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Have been using Outlook 2007 mail for several weeks - Yesterday, copies of
sent mail stopped being saved in the Sent Items Folder. Checked E- mail
options to see if the box "save copies of messages in Sent Item folder was
checked - it was. First attempt to resolve; unchecked the box, closed
Outlook, reboot the computer, recheck the box and reboot again. Didn't help.
Any ideas?
FYI, in another thread, I'm working on transferring .pst files - it's on a
different computer and nothing to do with this situation.

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How can I use Outlook Express address book in Outlook 2007 mail?

I created a table in Word 2007. I then went to paste it in an email in
Outlook 2007 and I got an error message that Outlook 2007 mail would not
accept the table. Indeed after pasting it all resemblance of a table was

I then pasted the same table in Windows Mail, and it accepted it.

How can I change Outlook 2007 so it accepts a paste of a table?


C:pathOffice12Outlook.exe /select outlook:foldername

Where foldername must be in the default .pst at the root level

"Jeff Granger" wrote:

> Anyone know how to create a desktop shortcut to an Outlook 2007 Mail folder?
> Jeff

I'm trying to copy a Microsoft Excel range (2002) which includes
(potentially) non-text data too, into an Outlook (2007) mail message. The
only way I've been able to do so far is by finding the Outlook message
window, and sending Ctrl+V keystrokes into the application when in focus....
there's surely a better way... anyone got any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,


Is it normal to have 3 Archive Folders in MS Outlook 2007 Mail? Two of the
Archive Folders appear to be empty except for empty sub-folders.

Should empty Archive Folders be deleted? How?

AutoArchive is OFF

Data files and setup migrated from Outlook 2003 several months ago, and
multiple Archive Folders appeared at the time.

Win 7 64-bit. Single user home PC. Not on a LAN. No server. No Exchange.

I'm trying to copy a Microsoft Excel range (2002) which includes
(potentially) non-text data too, into an Outlook (2007) mail message. The
only way I've been able to do so far is by finding the Outlook message
window, and sending Ctrl+V keystrokes into the application when in focus....
there's surely a better way... anyone got any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,


I have recently installed the Office 2007 Beta2 and I have hit a snag. While
in Outlook & Contacts, I selected a few contacts and started the mail merge
process by going to Tools/Mail Merge. The mail merge helper opens and I
simply clicked ok, but I get an error message of "word was unable to open the
data source". I have already updated my Outlook PST file to be that of the
latest version.

Side note: If I perform the mail merge from Word 2007 (going to Outlook
2007), the process is flawless.

Thank you,
Randy Holt
FTC - Technology Director

So how do you stop Outlook 2007 ( Word mail editor ) duplicating CRLFs when
sending e'Mails ?


How do I stop the Outlook 2007 ( Word Editor ) Replacing three Hyphens
( --- ) with a line ?

( There is a reason three Hyphens were used before a signature in e'Mails. )


How can I display the following 3 columns when opening Outlook 2007? Mail,
Inbox and Monthly Calendar? The tools/options/other/advanced options/startup
this folder Only allows for one view.

All of my Outlook 2007 mail has started going to my junk mail folder.
Sometimes there are 2 of the same e-mail. I receive no mail in my Inbox. I
have the senders in my safe senders list, and have no rules set. The
senders are not in my Blocked Senders list. The Junk e-mail protection is set
to Low. This problem just started happening, and these are addresses I've
been using for years. Any suggestions on why this started happening, and
what I can do to resolve the problem?
Thank you,

Can anybody confirm for me that you do (or do not) need the same version of Word as Outlook (like Word 2007 and Outlook 2007) to be able to do Mail Merge from Outlook?

I think this was true for Outlook 2003.

Also, is it possible to add the Business Contact Manager to Outlook 2003? I haven't seen a way to buy it separately, but would like to. We have Outlook 2003 on our workstations now, but a few sales people would like the BCM added on...



Please can you assist with the following:

After I open an e-mail in outlook 2007 the command do not repsonds. I am
able to do anything withe mail items except close outlook. This happens on
all mail.

Thank you in advance.

Hi all,

Outlook 2007/XP Home (with all the latest patches) continues to baffle
me. This time the problem is as follows: I have a rule that copies
emails from an IMAP account to the Inbox of a different PST. When an
email comes in I see it in Search Folders > Unread Mail which tells me
that it is in the Inbox folder (where I expect it to be), but I don't
see it in the Inbox folder sometimes for hours or after a shut-down
and restart of Outlook. Of course, if I double-click the email in the
Unread Mail folder, then it magically appears in the Inbox folder.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions as to possible causes of the


May i know some information about the Outlook 2007 Mail Filter same as below

Apply this rule after the message arrives from people or distribution list
and sent to people or distribution list
move it to the specified folder

Change to

Apply this rule after the message arrives from people or distribution list
> sent to people or distribution list
move it to the specified folder

What should i do, How to change and -> to in the Mail Filter


Hello would like some advice/help please

I am using Outlook 2007 , Excel 2007, Word 2007.

I have a spreadsheet that i use to keep around 300 records on a clubs
membership. I would like to send them their renewal/update letters via
Before I was aware that Outlook had a Mail Merge facility I had already
prepared the letters using Word 2007 and Mail Merge.

Can this be done in Outlook, ie; send out 300 individual Emails with each
members own details merged from Excel on the Email, but with me only
actually producing one master template with multiple fields linked to a data
source(Excel), like i have done in Word ?

So far, I have imported all the Email addresses from each members record in
Excel, into Outlooks Contacts and made a distribution list

Now, using that Distribution list how do I produce an individual Email to
each of the addresses on that list with merged data.

I have looked for some tutorials on Google but not seen anything that seems
to do what i want. Maybe i have missed something obvious here or maybe it
cant be done, either way i have reached a mental impasse !

Hope this all makes sense if not i can provide more info

I am open to all offers of advice,suggestions, workarounds etc !

I'm off to work now so wont be able to check back here until tonite, but
thanks for your time in advance


I have added a hotmail account in Outlook 2007 using outlook connecter and
would like the Mail Desktop Alert to show whenever I receive new email for
this account. In the options menu I've noticed the alert will only show for
the default inbox. Does anyone know a way round this so the alert shows for
this hotmail account and any future ones I may add?

Any help is much appreciated.

Jay :-(


Since upgrading to Vista and Outlook 2007 I have a nuisance problem with
sending email.

If I create an email and send it it goes into the OutBox to wait for me to
manually Send/Receive. In the outbox the message sits in italics with a date
and time in the Sent field. When I Send/Receive the message sends and moves
to the Sent folder. This is GOOD.

Unfortunately however, if my cursor highlights an email waiting in the
OutBox or I read an email sitting in my OutBox then that message immediately
changes from Italic to Normal and the Sent field changes to NONE. At this
point I can do nothing to get the email ready to send and it just sits there
in the OutBox over time doing nothing. If I Open the Mail and then Send it
the text remains Normal and the Sent Field stays NONE.

The only way I can get the message sent is to Copy the text - start a new
message - past text and then send the new message. This new message will
then be in italics with a date and time in the sent field.

This is v. Frustrating...Any ideas


I used an Office Enterprise 2007 edition I got from work and established my
Comcast mail in Outlook 2007. I had to start over on a new drive because I
could no longer boot. I was unable to reinstall Office Enterprise 2007 so I
bought Office Standard 2007. Now I am trying to re-establish my Outlook 2007
but do not know where to find the mail files to import? I did not create
..pst files yet and my previous drive is intact. Please help!

I just began using outlook and set it up for mail. I receive mail with no
problem, however, when I try to send an email, it does not send. I called COX
to be sure I had the right POP and STP.

There does not seem to be a troubleshooting section in Outlook 2007.

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

How can I move mail files from Applre Mail (OS 10.4) to Outlook 2007

I have discovered an issue with Outlook 2007. If a user clicks on a mailto
link with Outlook already open from a web page the new mail form opens, but
the user is unable to attach a file to this new email. The attachment button
is grayed out. If the user closes Outlook and clicks on the same link, they
are able to send the email with an attachment. Is there a resolution or
workaround for this? Thanks.

I am using Outlook 2007 with and can receive mail, but not send.

I use the following settings in the boxes:

Incoming and outgoing mail servers both are

Box for "require login using Secure password Authentication (SPA)" is

Box for "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" is CHECKED and
the radio button "use same settings..." is marked

Under advanced settings
"Incoming server (POP3)" is set to 110 and "encripted settings (SSL) is

"Outgoing server (SMTP)" is set at 25 and "encripted connection" is set at

Anyone have ideas on how to send?

I have been having real problems being able to read mail on my PDA which
runs Outlook 2002 or 2003. It can read the subject of mail and give me the
attachments with the beta version of Office Outlook 2007 but cannot read the
body of the text. It is strange, since i can sync calendar and contacts
without any problems.

I have tried to use a more uptodate version of Active Sync which hasn't
helped. I am looking for some sort of compatibility mode for Outlook as there
is in word, but can't seem to find it.

Thanks, Alex.

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