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A Box with a Red X replaces Pictures imbeded in Email Outlook 200

I am using Outlook 2003 connecting to a Exchange Server on our local lan.

I recieve Emails from other people logged into my Exchange Server, and many
times not always I cannot see the Imbeded pictures. I get no error, no
blocked picture message, and no message to download the picture. All I can
see is the outline of a box teh size the picture should be with a Red X in
the upper left conner.

I can take this same Email and click on Reply or Forward and the Pictures
will become visible on the new copy of the Email I'm about to send out.

This is driving me waco:
Any Ideas???

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I have experienced, with sent and received emails, where the inserted (not
attached) graphic will not display when the email is opened. What is there
instead is a box with a small red X in the upper left corner. It is not a
100% happening though. What causes this and is there a safe way to get around

I am using Outlook Web Access 2003 with Internet Explorer 6 (Windows
XP SP2) at home for reading my business mail. However, I am unable to
send a new message or reply to a message. I keep getting the body of
the email with a box with a red
x in upper left hand corner of the email. I have not been
able to correct. Can anyone help?

after OLK cache reaches a limit (limit unknown) the company logo no longer
appears in Outlook signature and is replaced with red 'X'...that is until I
manually empty OLK. It's as if the temporary Outlook file (OLK) does not
flush and once the Outlook attachments that are cached here reach a limit -
the logo is substituted for a red 'X'. I am suspicious that the user has
multiple attachments open when they close Outlook - therefore building the
size of the cache. Any work around is greatly appreciated.

Outlook 2002. Example: Got a message today from our HR department that had
an informational image embedded in the message body. Everyone else around me
can see the image, but I just have a box with an X in it. How do I fix this.
It started a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!

I am receiving emails where the 1st embedded picture is replace with a red X
and I can not get the picture to display. If the email contains more that
one picture the others display OK.
I have also noticed that this also happens with earlier emails where before
they showed all pictures now the first one is missing.
Is there away to get Outlook to display these embedded picture?
I have not changed any settings in Outlook

they get a winmail.dat attachment or a box with red x in it

using outlook 2000 from office 2000 box has xp sp2

I am remotely accessing work outlook from home, on new compaq laptop. running
vista, microsoft office 2007, and norton 360.I cannot seem to reply to
emails, as small box with red cross appears in corner of reply box,

I can't access the text section of a new message-red x appears in upper left

Hi Guys
When i saved a webpage to my documents , everything is there as should be.
But when i e-mail it to someone the pics are not there. Just a box with red
x in it.
What would cause this, where do i change the setting.
I e-mail it to myself and it has no pics on the webpage.
It is a webpage of how to install windows,with all the pictures of your hard
installing winows, where it gives you the different options.
oh ya i run win xp and use outlook express, but use the msn http mail.

Carl G

I sent a email with jpeg black and white attachment, small compression 190kb.
It went through OK and showed up in the body of the email.

The next one I sent , a box with red X, showed up in the body of the email,
WHY did it not show up in body of email, as the other one sent earlier
did. and the recepient could not open it.

I sent both emails to my self also, same thing as above.

Thanks for your help and time.
Imo G

"Bruce Hagen" wrote:

Are you reading in plain text? Is there a red X instead of the

See these links for information:
Bruce Hagen

"packrat" wrote in message
In Outlook Express 6 I am not able to view pictures in e-mail from
friend...I checked under tools and did not see anything about
images/graphics etc.

Get a box with red x when I try to reply to or compose an e-mail msg in
webmail (accessed via IE7 and Vista). I've seen solutions posted which
recommend going to options in the left task pane and selecting e-mail
security to install or upgrade the s/mime control. However this "e-mail
security" does not appear when I open options.

I get red X instaed of image in email

In receiving some emails with images I will get a blank box with a red X
inside a smaller box instead of the image. Is there a setting I need to
change in order to receive the images every time?

I am using Windows Vista with Microsoft Outlook 2007. A lot of pictures come
through OK, but the occasional pictures come through with a box and a red x
in the left top corner. I have read most questions posted on the site, but
nothing seems to fix the problem. Can this problem be solved.

Kind regards


I changed from melinium to XP and lots of other changes seemed to have
occurred. When I send pictures they now are sent to Microsoft office Express
instead of just outlook express, and no matter what I have tried to do to
change the security settings it won't allow me to send my own pictures to
friends...saying the file may contain a virus. I can't use the directions
for new people as everything is blocked with those little boxes with the red
x's, so I am at a loss unless some kind soul takes pity on me and explains
what I can do.

someone instered a graphic in the body of the message, but I only see a box
and a red x in the upper left corner.

When I try to view sites on the internet I receive a lot of red x's in small
boxes where pictures are suppose to be. I have tried turning of my firewall
but this did not make any changes. I am running XP Pro with SP2 on my
system. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Herb

Later Gator Herb (Chip) & Roxanne

I just upgraded to Office 2010.  I use Outlook for email.  I use a picture in my email signature.  When I try to insert a picture into an email, I get a box with a red x and it says "This image cannot currently be displayed".  I tried with both a .jpeg and a .gif - both of which I used with Outlook 2007 previously.

Just in the last 3 weeks all of my emails that have pictures in them are
showing up with red x boxes instead. When I access the email via the web
browser directly from my email server the email is fine.

I know that Microsoft is making things a bit more secure, but please let us
determine what we would like to see or not see.

So, I can not find anywhere in Outlook 2007 to turn teh viewing of pictures
in emails back on. Please Help.....

ION Solutions Inc.

some of my emails in outlook xp are coming thru with a red "X" in the upper
right hand corner. any suggestions for getting the Picture to come thru and
get rid of the red "X"?

I am using Outlook 2003. My picutures have a red X in the upper corner and
cannot be viewed but if i hit my forward button I can then see the
pictures???? What am I missing?

I am still having trouble in that two of my contacts do not get pictures from
me; they just get the red X in the box. I have Outlook Express 6. Can
somebody help me with this? I can't seem to get any help that works!

Sometimes I get e-mails and instead of showing graphics or pictures, There
was a small square with a red X inside the upper left hand corner.
Could anyone explain this and is there a way to show the graphics or

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Sometimes I get e-mails and instead of showing graphics or pictures, There
was a small square with a red X inside the upper left hand corner.
Could anyone explain this and is there a way to show the graphics or

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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