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Inbox Alert

Looking for an audio alert upon receipt of email from a specific alert. Is
this simple enough to program or is there a third party solution? Advice

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I have created a mailbox and have set the mailbox rights so other users can
access the inbox (File, Open another users folders). But I need to make it so
the user is alerted of new messages, and I would like add the inbox to the
users favorites (Outlook 2003) so they can see how many new messages is in
the inbox. I know what I am trying to do would be accomplished better as a
public folder, but I have an application that also needs access to the
folder(inbox) and the IMAP control I am using cannot access public folders.

In Outlook 2007 I can configure alerts "When a new item arrives in the
Inbox". But strangely if I have a filter that routes a message to another
folder, even if this is a subfolder of the Inbox alert is not played. It
would be ideal if alert is played on every incoming e-mail but just
sub-folders of the inbox would be good enough.

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had received I nelieve through Tech Republic and Inbox notifier that would
permit me to select specific Inbox folders which when a new message eentered
the folder a popup would appear which was persistent and gave me the name of
the message and would allow me to click on the message in the popup and it
would open. It gave the capability of moving the box around, sizing it and
defining as many folders to monitor as desired.

Does anyone know the name of such a program and where it can be found. it is
similar to the new mail notifier from NISTECH but jad more definable


Robert Rudek 206-218-3401

had received I nelieve through Tech Republic and Inbox notifier that would
permit me to select specific Inbox folders which when a new message eentered
the folder a popup would appear which was persistent and gave me the name of
the message and would allow me to click on the message in the popup and it
would open. It gave the capability of moving the box around, sizing it and
defining as many folders to monitor as desired.

Does anyone know the name of such a program and where it can be found. it is
similar to the new mail notifier from NISTECH but jad more definable


Robert Rudek 206-218-3401

I have a number of subfolders under my Inbox folder with rules which dictate emails from certain areas go straight to their nominated folder. The only problem with this is that i now do not get a desktop alert when these emails come in. Given the ad hoc nature of my work, I would like to get such alerts happening. How do i do this?

I have a client with a consistent problem from one offsite email sender. The
sender mails the message. On arrival at my client's, a Desktop Alert is
generated. The message BRIEFLY appears in the Inbox then immediately

If you are quick and click on the Desktop Alert, you receive an Outlook
"Operation failed" message.

This happens with all antivirus (AVG) and all antispyware (Microsoft)
utilities turned OFF.

Most Internet email comes through just fine. But there is at least one
sender who consistently CANNOT send into my client.

Should I backup the PST file, delete the recreate my client's account?

Your MVP input is most appreciated.



Outlook 2003 client. Exchange 2000 on a Windows 2000 server.

How do I create desktop alerts/pop up for generic email inboxes? I want to
see pop up messages when a new message arrives my generic email boxes.

I have Office 2003...

Is it possible to turn on the new message desktop alert for multiple
mailboxes (other than the Inbox)? I tried to create rules for this - such as
alerting whenever I receive a message TO the specific mailbox name (i.e.
Siebel Administration). I even created rules to alert when I receive messages
FROM the users who usually email to that mailbox. When I run the rule after
creating it, I see the alerts pop up in the lower right hand corner. But when
I tested it later, and when the mailboxes received new messages, the alerts
did not work. Please tell me that this is possible. Why would it be designed
to only work with the main Inbox? Thanks!

I am now experiencing (with only two senders, so far) that the sender's reply
to my email is readable in my desktop alert window but disappears from my
Outlook 2003 inbox. My inbox copy of the received reply looks identical to
my original email, but the TO and FROM arguments confirm that it is a reply.
Both senders, like myself, have as our ISP.

Is there a way of getting the new mail alert when mail is delivered via rules
to subfolders within Inbox.
I connect ViaRPC over HTTP to an exchange server and have many subfolders
within Inbox, when mail is delivered to Inbox i get the new mail notification
but when mail is delivered to any subfolders i dont get any notification.
I have looked through all the advanced options within the rules to see if
there is an option but i cant find one.
Thanks in advance

Help! I have another inbox other than my default and I want to set up a mail
desk alert.

Anyone know how the change the "default inbox" that is linked to the Desktop

I have 3 different email addresses (all POP accounts), residing under the
same profile. I created separate .PSTs for each address, and therefore they
each have their own inbox/outbox/sent items/deleted items folders. My primary
email address is linked to the "Personal Folders" .PST, and is set as the
default account for sending mail. However, the Desktop Alerts that keep
appearing are from one of my secondary accounts, an email addy that I only
use for online shopping and therefore receives tons of ads and spam.

Needless to say, I want to be alerted when emails come to my primary
address, not when Best Buy or Old Navy sends me their spam of the day. So how
do I change which inbox is linked to the Desktop Alerts?


Andrea M

currently when i receive a mail in inbox i get alert and the alert sound is played. i have created other folers also. i route the message directly to folders based on sender id. but when i get new message in other folders i am not getting alert. how to turn on alert if new messages are dropped in folders other than inbox?

I too am frustrated about the way this works. I had created a bunch of rules
to organize incoming email messages and couldn't figure out why I was no
longer seeing my new mail notification. Once I found out what was going on, I
had to delete all my rules - very annoying .

The option of having a desktop alert is not practical for me as I often have
to leave me desk or my screensaver goes on and so I cannot see those notices
pop up. I also find it distracting to have popups display when I'm in the
midst of doing something that requires concentration.

This should at least be a toggable option when setting rules. Microsoft???


"nick" wrote:

> I'm a little late joining this discussion, but i would like to voice my
> frustration at this too. I had to turn off all my rules because of this
> little change in the way outlook works . Now i have a horrible unorganised
> inbox but have no choice since i keep missing emails when i dont get the
> new mail envelope in the system tray.
> Would it be so hard to make it an option?
> "RyanC" wrote:
> > I think this is junk. With the application minimized and hidden to the
> > system tray, the envelope icon is a function I relied on heavily to know if
> > new mail has arrived. Why not make it a TOGGLEABLE function, instead of
> > removing the option entirely?
> >
> > Ryan
> >
> > "Diane Poremsky [MVP]" wrote:
> >
> > > unfortunately, outlook doesn't work that way. Instead of using rules to move
> > > messages, you could use search folders to separate them into virtual
> > > folders - or just use the unread search folder instead of relying on the
> > > tray icon.
> > >
> >

My outlook is linked to 2 different inbox's, and I'm trying to find a way to display a desktop alert when I receive an email to my inbox that is not my default inbox.  I tried to add a rule as I found on another page, but it didn't work.  Thanks.

I have multiple email accounts in my Outlook (1 Exchange & 2 IMAP). What I want is for a "new mail" letter icon to appear in my system tray when new mail arrives for any of the inboxes. Right now I only get the new mail alert for new items in my default (Exchange) account's inbox. I can't seem to find a setting for this anywhere.

since last week, we are facing one spam problem
there is a spam name CNN Alerts, it directly delieverd to user inbox,
evertime time it come with different email addrs and diffrent domain name
but subject heading is CNN Alerts or daily top 10
our IMF rating is also high but we r not using any anti spam software
fot the time being we are blocking by creating rule in outlook
can anyone help me how to block it from server side
Thankx & Regards
Abdul Kadir

Greetings, hopefully I've posted this in the correct 'department'!

As a quick and easy work-around the current spam issues we have here, I've set up a simple Rule within 'Rules And Alerts', to permanantly delete emails with certain words in the subjects, with the exception of certain names in the email address of the sender (eg
Now I've created this within Outlook where Exchange is (logged on as Administrator) and imported the rules to my workstation.  Have tested an email from my hotmail account and it deletes it no problems.

When importing these rules to certain other users it only deletes internal emails (if testing with such banned words!) - any external emails are left in their inbox unless running the rules manually.

Is this a rights issue within Exchange, as it works fine with some users and not others, or am I looking in the wrong place?!


Suppose i am user 'A', and i give reviewer permission to my inbox to user 'B'. Can the user 'B' get a new mail alert without opening my inbox explicitly, but her inbox is open?

if yes could you explain how?

I am working with a user who is having difficulties with their inbox and applying rules and alerts and with the Organize functionality of Outlook. The user is reporting that the colors she applies to emails using the Organize Inbox function is not staying and that the rules are not always running.

We are running Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003. We are working on trying to upgrade to Outlook 2010 but we have not gotten to that point yet. The user however does have 124,000 some emails in their inbox. I have suggested that she start deleting emails to clear up a lot of that. We are not using cached exchange mode for the Exchange server settings in Outlook.

So here are my questions:
1. Are their any limits on how many emails can be in a users Exchange Inbox before it becomes an issue for Outlook?
2. If there is a limit for Outlook does the limit change from 2003 to 2010?
3. Do the Rules and Alerts and Organize functionality re-run on the entire inbox every time Outlook is opened?

This email account has been disabled for quite some time... yet I keep getting *thousands* of these undeliverable messages in my admin inbox.  I've checked for forwarding, and even deleted the email account for this user.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Subject:    Administrator Alert: Symantec Mail Security detected a message containing prohibited content                                        (SYM:13216210961045111066)
    Sent:    9/27/2006 6:55 AM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached: on 9/27/2006 6:55 AM
          The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to.  Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address.

After our organization upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010, I no longer get desktop alerts. 'Options' shows that they are enabled, and when I click the Preview button in Desktop Alert Settings the preview appears. But when new messages arrive in my Inbox, I get no desktop alert. Others in our office who were upgraded at the same time don't have that problem. We are on Exchange Server 10.

Any suggestions?

Is there anyway to forward specific email from a public folder to my Inbox? These emails are alerts and need to know in the nick of time of when they come in and I don't want to have to browse the public folder every 5 minutes or so.


I have 2 accounts in my Outlook - a primary work email address(default) and a second one - the supportdesk email of the company I work for(exchange account).
Now I set up sound alerts and a desktop notifications for all mails but it does not work for the second account - When a new message comes in in inbox, I do not get any alerts.

I did some research and apparently Outlook only supports alerts/notifications for the primary account. I tried making the supportdesk the default/primary account but I still do not get alerts for it.

How can I get alerts for the 2nd exchange account(shared mail account)?

Thank you

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