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Why does my cursor jump around in Outlook?

After installing a new hard drive, my cursor jumps around on its own, so as
I'm typing fast, the letters go into another point in the document. Also,
the keyboard doesn't seem to keep up with the keystrokes, resulting in some
strange-looking words.

What's going on?

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When I am typing a message in Outlook, my cursor jumps around to other places
on the screen. I have to go back and delete the letters where they were
randomly placed and correct my typing.

When I am typing a message in Outlook, my cursor jumps around to other places
on the screen. I have to go back and delete the letters where they were
randomly placed and correct my typing.

For some reason my cursor jumps from the To box to the body of the email
immediately upon openning a new email. I can't find a way to stop this from
happening, help!!!

Can anyone help? My cursor is constantly jumping around the page while I am
writing emails...
(twice just while I was writing this...its making me crazy!)

Can anyone help? My cursor is constantly jumping around the page while I am
writing emails...
(twice just while I was writing this...its making me crazy!)

I am using Outlook 2000 and have Word set as my e-mail editor. But for some
reason, with certain e-mails, I get an message that pops up when I go to
reply that says "The form requires Word as your e-mail editor but word is
either busy or cannot be found. The Form will be opend in Outlook editor
instead." Then it does just that - opens the reply e-mail with Outlook
editor. I then have to go back into my options to select Word again. I have
never had this happen before. Any suggestions??

Using Microsoft Office 2003 as email editor to Microsoft Outlook. My cursor
jumps around frequently while I am typing an email or when in Microsoft Word
to other areas within message typed, or even as I type this message. How do
I stop/correct this persistent problem?

I have several calendars shared to me in Outlook 2007. I am on an Exchange
2003 network running both Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. Sometimes when I log
onto my mailbox and go to my Calendar, the shared calendars in the left pane
are gone and I must re-acquire them. Any idea why this happens?

Hello: So I have created a projects calendar in Entourage. Everything looks great on screen however, when I print I get nonsesical characters instead of what I see on screen.

Why does my project calendar print out crazy fonts? I don't know if it is a system versus user fonts issue or what?

Please help.

Las vegas Mac Man_


A few months ago you helped out Jan when she reported having a problem with
hyperlinks in Outlook not working. I've got the same problem in that some
hyperlinks won't work while others do. I've tried you solution as outlined
below (tho I got to folder options in My Computer, not control panel) and the
settings are already correct. Any idea why some hyperlinks work and others
don't. The ones that don't work are often from established web sites (like

Thanks for any help you can give.


"AJR" wrote:

> Jan - do the following" Control panel>Folder options> File types tab under
> "registered file types" scroll down to HTM (HTML) and select.
> Bottom dialogue box under "Details for HTM (HTML)" should read "Opens with
> IE".
> If not select "Change" option and select IE - back at "opens with IE" select
> the "Advanced" option - ensure that under "actions" that "opens" is selected
> as default (Will be in bold type).
> That's it - give it a go!!
> "Jan" wrote in message
> > Why does a hyperlink stop working in outlook when they have worked before
> > and
> > took me to the site I need to visit.
> >
> > I'm taking an online course and receive a message from the instructor with
> > a
> > hyperlink to view the response. All of a sudden, the hyperlinks have
> > stopped
> > working when I click on them in the message. How do I reset this
> > function
> > to work in outlook again.
> >
> > TIA
> > Jan


Since a week or two i'm experiencing something strange in my outlook. All my
messages in the hotmail inbox (in outlook) are gone. Outlook sais they are
still there (botom left number), but i can't see any. Other messages in the
custom folders are still there, only the inbox appears empty. Even after
reinstalling office the problem presists. The error "The messaging interface
has returned an unknown error. If the problem presists, reset Outlook' keeps
poping up, but nothing changes after reset or reinstall.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

Jorn Veraart

Why does OE6 show an envelope in the right low corner, if it does not get a
new message? All folders in my and imap e-mail accounts are not
bold. There is not a new message in my incoming folders. I use Windows 2000
Best regards,
+7 495 6274443 from 9 till 18 Moscow time
+7 9163876746 all other time

I can print everything on my computer EXCEPT emails in Outlook. HELP!!! Paper
comes out of the printer as if it has printed, but nothing is on the page. I
can print b&w and color from all other programs

I am facing an issue where my username automatically appears in the body of
any email reply/ forward whenever i hit on the spacebar as the first
character to start off editing of the quoted email message.

My username will appear as [John] in the email message.
Is there any way to turn this off?

Why do we receive conflict messages in Outlook? I am using Outlook 2003. The
message shows Conflicting edits have been made to the same item. To resolve
this conflict, select the item in the list below you wish to keep and then
choose "Keep This Item", or choose "Keep All" to preserve al the versions.

What causes this? Is there something in the settings? Is there a fix?

I'm not able to see my UNREAD items folder in outlook 2007.How can i get it

Whenever I try to type a message in Outlook the font is different than the
default one, but when I press the (down arraw) NOT enter the font changes
back to the default..any help?

As I try to move around in Outlook.  Each tab I touch I get the following error message "Microsoft Outlook is not responding"  I have Internet Explorer 8. 

I use my yahoo email as a POP account in my outlook express. If I sign into
my yahoo account and send messages they are delivered immediately. If I try
to send the same message from my outlook express it gets hung up for hours.
Any ideas on how to fix the problem in outlook? Thanks.

I've just installed MS Outlook 2002 on my new Toshiba Notebook w/ Windows
Vista. I'll be typing away in an email, and suddenly my cursor will jump to a
random place throught the email and keep typing. Is anyone aware of this
type of problem? Could it be a Vista compatability issue with this older
version of MS Outlook/MS Office.


Why does my mouse pointer get hung up when I use Outlook 2007. The arrow
locks in a random position and no amount of moving the mouse will get it to
move. After a few minutes it will jump to a new position and get locked up
again. This is very frustrating.
I finally got the slowness of Outlook 2007 resolved through this forum
(thanks to all of you for your info). But I still have this issue.

Are there any suggestions on what might be causing this and are there any

This only happens in Outlook 2007 and it doesn't just happen when it is
going through "send and receive".

thank you!

Here are two examples:

When I respond to a message in Outlook with the nice respond blue it
looks like a _bigger_ size in Gmail.

Additionally, when I send a message using the Gmail interface, in the
normal sanserif text it shows up as times new roman when I look at it
in Outlook.

Am I losing my mind or is there some kind of discrepancy here?

If so, does anyone know how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

I created an account to check my gmail account.

When I send a message FROM that gmail account, VIA Internet Explorer (ie.
from the web, and not Outlook 2007) to my friend Jason...

For some reason, Jason's email is in my inbox... FROM ME!

Why would my inbox have Jason's email? Shouldn't it be in Jason's inbox?

I can understand it being in my SENT email...but not my inbox.

Any advice is appreciated! :)

When I am typing in a document my cursor will jump to another area on the
document, or even if I am writing an email, another screen will come up (all
on its own).
this happens sometimes and not others. I dont know why.
anyone know about what to do?
thanks for any Help,

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