Reset Outlook 2003 to the default view?

I tried running outlook.exe /cleanviews but it still gave me a collapsed
view. I am not sure what happened - but i must have dragged something and
now can't read a few lines of the message in the Inbox section.

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Is there a way to reset the fonts and layout in Outlook 2003 to the default
configuration. For some reason the last computer (out of 5) that I set up to
connect to the customers network/exchange server has huge fonts and a
different layout than the others.

I've recently switched occupations and need to reset Outlook 2003 so that I
can start from scratch. This includes needing to delete all current contacts,
tasks, birthdays, etc. that are currently in Outlook and just have a fresh
version available to start from scratch with. Can anyone tell me the quickest
way to do this?

I reset office 2003 to its default settings. When I opened Outlook my
contact list was empty. How do I retrieve or import my old contact list?


I would like to change the small icons on with the text on the shorcuts of
Outlook 2003 to the larger icons like Outlook 2000, is this possible? I'd
appreciate any help.

Edward Lee

I have purchased a new notebook and downloaded office 2007 (trial version).

I want migrate my e-mails from my old notebook (outlook 2003) to the new
notebook (outlook 2007).

I've met with limited success when exporting and importing a pst file,
however outlook 2007 is only showing a fraction of the e-mails I have on
outlook 2003
Strangely I get exactly 512 e-mails in each of the following three outlook
2007 personal folder files: Inbox, Deleted Items and Sent Items!

I'd appreciate any advice on how to transfer all my e-mails to outlook 2007,
or is there a limit on the number of e-mails allowed on the trial version of
outlook 2007?

Thanks for any answers

Is there a way to set all of my Outlook folders to the desired view, (no
groups, no reading pane, etc) without going into each folder and changing
each one?

I use categories extensively with my calendar and tasks. I recently changed
PCs and upgraded from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007. How do I transfer the
list of categories that I used in Outlook 2003 to the new setup? And how
does old list work with the new color-based category system in the ribbon in
Outlook 2007?

I want to export all of my contact information from Outlook 2003 to Windows
Mail in Vista. Does anyone know how to go about this?


I am converting to Office Professional 2007 from Office Professional 2003. In
doing so, will Outlook 2007 override all of my email information (address
book, inbox, outbox etc)? If so, how can I import all the data that is in
outlook 2003 to the new outlook 2007? I am not using an Exchange Server

Outlook 2003: I get an icon flash indicating reciept of mail which are not
visible in the inbox. My original goal was to reset everything back to the
default setting. This problem started after I used the reinstall wizard in
the help section. I am able to send without incidence. Where oh where have my
inbound emails gone??? I know there hiding somewhere!

How can I change 2007 Outlook Calendar to the 2003 Outlook Planner View?
This was called the Work view in 2003 Outlook.

Thank you,

How can you make the default view of your Outlook 2003 Calendar the 7 day view?

I am using Outlook 2003 and have 1400 or so Contacts (!).

The problem I have is that I would like to change the view of my Contacts so
that I can have, hopefully, 2 comments windows side by side instead of just
the single right-hand side window.

Firstly, is this possible in Outlook 2003?
Secondly, The Current View option is not available when I click on the View
menu. Is this down to the rights I have been set by Exchange to interogate
my own Mail file?

I look forward to any replies.

Thanking you.

I am trying to set up an email account on an old Outlook 2000 installation.
Apparently it was at one time set up to use Microsoft Exchange Server, and
that server is no longer online. So when I go to open Outlook, it gives an
error message about cannot contact the server, and then refuses to open in
any manner. I can get it to open to a default My Computer view, but Options
is greyed out.
So I am unable to set up a new POP3 email account. Is there a way to set it
back to the defaults so that I can get in and set up the new account?


I am running Office 2003 on Vista Business. Starting a few weeks ago, when I
click on a html link in Outlook 2003, Internet Explorer opens but stays on
the home page. If I copy and paste the link to another application like
Winword, and click it, IE goes to the right site. I installed Chrome
temporarily and it works fine with Chrome from Outlook. I reset Internet
explorer to its default settings and made sure it was set as the default
browser in Windows. I also upgraded from IE7 to IE8 but nothing has helped
so far. I'd like to keep using Internet browser as the only browser on my
Any suggestions?
Thank you.

If you change to the month view, Outlook should remember.

What if it doesn't remember, which is what is happening with my bosses in
Outlook 2003.



On 1/7/2006 12:13 AM PT, Vince Averello [MVP-Outlook] wrote:

If you sort your Inbox with the old message at the top does this still

"Phillip Pi" wrote in message


Is there a way to let Outlook 2003 select the oldest e-mail in the inbox
folder? It seems like my Outlook likes to pick the newest one in the
Phillip Pi
Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst
ISP/Symantec Online Services and Norton SystemWorks (PC)
Symantec Corporation

For some reason, Outlook is continuing to run in my system tray even after I
exit the program. This is casuing havoc with my mail, as I often fet me mail
from my iPhone out in the field. I cannot find anything to either fix this,
or to completely reset all Outlook settings to the defaults. Can anyone
help? many thanks!