incorrect email address

Outlook 2003,
I send an email with an attachment 'to' person A and 'copy'it to person B
and person C.
It turns out that person A's email was incorrect and I get a failed delivery
Does this mean that the email was still delivered to persons B and C
(assuming their addresses were correct)
In other words when I resend the email to person A, should I remove persons
B and C, or should I resend to everyone.

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Got a weird one here. We're using Exchange 2003, and Outlook 2003 and
the web client.

On some emails that I receive, that have been sent to multiple
recipients, when the email is opened all the recipient's email address
have been changed so that they all have the same domain as the sender.

Example: Mail sent from to,,, and to me. When I open the email, the
email names are displayed as,, and This happens if I'm using the outlook client or the web
interface. If I try to do a "reply all", the incorrect email addresses
are used.

If I look at the Mime data, the correct email address are there.

Has anybody run across this before? It doesn't happen on all emails,
and I've been unable to figure out what makes some emails work and some
not work.


Hi all,

We have around 2000 users that have the incorrect email addresses format with the same domain suffix due to bad email policy that set.

How we do we bulk delete the incorrect email addresses apart from the default primary address?

Any help would be great.



old or incorrect email addresses come up as suggestions with similar or
corrected addresses. Can I remove those I don't want as suggestions?

Hi There,

Wondering if anyone can help.
I have a database etc and I have created code to extract all email addresses, this workls great.
All I do is copy into Microsoft Outlook.
But my question is, In outlook etc if you insert the address into the send field, it underlines if correct,
Is it possible to insert a colour for instance if email address is incorrect?
The reason I'm asking is if you have say 500 email addresses it is quite difficult
to say if all the email addresses are underlined.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

We're running SBS 2K and using Exchange for Emails. Can anyone tell me how you redirect emails that have been sent to the wrong email address to a valid one. For instance, if we have an email address and someone emails how do we redirect it?

I don't know if that is explained very well. I'm not an expert in Exchange, but I've been asked to see if I can sort this out.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be most appreciated.



I receive messages from junk mail which do not even have the correct
configuration of my email address. The address contains wrong digits and it
still gets into my inbox. How do I stop this?

I'm using Office Professional 2007.

When I start typing an email address in the TO line, several old incorrect
email address suggestions come up.

I have tried deselecting the advanced e-mail option "suggest names while
completing To, CC, and Bcc fields". When I chose that, then nothing comes
up including my good addresses.

Is there any way to delete incorrect email addresses from that list of

Thanks your help!

My email adress used to be of the format, where X is the initial of my first name, ABC is my surname. I
moved house and the supplier made me change my email address to i.e. my email address now omits the last letter of my

However, when I send emails the address given for me is the original. If
some one replies to this email it doesn't get delivered as the address
doesn't exist. What do I have to change in Outlook so that the 'From' address
is corrected?

Many thanks

when i reply to an email outlook sends it to the wrong address. from time to time people change their email addresses and so I go and edit the contact list with the new address. so one would expect things to work fine from there on. but NO! outlook remebers the old address which now does not work any more. (the old address has been deleted from the contact list). any new message that i reply to, from that peson with a new email address goes to the old address.
how do i delete the old email address from outlook, it is obviously sitting in a memory somewhere?

I’m using Outlook 2003 and have a problem with an incorrect email address
being used for one of my contacts. The address is correct in the when I look
at the Outlook Properties for the entry, but when the email is sent an
incorrect email address is used.

I’ve reset the nickname and automatic completion cache, but the problem

How do I do I correct the address for this contact?

My contacts display fine in the contacts folder and the details seem fine
but if I right click on a contact and choose "New message to contact" I
receive the error:
"Error creating new message! This may be caused due to an incorrect email
address or an invalid name for a distribution list". This happens with every
name in my contacts folder, yet they all seem fine!
If I choose new mail and then click on the "To" button and select a contact
only a semicolon appears in the "To" box.
I have tried removing the address book and readding it but it makes no
Any suggestions

Outlook 2002

In Outlook 2007 when I type teh first character of a person's email address
in the To: or Cc: box Outlook offers me a list of those I have used before.
How do I edit or turn off this list - it unfortunately contains some old or
incorrect email addresses?

I want to cancel an email address that appears in the choice list shown when
creating a new email.

I want to cancel an email address that appears in the choice list shown when
creating a new email.

Hello I just tried to get my email  back after reinstalling Windows

I didn't realize that when setting up the account that I should have entered a windows or

hotmail acct- I entered my new yahoo email address and now I am unable to continue to

 continue the process to see if 1. I now have my email set up. (unable to send a test email

because the email info was entered wrong) I tried to have it reset but the email is locked and I

am unable to change it to a windows or hotmail  login or email - this is the information that I

getting in the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector- it is asking for my email (  I unknowingly

entered as (yahoo email which was the wrong one to enter)  when I click on forgot my

password it brings me to the Windows Live reset window ( which already has my nurseu313

email and asks me to enter my email - it does not work  because the wrong email was used

initially used.

Microsoft Outlook Cannot open your default email folders.  The file

C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/Microsoft/OutlookDataFile.nst is not an Outlook data file (.ost).

the slashes are actually forward slashes i beleive but I couldnt find the button for the forward


I have tried my best to give you all the possible info so that it would make the process easier

for you to assist me... I help it has helped and not made it more a complicated task for you.

Please help me and contact me  as soon as possible- i am most anxious to get this issue

resolved so that i can start reusing my email as that was already a short lived experience..

Thanks in Advance for help in this matter.

HTC Fuze (aka HTC Touch Pro) with EnergyROM 24.Dec.2009 WWE Windows Mobile 6.5 build 21885.5.0.95.

After upgrading from the stock AT&T WM6.1 ROM to a stable EnergyROM, I configured my corporate Exchange email account. Sync works fine. But when creating a new message in Outlook Mobile, the "from" address is incorrect. My address should be Instead, it shows I examined my Active Directory record through Outlook 2007 GAL. It includes eight SMTP addresses that have been used over the past 15 years, through an acquisition and eventual migration from Notes. This d244d55 address is not the first listed, but is coincidentally the first alphabetically.

I sent a test message to various other email accounts and the "from" shows properly, so the Exchange server must be substituting my correct email address. But this is annoying and I would like to fix it. I cannot find any way to configure the "from" address for my Exchange connection configured through ActiveSync. I searched the registry and the only place dd244d55 appears follows. I deleted the dd244d55 address from this value, soft-reset, but still no joy. I did confirm that dd244d55 is no longer in the registry.

Key: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftActiveSyncPartners
Value: Email Address
Data:[list of SMTP addresses separated by semicolons]

How do I fix this? Consider directing me to a better forum since this is certainly not Raphael specific. Unfortunately searching for resolution is handicapped because the word "from" is overused. Thanks for your assistance.

When I send e-mail, my email address is incorrect in from line

How do you delete an incorrectly typed email address from showing up in the
auto-completion list? (I do not have it in my address book... only typed it
in wrong once but it still pops up now when entering the first x characters
of the email address).

I'm using Outlook 2003

So I have, say, Sandy in my contacts book.
Her email is SW@......
Later her email changes to SAW@......
I make the change in my contacts.

But when I'm creating a new email and I start to type "Sandy..." in the TO
field, it still finds the old "SW@..." address. Why?

How can I delete that old & incorrect address forever?

(Without starting from scratch and loosing all my old email?)