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send and receive prob

Not sure if you can help me, but just recently i had a e mail asking for a read request.(I think this was the cause). Ever since, outlook keeps trying to send what appears to be a message and fails with an error (bottom r/h side of the screen)
There are no messages in the out box and i cant find any in the sent box to the read request e mail.
Its doing my head in !!!!!!!
thanks charlie
XP pro sp3
outlook 2003

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Hi I have my ex server running in my LAN. And I now need to get it online so that my users can send and receive mail externally.

What do I need to do?

Are there any turtorials that can help me do this?


HI, the following send and received size limits have been configured in our Exchage 2003:

The global setting is set to 10MB
The Exchange 2000 SMTP connector is NOT set 
The SMTP virtual server is NOT set 
The user mailbox setting is set to 50 MB

But when any email more than 10mb from outside, it cannot be received by user, internal no issue.
Am i configured wrongly?

Im having a problem with exchange sending and receiving external mail. Internal mail is fine. Here is what I have so far.

Domain Name:

Record FQDN: Record: A Record Value:

Record FQDN: Record: A Record Value:

Record FQDN: Record: MX Record Value: PREF:0

Router NAT pub to priv. ported correctly.

MX lookup points to the correct ip address.
PING resolves to all records.

any ideas why mail will not send or recieve?

I have a request to setup a certain department with only the ability to send e-mail with the company. This means restricting both sending and receiving emails that are not part of the company.

First, is this even possible?

Second, if so, how would I implement this?

I have a mailgateway setup in front of my Exchange server. From here, I can block a lot of stuff, including allowing e-mails to memebers of this group. So I can handle it there.

Being able to block sending outside the company is more difficult.

I could probably do this all on my mailgateway (FreeBSD, postfix, mailscanner), but would like to see if I can do it on Exchange.


Dear all,

I work for a 1,000 user organisation. We have a brand new Exchange 2003 Organisation built on a native Windows 2003 AD environment. Our Exchange setup is as follows:

1 x Active/Passive Exchange 2-node cluster (Backend)
2 x Exchange Front End Servers (in a standard NLB configuration)

At the Global Setting level, under Message Delivery I have specified an upper limit for both Sending and Receiving Message Size: 15,000 KB (15 MB) each.

On each of the Default Virtual SMTP Server objects (3 in total), under Properties>Message Delivery, Limit Message Size is also set to 15,000 KB (15Mb).

As per KB article: (Example 2), we have raised individual user limits for a few users to 30,000KB (30 MB), however these users are still being limited by the global setting. The above article says the opposite should be happening

I've had the MS boys on the case, and they too are stumped (either that or totally clueless). So my Question… According to:

"Example 2
In this example, the following size limits have been configured:

The global setting is set to 2 MB.
The Exchange 2000 SMTP connector is set to 5 MB.
The SMTP virtual server is set to 2 MB.
The user mailbox setting is set to 3 MB.

The global setting is 2 MB. Therefore, all the users who are using the default global setting in the Exchange 2000 Server organization or in the Exchange Server 2003 organization are limited to sending and receiving messages that are a maximum of 2 MB. If an individual user has a mailbox setting of 3 MB, that user overrides the global setting.

Note All Internet e-mail messages use the global setting for limits on sending and on receiving. The message categorizer evaluates the sender's sending limit and the recipient's receiving limit. In example 2 earlier, a user with a user mailbox limit of 3 MB could receive messages from another user with a 3-MB sending limit. Because Internet users use the global setting, they can send only a 2-MB message. "
Should the limit that I have set at the user account level be the over-riding one?

I think this whole thing is hit and miss. Put it in a test lab at MS and it works, put it in a real organisation with a thousand users with real demands and requirements and you can forget it!


I need to block just a user for sending and receiving mail from Internet, the goal is that this user only works with the organization, any idea?


Can any one guide me how to use dialupnetworking for sending and receiving mails in MsExchange server 5.5.
I know to install Msexchange.
I want to dial to my ISP frequently.Mails ur answers to sudersan@forindia.comThank u

I have read the article that Mark Fugatt published on this site Restricting Users from Sending and Receiving Mail via the Internet. My question is, do you create another SMTP connector if you already have one that is routing mail externally or can you just add this fake domain name to my existing SMTP Connector.

I am having trouble with a newly installed exchange server concerning the sending and receiving of emails.

I can send and receive email (for example) from djwsilvester @, but I cannot send and receive from david @ and many others.

As far as I can see this is a new problem, the things I have changed since this happened is basically installed exchg sp2 (ontop on exchg 2003) and messed around with the spam filter settings etc - But I think now i have turned all this off.

Does anyone have any ideas?

many thanks in advance

Hi I have my server setup in my LAN. And now I need to allow my users to send and receive mail externally.

What do I need to do?

Are there any tutorials that can help me?


When you open a users account in active directory users and computer under the exchange general tab there is an option labeled Delivery Restrictions. When you open that there are settings for Sending and receiving message sizes. There is also an option for ôUse default limitö. Where do you set this option? We have some users that need to be able to send bigger files so setting the Global size is not a good option. In exchange 5.5 we did this per mailbox and I was hoping that they improved this in Exchange 2003.

I'm Ding, new to exchange server 2003, I setup exchange server 2003 with SP2 on Windows Server 2003 with sp1, actually my exchange is working however almost every 4hours we cannot send and receive email then I restart the server and working again meaning send and receive is working, most of the day I restart the server for three times.

Anyone can help me is highly appreciated.


I'm using Exchange 2003 Standard so I only have 1 IS, right now I have the default send and receive size at 10 MB and I would like that as the default, however I have a few users that I have to allow them 20 MB messages, I have tried to set it up in the users " delivery restrictions" but it doesn't help, is it possible to do it? in other words is it possible to allow a few users to send and receive messages larger then the default?   Thanks in advance

I am using exchange 2003 in our company. From the last few days I am getting delays in sending and receiving emails. I have checked the event viewer and every second there is a event going on, which is slowing down the process. First I thought that there is a virus which is sending bulk emails but there was no. I do not understand what thing is using the server....
Could anybody help me out with this problem??????


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This might be something easy but it escapes me. Users must hit send and receive in order to get the e-mail form an Exchange server. What do I need to do in order to correct this?

Everyone in the domain is getting this error when they hit send and receive. Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x80004005): The operation failed.

I went to the MS support and it tells me that there is a multiple instance of an EventLog file which is not the case. Any help is appreciated.

I have Exchange 2003 installed in a vmware test environment under Server 2003 and would like to configure the server so that I can simulate the sending and receiving of internet emails.

The server itself won't be connected to the internet - it's purely an offline test environment.

Is there a way of doing this in server 2003/exchange 2003?

I'm also doing this with Exchange 2007 and server 2008 - I've asked the same question in the Exchange 2007 forum as I expect the configuration will be different.

I am getting an error message "Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x80040600) unknown error 0x80040600".  The error occurs when I do a send and receive.  I am running Outlook 2003 with Exchange Server 2003.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Hello there,

I realise this might be a strange request - however I would like to know if there is an easy way to prevent users from sending and receiving email in Exchange 2003 but to still give them access to any existing email in their Inbox/folders?

The reason I would like to do this is that we have been using Exchange 2003 for a while now - but have recently migrated to a webmail based system.  We are hoping to all start using the webmail in September - but would like to give users access to all their existing/archived email.  Ideally we would like to prevent them from being able to send or receive any new email in Outlook/Exchange in order that they all start to use the new webmail based system.  Does that make sense!?

Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be much appreciated!


I have two mail servers, one new exchange 2003 on win2003 and the old mail server running exchange 2000 on win 2000
I desire to only the exchange 2003 box running in native mode by itself
I moved all the mailboxes to exchange 2003.  I made it the Master and I configured a virtual stnp port on it. I use gfi mail security on it and see the email coming in and out of it.

But when I shut down the exchange 2000 server, no one can send email in or email out, nor can users send email to other active directory users on the same domain, the network settings (other than ip of course) are the same.

Dcdiag and netdiag all report no errors.

I upgraded to windows 2003 recently with no errors, all my domain controllers are running 2003  (the exchange 2003 box isn't a domain controller), the exchange 2000 box is the last win 2000 domain controller, but holds no roles and isn't a global catelog server.  I want to demote it, but I worried b/c with it functioning, email stops works.  By the way users only check email using outlook client internally and the exchange server will authecate them fine, so I don't think this is a DNS issue.
How can I get my exchange 2003 box sending and receiving internal and external mail, so that I can get rid of exchange 2000 and have my one exchange 2003 server in native mode?

Hi all
Have I understood this correct in exchange 2003 SP2 ?

Global settings „³ message delivery „³properties„³defaults
- sending and receive message size
is where I want to control limits of the internal mails ?

Mailbox limits is set on the limits tab under the storage group ?

The ¡§default SMTP Virtual server¡¨ is only used when the mail is leaving the mail organisation ?

How do I set it so all users can only send and receive 15 MB internally and externally ?
And how do I make exceptions¡¦ on this rule for management :O)



A new installation of Exchange 2007 is up and running, now, users expierience problems with Outlook "Operation failed, an object cannot be found".
I suppose it can only be the offline address book. I set outlook not to download the offline addess book but seems still that outlook keeps looking for that. Now, the problem is that outlook hangs and 97% and users cant do anything for about 2 minutes (till the send and receive is completed)..

What is the cause of this and can this problem be sorted? I'm not really fimiliar with exchange and OAB stuff.



How can I prevent a user from sending and receiving Internet mail?
Because in my company any policy to restric some user to send and recieve to and from internet.

I want send and receive mail by Internet.How to do so.Please help me step by step

When i do a send and receive, I get the following message in the sync issues:

9:10:30 Synchronizer Version 11.0.6402
9:10:30 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Michel ABCDEF'
9:10:30 Synchronizing Hierarchy
9:10:30 Done
9:10:30 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
9:10:30 0X8004010F

I searched all the support pages of microsoft, they sent me a patch but still the same problem.


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