent for the first time with no problems - all the members of the distribution list receives the e-mail.  However a short time later the e-mail appears to everyone again.  This time instead of the name of the list appearing in the To: Field now there is a first name (i.e. "Michael").

Can anyone suggest a way of working out why the e-mail appears twice and why the name of the distribution list is replaced on the second e-mail with this name (its rather confusing for the recipients)?

I've recreated the offending distribution lists and checked that there is no forwarding taking place which might explain what's going on.

Thanks for any help

      Some users are experiencing this strange problem from time to time.
When they either send a new email or reply to an email (reply to all), names and email addresses show up fine in the TO and CC fields. They send the email out fine without any bounce backs. But when they go and check their SENT folder, some emails appear with blank TO filed.
Now this is creating a problem that the users are not sure if the email is actually sent out or not.
Not sure what is causing this problem and I can't find any KB on this.
Any idea what is going on?

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