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não consigo concluir minha conta no Outlook, gostaria q me ajudasem, com
detalhes e exemplos em todas as etapas.


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quero me escrever no autlook como consigoi criar minha conta.

já tenho uam conta de email e não consigo acessá-la atráves do outlook do pc
de minha casa.
o email é de empresa e nãoconsigo abri-lo

Consigo adcionar varias contas no outlook mas quando vou baixar as msn elas
se misturam entre as msn de ambas as contas.
Estou usando o outlook 2003, sei que na versão 6 eu conseguia alternar as
identidades dos usuarios mas no 2003 eu não consigo.
Por favor alguem pode me ajudar?



I want to create a new gloabal address list containg mailboxes of two mailbox servers.When I click on the new Global Address List>Filter Rules in the Storage tab there is three options Mailboxes on any server,Mailboxes on this Server and Mailboxes in this mailbox store. I want to add mailboxes of only two servers.Is it possible?If possible what is the solution.Can I write custom filter rule?



I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum (any moderator, plz move the topic if is needed to).

We are using Exchange 2000 and one or two users keep receiving e-mail from containg viruses such as SoBig.C etc...

I want to block this e-mail address for all of my receipents... They all use Outlook 2000 so the "Block Sender" option is not available.

Any hint? Thanx!

[ June 23, 2003, 03:12 PM: Message edited by: Dimitris Tournas ]

Hello, I am trying to send a contact that is part of a distribution group and the email is not leaving the exchange server. I used message tracking and sent the message to a distribution group containg myself and the contact. Message tracking does not show the contact it just shows that it sent it to my address but used my internet address to send it internally to my exchange address. Do I have to do something special to the dirstribution group to get this to work. Thank you, darh

Hi. This is a two part question that I need help with.
I am running a 2000 AD that has a single 2003 Exchange server. I have a
mixed mode of 2000 and 2003 member servers, but all DC's are 2000. I
originally had two DC's with the 1 2K3 Exchange server and everything was
fine. I recently added a second 2K3 Exchange server and 2 new DC's. The
problems I am having are this:

1. Using outlook 2000, If I attempt to connect my mailbox and use either of
my two exchange servers and select check name, it will resolve and enter the
correct exchange server. If I enter my original two DC's as the Exchange
server and check name, it will still resolve and automatically enter the
correct exchange server that my mailbox is on. If I enter any of the two NEW
DC's and select check name, I receive a message saying, " The name could not
be resolved. The server containg the Global Address List is no longer
available..." My two exchange servers were both domain preped before these
two new DC's were built, not sure if that matters or not.

2. I also have a few clients who are now prompted in Outlook 2000 to enter
their logon credentials everytime they open Outlook. I have looked at the
event errors, and found nothing that would assist me in discovering a

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my

I wanted to clear the air on my original message, I
think it had some confusing/incorrect syntax.

As I re-read my post, it doesn't make sense, so I'll

Forget all the references to the GAL as in my 1st

When the SBS server user creates a PF containg contact
items, by default the properties/OAB tab/'show this
folder as an email address list' ISN'T ticked.

When he does tick it on the server-side, the Outlook
2003 clients open a new email clicks on To: and in the
address lists available, the newly created PF contact
list doesn't show up on their available address list
choices.They need to manually tick the OAB tab to show the PF contact
address list.

When I do the same thing on my ex2003 enterprise
server, the OAB 'show folder...'IS TICKED by default
and the clients see the PF contact folder as a choice
for address lists.

Did I make the issue clearer?

Thanks Alot!
Mike Bonvie

In news:OpeMt%23haFHA.3488@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl,
Mike Bonvie typed:

I have a client whose running EX2003 on SBS.

When they create a public folder in Outlook 2003 containing contact
items, by default it's not showing up on the GAL as an email address
book. Because it isn't part of Active Directory, it's a MAPI contacts
won't show up as any kind of address book by default. (NB: there really
isn't a GAL anymore - that's an E5.x thing - but most people who still use
the term mean, Active Directory)
The Outlook 2003 clients need to right click on the PF/properties/OAB
tab and tick 'show folder as an email address book'

I have an EX2003 (Enterprise) lab, when I create a new PF containing
contact items via outlook it automatically shows up on the GAL.

Has anyone else ever experienced this issue? No - I have never seen this happen and it doesn't make any sense. Unless
you've specifically added a contacts folder as an address book, it can't
show up in Outlook as an address book - true in all versions of Exchange.
Are you 100% sure about this? Can you reproduce it? Using any third party
add-ons that might be affecting this?

Thank You All,
Mike Bonvie

I have inherited an Exch 2003 installation (It is actually SBS 2000 but the Echange component has been upgraded to 2003) which is experiencing lost messages, both incoming and outgoing.
Message tracking reports - SMTP: Advanced Queue Failed to Deliver Message.
I think I have narrowed it down to some sort of content filter but have no idea where this could be. For example, I can send a message containing the place name "Essex" and it does not get delivered. But if I send another message to the same recipient containg just "Esse" this gets delivered without problem. It is like something is scanning the message, finding the string "sex" and just deleting the message. There are no 3rd party apps installed. IMF is not installed.
Any ideas?

Hi Everyone!

We have an environment containg
1 Root domain Windows 2000
3 Child domains Windows 2000
1 Child domain Windows 2003

When we are trying to install ADC in the Windows 2003 domain we get an error that states
ôExtending the schema in the Active Directory failed. Please consult the error log LDIF.ERR in your TEMP directory.ö
We have installed the ADC in the other child domains but when runing the ADC install we come up with the above error.
We have also tried the following tip that states to make sure no spaces are in the temp directory path.

Would appriciate any input you have on this.

When sending to a DL containg a certain user (ad account with an external email address) the sender receives and NDR indicating they do not have permissions to send to a DL if they have sent a messages to multiple DLs they receive the message for each DL even if the user is not a member of the other DLs. the external user does not receive the message. Other users with in the DL receive the message.

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.
     Subject:             FW:
     Sent:                 3/16/2008 8:04 AM
The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
     Govt Affairs Committeee on 3/16/2008 8:09 AM
           You do not have permission to send to this recipient.  For assistance, contact your system administrator.
     Executive Committee on 3/16/2008 8:09 AM
           You do not have permission to send to this recipient.  For assistance, contact your system administrator.

If i send to the contacts email address directly it is delivered.    Any idea why the NDR is focused on the DL and not the individual account that is have the issue?  the external server appears to be running small buisness sever.

Good morning, I am in the process of setting up a new server with Exchange 2010 standard on it. I have a single exchange 2003 server that I am decommission once i have the 2010 server setup.

While running through the prerequisites I ran into this error, I was running the prep ad command. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server

   Organization Preparation         ......................... FAILED
    The following error was generated when "$error.Clear(); $acceptedDomains =
@{}; Get-AcceptedDomain | foreach { $domainName = $_.DomainName.ToString(); if (
$acceptedDomains.Contains($domainName)) { Write-ExchangeSetupLog -Warning "Dupli
cate AcceptedDomain found. '$($acceptedDomains[$domainName])' and '$($_.Name)' b
oth reference domain '$domainName'"; } else { $acceptedDomains.Add($domainName,
$_.Name); }; }; function getSmtpTemplates ([string]$property) { $input | Select-
Object -ExpandProperty $property | Where-Object {$_.PrefixString -eq "SMTP"} | F
oreach-Object {$_.AddressTemplateString -replace ".*@", ""}; } function addDomai
ns ([Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SystemConfiguration.AcceptedDomainType]$d
omainType) { $domain = $null; $input | Where-Object {-not $acceptedDomains.Conta
insKey($_)} | Where-Object {[Microsoft.Exchange.Data.SmtpDomainWithSubdomains]::
TryParse($_, [ref] $domain)} | Foreach-Object { $name = $domain.ToString(); if (
$name.Length -gt 64) { $name = $name.Substring(0, 64) }; if ($acceptedDomains.Co
ntainsValue($name) ) {$name = [System.Guid]::NewGuid().ToString()}; new-Accepted
Domain -Name:$name -DomainName:$domain -DomainType:$domainType; $acceptedDomains
[$domain.ToString()] = $name; }; } $emailAddressPolicies = Get-EmailAddressPolic
y; $emailAddressPolicies | getSmtpTemplates "NonAuthoritativeDomains" | addDomai
ns "InternalRelay"; $emailAddressPolicies | getSmtpTemplates "EnabledEmailAddres
sTemplates" | addDomains "Authoritative";" was run: "The e-mail address policy o
bject must have exactly one primary e-mail address with the prefix "FAXMAKER". P
roperty Name: ".

I have an Exchange 2010 server that was created in an environment with running Exchange 2003 servers. We have not moved any mailboxes on to it, nor done anything but a plain install of Exchange 2010 - for now I'd like to uninstall Exchange 2010 as it appears we have some other issues we'd like to work out first however when I try to uninstall it says "Uninstall cannot continue. Database 'Mailbox Database 1375826892': This mailbox database contaings one or more mailboxes or arbitration mailboxes.

Well since I didn't move any mailboxes from our current Exchange servers, this arbitration mailbox must be the problem, 2 questions what is it, and how can I get rid of it so I can complete the uninstall?

exchange 2010. we are trying to block emails containing certain key words. now when i enabled content fitering and put in the words to be blocked, the messages are still going through except i am just getting a message that this message contains a filter key word. i think this has to do with the spam confidence level, is there a way of attaching a SCL to a key word, say if i don't want an email containing the word marriage i attach SCL to marriage to 5 or higher so that any message containg that word is blocked.

One of the computers in our office is running into some problems with
forwarding contacts and with inserting signatures.

When trying to forward a contact using Contacts, Action, Forward, the
attached contact does not come through, and the signature is missing
altogether. We have the signatures in the mail format portion of options set
to have the logo signature for new mail as well as replies and forwards.

When forwarding as a vcard, the vcard is attached, but no
there a way to get the signature to automatically show in forwarding as vcard?

When attempting to insert anything using New Mail, Insert, Item, Contact,
for example, the recipient does not receive the inserted Outlook item and the
signature is in plain text, not the signature with a logo and colored font.
In addition, in the Insert Item box, the "Insert as: Text Only; Attachment"
portion on the right is grayed out.

Any ideas as to how we can fix this?

Apaguei inadvertidamente a pasta associada a uma conta que registava os
mails recebidos. Não apaguei a conta.
Posso criar uma nova pasta e tornar a ver todos os mails recebidos por
aquela conta?
Windows 2000 com o Outlook 2000.
Manuel Silva

Hi all,

Is it possible when I delete messages from a shared mailbox apears in the
deleted items container of that shared mailbox instead of my own deleted
items container?
I'm using Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003.

Best Regards,
Peter Siemes
MCSE 2000

How can y backup my outlook 2003 accounts?? export acounts'??

como poderei salvas as contas de correio eletronico no outlook 2003?
para voltar a impotar como faço no file pst que exporta de dados??



When sending out an email to two groups of people is it possible to highlight
in any way if its is for action or for info only apart from the To: and CC:
boxes containg the appropriate people to allow recipients to identify quickly
if it is their preiority?

Alguém me pode dizer o que fazer para poder utilizar o outlook com um
endereço e-mail da hotmail que já possuo?
depois de adicionar a conta hotmail quando utilizo o outlook recebo esta
A tarefa 'Hotmail: Pasta:A receber A sincronizar cabeçalhos.' detectou um
erro (0x800CCCF6) : 'O servidor respondeu 'Access to Hotmail via Outlook and
Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at'. '

I see that once you move the original message containg voting buttons from
your sent folder to a subfolder, it will no longer tally responses.
What I'm wondering now is since I've moved the message back to the sent
folder, will it update the tracking tally?

Using Outlook 2000, is it possible to automatically populate the "To" field
with all of the addresses saved for an individual contact when selecting that
contact from the address or contact book instead of just the one set as
default address?

At times I want to ensure that whatever address the recipient is checking or
monitoring, they will get my message.

I am using XP Professional with Microsoft Outlook 2003. Until I tried to
sync my i-Pod with my contacts and calendars everything worked fine. Now I
get an error message when I try to find an email address by clicking the "to"
button on a message I want to send. The message reads "The contacts folder
associated with this address list could not be opened. It may have been
moved or deleted or you do not have permissions." The contacts are still in
the contacts folder. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

I am at an impasse with outlook. For some reason my outlook 2003 will no
longer allow me to add new appointments nor contacts to my address book or
edit existing data. The "new" button is no longer highlighted so I can't
click it and when I right click the "add" option is also not available for me
to use. Addtionally, outlook will not allow me to back-up my existing data.
any ideas as why this is happening?

I am wondering if this is happening because I never bothered to register my
outlook or if there is something else afoot. Also, I am concerned that any
new data I added on my phone will be lost when I sync it to the desktop.
help - any thoughts?

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