How do I turn off TNEF for one contact?

Whenever I send pictures to one contact (using MS Outlook on MAC) he receives
text and pictures together with .dat extension and cannot see the contents.
Apparently this has to do with enforced TNEF encoding, and it is possible to
turn the enforced TNEF off for one contact (btw, according to,
TNEF encoding only causes problems when the receiver end does not use outlook
- Outlook for Mac obviously is not recognized as "family").
Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Windows Phone 7 forces me to copy all of my appointments from my default calendar into a Windows Live calendar so that I can sync appointments to my phone.

Now, I have duplicate reminders.  One reminder for each calendar.

How do I turn off the reminders for the Windows Live calendar?

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How do I turn off the insistent logging of 'Conflicts', 'Local Failures', and 'Server Failures' in the 'Sync Issues' folder in Outlook 2007, while in folder view? A sys admin did this for me on my old laptop, but he's gone and no one seems to know here.

When my computer is hybernating, how do I turn off the auto recieve so I can
check my e-mail from remote locations? Right now it automantically goes to my
computer unless I power it off.

How do I turn off the default image on all business cards?
Or change them all at once to off.
I can only edit one at a time so far.

I don't see the point in having all that grey space - but like the business
card layout.

Thank you.

I am using word 2003 as my email editor, however, it starts by underlining
text, how do I turn off from start up

Client installed pop up blocker. When processing loan applications, this pop
up blocker needs to be turned off. UTL under "Tools" menu or in Microsoft
Help section. How do I turn off a pop up blocker?

How do I turn off the voice alert that keeps telling me how many new mails,
unread mails, etc there are? It drives me crazy!

In outlook 2003, how do I turn off wrapping in all messages? I want to
change the default setting.

I do not want the st, nd, rd, or th to superscript after a number (i.e. 1st).
How do I turn off this setting?

In Outlook 2007 - How do I turn off automatic numbering in new email messages?


How do I turn off the RSS feeds in Outlook?

How do I turn off bouncing in Outlook?

Thank you.

Barry Karas

How do I turn off that horrid voice announcing the number of unread and new
"mails" every time I open outlook 2003? It turned itself on somehow, without
my knowledge or request, and I want desperately to shut it off! Thank you!

How do I turn off the RSS feeds in Outlook?

When I send out an email using Office Outlook 2003, the person on the other
end cannot revise the email because it is marked Private. How do I turn off
this marking?

I tried this and since I had just turned it on by mistake, there wasn't
anything in the boxes and nothing had been recorded...but it is still listed
in my folder list. Is there a way to delete/turn off the Journal? I don't
think I'll ever have to use it.


"Patricia [Outlook MVP]" wrote:

> To delete all entries in the Journal, switch to the journal folder and then
> go to a view like by category. Select the first item in the list. Then click
> Ctrl + A to select all items. Delete them.
> To turn off the Journal, go to Tools, Options, Journal Options and uncheck
> all the boxes there.
> --
> Patricia DiGiacomo
> Outlook MVP
> Author - Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
> Lead Author - Access 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference
> Author - Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft OneNote 2003
> "Greg" wrote in message
> > How do I turn off Outlook 2003's Journal. It was turned on by accident
> > and I
> > would like to make it stop recording and I would also like to delete all
> > entries in the journal. Is this possible? If so, how?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Greg

how do I turn off the automatic opening of my next e-mail in my in box

How do I turn off the Business Contact Manager Wizard which open every time I
open Outlook 2007

How do I turn off the Outlook Allow/Deny message when sending an email from
another product eg Quickbooks or a programme running on Microsoft Outlook?