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Clicking tasks Icon crashes my outlook

My outlook has been working fine for 2 years. Today for some unknown reason
when I click on the tasks shortcut or any other file /menu /tasks link the
Outlook crsahes. All other shortcuts work fine as normal and I can also
access the tasks via the outlook today page.

I have opened it in safe mode and still crashes. I have made a new XP
profile (I'm on XP Home) and imported just the tasks pst which I backed up
and this has worked fine. I want to just somehow restore my previous profile
as this has been specifically customnised over time.

Does anybody feel they can help.

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I recently try to download internet explorer 7 beta 2 and it totally crashed
my outlook 2000 and my outlook microsoft express, when I go into my outlook
2000 it said's folder can not open and also on outlook express I recieve my
messages but I can not click on the links when I do it takes me to a folder
name nt do not know whats's that and in that folder none of those file open
if some one can please help me Thanks. You can contact me at my e-mail

In the contact form there are some standard immages or icons. Like a
telephone and a house and a person.

Now I like to place a new image or icon into a new to design form. I use the
Control Toolbox and click on Image. I want to have an icon into my form which
I downloaded from MS icons. How can I do this? I rightclick on the image but
can't customize neither load the icon safed. What do I do wrong?

Sorry for my English, I am A Dutchman living in France.

Thank you for your help onthis subject,

In the contact form there are some standard immages or icons. Like a
telephone and a house and a person.

Now I like to place a new image or icon into a new to design form. I use the
Control Toolbox and click on Image. I want to have an icon into my form which
I downloaded from MS icons. How can I do this? I rightclick on the image but
can't customize neither load the icon safed. What do I do wrong?

Sorry for my English, I am A Dutchman living in France.

Thank you for your help onthis subject,

My Outlook 2007 (with BCM) Crashed when going to 'Tasks'. Can anyone please help with this?


I use the to do list on the right sidebar of my Outlook views. I include the "completed" icon as a column. I used to click the icon on a task line to mark it complete. Now, nothing happens. How do I make the icon functional again. 


I hadn't seen this happen before, but now my Microsoft Outlook is running on
my taskbar apparently when it's not even opened (closed off the program on
the desktop, but M/S Outlook's icon still on the taskbar). When I click the
icon on the taskbar, I get a windows warning balloon message saying, "Outlook
is not responding. If you are running an Exchange Server e-mail account, you
can cancel pending server requests by clicking the Outlook icon in the
notifications area, and then clicking cancel server requests on the shortcut
menu." First off, I don't have an "Exchange Server e-mail account" - unless
they think my email account is an exchange server since its cable run
- but I think not. Secondly, where is the "notifications area" where I use
"cancel server requests" since its not in the taskbar properties. I can only
either "Hide when inactive", "Alwyas show", or "Always Hide." There is no
provision for "cancel server requests". Where do I find this so that
Outlook's icon will no longer show up on my taskbar?
I'm usually knowledgable about Outlook's use but this one got my attention.
Thanks for any assistance and help.

My son set up my Outlook email account several years ago, and I've always
accessed that account by just clicking on the Outlook desktop icon. However,
my computer crashed several weeks ago, and I was wondering how to access that
email account from any other computer). (I can get to my hotmail and yahoo
email accounts from any computer, but I don't know how to get into the
outlook account). PLEASE HELP!!!! (Sorry if this is a stupid question). :o(

Technologically handicapped in CA

If I restart my computer, I can open Outlook 2003 once. Once it has been
opened then closed, it will no longer open. I click on the icon, but all I
get is an hour glass next to my cursor for 4-5 seconds. I have to restart my
computer everytime I want to check my email!

My Outlook freezes when I select tasks icon from Outlook sidebar menu.
Anyone know cause?

I am having problems with my Outlook 2007 installation crashing everytime I
try to click on the note tab. However, if I open Outlook 2007 in safe mode,
I can click on the note tab and my notes come up ok. Outlook 2007 do not
tell me that anything is disabled in safe mode, so I have no idea what is
causing the problem. Also, Office Diagnostics finds no thing wrong with my

Any ideas on what I should try to resolve this problem?
S.R. Larrabee

After I add a task my outlook freezes. Using task manager to shut down
outlook doesnt fix the problem, because the next time I run outlook it
freezes when I click the Tasks folder. I have to sync with my mobile delete
the tasks to get outlook to work again.

I have outlook 2003 (11.8010.8036) SP2, working off an Exchange 2003 server
and running on XP sp2.

In the Navigation pane in the bottom left corner I have the Mail, Calendar,
Contacts and Tasks Icons (shortcuts) when I click on all of the icons exept
the Tasks one the relevant window appears, however when I click the taks
icon, only the left pane appears for the tasks which shows the current views,
the right hand pane doesn't refresh and continues to show the previous
content. The only way I can open up the tasks is to right click and open in
new Window.

I think this is also causing my activesync 4.2 to fail. When I sync without
the tasks selected all works fine but it fails with the 8600107 error when I
chose to sync tasks.

I have tried a detect and repair and this has made no difference.

Any help appreciated.


I’m using Windows XP Home 2003 and Outlook 2003. My Outlook is, I believe,
unstable. It does things I haven’t asked it to do—makes ‘uncommanded
changes,’ all of them irritating. Examples:

A] Palatino is my default typeface, dark blue. Sometimes I’ll be typing a
new e-mail and it changes to black right in the middle.

B] My signature includes my phone number. When I want to add, say,
extension, moving just one space to the right of the phone number changes my
typeface to Times New Roman.

C] An e-mail I just typed suddenly switched into italics. That’s especially
strange is because the Italic/Bold/ Underline option had disappeared from the

D] Other toolbar grievances. Outlook has just changed mine as just noted.
Also, “clear formatting” gone, as is the window displaying typeface and size.
I now have toolbars I’m I haven’t seen before. No. 1 is OK (message title).
Under it is familiar No. 2:
File/Edit/View/Insert/Format/Tools/Table/Window/Help (though I’m not sure I
recognize “Table”). No. 3 has a semi-familiar list: New E-mail/Open/Save but
also Permission(????)/Print/Print Preview(??) and other icons , like
Research, Format Painter, Insert Hyperlink and more I’m sure I’ve never seen
before. No. 4 is a complete mystery: Data Form/Manage Fields/Add New and
Delete Record/Sort Ascending or Descending/Insert Database/Update Field/Find
Record/Mail Merge Main Document. What are they? Where did they came from.
Toolbar No. 5: is familiar—Send/Insert File and other, though again I’m not
sure about Permission.

E] In DRAFTS I keep a fake e-mail in which I list invitations and
appointments. It’s titled AAAAAAAAAinvitations and, with Drafts set to
display items alphabetized by subject, it should always appear highlighted at
the top. Outlook used to do that but now always opens Drafts in the middle.

F] In message titles and names of folders, sometimes I get boldface,
sometimes not. I never know why.

G] In each new message, a little ruler used to appear at the top of the
message area. It, too, has disappeared.

And on top of all that, my Outlook is SLOW! It constantly hangs up or drags
its feet over the simplest of tasks. I want to write a new e-mail? Hourgless
symbol appears. I want to switch from one folder to another? Same thing.
Cut/paste from this mail to that? Same thing. This behavior is very
inconsistent--so much so that at times it seems as if Outlook just got up on
the wrong side of the bed. The hourglass itself is an annoyance. Let's say I
want to go from Inbox to Online I click and if the h'glass appears, I know
it's working. But then it'll disappear, leading me to think the job;'s
done--only it isn't. Other time, it won't appear, so I think I've
mis-clicked. So I click again--and then Internet windows. All in all, it's
damned frustrating.

I hasten to add that I’m a leave-well-enough-alone kind of guy. I don’t go
exploring toolbars and icons just to see what I can do, so I’m pretty sure
that I haven’t done anything to cause these changes.

I purchased Microsoft Office 2010 in August this year, and have been using the Microsoft Outlook application for a number of weeks now without any problems - to access my web based email account - in the last week everytime i open Outlook within 5 seconds approx. it crashes my laptop, baslically it freeses the mouse wont move, I cant flick over to any other open application or document, i cant bring the laptop back to life by moving the cursor around, and no amount of time left like that makes any difference, I then am left with only one option to power off my laptop - I am able to do this by pressing down & keeping held down the power on button of my laptop.

As I said it was working with no problems previously, but has stoppd recently - I am able to access my web based mail via internet explorer with no problems & this doesnt crash the laptop - so I concluded it was a problem with outlook in some way.

I have tried the trouble shooting, by right clicking over outlook in the start menu, and following the directions - it gets to the point to ask you to run the program after its made a change I guess (SP 2 was applied last time I did this), but the minute I hit run the program the same thing happens, so it hasnt resolved the issue.

My laptop is running windows 7 home premium.. and its an HP G 62

Please can someone help me?!



My computer crashed while Outlook was open; upon reboot, everything is fine except Outlook no longer sends/receives automatically nor does it send/receive when I click on that link in the menu bar. I checked everything I could find to check and everything looks OK to me.

Can anyone give me an idea what I should be looking for and how to fix this?

I'm really concerned about my microsoft office outlook. The reason is, my
outlook doesn't have a "send" icon on my toolbar. I get these emails that I
have to copy and paste to another one, I try to use my outlook but it doesn't
work and really pisses me off. Sorry about my language, it's just that it
angers me so much when I can't send an email back to somebody that I really
want it to go to. I have no choice but to ignore those emails when I need to
send them back. Just to let you guys know I cannot forward those emails that
I get cause it's not the same as copy and paste. So I hope to hear from you

I am on XP Pro with Outlook 2003 with all the latest service packs. I
recently recovered my Outlook 2003 data from a crashed computer to a
new computer. Yesterday everything in Outlook was working perfectly,
but today after rebooting, if I click on my task pane or contact pane
they are completely empty.

At first I thought I may have lost all tasks and contacts but then I
discovered I can get to my tasks and contacts by clicking on tasks in
the My Outlook Today screen which brings up all my folders on the left
side. In these folders I can get to my tasks and contacts.

My question is... how do I point the panes for "My Tasks" and "My
Contacts" panes to show these folders? I have been searching around
all morning and am about to try reinstalling Outlook if I can't find
the answer soon. Any help would be much appreciated.


I purchased home use software (MS Ofc Pro Ed 2003). All of the installed
components work. Except Outlook crashes my laptop and causes a system dump.
The error report indicates it could be a driver or the new software. It's
not specific. I don't think I can unistall Outlook because the condidtion
of purchasing the HUP was one computer, one device.

I am using XP SP2 and Office 2007. My outlook is crashing at start-up. It
worked fine and then after I downloaded some updates from MSFT (IE 7.0), it
now crashes at startup. Diagnostics can't find anything. All other
applications seem to be running well. Thanks for feedback!!

When I minimize my M/S Outlook, it automatically closes so that it does not
show up on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

If I click the icon it automatically opens back up to the same place. It
just does not go to the bottom of the taskbar.

My outlook icons aren't working. Outlook will not open. I click on the
icon, it will hourglass for a few seconds and then stops. Where did my email

Regarding my Search Folders;
the folders listed in my search folders are: "For Follow Up"," Unread Mail",
and " Larger than 100KB"
This issue is they are all shaded. When i right click on each folder my
outlook crashes and shuts down automatically.
How do i fix it, I cannot delete or remame any of the search folders, it
just crashes my outlook.
Please help, Thank you,

i m keshi.
when i click on the shortcut icon of outlook the following messages come
1. The extension configuration file "c:program filesmicrosoft
officeoffice11ADDINSmsspc.ecf" could not be installed. There is an error
in the syntax or format of the file.
2. The file add-in "msspc.ecf" is missing or is not valid. The problem may
be resolved by using Detect & repair on the Help menu.
Can someone help me to start my outlook pls.

Working fine until a couple of weeks ago, a 'personal' email pst file
(created with Outlook 2003 and transferred onto a new computer) with password
protection started to crash my Outlook on start up.

Basically when I turned on Outlook, it asked my for the password for the
protected file (which I usually cancel as I have no need to access it).
Usually this is fine and I can simply work from my normal outlook pst folder.
For some reason the password process froze outlook requiring a restart of the

If you have a similar problem, best action is to go to control panel-> user
accounts-> Mail-> Data Files (then highlight the suspect)-> Click
'settings'-> change password-> ...then just delete your password. I did this
and Outlook now actually opens.

Someday you may just be lucky, and be able to reinstate it without crashing
your computer.

(hope I don't get chastised for posting to the wrong area...)
Shaun C

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