Outlook not connecting to mail server

One of our employee's Outlook accounts will no longer connect to our email
provider's servers. I have verified that the incoming and outgoing servers
are entered correctly in Outlook, and the password is also correct. The
employee can still access his incoming mail by pulling up the provider's
web-based email, but this isn't a good long-term solution. I have deleted and
recreated his Outlook account, but it made no difference.

Any suggestions?


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Outlook not connecting to mail
Good Day.

I have a client for whom I am designing a website. Now I moved his domain from one ISP/host provider to another.
He deleted his email account in Outlook and tried to add it again, but it keeps failing. I tried both pop3 and imap, but none works:

Here's the tricky part: I used the EXACT same settings in Outlook on MY PC, and it connects fine, everytime. Why wouldn't his Outlook connect to the mail server, but mine does? I don't suppose it is a firewall since he has 2 other mail accounts on Outlook that works fine(the 2 other accounts are on a different domain.) As I said, I tried deleting the account and added it again, but nothing (I do NOT use SSL and I also made sure the settings was not for secure mail.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

I have an Exchange 2007 server - no SP loaded

have some outlook 2007 clients that are remote - in another office that go through a firewall.
Some of these Outlook clients connect correctly and a few do not connect.

The ones that connect are as follows:
setup a profile - pointing to mail.domainName.org, and then their ID
It resolves to the actual server name.

Open Outlook and enter their DomainID and password - they work fine.

Other users, the Mail Profile resolves the name and converts it to the actual server name.domainname.org and their ID.
This part works fine and correct.
But when you then go to open Outlook, it does not connect - gives an error that it can not connect to the server.

What would make these few desktops not work when opening outlook (but in the Mail - profile setup it worked fine).


Beginning yesterday, Outlook will not connect to any mail server. Even
searching for updates on McAfee says it cannot connect to the internet. My
browsers (and Hotmail) work fine. I did find an "alg.exe" worm(?) in my temp
file and deleted it (which cleared up some other issues), but I still cannot
connect to mail servers. I am using Outlook 2000.

There is all kind of discussion on the net about this, but nothing has yet to help me out. I am running Win7 and Outlook 2007. My issue is when connected to VPN via HTTPS, outlook will find and connect to the server once. After DCing from the VPN or rebooting it will not Connect again. I have also noticed that the network will 9 times out of 10 show up as a Unidentified network instead of my works network. I have tried the registry edit to allow for outlook to connect without a default gateway(which there is not on the VPN connection) to connect, but it still will not connect. At this point my knowledge of how win7 works with this stuff is limited and could use any help I can get. Any suggestions? Registry fix tried: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/913843/en-us

Here's the problem:

Exchange 2003 running on Windows 2003

With our T1 internet connection our Microsoft Exchange server was working fine.
We changed our internet to CFL Road Runner. And changed all of our DNS settings on register.com
We are now getting all our emails but we are having a problem sending emails.
The error we get is SMTP could not connect to DNS server. The only setting we could find is in

Administrative Groups
-First Administrative Group
-Routing Groups
-First Routing Group
-Internet Mail SMTP Connector

On the general tab is set to use our internal DNS server.

Is there another setting in Exchange or in DNS that we need to change to the new DNS servers we have?

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I am getting 'failure to connect to [mail server]'
on pressing the Send and Receive All button.

It doesn't make sense.
It happens after I log off and then log on.
I am the only user, and I have administrator rights.
Otherwise mail still works, I just cannot log off then log on.
It has only been happening for the past two days.

The last thing I did with Windows XP was install 4 security updates
that came together.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all related software, OE6,
software modem, updates.

What actually changes on relogging in? It is the same user before and
after, me.


VPN Client Outlook Cannot Connect to Exchange Server
This just started recently. One day he could get his messages, and the next day he couldn't. No new software was installed. When he starts Outlook it tries to connect to the exchange server, but it can't..
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I have Exchange Server 2003 and SBS 2003 running on our only Server at my uncles contracting company.  I set the system up back in January and everything worked well at the time -- recently I got called in to troubleshoot some e-mail issues.  There was a ton of spam coming in and I'm not sure but I assume some going out as well.  There were definitely some spam being sent "from" my users to other users within the same office, but I'm not certain of any mass spam attacks going out.  We were having trouble mainly with outgoing mail and I thought we might have been blacklisted, but after at least a half dozen searches, my domain is not showing on any blacklists.

I have one client (of course its the head guy in the office) who's computer will no longer connect to the exchange server...incoming and outgoing pop3/smtp stuff seems to work, but he will not connect to the exchange server for some reason.  He had a problem once before and had to be deleted from active directory and given a new ID...so if he was Bill Mobile before now he was Bill Mobile 01 and exchange had apparently given him a new mailbox, Bill was still under his mall account, but he also had a Bill01 account...problem was people could not respond to his Bill01 mails (some would go out Bill, some would go out Bill01) so I ended up deleting the 01's from everywhere and I must have really screwed something up.

I don't have a handle on a number of things and I'm not sure how to proceed.  The e-mail passwords in outlook under his pop3 accounts are specific to those accounts I am guessing, but what is the email password reset in exchange?  Where does that have to be changed in Outlook?  There are only about 6 users and he is the only one who will not connect.

I've run some of the troubleshooting tools on the exchange server and really nothing of interest comes up on any of the troubleshooters (mail flow, database etc.)  I did get one warning with some info...but I think this may be an after the fact issue as no other client cannot connect.  SMTP Instance FQDN does not match DNS resolved server name.

Any suggestions...I'm not opposed to deleting him (again) and setting him back up but I cannot lose his mailbox or folder structures.

To make everything just a little more interesting we are switching ISPs (actually already happened) and are moving our webhosting and email hosting as well to have it all under one roof (previously this was done third party and was a pain to get email password resets and things of that nature)  So while my domain transfer is pending I am still receiving email from our old host, but cannot send out because I suppose reverse lookups are returning a different IP via our new ISP.  I spent all week trying to figure this out and I am in way over my head.  Any help would be greatly appreciated -- its my uncle so it is becoming a little embarassing for me...and I only get called in after the disaster has already occured and then just for fun he decides to change everything else thats going on all at the same time.  I need to get his e-mail up ASAP -- PLEASE HELP :-(

Hello All!

I have got outlook installed on my machine. When I try to configure the same
it is asking for Exchange server details. Right now my need is to just view
my archieved mails from my previous client. I have with me the archieved
mails (__.pst file). But right now I am not connected to that original server
from which I had archieved my mail.

Can I access the archieve now? Please advice.

Thanks a lot for the support (In anticipation)

My Outlook is not connecting to the Hotmail server. What could be causing
this issue?

Here is the detailed report:

Outlook Hotmail Connector Version 14.0.4760.1000

Session timed out. Automatically re-signed in at 6/3/2010 7:33:15 PM

Mail: Error at 7:33 PM.


Contacts: Last successfully refreshed at 7:33 PM.

Errors :

Time: 6/3/2010 7:33:16 PM
Error in Mail
Network operation failed

This has been lingering for a few days. Is there a setting or something I
should check?

Please let me know.



My Outlook is not connecting to the Hotmail server. What could be causing
this issue?

Here is the detailed report:

Outlook Hotmail Connector Version 14.0.4760.1000

Session timed out. Automatically re-signed in at 6/3/2010 7:33:15 PM

Mail: Error at 7:33 PM.


Contacts: Last successfully refreshed at 7:33 PM.

Errors :

Time: 6/3/2010 7:33:16 PM
Error in Mail
Network operation failed

This has been lingering for a few days. Is there a setting or something I
should check?

Please let me know.


After the latest security updates and junk e-mail filter from Windows Update the 14th of October. Outlook 2007 will not connect to the IMAP server for e-mail it is only the 15th it has been one day I am asuming something is wrong because of those updates.

When I try and connect to the exchange server on the LAN using Outlook and exchange account, it says the server can not be found, I can ping the server no problem. The server also runs our DHCP and every machine is connection and get ting an address from the server.

When I try and connect with POP3 I get the following error:

There was a problem logging onto your mail server. Your Password was rejected.
Protocol: POP3
Server Response: '-ERR Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.'
Secure (SSL): No
Server Error: 0x800CCC90
Error Number: 0x800CCC92

I have triple checked the account name, and reset the account password twice, just to make sure those where correct. I get a similar error when I try and connect with IMAP.

I have all of those protocal configured on the server.

The only way I can connect to the server is will HTTP or Web Access.

I tried to Telnet the server I get the following message:
+OK Microsoft Exchange 2000 POP3 server version 6.0.5762.3
> ready.

I try and log on and get errors.

when I quit I get the following message:
+OK Microsoft Exchange 2000 POP3 server version 6.0.5762.3 signing off

I had this server working a couple weeks ago no problems, when I changed the IP from the testing numbers to a live public address so I could begin testing on the internet I was no longer able to connect to the server.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

When I open Outlook 2003 I receive a message unable to establish connection
to mail server mail.XXX.XXX.com. Not sure why we receive these errors an
most of the time we can not connect manually either.

I cannot get my Outlook to connect to the Exchange server while I am
connected to my office through VPN. I can hit all other network resources.
Here is what I can do and what I have done:

* I can ping the Exchange server
* I can go through the account setup for an Exchange account and check my
user name
* I have tried flushing my DNS cache
* I have tried rebooting
* I have not always had this problem on this computer
* I do not have this problem on other computers
* I have noticed that if I use the server name during the setup process it
does not connect. However, if I use the IP address it will connect during
the check name process and resolve it w/ the proper name as found in the

Any thoughts?

After I installed SP3 for MS Outlook 2003, I cannot connect to my e-mail
servers. I receive two error messages stating that the mail server names
cannot be found. If I use Outlook Express, the same mail servers are found
with no problem.

I have just installed outlook 2007 (an upgrade from 2003) and can not connect
to the MSN Mail server. I used the URLin another browser window and it
works ok. Same user name and password. I could also not activate my product
via the web as I received the same message - can not connect to the server.


"Penguin" wrote:

Outlook 2003. When I click send/ receive mail it will not connect, I get the
error message "The operation failed. An object could not be found"

I am testing Vista in our work enviroment. I installed Office 2007 with no
problem. Outlook appeared to setup properly even verifiing the email address
on our exchange server. The problem is that when it tries to connect the
exchange server, it asks for a user name and password. It will not connect
to the exchange server.