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getting rid of the little message alert window

Please tell me how I can get rid of the little message alert flash that shows
up on my screen when I receive an email, but I have another window open on
top of Outlook. It's distracting when you are trying to work.

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My log on screen shows I have 1 email message in outlook. I can not find any
unread emails and cannot get rid of the message.


server 2008, control panel -> network and sharing center -> manage network
connections, then select a nic

or start -> run, and type: control netconnections
and then select a nic

is there a way to get rid of the 'disable this network device' button that
appears at the top, on the toolbar right under the menus? I know, kind of a
wierd request but I need to find out and then script the change if its

any input would be appreciated.

How to get rid of the (no entry sign) on my junk e-mail box

My address book has a "name" column, a "display name" column, and an "email
address" column. How do I get rid of the "name" column? It's listing my
names alphabetically by the "name" column and I want to list them
alphabetically by the "display name" column.


I need to be able to get rid of the clocks in my MS Outlook calendar. They
also show up when I view a shared calendar. Thanks for any help!

Ever since I installed Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard, and did their update, I
have a stupid custom toolbar stuck on my outlook screen every time I do a
Reply. It does me no good so I want to get rid of it. I can get rid of it
for individual emails but it's a zombie and won't stay dead. I can move it
around and push it aside, but it won't stay there, it goes right back up top
and gets in the way of the Send button. How the heck do I get rid of the
damned thing once and for all?

Every time I start Outlook 2003 it asks me for the location of the Microsoft
LDAP Directory. I use Outlook only for internet email -- nothing fancy or
complicated -- and would like to get rid of the question, by telling Outlook
that I don't need to do that. I was alot easier to do that in Outlook 2000!
Do I have to reinstall, or is there a simpler way?

How do I get rid of the "end" time of each event on the calendar?  The only time I want to print is the start time.

I just moved a whole slew of messages from a listserv to a special folder and
created a rule to move all incoming messages from this listserv to the new
folder. The problem is that the messages I've moved from the inbox remain
there but now have strikethroughs through them. I really hope there's a way
to remove them from the inbox as the whole point of creating the new folder
was to get rid of the clutter in my inbox, and this has actually made it
worse! I'm using Outlook 2003, SP2, and I would really appreciate any help
anyone can provide. Thanks!

We just upgraded to Outlook 2003 and are using Rich Text format. We embed
our attachments within our messages, but still get the "Attachments" field
listing all the attachments. Sometimes we send 25 attachments, so I foresee
problems very soon. Anyone know how to get rid of that extra line?

After I click "send" on an email message, the Journal box appears. I want to
get rid of that Journal box for good--not have it pop up each time. Thanks
for your help.

Try CTRL 6, which will show you only the "all folders" list! You can use the
CTRL "number" command to toggle between mail, calender, tasks, notes, etc.

"PeteF1@Toronto" wrote:

> You would think that with all the "improvements" Microsoft is making to these
> programs, that something simple like removing the Favorite Folders pane would
> be a piece of cake, but instead, they blithley say in the help section that
> you can't get rid of it. You can click on the folder view, but anytime you
> go to your calender and back to mail, the Favorites Folder is there again.
> It's a small thing, but it is endlessly annoying to me to have this
> cluttering up my view.
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I have an address bar just below the standard toolbars that shows the
location your are in (eg. outlook:Inbox) and it lets you go back and forth in
terms of your location within outlook.

how do i get rid of it? i never had it in my previous views (until i had to
reset my windows profile).

I'm using Outlook 2002

How might I get rid of the message text in the navagation frame in outlook.
Don't need to see it twice. Just want one line showing "From", "Subject",
"Received", and size.

Thank You

How can I get rid of the error "The security certificate was issued by a company you have not chosen to trust" I created my own certificate it is named the same as web address I use to access owa I have also imported the certificate into IE6 I still get the error message when i try and access the site



I am using a Group mail box in the 'From' field and I see that the
receipents see "Xavier, Saju; on behalf of; GM *****". This does not happen
with everyone sending emails with 'From' as the GM mailbox.. how do i get rid
of this.??

Saju Xavier


I accidentally typed a couple of keys at the same time on my keyboard, and
now I have paragraph markers when I type a new e-mail in Outlook.

How do I get rid of these paragraph markers?

Also, the color of my type is blue instead of black? How do I get this to
be black?



For some reason I have this hand symbol instead of the arrow. And when I try
to cut, copy or paste, the hand symbol becomes a fist and won't allow me to
copy, cut or paste. How do I get the arrow back?
Thanks for the help!

Hi Randy, After dealing with this same question for a couple of years, I
finally decided to search the communities messages, and found your answers to
a couple of people dealing with the same question. I wasn't able to find the
NK2 file, nor to get rid of the old AutoCorrect address by deleting it when
it came up. Is there anything new from Microsoft Outlook in the last year
that addresses this problem, or any new method by which to correct an
incorrect address?

"Randy" wrote:


You may also be interested in a program that will let you fully edit the NK2
file. You can find it at

"DLS" wrote in message

I just got MS Vista which came with Outlook 2003. The 'Accept Terms' screen
keeps coming every time I go into Outlook, even though I always press the
Accept button. Very annoying - what is the problem and how do I get rid of
that screen?

I need all new emails to go directly into my new mail folder not in the bulk
mail folder. I cant seem to get rid of that folder which I never wanted to
begin with. Can anyone help me?

I just upgraded from Office 2000 to 2003. Now whenever I get online or try
to get addresses from contact list, I get this annoying "MSLDAP Directory"
and shows a few boxes with "Null" filled in. If I click OK, it lets me in,
but I don't like it and want to get rid of it. Please help.

I use my Microsoft Outlook program for the calendar, contacts and tasks
only. I use another program for my internet and mail.

This morning I went in to update my calendar and all of a sudden I am
getting an internet page stating that "the server cannot be found". I
couldn't get rid of it so I connected to the internet. Now my Outlook
program is named - "MY WAY" and this web site fills the area that my
calendar should be.

I have tried all morning to get rid of it and/or work in my program but
I can't get to my calendar - PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF THIS FROM MY



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When you have typed in an email address manually in any of the addressee
fields, Outlook appears to remember those email addresses so that the
next time you begin typing the same characters, Outlook gives you a
dropdown list of matching addresses.

This is a convenient feature until one addressees changes their address
just slightly. Then you can't get rid of the old email address. At
least I have not been able to figure out how to purge the drop down
lists of invalid addresses.

Can someone please explain how to do this?

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