outlook use drag and drop will causes error

Hi all

I am using xp pro + office 2003, reecntly when i drag some email from inbox
and drop into other folder within my presonal folder, an error popup will
display and said outlook occur error and must close something like that, i
can choose report this problem or don't report................

but i try using ctrl c + ctrl v or simply select the email and use mouse
right to move to other folder, no problem occur but not user friendly at all.

How can i get back my drag and drop function? i already run repair outlook
but problem still here.

Thanks all

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We have been using the vbscript CreatePF function shown below to create
Public Folders for a couple of years. Shortly after upgrading our users to
Office 2003 we discovered that users could not use drag-and-drop to move
mail items from Inboxes to folders that had been created with the CreatePF
function. Right-clicking and choosing "move to folder" still worked.

By googling around we found that some vbscript sources use "
Fields("http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/outlookfolderclass") " while
others use "
". Tests showed that if a mail-folder was created with
"...outlook/outlookfolderclass", then we could drag-and-drop mails to the
folder, but if we used "...outlook/outlookfolderclass" to create calendar or
contact folders, then those folders "lost" their content class information
and were created as mail folders (or just folders).

So the question basically is, what is the right way to create mail, calendar
and contact folders using CDO? And should we use something else than CDO?

Thanks in advance,

- Bent


CreatePF "http://pf-server/public/projects/projectname_mails", "LotaMails",

function CreatePF(Url, Description, FType)
Set cdoNewPF = CreateObject("CDO.Folder")
With cdoNewPF
.Description = Description
select Case LCase(FType)
Case "calendar"
.ContentClass = "urn:content-classes:calendarfolder"
= "IPF.Appointment"
Case "contacts"
.ContentClass = "urn:content-classes:contactsfolder"
= "IPF.Contact"
Case else 'default to mail-folder
.ContentClass = "urn:content-classes:mailfolder"
= "IPF.Mail"
end select
.DataSource.SaveTo Url
end With
Set cdoNewPF = Nothing
end function

I'm using Outlook 2010. I want to send an html email as an attachment (instead of just forwarding which might mess up the formatting). If I attach it by using Message -> Attach Item --> Outlook Item and then selecting the email to be attached, everything works great.

If, however, I drag and drop the email message to be attached (as I commonly do to attach any other file), the recipient receives the attachment as a plain text version of the html email (instead of the html version). This did NOT happen when I used Outlook 2007 and previous versions. Also, it doesn't seem to matter what version of Outlook the recipient is using; they always receive the stripped version of the attachment.

So, dragging and dropping (which is more convenient) doesn't work as of Outlook 2010. Or is there some setting I can change?

We use Microsoft BPOS to host email. Users experience an intermittent problem with drag and drop of emails to the task section of the To-Do Bar within Outlook 2007. This issue does not occur when dragging to Calendar.  A pop-up error message appears: "Cannot move the items. The folders you are trying to change do not support this operation. Could not complete the operation because the service provider does not support it."   I've found very little on google or bing to fix this issue.  Seeking some new ideas to resolve this issue.


Is it possible to use drag and drop to public folders when using the OWA?
It seems it's possible when using Outlook, but when I try to drag and drop some pictures to the OWA public folder window, the browser displays on of the pictures and the address in the browser windows is the path on the local machine. Nothing comes up in the public folder.


Using outlook 2002 with XP PRO, SP2.

I can not use drag and drop with the find and adv find functions. I can
right click and move the email. I can drag and drop right from the inbox.

Anyone see this before? If so how do I fix this behavior?



Is there some setting preventing me from using drag and drop from Windows
Vista Explorer to quickly attach files I want to send with emails?

When I try to drag frrom the Explorer window onto the open email I get the
circle with a diagonal line through it showing it is not allowed.

Thanks in advance,


Is it a way to monitor drag and drop folder?


Is there some setting preventing me from using drag and drop from Windows
Vista Explorer to quickly attach files I want to send with emails?

When I try to drag frrom the Explorer window onto the open email I get the
circle with a diagonal line through it showing it is not allowed.

Thanks in advance,


It seems my option to drag and drop messages from my inbox to folders has
disappeard. I'm wondering if there is an on/off toggle somewhere I'm
missing. Any ideas?

It seems my option to drag and drop messages from my inbox to folders has
disappeard. I'm wondering if there is an on/off toggle somewhere I'm
missing. Any ideas?


Ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem now, except don't think
rebooting helps.



"Kevin Dresely" wrote:

> Ben:
> Thanks. I'm using Outlook 2003 on Windows XP profsssional. When I re-boot
> my computer and re-open Outlook, it begins to work properly, and then stops.
> It's very strange and I don't see anyting else going on in the background
> processes that would cause a problem. I'm behind a corporate firewall, with
> full virus protection and nothing turns up on my scans.
> Suggestions?
> "Ben M. Schorr - MVP" wrote:
> > What version of Outlook? What happens if you restart your computer?
> >
> >
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> > Aloha,
> >
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> > "Kevin Dresely" wrote in message
> > news:18FA9393-2A76-488E-9819-A79CEB5728DB@microsoft.com...
> > > All of a sudden, I am no longer able to drag and drop messages between
> > > folders, or meetings to another time on Outlook calendar. I also seem to
> > > be
> > > having difficulty with my 'copy' command, either with the menus or the
> > > Ctrl C.
> >
> >
> >

On my computer I have upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007. On my
computer at home, which has Office 2003, I create an appointment. Then I
right click on the appointment and select forward. I forward this
appointment to my work email.

When I open the email at work, with Outlook 2007, and try to drag and drop
the appointmen to my calendar in Outlook 2007, I get a dialog that says:

"Cannot copy the items. The messaging interface has returned an unknown
error. If the problem persists restart Outlook."

I have restarted Outlook 2007, I have repaired the installation, I have
updated to the latest version and I still get the error.

My computer is running Windows XP SP2.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Did a search for this but couldn't find anything related.

When I drag and drop an item (e.g. email or calendar item) from Outlook 2007 to a Word 2007 document, both programs hang.

Any ideas what could be causing this, or which program is causing the problem?


When dragging an email message from outlook 2003 into a mapped network drive
I receive the follwoing error:

"Error copying file or folder": not enough storage is available to process
this command.

The mapped share is located on a 2003 enterprise server running SP1 and has
more than enough space to hold the messages being transferred from outlook.

I have tested drag and drop from other workstations running the same SSB and
do not receive the same problem.

Okay, I already know that you are not able to drag and drop an email message
into a SharePoint Document Library or any other SharePoint option available.
It is my understanding that Public folders will eventually disappear (in the
not too distant future) and not be supported and that it should be replaced
using SharePoint. My organization is required to keep a lot of the email
that comes in from various agencies so each agency has its own folder where
their incoming email is stored in a Public folder. These folders are
available to workers with the necessary priviledges to view them. If Public
folders are going the way of the dinosaur and SharePoint does not allow the
drag and drop into a Document Library, then how can I keep the save emails
available to my fellow office workers.

I think that MS needs to give the Doc Libs drag and drop charastics when
they are connected to Outlook from a SharePoint site.


I have question regarding the email drag and drop in Sharepoint Document
library folder in Outlook.

Following are sthe steps i have done to achieve Drag and Drop.

1. I have created a Sharepoint Document Library Folder in Outlook and
Assigned Document library URL to the Home page of the Outlook Folder.

2. Wrote an event handler handler function for that Folder.

3. In that Even handler procedure i have captured the Droped email item and
Captured the Web URL of the Document library Folder we have created in
outlook and save the email item in the location wih ".Msg" format.

4. I can successfully drag an email from Outlook and Drop it in Sharepoint
Document library Folder we have created in Outlook 2007 . This uploads the
document to the Document library and we can see the uploaded email as ".msg"
file in document library.

How to Upload the document with corresponding Metadata to the Share point
Document Library Programatically using VB.net
Software Engineer
L&T infotech

Suddenly I have lost the ability to drag and drop appointments and tasks to
future dates within my Outlook calendar. How can I re-enable the feature? I
have used the software for years, but other users (spouse) may have disabled
the drag and drop feature by accident.


Is it possible to Track the Email Drag and Drop event in outlook using VBA
code or VSTO.

Thanks in Advance for the help
Software Engineer
L&T Infotech

Using Outlook 2003, I needed to create a Distribution List using my
co-workers Contacts. The only way I could see of making a Distribution List
using her Contacts was to drag and drop all her contacts into my Contacts
folder and then importing them from there to the Distribution List.

While dragging and dropping contacts from her Contacts folder (visible on my
Outlook under Other Contacts) to mine, Outlook encountered an error and had
to close. I was in the middle of dragging quite a few contacts, and now that
I have restarted Outlook, the Contacts seem to be gone. They are neither in
her Contacts folder nor in mine. Could they possibly have gotten deleted
because they were in between folders at the time of the error? Is there any
way to find them again?