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emoticons in outlook

a strange question, can i use animated emoticons in outlook to send with
e-mails? if so where do i get them from and how do i use them?
kind regards.

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a strange question, can i use animated emoticons in outlook to send with
e-mails? if so where do i get them from and how do i use them?
kind regards.

How can I insert emoticons and smiley faces in outlook 2007?


How can I insert emoticons and smiley faces in outlook 2007?


Hello, I would like to have in my signature, Social icons and when someone clicks on that Social Icon, it will take them to the Social site which is represented by the icon. Rite now, I have the Words (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and they are blue and underlined so when someone clicks on that word, it will take them to the Social Site. Next, does anyone know of a site where I can get small enough Social Icons (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, other major sites), and all the same size, so I can put them in my signature? Lastly, I just found out that I can put animated Emoticons in Outlook 2013, but I won't be able to see them, but the person I'll be sending them to will. Does anyone know of the company that had thousands of Animate Emoticons, and they use to sell them on CD, and they were updated every couple of months? I use to have them, but I lost the CDS and the Website address. I would appreciate any and all input concerning these matters. Thank you. David

As a new Outlook user, I am very disappointed that I am allowed only three
choices of emoticons--in b/w. Where are all the others, especially those I
enjoyed using when I was a happy Eudora user?

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I have created some macros in Outlook 2007, put them on a custom toolbar, and saved the project. I copied the file elsewhere and resaved the project without the macros and toolbar so I could see what would happen when I copied it back.

I found that the macros come back in, but the toolbar does not. Is there a way to keep the toolbar with the project? Is it possible to create the toolbar or custom menu in the VB Editor so every time Outlook is opened, the toolbar or menu is there? I don't have access to Visual Studio or anything like that. The only thing I have is the Custom UI Editor, but I don't think that will work with Outlook.

There are others in my department who could use the same toolbar, so I am hoping there is some way to share it that requires little if any work on the recipient's part.

I have a problem where if i add shared calenders in outlook they become unchecked if i close that view down or close it down and reopen it. I have to tick again on the box beside the calender i want to view.

A few people have had this but i cant seem to find a resoultion to it. Does anyone else have any idea what we could do.

Is there a limit to the number of rules allowed in outlook. If there is a default limit is there a way to change it?


Does anybody know how to set up a delivery order in outlook 2003 as it was in outlook 2000 with corporate email service option ( I mean pop3 and exchange accounts).
The problem is whenever I try to send a message to multiple ricipients (external and internal) I receive "Undeliverable" error message depending on which service outlook has used. Is it possible to set up delivery order for the accounts (was services in outlook 2000) in order to make outlook 2003 processed all recipients one by one with appropriate service, but not all of them just by POP3 or exchange.
Thanks in advance for any help.

I have a problem in Outlook when i reply to a email wich is sended from Exchange.
Outlook had next to the Exchange account two pop3 accounts of wich one is default. In the company there is an network scanner wich sends mails to us in PDF.
If i send the mail to an other user or email adress it sends thru Exchange en not thru the pop3 account.

Is anyone known to this problem and if yes how do i change this setting ?


I'm seeing multiple instances of my mailbox and public folder in Outlook 2003.  I see 2 Mailboxes (Identical) and 2 Public Folders (Identical).  How can I get rid of 1 pair of the mailbox and the public folder?


I hope this is the best forum for this question.

I run mail for a domain through Exchange throughout my company. There are a few users who receive pop mail from a couple of other domains in their Outlook client. They pull down mail directly from the host and do not go through Exchange. I have found it difficult to configure an Exchange mailbox for the one main domain and their pop account in Outlook. Mail for both the Exhcnage account and the pop account come in to whichever account is set as the default in Outlook, and I have to create a rule to move the mail for the other account to it's correct inbox. Sending mail seems to be strange too. It all works, but it doesn't work as well and smoothly as I would like.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to a best practice for this type of situation? I do not want to host these additional domains in my Exchange. I just want to leave them as pop accounts.


Hi All,

After searching this forum for hints about my problem and finding nothing, I have the following situation abd need some help.

I have a setup of 2 exchange 2003 servers (front-end/back-end) behind a ISA firewall, all running of server 2003.
This setup has been running flawlessly for almost 2 years.
I am running rpc over http for our external offices.

Here is my problem.
Since last week following a long power outage where the servers were turn off running out of ups, my outlook 2003 clients running rpc/http
now show "disconnected" in the directory connection.
This prevent them of using the out of office assistant and setting up new accounts.
Everything else works fine. They can connect to their mailbox, get/send messages, use calendar and public folders.
OWA also works and for now they are using that to set their out of office messages.

I am a little puzzled. I went twice over all my configuration and everything is as documented when I did the installation.
Nothing changed since then, and I am the only admin on thoses servers.

I searched the web for a similar problem and I only find out this [URL= sconnected&rnum=1#1cb4541f2bd5c52c]post[/URL]

I tried last night to restart both exchange servers and the dc but that did not help.

Seems that the connection to exchange is working but the active directory one is not.
Also, this affects only clients going over rpc/http. Local clients are fine and show "connected" at the Directory connection in outlook.

I'm now going over the logs of all 3 servers trying to see what is wrong.

any ideas ?

Thanks for any thoughts


[ March 30, 2005, 09:23 PM: Message edited by: Dan@work ]

We would like to disable all meeting requests in Outlook 2003 being sent executives. As it is now, even with us forwarding all requests to their admins (delegates), this still leaves a "pending" entry in the calendar, until the meeting is accepted/declined. We placed a call to Microsoft and the best they could come up with was forwarding all requests to a delegate.

Does anyone know of a third party solution, or better yet, a permissions setting with Exchange or the Outlook client to disable meeting requests? The rules in Outlook stop just short, they allow you to disable reoccurring requests.

Is there a way to disable "not to send response" for read receipt in Outlook? My boss wants everyone in his team to send him a read receipt if he sends out an important email. However, some users have "not to send response" on; as a result, he is not receiving a read receipt from those people.

Hi, we have one exchange server 2003. All user logon to this server to access their outlook 2003. Each time when i create a mail enable user with smtp address stamped, then new user is able join the domain and logon to his outlook, the thing is new user was not display in the Global Address List in outlook Address Book, it must wait until the next day then only it will show in the Address Book GAL. When i check the Default Global Address Lists in the Exchange System Manager, it was appear after the user was created, just it did't appear in outlook Address Book GAL when user search inside their outlook Address Book.

I check the RUS, it was correctly point to the Domain and DC.
Thk for anyone who read this, any suggest will be very appreciate.


Im receiving duplicate emails in outlook 2007 - its pop 3 account.
the rules seem to be fine. tried recreating the account - no joy.
Could someone help me wid this.



People have VPN clients installed on their home computers which are workgroup computers (not in domain).
They use Outlook on their home computers to access their corporate Exchange server and additional login is neccesary when Outlook connects to Exchange.

Is there a way to store their domain usernames and passwords in Outlook (out-of-the-box, workaround, 3rd party tool)?

Thanks in advance!

One company with a SBS2003 have 5 different users with their own login and mailbox. The company also have one joined mailbox who all users should have total access to in Outlook 2003.
1) Every mail from that mailbox which is replied should be with the same mailadress and not the users own adress!
2)Every reply should also be stored in the joined mailbox Sent folder and NOT the users own sent folder!

I have tried connecting the mailbox in 5 Outlooks as an Exchange account but get an error saing something like "Exchangseserver is in recovery mode" until I only have one Outlook connected to that mailbox.

How can I get that mailbox connected to the 5 users Outlook in a propper way?


our server crashed on friday and we rebooted it but now one user cannot see any contacts in there contact list. both in outlook 2003 and outlook webmail. Is there anyway of getting these back or finding out where they have gone. All here emails and calender entries etc are there but no contacts.

I am running exchange 2003 on a windows 2003 server.
I have a user that has a treo from Verizon. the treo account is setup to pull a copy of the users email off my exchange server to the Verizon server, then the verizon server sycs to the Treo, the problem is that after this was setup when ever the user gets new email, within 5 min the mail is nolonger bold, it is shown as read in outlook 2003 even  when the user has not read the mail. after talking to verizon I was told by the tech that some email server will show the email read when another system as pulled a copy of the email off the server but he could not tell me if this is true with exchange 2003. If this is true is there a setting in exchange that will stop this.  

I just migrated from a POP3 account based network to an IMAP Exchange Server 2003 network. I built an Exchange profile in Outlook 2003 and uploaded all of the email I had in my existing .pst file from the POP3 account. I then closed the .pst file. Now everytime I connect to the exchange server, I have to download all of the email again and again. How do I prevent the Outlook Profile from downloading the same email multiple times? I am using cached mode.

Scenario - I VPN to the network and connect to the server.

In outlook users could send messages by selecting the FROM field and selecting other users name.

How can I disable sending messages from any other person's e-mail account or delegating this right only to administrators in exchange 2000.

Thank you..

Hello All,
I have a very strange problem affecting two of our users. When in Outlook (Outlook 2003 SP2 with latest updates) you sort the emails by Size, it displays a list of blank rows with the word None displayed in the Received column.
I have eliminated the individuals Outlook client by trying on a different computer & laptop, and I’ve eliminated the mailbox by opening the users mailbox on Outlook Web Access. (Exchange 2003 Std with SP2)
After looking on the MS KB I tried this hot fix ( out of desperation but that did not fix it.
If you do an advanced find on the mailbox with no search syntax, it will display all emails and happily allow you to sort by Size without any problems.
I’ve tried the Detect and Repair, I’ve also tried the outlook switch of “outlook /cleanviews” but sadly the problem remains. I’ve not tried SCANPST because I’ve tried it on different computer i.e. a new PST is generated. I’ve also tried the Outlook profile with both “Use Exchange Cache Mode” enabled and disabled to no avail.
The users’ mailbox is 1.1GB, in this instance, the mailbox size can not be to blame as we have other users with larger mailbox who can sort by (I’m in the throws of implementing mailbox limits) but
Has anyone else experiences the same problem and hopefully find a resolution.
Many Thanks

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