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import palm *.aba contacts

How can I import my Palm contacts (*.aba) into my Microsoft Outlook



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I am having difficulty importing calendar and contacts into Outlook from Palm
Desktop. Anyone have any suggestions.

How can I import palm contacts into MS outlook 2007?

Ultimately, I am trying to import my PALM (tungsten T3) contacts & calender
into my new iPhone. I was instructed to first import them into MS Outlook. I
have 2003.
When I try to import to the calender, PALM is not one of the options to
import from. Please help!

Having hard time bringing my Palm desktop contacts and calendar into Outlook

How can I export/import mail enabled contacts into Exchange Server 2003? I
can import the contacts, but they do not appear in outlook as a mail enabled

Thanks in advance,


Currently, using Outlook 2003. I'd like to keep selected emails that I
receive from people typically in my contact list. Right now, I move the
email to the journal folder but apparently that only logs the fact that the
email was received. I am unable to retrieve the text of the email.
What suggestions does anyone have for saving important emails by contact?

Can you import/export your contacts from outlook express to outlook? What
about mail that is already downloaded to express?

Hi, Im a outlook new user, so i just want to ask, how can i import my gmail
contacts to outlook 2007?

I am about to import 40,000 contacts from an acts database to a vairous
standalone verions of outlook2003 and outlook2007

I have a trial version of Outlook, which I plan to purchase when the trial
period is over. Maybe this is why I can't import my Yahoo Contacts into
Outlook, but I really want to verify this before jumping in. The thought of
manually inputting is devastating.

Does anyone have an experience with this?

How do I import exisiting personal contact information from outlook 2000 to
Outlook 2007?

How do I import Outlook 2000 contacts into Outlook 2007? Can this be done?

Is there a limit on number of records we can import into Outlook Contacts?

I am currently importing ~1500 records, somewhat standardized in an Excel
file on old Win98 PC, across a Catg-6 cable network in our office, into our
new Dell WinXP PC. Perhpas next time I should copy the Excel file over to
the new PC, I'll bet, and import from that local file!

The Progress screen seems hungm with cute pages floating across the top, but
showing caption,
"Importing Contacts from Pager into 'Contacts'

I'm suspicous of progress, but I did Export all current Contacts to a .pst
file before I started...
And I have closed all spreadsheet handling files on both PC's. So I do not
believe any other software is hanging up the transfer.


Knowledge Spunge (need spill-checker)

When trying to import or Export contacts in Outllook 2007, I encounter the
following error and the process aborts: Internal Translation System Error. I
ran Office Diagnostics, NO HELP. I deleted Mapi32.dll and ran Fixmapi.exe. NO
HELP. I've searched the web, MS Support and Knowledgebase without success.

Helloo,How to Import Emails and Contacts to Outlook2007

I used to have Windows Mail to browse my e-mails and I'm trying to import my
contacts and e-mails to a new e-mail browser (Outlook 2007).

Would you please help me on how to import my contacts address book and my
e-mails to outlook 2007.?????

NOTE: I have already exported my data from the previouse browser and i did a
format to my OS.

I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 and when I go to the "Import and Export" area
under the file menu, I can't find any command that allows me to import my
Vista .contact files. I am assuming this is because Office 2007 is older
than Vista. But, I'm just hoping that somebody out here might know a way to
import these files. Anyone know a trick or two? The only reason I ask is
that I have a really huge contact list and I don't want to type them all in
by hand.

I have a plam treo 680 that I am converting from to a blackberry curve that
synchs to outlook 2007. Is tghere any easy way to convert the contact files
from the treo to outlook 2007

I would like to create a file that can be double clicked by my team mates to
begin the import of a contact list into their Outlook 2003 contacts. I am
thinking there should be a way with similar results like double clicking a
..hol file to import holidays into Outlook calendar.

I would like to be able to export my catagorized contact list in Outlook to
a file, then send the file to my teammates via email, then they could just
double click and the contacts would be added. The team (including me) does
not have admin rights on their computers to install software.

Any suggestions?

I have a new mobile/cell phone and use the Sync software to back up my
contacts and callender entries to the computer.
Problem: I want the contacts to import into my contacts folder in the format
I entered them into the phone which is format - Full Name or 'File as' First
Name Last name but each time I Sync, it is importing all details in the
reverse or for example - using a company name like 'Watch 24' and importing
it as 24,Watch.
~ Can I set the 'file as' order to default in my own specified order?
~ Alternately can I select all after they are imported and change the format
for all name entries to the full name file as format?

Ive had the same issues importing form Excell spread sheets too?! Bloody

Hi, Im a outlook new user, so i just want to ask, how can i import my gmail
contacts to outlook 2007?

Hi, I'm using Outlook 2007 ( I have the office 2007 suite), everytime I try
to import or export contacts outlook craches. When I go to the event viwer
there's an error with an even Id of 1000 and inside it states:

Faulting application outlook.exe, version 12.0.6423.1000, stamp 49b08185,
faulting module oladd.fae, version 12.0.6413.1000, stamp 4902bc3d, debug? 0,
fault address 0x00008c24.

I have tired to uninstall reinstall, remove oladd.fae and do a repair, and I
have also tried the office diagnostics tools, I've also tried running Outlook
in safe mode, still no luck. I've tried looking for a solution on the web
still no luck. I hoping I could get some help here.

is there some way to import my hotmail contacts into my outlook contact so i
don't have to retype all those email addresses?

I have recently upgraded from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2007.

Before upgrading I saved all my information in .pst files.
I am trying to import all my contact information from the .pst into Outlook 2007 contact folder.
The way that Outlook 2007 handles contact information and the folders is much different from Outlook 2000.

I have been trying to accomplish this for a few days now with no success. I am frustrated and ready to get rid on outlokk all together.

Hi There,

I'm using Outlook 2007.

I have a big list of contacts which a colleague emailed to me. It is in some kind of Outlook format (msg extension).

How can I import this of contacts into my address book?

Seems like an easy and common operation, but searching the web has come up with nada, and I have not been able to figure it out using intuition.

If no-one know how to import it, can some one tell me how to us it? i.e. how to send an email to everyone on the list.


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