Autocomplete for Outlook 2003...

AutoComplete is not remembering an email address a user has sent many
messages too. What could be the problem?

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Hey Everyone, I recently purchased Exchange 2003 w/ 100 CALs and everything is running great. I heard from someone that each CAL for Exchange 2003 is also one license for Outlook 2003. If this is so, how can I obtain a version of Outlook 2003 that I can deploy to all of the client machines and who do I call at microsoft to get a license key applicable for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Every time I do a full scan using Windows Security Baseline Analyser I get
the notification that critical update KB892843 for Outlook 2003 is missing.
However I have successfully downloaded and installed this patch.

How can I tell which is wrong, the WBSA notification or the Microsoft Office
2003 setup which tells me the update has been installed successfully? And
how can I correct this?

Please note, I have already tried the WBSA newsgroup for help.



We've rolled out a new type of user guide/reference tool named Use
Simulator for Outlook 2003 Email. What's new about it? It's all
clickable and I don't know of anything like it.

That's why we need your input. Here's the deal. It is free for download
from 14 till 17 October. You can download and use it without any
limitations (of course, only for your personal use). Hopefully, after a
few days or maybe after the first try, or otherwise, you'll click on
the feedback link inside it and answer a few questions in a feedback

By the way, it's a kind of a standalone ebook with no setup.

Everyone is welcome! We'll really appreciate your opinion. Team

I recently recently a batch of security updates. The updates for Outlook
2003 failed to install. Update for Outlook Junk Email Filter 2003 (KB921587)
Update for Office 2003 (KB919029). Does anyone know why?


Does anyone what the add in mpchecker.dll does for Outlook 2003. My Outlook
client was hung and after about 3 minutes I got an addin error message that
mpchecker.dll needed to be disabled.

I spoke with my support teams and did some research but no one know what
this is.

Each time my automatic updates are done I am getting a message " Updates were
unable to be successfully installed"
It advises that update for Outlook 2003 junk Email filter (KB925254) was
unable to be installed.

Can anyone advise why this would be?

Oliver D

A user recently installed ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2007 by Sage on
their computer. Their computer also had Outlook 2003 and Business
Contact Manager for Outlook 2003 installed. Outlook would open normally
and you could navigate around the program as usual. However, as soon as
you sent an email, it would freeze and had to be shut down through the
Windows Task Manager. Their computer was running Windows XP Service
Pack 2 and was fully updated with the most recent Windows and Office
2003 updates.

I checked the logs in the Application Event Viewer of Computer
Management. I noticed that there was an error associated with
ACT.Outlook.Service.exe each time the computer started.

I called ACT! tech support and was told to disassociate ACT!'s
integration with Outlook 2003 and run Detect and Repair from the Help
menu of Outlook. Neither helped.

I uninstalled ACT! 6.0 (which was also on the machine) and reinstalled
ACT! 2007. Still no help.

I decided to uninstall Business Contact Manager for Outlook - since it
wasn't being used. During the uninstall, it prompted me to also
uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MICROSOFTSMLBIZ) since
it uses it to manage it's SQL database.

Once I uninstalled Business Contact Manager for Outlook and the
corresponding Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MICROSOFTSMLBIZ)
Outlook stopped freezing and everything worked fine again.

I spent 5 hours working on this and combing the web for answers. Since
there wasn't much information about this online, I thought I would post
my solution to help save others the same frustration.


I've been using Incredimail and a barking dog comes up and lets me know when
I got mail no matter what I'm doing. Can I get anything like that for
outlook 2003? I rarely notice the system tray when I'm busy.

I need to convert file 'outlook.ost' to 'outlook.pst' to import into outlook.
I accidentally deleted an email account thinking the closed account was no
longer needed. I didn't realize that all my emails ever sent through that
account would also be deleted along with attachments etc etc etc. There is a
tool called ost2pst and the scanpst one and they are very helpful and useful
for pre-2003 editions of outlook.

Is there one for outlook 2003 or did Microsoft figure it'd be more
profitable locking out a tool like this and then charging more for it? Just
like not letting you install USB 2.0 drivers on XP SP1?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Does any know of a direct Link to SEPTEMBER 2007 version of Junk email Filter
for Outlook 2003. The August edition was here: AC1E1-A6D1-46F6-ADBD-C41D7C6AAFBE&displaylang=en

I don't want for Office 2007 which was released in September.

Thank you.

The "From" column keeps disappearing in the inbox for Outlook 2003.

I don't know how to installed e-mail program for outlook 2003. I don't see
the send icon on the tool bar.

Thank you


I have just put Microsoft Office 2003 onto my computer but i cant get my
email working.

The email all opens, i can go in and write an email but when i go to send it
says the server cannot be found and also i did not enter an email address or
anything like that so how do i get an email address for outlook 2003?
Any help or advice on how i should set this up would be really appreciated.

Thanks x



This is my first post to this newsgroup, and there is a chance that
this question may have already been answered sometime in the several
years that this group has probably been online. If so, I'd appreciate
it if someone can provide a pointer to the answer.

I'd like to program Hot Keys for Outlook 2003. For example, if
"ctrl-a" when input while a particular message is active, should sent
the message to an "Archive" folder. Things like that. I'm not a VBA
programmer, but don't mind quickly learning the APIs needed to do this,
if it is the case that a VBA macro will solve this problem.

It'd be great if someone can provide some advice on either existing
tools or macros that already do this, or pointers on how I can do this



Why am I unable to check the autocomplete checkbox (outlook 2003)?

Windows Update keeps telling me to install the urgent update "Update for
Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB932330)" but the installation always

Has anyone else seen this behaviour and have a solution.


In which directory are all emails, contacts and settings stored for Outlook 2003 (not: Outloook Express) ?

Is this directory somewhere mentioned inside Outlook ?
I did not found a setting resp. entryfield somewhere in the option or preferences in Outlook.


I've been trying to get the latest Junk Email Filter Update (KB936557) for
Outlook 2003. There's an ActiveX problem on my computer that forces me to
use the alternative validation method. It works fine until I click on
"continue", and then all I get is a blank page. Is there any other way for
me to get this update?

Is there any way to check and see what the currently installed Junk Email
Filter is, under Outlook 2003?

Thanks to all.

What would be the top 10 (if needed) add-ins for outlook 2003,
that would give outlook 2003 more functionality, for a power user
coming from telemagic & goldmine (aka: GTD thinking )


Anyone have any suggestions for an RSS reader for Outlook 2003? I see some
listed in Microsoft's marketplace but am wondering if anyone's used one
that's worth trying out.