blocked emails with pdf attachment

i am having new emails from customers i've never received emails before,
blocked by outlook when they have pdf files attached.

this is my main source of business, i must get new clients with pdf
attachments without any disruption.

any help would be appreciated.

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We're running Windows Server 2003 SP2 and using built-in IIS SMTP and POP3
Service to relay emails.

One of our customers has Windows 2000 SP4 with Outlook 2003 SP1 and he
experiences a weird problem when he sends out emails with attachments to our
1) emails with no attachment come through ok
2) emails with TXT attachments come through ok
3) emails with ZIP attachments come through ok
4) emails with PDF attachments come through ok
5) emails with PNG attachments will not be received by our POP3 Service
6) emails with GIF attachments will not be received by our POP3 Service
7) emails with JPG attachments will not be received by our POP3 Service

So there is no error whatsoever and POP3 Service will just ignore the emails

There is more:

a) If customer requests a delivery receipt he gets notification that the
email was delivered and relayed successfully.
b) The customer claims he is able to send all kinds of attachments to anyone
except us and never had any problem with his emails missing or being
undelivered with other servers.

I don’t understand who’s problem is this; his with Outlook or our with
built-in POP3 Service (although we are able to receive all kinds of
attachments from everyone else).

I hope someone would be able to help…

Since about 2 weeks ago, when I send an email with certain attachments it
leaves my computer O.K. but does not arrive at the recipient. After
conducting many tests it seems it does not matter which type of file or the
size. For example, one pdf file will send/receive O.K. another pdf will not.
Nor does it seem to matter who the recipient is. I've disabled my AV for
outgoing mail but no difference. I'm using XP pro sp2 and Outlook 2002.
This seems to have happened after my last critical update. This is causing
many problems as most of my work is sent as pdf's and I need to be confident
my clients are receiving them. Please advise.

I have an issues of sending emails to several different companies with attachments over 500kb. When I send an email with an attachment to one of five companies, the email will sit in my mail servers queue for hours and or 2 days. But if I send the same email with my Yahoo account, it will be delivered to the problem company within seconds. When I send an email with no attachment to the same 5 companies, the email is delivered fast with no problems. Now I can send large attachments all day to 300 other companies with no problems. And even one of the companies I was sending the email, used a different ISP and address and my mail server sent the email with the 3meg attachment in 2 seconds. I feel that my mail server is ok, but it is next to impossible to explain to management what the problem is. Most of the companies I am having the problem with have a baracuda spamware device. We worked with one company and my firewall guy did a TCPDUMP and captured the transfer. It shows we made the connection to their email server. But instead of sending the data in bursts of 64K it was down to 5K. Thus making a 300kb email attachment take 9 hours to deliver.
Another piece to this large puzzle is a few months ago, my mail server was on the blacklist. We quickly fixed the problem of the open relay and was cleared. Between making our email server have a "tarpit" and taking that off and being blacklisted, all these problems started after all of that.
Any help on this would be so greatly appreciated. I have been working on this and researching for months. I have worked with all 5 companies and each them have a different mail setup. Some have the baracuda, some don't. I have asked them about bandwidth shaping, but then wouldn't my Yahoo be slow as well? I checked on Virus scans and we do not have that on our server. I really think the real problem has to do with the email burst of only 5K, but why?

I'm having trouble understanding something, maybe someone out there can
help me see the light.

We use to send out plain/text emails with PDF attachments to our
customers. In the last month we've gone to an HTML formatted email,
same PDF. What's happening though is some of the users are reporting
that the PDFs are being converted to ATT...Txt files. Screen shots
show that the emails look as they should in the right HTML format, but
the pdf files are in fact txt file. The users can save the txt files
as PDF and they are read fine using Acrobat Reader.

What I'm trying to pin down is where the problem is. When I send the
same email to any of my email accounts, the email looks good and the
attachments come thru fine. So I'm thinking there is a problem on the
clients side (y/n?) If the prob lies with the client what do they need
to do to fix this? Can I fix this on my end without messing up the
email look/format? I've attached to code we use, maybe someone can
look at it and see something.

Thanks in Advance..

Set oMail = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
With oMail
.HTMLBody = pHTMLHeader & pHTMLBody & pHTMLFooter


= pSendUsingPickup


= mRunOptions.SMTPServer


= mRunOptions.SMTPServerPort


= mRunOptions.PickUpPath


= mRunOptions.SMTPConnectTimeout

.BodyPart.ContentMediaType = "multipart/mixed"
.BodyPart.Charset = "utf-8"

.Subject = "Report Notification"
.From = ""
.To = ""

.AddAttachment (App.Path & "logo.gif")

'Loop thru the PDF/XLS attachments
For pAttachIdx = 1 To .Attachments.Count
.Attachments(pAttachIdx).ContentTransferEncoding = "base64"
Next pAttachIdx

End With

Receiving Outlook 2010 Email with Excel attachment. I see the bar moving - receiving the email. Once bar is complete - email does not show up anywhere: inbox, junk or deleted. This only happens with email that have Excel attachments with macro's, etc... Does NOT happen with plain Excel attachments - those email come through fine. How do I tell Outlook security to let ME decide if the email & attachment is secure - without even giving me a notice???

Each week we have to send multiple emails with multiple attachments from
Word, Excel and PPT. Is there a way to automate this in a template or macro
in Outlook? (I am not a programmer.)

I was wondering if anyone knows how to create a rule in Outlook that looks
for emails with .gif attachments and transfers them to the junk mail or
deleted folder. Many spammers pushing prescription drugs or stock picks are
embedding their messages in .gif attachments where they can't be text

How do I send mail with pdf attachment from a scanner?

I am using Outlook 2003 on an XP box. When trying to send emails with large
attachments the email seems to send but still sits in the outbox. The
recipient will receive the email with attachment multiple times - sometimes
upwards of 15-20 times. I am wondering if there is a threshold as to the
size and number of attachments that can be sent? Also wondering how to
correct this so it does not continue to happen. I find it happens most
commonly with picture (.bmp) files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is there any way to block emails with foreign language text in Outlook 2002?
Most of my spam is Russian, I think. I also have Norton Anti-Spam as part of
the Internet Security package but I don't see how to block foreign language

I have problem transmitting out-going email with file attachment. File
attachment could be as small as 1 or 2 MB and I could not transmit out.
Without attachment, there is no problem.

However, when I use the Mail Hosting Channel in Singapore (Singtel) via Web
site, there is no problem in transmitting the email with file attachment.

I only find this problem when I try to send direct out from Microsoft Outlook.

Please advice.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Running Outlook 2000 under Vista. Can't properly receive emails with pdf
attachments - the pdf comes through embedded into the email itself, shows up
as pages of gibberish. The same email comes through properly to other
computers in our office. Anyone know of any settings that could be adjusted
to fix this problem?

Can you reply to emails with old attachments still in email? Whenever I
reply to messages the attachments dissapear.

I am having a problem sending emails with large attachments using Outlook
2003. My ISP says I can send emails with attachments up to 10mb but the 7mb
attachment I am trying to send will not go through. I have read other posts
relating to anti-virus software and have unchecked the box relating to
scanning outgoing mail but this has not made any difference. I have also
redone the email account to check for any configuration issues but have not
found anything remiss. My computer is up-to-date with all Microsoft updates.
I am using Trend Micro Internet Security, but even disabling this does not
help. Any ideas on how I could fix this would be greatly appreciated. Ive.

Hi All,

All of the sudden I cannot send any email with an attachment.
Sending an email without an attachment is no problem.

The email with the attachment isn't that big, only 2 kb.
Sending the email, the progress bar will stick at 50%.
If I am lucking I am getting an error message like 0x800040601.
But it's not enough to get into the problem.

The emails just stay in the outbox.

Any idea what is going on?
I have Microsoft OneCare as Virusscanner.

Thanks in advance.


Having this problem across several PCs, some emails with Excel attachments
are disappearing when Outlook 2k3 receives them. If I send one of these
Excel files (some go through fine, some don't), I can check the mail logs on
our sendmail server, it is received, delivered to the recipients e-mail box,
and I can view it in Webmail and download the attachment as long as Outlook
hasn't tried to receive the email. Once Outlook receives the email, it
deletes it from the server and it never appears in on the client machine.
No filters in place on the recipient PC, other emails from the same sender
go through fine. Several of the .xls files are derived from the same
template file, some go through, some don't. Several of these .xls files
have macros in them, but they are macros that we've generated in house.

To recap since the message is kind of long.

1. Send email containing offending Excel file.
2. Check mail server, logs show mail delivered to recipients mailbox
3. Check recipient's webmail, message exists
4. Outlook send/receive - No new messages
5. Check webmail, message is gone
6. Check mail logs, number of messages delivered - 1 of 1, messages
deleted - 1
Mail's gone - Poof!?

Hope someone besides me has seen this and has an answer.

Benjamin Jennings
Stedman Machine Company

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I would greatly appreciate it if there were to be a download progress meter
like IE in outlook. I also would appreciate it if Outlook didn't lock up
while downloading emails with large attachments. I use Hotmail premium as my
email provider.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane. orms

My client messaging software is outlook 2000. It connects to a single
Exchange 2000 server with about 250 users. All has been fine for about three
years up until now.
When a user receives an email with an attachment 300K outlook becomes very
unresponsive until it finally opens after about 30sec. Internal emails are
OK, it seems only when they are received from an external source.

Tried So far.
I have disable Sophos antivirus on Server and PC. Stopped Sophos purmessage.
Restarted services, and also rebooted the server. Paine preview, journaling
off etc

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Did you ever find a solution from MS?? My guess is not. This is a very
frustrating issue caus I can't get anything done when it's locked up.


"James Dedon" wrote:

> I would greatly appreciate it if there were to be a download progress meter
> like IE in outlook. I also would appreciate it if Outlook didn't lock up
> while downloading emails with large attachments. I use Hotmail premium as my
> email provider.
> ----------------
> This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
> suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
> Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
> link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
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> ?mid=193bf043-b24c-415b-9049-b39cb71988cb&dg=microsoft.p ublic.outlook.program_forms