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Lost forwarded emails

In Outlook 2003 running under Win XP SP2, when I send emails, they correctly
go to Sent Items - UNLESS the message is a forwarded email - in which case no
copy appears in Sent Items. Why?

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Is it possible to set up 2 forwarding email addresses in Exchange 2003?
We have an office in the uk for which we forward email from here in Aus.

Any email that comes to gets forwarded to via the standard forward option in the Exchange mailbox properties "delivery options"

David has now purchased a blackberry with the email address How can I also forward email from to the blackberry device. Exchange appears to only allow one forwarder only?

My immediate thoughts are to have the the blackberry provider forward the email if at all possible?

Thanks in advance.


We are running Exchange Front-End/Back-End scenerio. Our Front-end server is running Windows 2003 standard Edition without Service Packs with Exchange 2003 Service Pack2. Backend Server is running Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition R2 Service Pack 1 with Exchange 2003 Service Pack2. Front-End Server receives e-mails and forwards it to the Backend Server. The problem we are facing is that the Front-End Server stops forwarding mails to the Backend Server and holds them in the queue. After restarting the Front-End server, queue is processed and mails are forwarded to the Backend server and things start running smoothly. This happens after every 2-3 days and we have to restart the Front-End server to solve the problem. We are using McAffee VirusScan Enterprise version 8.0.0 on the Front-End Server. The IISAdmin service stops with the following EventIDs logged: 
Event ID 2114 - Process INETINFO.EXE (PID=1680). Topology Discovery failed, error 0xffffffff.
Event ID 2103 - Process MAD.EXE (PID=1088). All Global Catalog Servers in use are not responding.

Event ID 2102 - Process MAD.EXE (PID=1088). All Global Catalog Servers in use are not responding.
The IISAdmin process INETINFO.EXE stops responding and server stops forwarding emails to the backend server holding them in a queue and when the service is restarted after restarting the server, it starts running smoothly.


Let me know "How do I forward emails coming to a user to two different email addresses in exchange 2003"

Same domain.


Is there a way to forward emails from one account to more than one account.

I have one account that is a general sales account that needs to go to more than one person.

Hi I am looking for a way to forward email from a service account such as SQLservice to other users without creating a mailbox for the sqlservice account.....or do I have to create a user account with a mailbox to do this?  Thanks for any help

We have a lot of outside consultants that have email accounts with Yahoo, Hotmail and so on. They would like an email account within our domain to be forwarded to their Yahoo/Hotmail account. For example if they have an address at Yahoo they want an email address setup at our domain to be forwarded to the Yahoo account. Also the consultants will never log in to our network to use these accounts they are for forwarding email only.

My question is can I set this up without creating a login account and/or mailbox for the consultants in our domain?

Currently I create a new user account with an email address of Then I create a Contact with their Yahoo email address. Then I Change the delivery options in the users account to forward all email to the contact account. This works fine but I was wondering if there was an easier way.

Our mail server is running Exchange 2000 in a Windows 2000 domain.

Is there anyway in Exchange 2003 on W2K Server that I can forward email from one account to multiple users in the domain?

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Im am new to Exchange 2000 and have been asked to forward email to an external recipent. Under delivery options within Active directory you can set to forward to an internal recipent. Can this be done to an external recipent to ? or do I need extra software ?

Hi All,

I am currently having a bug time with my email architecture within my network. I was running a 2003 domain ( with pop3 server which was configured to handle inbound and outbound emails for 2 domain. One was my company domain ( and the other was (

What happened afterwards was i blew the entire domain structure and reconfigured the 2003 domain ( with an exchange server 2003. Now wats happening is i could configure my exchange server for ( coz its running with AD and its easy anyways.

My problem is i want to run the pop3 server again to handle the same architecture as i had before which handled 2 domains for me. Now i dont know wat architecture should i choose. I have to forward emails of my AD domain from this pop3 server to my exchange server and for the ( my users could use outlook express client to download and send messages for this domain. I have a ADSL router which is forwarding smtp port 25 to my pop3 server. Which will handle all my emails etc. Now i dont want to loose the pop3 server and i want the following architecture:

1. Router forwards all emails to my pop3 server.
2. Pop3 server handles my AD domain and anther domain which i run.
3. Pop3 server forwards emails to the exchager server 2003 for all users.

I need to understand throughly how this thing work with exchange and wat steps i need to follow to comeover this nitemare.


I need to auto-forward emails sent to a specific email address to another email address that is outside of my Exchange/network.  I have full admin rights to our exchange server.

How would I go about setting up this auto-forward?  Exchange is 2003.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Hi Everyone

I'm new to this forum. I was just wondering if it's possible to forward email sent to an existing exchange email address to 3 others?

At the moment I have created a mailbox and set its manager as another email account with an alternate recipient. This forwards email to 2 recipients, but you can only have 1 alternate so I can't forward it to 3 email addresses this way (Hope that makes sense!)

Can anyone help me please?

I have one Exchange Server 2003 handling three domains, so each user has three email accounts. I'd like to forward email from two of the domains to the third one so each user receives their email "all together". Do I have to create 'Contact' entries for each account and then for each user? I sure hope there is an easier way to do that. Can someone lead the way? Thanks in advance.

I've setup the feature of forwarding email in Exchange 2003, as described here and here .
But only internal mails coming from users inside the domain are forward. Mails from outside public domains are not forward.

Any clue?


I've setup Quota Message Service on one of my Exchange 2003 SP2 box. I have it working and can change the templates and From Field. What I was wondering is why when I setup a server level forwarding or a rule to forward emails, none of the warning messages from Quota Message Service forward. They stay in the inbox of the person that received the warning message. All other emails sent to their mailbox will forward. Is this a "feature"? Any way around it.


How does one forward email from a email account on the exchange5.5 server to a pop3 account?


[ May 26, 2005, 12:35 PM: Message edited by: Luthman ]

I am trying to forward emails sent to a specific address to another SMTP messaging server within our organisation.

The problem is that it has the same SMTP domain as other users -

Internet messages sent to remain on our Exchange server.

Internet messages sent to
are sent to our other SMTP messaging system.

If I forward all unresolved mail to the non Exchange server, won't I end up sending all my other Internet mail down this route?

Any ideas?


How i can forward email to Hotmail or yahoo account from Exchange 2000

I just set up Exchange 2003 in a Windows 2k domain. All the recipients have a smtp address of "" in Active Directory. "" is a not a publicly registered domain name and it is only used internally. Most Exchange recipients also have POP3 accounts from a internet email host provider. In the Outlook clients I have added both an Exchange account and a POP3 account as information services. It works fine as far as sending emails is concerned, Outlook knows when to use the appropriate information service depending on whether the email is for an exchange recipient in the global list or to an internet email address. However, when I try to forward email that was received from a POP 3 account to an Exchange recipient in the global list Outlook uses the POP3 information service to send it out on the internet to and of course it comes back undeliverable. How can I correct this problem. Thanks

forward email to another address?can someone please help me? is it possible to forward email to a different email address? for example my hotmail?could you let me know on my email thanks!kind regards,
Paul Knott

I would like to prevent users from setting up Outlook 2010 todo Auto Forward Email Messages to external domains. I have looked into the transport rule and it can do the job but I also have other users from other domains that are not part of our root. These users have configured in their Exchange mailbox settings to forward their mails to other domains. So, the Transport rule would not work for me. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or suggestion of how to disable users from setting up their Outlook todo forwarding to External Domains using different methods other than Transport Rules.

Thanks in advance,


I currently am running Exchange 2003 Enterprise. I need to know if it is
possible to forward email directly from my Exchange server to a PDA/cell
phone without the use of desktop software? Our cell phone service is through
Verizon. If so, are there any articles on the subject?

Exchange Server 2003, Small Business Server 2003. Whenever anyone on our
network tries to forward an email, it fails. With a message like:

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

Tom Wood ( on 9/23/2005 9:51 AM
The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was
sent to.
Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly to find out
the correct

I notice that when I try to foward, the top bar says,

"This message will be sent via Microsoft Exchange Server."

I believe that this is the problem, as our mail server IS NOT Exchange
Server. All of our regular outgoing and incoming mail works fine, and
Exchange Server stores them in the stores, etc. It just appears that there
is some setting that is telling Outlook to use Exchange Server to forward
emails. How can I fix this? Thanks for the help.
Dr. Doug Pruiett
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Is ther anyway that you can forward email for a person who no longer works
for you to some other mailbox?? ie... the user has been removed from AD so
therefore, they do not have an email box either...

Now I have been requested that if any mail arrives for that user - please
forward to someone else...

Is there a way to do this without having to create an AD profile and forward
their mail using the delivery options?



Hello All,

We have a single Exchange 5.5 server and we've forwarded email from selected
mailboxes to outside accounts for years. We do that from the mailbox
properties box, using the Alternate Recipients checkbox.

Suddenly, the email domain is getting changed on the outgoing forwarded

So for example if our domain is and the forwarded address is it goes out as

I've checked all the places I could think of, deleted the custom recipient
object that has hold the fowarded address and then recreated it, same

I removed the alternate recipient and tried doing the forwarding through
rules, no difference.

Normal outgoing Internet email works fine, it's only on these forwarded
mailboxes that I get the problem.

Anyone see this problem before ?



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