Winfax pro 10.02 and outlook 2003 Integration

I want know if it's possible integrate winfax 10.02 version in outlook 2003.
Must i install the update 10.03? I use winfax in italian language and there's
not an update in italian language


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Outlook 2002 is hanging up constantly. After sedning error report, "How to
integrate WinFax Pro 10.02 and Outlook 2002 on a limited basis" opens
automatically. None of the suggestions work. I don't have Winfax Pro
installed and never have. I have the latest version of Norton installed.

OS Windows XP; Foxfire or IE7.
For the past month, shortcut links do not bring up Outlook 2003, and I have
to reboot. This may occur every 30 minutes
Even when into Outlook, cannot send/receive without reboot.
Got a message from Symantec (once) yesterday that WinFax PRO 10.02 ave, or
know about, WinFax, and have divorced myself from Symantec anyway.
Might upgrading to Outlook 2007 be an answer?

I use Outlook 2000 on my Windows 98 Desktop and Outlook 2003 on my Windows
XP Pro Laptop.

I can sync my current Visor Neo using either PC and all is GOOD.

Now, I am considering the purchase of a new handheld which will ne sync
software and will be incompatible with Windows 98.

There will not be a problem setting up the new handheld on the Win XP PC but
I will not be able to sync with my old Handheld.

Is there a way to keep my Outlook 2002 PST file updated with new data
entered into Outlook 2003 without a sync (which won't be possible)?

Thanks in advance,


I use Outlook 2000 on my Windows 98 Desktop and Outlook 2003 on my Windows
XP Pro Laptop.

I can sync my current Visor Neo using either PC and all is GOOD.

Now, I am considering the purchase of a new handheld which will ne sync
software and will be incompatible with Windows 98.

There will not be a problem setting up the new handheld on the Win XP PC but
I will not be able to sync with my old Handheld.

Is there a way to keep my Outlook 2002 PST file updated with new data
entered into Outlook 2003 without a sync (which won't be possible)?

Thanks in advance,


When I installed the exchange 2007 SP1 to coexist with Ex2003, I selected the typical install.  The setup process didn't ask me if I have outlook 2003 and later versions in the network.  I know this option is available if you selected custom install.  We have Outlook 2003 clients on the network.  How can I enable support for these clients.  Is there any registery configuration I need to make?  What really happens when you select "yes" to the question?

My second question is what exactly does the client access server (CAS) role do? I get different answers from articles in this forum and Microsoft's technet.  Assuming I don't need OWA, mobile activesynch,POP3, IMAP and outlookanywhere, do I still need CAS role?  Does Outlook 2007 and Outloo2003 need CAS for MAPI RPC? I would assume I only need Mailbox role for outlook RPC.  What about the certificates now that exchange 2007 secures all traffics between clients?  Do I need to manually install client certs in each workstations with outlook 2007 and outlook 2003?

I am sorry but I don't see articles addressing these issues on 


I have one user who's OWA and Outlook 2003 Calendar entries not in sync.  The time zones are the same but some of the Calendar entries do not have the same times on both Calendars.  I have moved the user's mailbox to a different storage group but that did not resolve it.

Would you know of a resolution?

hi!..first sorry for my english
I would like an help form all of you, in our company we had an architecture with exchange 5.5 and some of collegues received a lot of spam. They ask our ICT superboss and he told us that we need to install outlook 2003 and we'll resolve 90% of our problem?...
is it true that with exchange 5.5 and outlook 2003 we resolve our problem? seems me strange.....tanks....

Outlook has been freezing ever since I re-installed WinFax Pro 10 (connected
to Outlook). Is there any way to correct this?

I am running Outlook 2003 SP2. I had 2 COM addins, PocketKnife Peek and PDF
Converter 4.0, installed and everything was working fine. Yesterday I
installed WinFax Pro 10.0 and Outlook started hanging. I had to kill it
from the task manager. Upon restarting it would pop up a dialog box
complaining about one of the addins and ask me if I wanted to disable it. I
clicked Yes. After several restarts I had all the addins disabled and
Outlook would now run. Then I decided the most likely culprit for the
problems was WinFax so I removed it with Add Remove programs. Rebooted.

Now when I go into Outlook->Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->COM
Add-Ins, I can check the checkbox next to PocketKnife Peek and PDF Converter
but after clicking OK all the way out exiting Outlook, restarting Outlook
these addins don't work and are no longer checked. It seems that I can't
enable these addins from the COM addin menu. Is there a registry key or
something else that I need to edit to re-enable my addins?

Is there a difference between Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003? I only use
Outlook to send and receive email messages. I do not use any other features
(calendar, contacts) in Outlook. Thanks.

when i open outlook 2003 and select mor imap e-mail account (aol) the send
receive program runs the first two action are completed within seconds.
however since i upgraded to vista. the action: folder: inbox
check for new mail. will run and run run some time it will completed. but
most time i have to close outlook and re open it. when the send/recieve
action runs again all action are done with a minute or less.

this did not happen with XP and outlook 2003.

Hi All,

Is there any possibility to keep both outlook 2007 and outlook 2003(Office 2007 and office 2003) in the same machine?

Thanks & Regards

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I have successfully synced my tasks and calendar between Outlook 2003 and
Yahoo. I have also forwarded emails from Yahoo to Outlook so I am getting
the incoming emails but if I send an email, it does not sync.

Is there a way to sync both incoming and outgoing emails between Yahoo and
Outlook 2003?

Also, I am using the Business Contact Manager in Outlook. Yahoo is only
syncing with the personal contacts, not the business contacts. Is there a
way to sync Yahoo and my Business Contacts?

I have multiple users in a mixed environment of Outlook 2000 and Outlook
2003. I have a user who has an Iphone and is loosing meeting requests. It
also seems like there is a problem with delegated access and Outlook 2000 and
Outlook 2003. My question is should all clients be at the Outlook 2003 level?
Also, are there any known issues with the Iphone? Please advise...

I've confirmed and reported issues to Microsoft in my environment with the
Microsoft 928388 Daylight savings patch and Outlook 2003 appointments, where
they appear time shifted one hour, when viewed on a computer with Outlook
2003 with the patch and a computer with Office 2003 without the patch. The
same is true when viewing appointments on Outlook 2003 with the patch and
Outlook XP (regardless of patch level).

Appointments appear offset by an hour for the time period in March affected
by the advance in daylight savings time, but I suspect more issues to be at
play, and I'm still looking into this. I would suggest holding off any
further deployment for as long as is necessary, or at least until Microsoft
can report the full ramifications of this patch in a mixed environment and
release a warning (or better yet, pull the patch and releasing one without
these effects).

A quick test to see this would be to create a 12 noon repeating appointment,
running from Jan 1, 2007 to Dec 31, 2007 and view the same mailbox calendar,
especially around the DST "adjustment" period, March 11 to April 1, 2007, and
you'll also see differences between an unpatched 2003 Client (or Outlook XP)
and a Outlook 2003 client on a patched Windows XP machine. There is no
Windows 2000 patch I'm yet aware of, so I couldn't test that OS scenario.

To err on the side of caution, all clients connecting to the same mailbox
should be on the same Office Version AND the same patch level to view correct
appointment times, and all clients connecting to the same mailbox should all
be updated at the same time.

The Exchange Server Message Store contains calendar items in
Zulu/UTC time, and I believe time translation is done at the client level,
within the OS (hence the effect of the patch) and can also be done within
Outlook's time zone setting option (which may well prove to need its own

I'm been made aware of a tool Microsoft is developing to run against the
desktop Outlook client to correct daylight savings time appointment issues. I
understand this tool will be similar to a new feature contained within
Outlook 2007. The Calendar item I'm seeing seems specific to Outlook 2003 AND
the Windows XP 928338 patch, and not to Outlook XP regardless of the patch.
However, I can't see how a tool would work, given the confusion some of us
are seeing when appointments are changed by several people, on different
Outlook versions, and different computers with, and without, the 928388 patch.

Blackberry device calendars and their impact upon Outlook also seem to be
affected to a different degree, and RIM informed me they are working on a
patch, expected in late January. I wonder how/if Windows Mobile is affected,
and what impact the 928388 patch may have upon those client's Outlook
clients' and calendar syncing.

For now, I'm advising all my clients to type the time of an appointment
into the appointment subject line, and am eagerly waiting for corrective
action from Microsoft.


Mike Dimyan

Our company uses Exchange and a mixed group of Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007

How can I share a Contacts folder that is not my main Contacts folder?

If I create a subfolder and send a Share Invitation to an Outlook 2003 user
they are unable to open the Contacts folder regardless of what permissions I
provide them (even Owner persmissions). They can see the folder but cannot
see the contacts. See KB:

We followed the instructions to no avail.

So then I tried to create a shared contacts folder in Windows Sharepoint
Services 2.0. Well, it seems that I am unable to import contact into WSS
2.0. I can link to the contacts folder but I would have to enter all of the
contacts manually.

So, my question is: What is the best way to share a contact list between
Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003 users? A list where either type of user can
view, add, modify etc.


I recently when from using Outlook Express to Outlook 2003.
The problem I'm having is every time I recieve e-mails I get some both in my
Outlook Express and Outlook 2003. I only want to be using Outlook 2003. What
should I do? Please advise. thanks!

Hi all.

I can get objects in MAPI from OOM (Outlook Object Module) using this way:

// Application from IDispatch
CComQIPtr Outlook::_Application spApp(Application);
CComPtr Outlook::_NameSpace spNameSpace;
_bstr_t bstrType("MAPI");
spApp-GetNamespace(bstrType, &spNameSpace);
CComPtr IMAPISession spMAPISession;
CComPtr IUnknown spUnknown;
spUnKnown-QueryInterface(IDD_IMAPISession, (void **)&spMAPISession);

I wander whether I can have the same way to get Outlook 2003 Integration
API, for example, to get IOlkAccountManager.

Thank you.

I want OWA and Outlook 2003 to be sync'd up so that if I open/send a message
in either client, both of them will reflect these actions. Is this possible?
I have some users that will use Outlook 2003 in the office, but sometimes
use OWA when they are away (i.e on vacation, travelling on business, etc).
What is the best way to configure these clients? I am using MS Exchange 2003
Server and have it configured to use POP3 as well as IMAP. Any suggestions
would be appreciated.