Email gibberish

Client has Outlook 03 on a Vista machine with SP1. Problem appeared before
SP1. Emails to his BlackBerry are always fine. But about once a day he gets
one that looks like this:

"John, see attached. Also Y6dnw3uL+YQsdT5UVGDz0OsJvYDjYtYRWgC3a
LUpYHMdz9BPXw5w+NaIPc3BvtyowIr71M1DFRqoBz4yKXGnh3DLplXAbv/FS vSsaCqIlbVJmKkZh
0mDcRT6yfIopbpYSQtsuKSuvFNMrSX5//nrr50s4Dj29FPHNiN8CeUX063jJ P0f4SzSegL+M/ToG
IbfxVnv8MjWTvkx42NbDGVGvkA3sTofdqOk4HvXC1d.....size=3D2>fax (651)=20

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Emails I send to some recipients on my distribution lists are coming out
gibberish/garbled to some readers (e.g., "


Can I do anything about this?

I have one correspondent whose email attachments are turned into
indecipherable gibberish when they appear in my inbox.
The documents or videos that he sends are attached, not inserted into the
body of the email, when he sends them. However, when I receive them there is
no attachment, but a large block of gibberish text appears in the body of the
This sender is listed in my Safe Senders list. He claims to have made no
changes in his email program and his other recipients are not getting this
What am I missing?

When I send a meeting request or appointment the attendees have noted
that it does not appear in their calendar and all they get is an email
with a lot of gibberish in it.

As the sender I get a clear entry in my calendar.

Anyone come across this or how to solve it ? was working ok last month


I have a user who has a client who, occassionally, sends an email with
attachments, usually PDF, which end up being gibberish within the body of
the email. This only happens with this client, and they say it only happens
with us. They also say that the original email in the users Outlook is not
malformed. I looked at the header and nothing looks unusual.

I have a user who has a client who, occassionally, sends an email with
attachments, usually PDF, which end up being gibberish within the body of
the email. This only happens with this client, and they say it only happens
with us. They also say that the original email in the users Outlook is not
malformed. I looked at the header and nothing looks unusual.

I get Arabic language emails through Outlook and they come as gibberish. In
order for me to read them, I usually forward them to my Yahoo address in
Explorer and encode them to Arabic Windows and read them. Would you please
tell how to do the encoding without going through the forwarding process?.
Thank you.

Does anyone know if you can save an HTML email in Outlook 2007 as an html
file without the Microsoft Word HTML gibberish being inserted? I have a user
that needs to keep the HTML as it was, but when they save it in 2007, it adds
all the MS Word stuff as you cannot turn Word off as the editor anymore. I
had him forward the emails to me as I have 2003 and I was able to save them
and email the html files back to him as attachments. Is there a step in 2007
we are missing?


I'm not sure if this is an Exchange or Outlook question. We are running
Exchange 2003 and have users of both Outlook 2003 and 2002. In the body of
several Contacts there is gibberish related to Removed By The Exchange Email
Scanning Service... Many of these are old Contacts that were not V-Cards and
did not contain attachments. Additionally, we are now getting the same
gibberish in Calendar Meeting Requests. Again, no attachments involved -
just a simple cut and dry recurring meeting request. Any ideas as to why
this is happening? Thanks, Marilyn

I've read this thread, and am wondering if it relates to the problem we're

We have two computers, both running Outlook 2000 Corporate. My computer's
OS is XP Pro, my boss's is Vista. Some emails sent to my boss's computer
come through as plain text with no attachment, even though they have
obviously been sent HTML with attachment. Of course, the text is gibberish.

The same email comes to my computer just fine, HTML formatting and
attachment intact. And here's the weird part: if I then forward the email to
my boss, it comes through just fine! (We do not have intranet or Exchange -
the email is going out over the Internet again.)

As far as I can tell, all security, formatting, and other Outlook settings
are the same on both computers. You'd think if something was wrong on my
boss's "receive" settings, he'd be unable to receive the forwarded email
properly, as well as the original.

Anyone have any ideas?

"gjk" wrote:

> I am unable to send out attachments with my Outlook 2000. I do receive attachments without any problem. I have also been able to send out attachments with my email using Outlook Express so I know there is nothing wrong with my server.
> Can anyone help me?

When I get an email from someone using what I asume to be plain text,
whenever I reply to said person my text comes across on their end as
gibberish. Also whenever I get an plain text email with a hyperlink i can't
copy it to an IE window as it just appears as dashes only. I use Outlook 2007.
Any thoughts

recently I've had totally blank emails, blank emails with the heading "no
subject header found" and "corrupt raw file message" with gibberish. can you
tell me what to do?

My Internet Explorer 6, version 6.00.2800.1933, email Sent folder has just
over 6000 messages in it which I wish to save for future reference to read
and use. I then want to eliminate those 6000+ messages from the active Sent
folder of my Outlook Express "Local Folders" email.

When I simply save the contents of the Sent folder to a new folder in, say,
Documents and Settings, all the .dbx files copy OK - but then when I open
them in MS Word, there is only gibberish - not readable email.

How can I save my IE 6 messages from my Sent folder so that I can read them

I'm using a Windows 2000 Professional operating system.

Many thanks for the advice.

-Bill Martin Denver, CO

See the site below if you read in Russian - it holds very useful information
I believe answering your question
Good luck,

"Kurt" wrote:

I would like to be able to compose and send, and to receive, emails
containing Cyrillic (Russian) characters. Outlook 2000 seems to strip them
and turn them into some other code even though I can type in Russian to start
with because I have Russian language support installed. Also, typically if I
view emails sent to me that were composed in Russian, even when they reside
on a POP server and I am viewing with IE, the characters are not Russian but
gibberish. Is there a way to enable Outlook to properly encode, and properly
receive, Cyrillic text?

I have one person who sends attachment image files that arrive with ".email"
file suffixes.
OE6 say's "unknown file type" when I attempt to open.
MS Help say's it's openable with Notepad but all I can get is gibberish/code.
The person claims he's also using OE?
He is however forwarding the images in messages he's received from others(?).
Any idea how I can get OE6 to recognize and open these files?

I am having exactly the same problem and didn't seem to be able to find any
clear reference to it in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. If you find the
answer, please send me the info to

Last weekend I installed Windows 7 on a new desktop computer, and then
installed Office 2007. Outlook now does not display attached PDF documents
as an attachment, but decodes their content in the body of the message as
unreadable gibberish. Adobe Reader 9.2 is set as the associated program for
PDF files, but the problem keeps recurring in emails received since last
weekend. The sender of these emails has told me that their format has not
changed. I imported from my laptop ainto Outlook n old email from the same
sender with a similar PDF attachment which does open when I click on that

Every day I receive a financial statement as a PDF attachment. Last weekend
I acqyuired a new computer with Windows 7 as its OS. Now when receiving
these statements into the inbox, instead of leaving the attachment as a PDF
file, Outlook 2007 decodes it into the body of the message as gibberish.
I've checked that Windows has associated Adobe Reader 9.2 with PDF files, and
I have no problem reading other PDF files. Also when I imported older emails
from my laptop into the Inbox those which had PDF attachements remained as
such, and the attchment could be opened by the Adobe Reader.

This has been posted the day before yesterday but since there was no answer
I allowed myself to repost.

I have WinXP and Office 2007 Pro VL with all updates.
Afew days ago I started having a most annoying problem.
Whenever I do "Send To" or Forward a mail with an attachement and there is
text in the body of the mail, the attachment arrives at the destination as
gibberish inside the body of the mail.
If the message is a new message or there is no text in the body, the
attachment arrives correctly.
Also this problem is only when the mail is sent to certain
types of recipients. For example if I send the message to a regular email
client with POP
account or to a Gmail accout it works fine.
The problem I have seen was to mostly to Exchange clients.
Also, if the message is auto forwarded by Exchange, the attachment arrives

I have searched the internet for this problem and didn't really find an
answer. I saw similar problems and the answer was to deactivate the
antivirus scan. I tried that and it didn't help.
My antivirus is AVG free

If anybody has a clue about this please help


When I receive and email from someone uses who sends it to me using bcc the email is gibberish.  I'm using sp3.