Fetching New Headers

I am using Outlook 2002. I have AOl. I have about 700 emails in outlook.
When I try to open an email I see "fetching new headers" and the email won't
open. What can I do to correct this problem?

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I am getting an error msg saying..."Could not fetch new headers in the inbox
for imap.aol.com. An Unknown error occured. Please save and restart
program." Can you tell me what this means ? Also, I still can not purge
messages marked for deletion. It says I have to be online to permenantly
delete msgs but I AM ONLINE. How can I purge msgs marked for deletion

Thank you,

How can I get all new headers rather than the default 300?

[C# / OOM]

I am working on an add-in which creates local PST files to represent a business data entity. Since these are local PST files, I need to maintain the sync operations on my own. I am looking for a way to add an event handler in to the Outlook's "Fetch new mails" event so that I can perform equivalent sync operations for the business data.

Any pointers on this front?


I finished installing an IMAP account, I have Outlook 2000.
I'm getting this error message: "could not fetch new headers in the inbox

I finished installing an IMAP account, I have Outlook 2000.
I'm getting this error message: "could not fetch new headers in the inbox
for bp@.....com. An unknown error has occurred."
Does anyone know how I can get rid of it?

Any help will be appreciated it.

When someone sends a BCC mail to recipients in my domain, the TO: header
field is blank and as a result, the message is getting dumped into my
badmail and a copy is going to the postmaster in my domain.

It turns out that our ISP has some kind of SPAM filter that parses the BCC
content prior to delivery to me and places the intended recipients in a new
header called:


Is there a way to tell my exchange server to use the contents of that new
header to determine the recipients in addition to the normal TO: header
which works the rest of the time?

So, have it check TO: and X-NETSCAN-TO: to find an internal match to our

I cannot get our ISP to turn off this spamguard feature and I cannot get our
sender of this particular email to use anything other than BCC to send this
message... So I need to configure my server to deal with this issue.

Any help would be appreciated...

I have downloded some msg headers in my inbox in MS Outlook, but instead of
processing the headers I downloaded the messages by mistake from my server
into my yahoo account (POP3). Now I am not able to do anything with these
headers in my inbox (delete, download or move to another folder).
Furthermore, new headers being downloaded are also not being processed. I
tested my account settings and everything is fine there. The problem is in MS
outlook. Pls help.

I am using outlook on about 50 computers. Some outlook 2000, some 2002, some
2007, all eityher small business ed or professional ed

I have set up e-mail accounts for all my users with an external host.

I have set up the users to fetch mail via IMAP

My problem is that 3 out of 4 times I get an error saying that outlook could
not fetch IMAP headers. But themnn suddenly it will work.

If I use POP 3 it works witout a hitch. But IMAP only works intermittently.

What could be the cause?

This is a strange one - and more of a nuisance, but still.

I have two identically set-up machines. Or so I thought. Because I have a
problem on one I don't have on the other, yet I can't find what could
possibly be the difference.

I am running XP SP2.

I am running OE 6 (actually, 6.00.2900.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)).

I have three accounts on my OE. One is a POP3, the other two are IMAP.

One of the IMAP accounts downloads new messages automatically, the other
just downloads new headers, and I decide when to download the message.

I frequently read my messages directly in Preview Mode.

In other words, I frequently have "New" messages in my inbox.

On the ONE machine - and on every machine I've ever used in "Real" Outlook -
when I mark a message as READ, the little envelope goes away...


Now, here's the nuisance (long windup for small payoff!):

On the one machine, if I have ANY Unread messages, the little envelope in my
Taskbar pops back up.

I presume what's happening is, OE polls the inboxes, sees unread messages,
and then re-alerts me. Of course, I already know the message is there, but I
flip over, because I think maybe I have NEW New message.

On the other machine, the little envelope only pops up when a new message -
a "real" new message - hits my inbox.


Is there a switch somewhere I'm missing?


Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise version

I'm having problem with Outlook 2007 and IMAP. Every time IMAP download a
new header, it generates this error "Failed to update headers. - An IMAP
command failed."

Outlook 2003 has no problem.

Any idea????

I set Outlook to download only headers for messages larger than 200 KB.

This function works great, except that I don't receive any notification that those headers are actually waiting to be processed.

Is there a way around it? I would still like to download only headers for large messages, but also receive a notification or sound alert or whatever works to let me know that there are messages waiting in Inbox.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

In our AD with Exchange 2007 (about 6000 users) many of them experience this problem. You know the drill, they start up Outlook but instead of showing up "All folders are updated" it says "This folder was last updated <time>" or "This folder is updated" when standing on Inbox.

We only use MAPI-accounts with Cache-mode set on.. no pop or imap. Also we do NOT use PST-files, thats blacklisted in our gpo's.

And No the problem doesnt roam with the user, and it can be bypassed by simply recreating the profile or at last ost-file. But when it happens so many people thats not a "solution". I've been thinking of turning cache-mode of via the GPO, but not sure how that would affect the servers.

Turning of clients AV doesn't help neither.

What also helps temporarly is to hit "fetch only headers" and then back to "fetch all content" (roughly translated from swedish).

Autodisover works, checked it from outlook systray-menu and via Microsofts testexchangeconnectivity.com.

My current OST-file is about 800 Mb. 

The error Syncronization error-code is 


18:28:54 Misslyckad klientåtgärd. (Client operation failed)

18:28:54 Informationsarkiv för Microsoft Exchange (Information store for Exchange)

I haven't checked what that code stands for since I dont know where that Err.exe utility is located..

We have the latest SP and rollups on all Exch-servers. Our Outlookclients have SP2 with automatic updates..

Although this article is for 2003-products, the symptoms apply to our 2007-environment too; http://support.microsoft.com/kb/826252, although the part with the mails not being readable applies only to mails that have been forwarded from users old GroupWise-accounts, not those being sent,recieved in the new Exchange-environment.


I have very little experience with Exchange and I was wondering if someone will be able to tell me if the following is possible to do and from which version of Exchange if so:

At the server side, I want to be able to look for a specific header is a mail message and then move that mail into a very specific folder in the customer's mailstore. Let's say the message has a header with the following string "X-POTENTIALSPAM". I want to move this into the folder mentioned above.

This will be a new header added to mail and I don't want to hassle the customer with creating a filter on his/her email client. I want to do this on the server.

Would doing something like this be possible in Exchange?


How do I create a new headers option of folder path name in page set up? I
would like to print my emails and have their stored folder location
identified on the printed page. The options are for time, date, page and user
Any suggestions much appreciated

Recently my Outlook 2000 has developed a problem. When I am reviewing my
email and click the "X" to remove and go to the next email, it will freeze
for more than 20 sec. then show the new header with the old email still in
place. If I click the "X" it will depress but during the freeze if you press
it again the next email will be deleted, and not even shown.
The next problem is when replying. It takes a few seconds to load into
reply, then when you stat typing it doesn't show up. I have waited for a
minute to see what I have typed. If I go back to IE and then back to the
reply email the typing will show up but still continue with the long delay.
I have 1 GiG of memory and plenty of CPU.

I uninstalled Outlook and re - installed Office, but the same problem.

Is IE 7 causing the problem? Didn't have it until IE 7 was installed.




My preference is to use the threaded view in OE6.
It might be a wrong setting on user's side, or simply because I have not yet
fully understood the principle of "synchronising."

My default setting is "do not synchronise."

Once a thread does not get any new posts after awhile ( = all read), it
auto-disappears from the list!
However, it always works to reset all and redownload new headers.
Unfortunately, this happens with almost any usenet group and it is about to
get fairly annoying.
Note: the view is set to "Show all news", so this is not the culprit.

I mainly do "auto-synchronising", i. e. I simply click on the name of the
group and the headers are auto-downloaded.

Did anyone notice this behavior too?


I have been having a big problem with Outlook Express hanging while reading
newsgroups. When I first enter one of the newsgroups it will download all
the new headers fine but when I click on the first one it just hangs for
about 2 minutes with the little hourglass spinning and then finally the
message with appear and I can then go on to read the messages with no
problem. If I leave that newsgroup and go to another one the same thing
happens, downloads headers fine but click on the first message and hang for
a couple of minutes.

Also, when I click on the newsgroup and choose "catch up" or "mark all read"
to clean up it will hang for a very long time, sometimes as long as 10
minutes and while doing so I can't do anything in outlook, can't shut down,
disconnect or switch folders.

Can anyone help me out with why this is happening? I do regular maintenance,
compacting and cleaning out but this keeps happening. One time I resolved
the issue by removing the news account and then setting it up again to start
fresh but I'd really rather not have to do this all the time for obvious

thanks, chrissy

Is there a newer version of OE than 6? On this particular laptop I'm
running XP Home. Also, I've always preferred OE as a newsreader over the
other options, eg Agent, Thunderbird, Mozilla, etc. I wonder though if
there is a different way to set OE so that I know when new contributions
have been made to watched threads. I like the way that OE highlights the
name of the newsgroup (turns it bold red) when there is new content, but
this doesn't appear when the cursor is already on that newsgroup name. For
example, I can go to
"microsoft.public.windows.initexplorer.ie6_outlook express" and get all the
new headers. But I don't know if watched threads have new content because
that newsgroup is currently highlighted by the cursor (ie in focus). The
red/bold displaying of the newsgroup name isn't visible unless I've choosen
another newsgroup. Then and only then can I see that a different newsgroup
has new content. I hope that makes sense. Any ideas? Thanks.

I have marked all messages in this newsgroup as read. However, the
newsgroup name for this group in the folder pane still shows in *bold*
and will only return to normal text if I select Catch Up.

If I then synchronise, the newsgroup name becomes *bold* again even when
no new headers have been downloaded.

At present this is only occurring with this one newsgroup.

Any suggestions please.