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Outlook Live: Do Not AutoArchive


I know that (normally) when I view the properties for an e-mail item in
Outlook 2003 I have a list of options in a box labeled "Options for
this item" which include a setting for "do not autoarchive this item."

Is there a reason why these options are not available for e-mail items
in Outlook Live? If I move the message to a regular PST file the
options are available again.



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I know that (normally) when I view the properties for an e-mail item in
Outlook 2003 I have a list of options in a box labeled "Options for
this item" which include a setting for "do not autoarchive this item."

Is there a reason why these options are not available for e-mail items
in Outlook Live? If I move the message to a regular PST file the
options are available again.



In outlook 2007, is it possible to trap a flag being set on a mail message
using VBA and automatically set the do not autoarchive flag, then reset the
do not autoarchive when the flag is cleared or completed. I am a VB6
developer but haven't really done much with outlook and vba.

Outlook 2007 do not restrict access to attachments with an .eml file extension

Outlook reminders do not clear after pressing dismiss.

After pressing "Dismiss" in the Reminders window, the calendar item clears.
When the next reminder comes up. All the previous dismissed reminders fill
the Reminder window.

I was wondering if it was possible to create a routine that would set a group
of emails to "Do not Autoarchive this item"

For example, if I had 10 emails in my Inbox, I would like to click on number
1, hold down the CTRL, and click on numbers 5, 12, 17, and 18. Then, by
running a procedure, set those emails to NOT Autoarchive (instead of having
to go into each individual email).

Many thanks in advance

Hello All,

Does anyone know how I use the "Do Not AutoArchive" field? I've added
it to most (if not all) of my email folders. In some of the folders,
there is nothing in this field. In other folders where a checkbox
does show up, I can't check it.

Does this field/feature have to be enabled before it can be used? Why
doesn't it show up in all folders? How do I mark items so they aren't

Thanks for any help anyone can provide,

Conan Kelly

The hyperlinks in the email in Outlook 2007 do not work.  You get an error message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.  Please contact your system administrator."  I am a personal user with administrator permissions.  I have configured the Junk Mail options in Outlook 2007 to allow hyperlinks.  I have used the MMC to try an update the group policy for users on this computer to allow the snap-in for web links.  This is beyond my knowledge and experience and I do not want to go too far at the risk of doing some serious harm to my system.

Right, im really pulling my hair out here.

We are running Microsoft Exchange 2000.
It all runs fine.

However, 2 weeks ago, for no reason whatsoever, i could not access Outlook.

Now that is rubbish as im the IT manager and i have permission for just about everything!

Anyway, I tried a few times but still the same message. I restarted the laptop. Same message.
So I logged on as someone else on my laptop and configured outlook. They could log on fine and open Outlook.

So I tried my profile on another Machine. I could access my inbox fine.

So I deleted my profile from my Laptop. logged on again as me and all was ok. Until the last few days. I have been repeating this process a couple of times a day and its getting very tedious. I even tried it on my Brand New Laptop and the same problem occurs there.

I even resorted to deleting my entire profile from Active directory  from  the Domain controller and started again. The problem still keeps happening.

Any Ideas?

I am having an intermittent problem with people using Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003. 
The symptoms are that when you click on 'Forward' for certain Emails, straight away you get a message box which states:-
Microsoft Office Outlook
"You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object.  See the folder contact or your system administrator."
The other thing worth mentioning is that we are currently migrating between Email systems and the Email in question has been sent to the users OLD Email address (not registered in Exchange) and has been redirected to their new Email address.
So I am wondering if there could be some funny to do with the old Email address in the mail to be forwarded.  Unfortunately the error occurs before the forwarded mail has actually been generated, so I don't know how I can investigate this.
So to reiterate, An Email from an external source has been sent to someone's old Email address.
This was automatically relayed to their new mailbox.
However, when they right-click on the Email and select 'Forward' (or click on 'Forward' within the Email) instead of creating a new mail, comes up with the above error.
So this is when you click forward not when you try and actually send.
It is possible to forward the Email as an attachment by dragging it into another email. 
Also I was sent it as an attachment and when I opened it up and selected forward, I did not get the error message.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Jon Scriven

When Outlook Live is first opened it sends and recieves great. After a
minute is says the network is disconnected. I have to close Live and re-open
to check my email now. It does this on my home and office commputers now. I
have not had any problems in the past year. The only change is the Automatic
Updates MS had done 4 days ago.


When I select the option Do not deliver before [date] my message stays in
the outbox and will be send only when I leave Outlook open.
But I want to close outlook when I go home and the message still needs to be

Is there any option to send the mail later and close Outlook?

Thanks !

We are using Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2007.
I have users that receive emails that have attachments but they do not see
the attachments until they forward the email back to themselves or they can
go through OWA and view the attachments.

It seems to be .jpg files. That's at least what i have heard about.

What is causing this? It is a setting with in Outlook?
Please let me know.

Thank you.

I have an upsetting and frustrating problem. Outlook 2002 (on Win SP-
Home) does not move files when I do a manual archive. I've read
numerous articles I found by googling and have followed the
instructions, but I don't get any of the files moved from my
current .pst file to the new one.

I was successful in creating the proper new archive (.pst) file, by
doing a manual archive as follows: File | Archive and on the resulting
dialog selected the "Archive this folder and all subfolders" option,
then I selected my highest level active/current folder which contains
ALL of my Outlook information, I indicated the archive date (Archive
all items older than: Wed 1/1/2003, I also checked the 'Include items
with "Do Not AutoArchive" checked' option and in the Archive File: I
entered the proper path and a "new.pst" and then clicked OK. It hummed
and whirred for a while and created a new Archive file with exactly
the same structure as my current active outlook.pst file, but NONE of
the files were moved. The new.pst file is totally empty although the
folder structure is perfectly correct. I re-ran the same command a
second time and no joy. It will NOT move any of the files I am trying
to archive. What the #$%^*&^% good is an archive function if it does
not actually move the files (messages) I am trying to archive?

I have in the past AutoArchived files (messages) from my Sent Items
folder, so that works.

I suspect I could select files form the ouitlook.pst and drag (move)
them to the proper folder in the new.pst, but i have hundreds of
Folders in both pst's and I also want to move files by their age, in
three stages (older than 2003, only 2003 and 2004, only 2005 and
2006.) So, click and drag will take me many hours and will be error

Can anyone tell me what I have to do to get the Arcihve function to
actually move the files I have identified to be archived
(specifically, all files older than 1/1 2003 from each and every
folder in my current outlook.pst.

Thanks in advance for any help.



I have searched the Discussions and cannot find an answer to my problem.
Have used Outlook Express for years. Imported e-mail and profiles to
Outlook 2007. Set up autoarchive and *it will not work!* The dates are
still from Outlook Express, and I have e-mail in my Inbox from more than 6
months back. I have set all autoarchive to 3 months, but Outlook 2007 will
*not* autoarchive these e-mails. Perhaps I could archive them manually. I
keep all my incoming e-mail for business purposes, but the total is getting
way into the thousands -- and I cannot get Outlook 2007 to autoarchive. Any
help will be appreciated. P.S. There are similar questions posted, but not
quite my issue.


i have installed WDS 4 on terminal server where Call-Center users working.
They user Outllok to contact with customers and do a lot of search and they
have about 30k objects in mailbox. Their mailboxes are in online mode. WDS 4
can provide online mailboxes indexing (dafault is disabled - some LGPOs must
be enabled).
The indexing is going on and... outlook has its own search module. using
this module i see that searching still uses Exchange server and burden it.
When i use Desktop search panel the search is made localy using index

In earlier WDS searching in Outlook uses indexing DB. how can i search in
Outlook and use indexed db made by WDS 4? for CC users it is critical to easy
use of search in Outlook and do it fast. WDS 4 provide that speed of search
but i did not find how to merge WDS 4 into Outlook search.

thank in advance for any info and data.


I have outlook 2007 on a new Dell XPS M1330 with Vista Ultimate. I have had
no end of problems and Dell fitted a new hard drive and reloaded all the
software including SB 2007. I have had a number of bugs that I seem to have
ironed out but when I press send/receive in Outlook I get "You do not have
appropriate permission to perform this operation". I have read an earlier
thread about an SRS file but I can't find any .SRS file in my directory.

Please help as my $2,000 investment is driving me mad!

Hi, using Outlook 2007 with Exchange Server. One particular coworker has a
strange problem. He creates a message and saves it as a draft. When he is
ready to send it, he right clicks and selects Transfer because he wants to
keep the message in the Drafts folder. He adds a "Do not deliver until" date
and time and sends. The message is sent immediately and does not remain in
the Outbox, it does not respect the requested send time.

If he opens the message (versus transfering) and adds a "Do not deliver
until" date and time and sends, it stays in his Outbox until the requested

We have tried this on 2 other stations, both work correctly. It is just his
station that doesn't handle the transfer with date messages.

We cannot find any options that would affect this.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I have just upgraded to Office 2007.

The hyperlinks in Outlook emails do not work at all. I know that these links
work because many of these links worked previously to upgrading. I now get
the Windows dialog box telling me that it does not know what program created
this and can go on line and look it up if I wish, this still doesn't work. I
have tried to "cut and paste" the hyperlink with limited success. yet I
should not have to do that. Is there something that needs to be turned ON for
this option to work? What am I missing here?

For some time my Outlook reminders have not worked. They simply do not
appear except when starting Outlook offline which I only do occasionally and
then get hundreds of reminders at once (several weeks' worth). My IT
support's solution was to upgrade Outlook to 2003 SP2 (previously 2000) but
exactly the same problem remains. The reminders are clearly enabled and set
as they come up offline, but do not appear when I am online which is most of
the time. My reminder options under tools, options, advanced options,
reminder options are set to display the reminder. Something somewhere,
possibly a service of some sort, is not working! Please can you advise?

Hello all,

Here is my configuration. I am running XP sp 2. I do not have
sharepoint, or exchange. When I send a task from 2003 to 2007, the 2007
reciepient cannot open the task. When double clicked, a messgebox appears
stating, "Cannot open this item. Outlook cannot do this action on this type
of attachment". I am not sure how to resolve this error. Please advise

I have moved to virginmedia, they now tell me that they do not support
outlook only express, as I have always used outlook I do not want to change,
they gave me to pop3 and smtp address and port numbers but they do not appear
to work, still getting emails comming in but cannot send, can anyone help?

My computer was recently reloaded from scratch with XP Pro and Office 2007. Reloading was intended to cure a problem in Outlook 2003 which came up every few months where RECURRING REMINDERS in Outlook Calender quit working and necessitaed another reload. Therefore start from scratch and clear up all problems was suggested,unfortunately this fix did not work as Recurring Reminders in my Outlook Calendar still do not work.Regular reminders (non recurring)funtion properly.
Cleanreminders and Reset Folders from the start/run do not make any difference. M/S Office tools, diagnostics found nothing.
Any help offered would be appreciated by me; a limited knowledge computer user.

I have moved to virginmedia, they now tell me that they do not support
outlook only express, as I have always used outlook I do not want to change,
they gave me to pop3 and smtp address and port numbers but they do not appear
to work, still getting emails comming in but cannot send, can anyone help?

I have my MSN account connected to Outlook using Outlook Connector.  However, rules that I have created for the MSN Inbox do not work when the emails arrive.  Once they are in my inbox, I can successfully run the rules manually on my MSN inbox.

Anyone with a solution to this problem?


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