Automatically remove attachments


How can I automatically remove certain attachments (based on attachment
name) from new emails?


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At my company, the mailbox size is limited. I have found that I am
frequently reaching my mailbox limit due to attachments to meeting requests
on my calendar. I know how to manually remove them and save to a folder, but
does anyone know how to do it Automatically?

I have looked through options and rules to try to find a setting to no avail.

Is there a way to have exchange automatically delete mail that it removes attachments from? At this point, I would prefer to have the mail just deleted rather than receive the mail with the removedattachment text file.


Let me start by saying I am not an Exchange MVP and could use some help.

I have just installed Exchange 2013 and have it up and running fine but I have one issue that I am not really sure how to accomplish.

What I need to do is for a specific mailbox delete all attachments as they come in. The email body has the info I need in the email but also has an edi file attached that repeats the info as a txt file (with the extension of .edi) and the attachment is screwing up another software that parses the text and imports it into another program.

I have read about the Remove-AttachmentFilterEntry but am not really sure what the correct syntax should be.

My goal is to run the cmd and from then on that specific mail box either deletes all attachments or specifically ones that end in .edi

Is this doable?

if so can someone help me with the correct syntax. (my concern is if I screw it up I could possibly delete ALL of the attachments for ALL of my email accounts, and that would suck!)




Is it possible to set up Exchange to automatically save (and then remove)
attachments? We have a support email account that customers will use to send
files and we'd like to be able to automatically (as the emails are received
on the server, not waiting for a user to open Outlook) save the attachment to
a network folder.

Is this possible?
thanks for any help
- will

Hi folks,

Outlook 2000 with Exchange 5.5:

Anybody know a good way/add-on program that will remove attachments from messages that have already been sent out?

I'm dealing with storage space and one of the big problems is users send out a lot of files (big and small). These messages with the attachments get stored in the Sent Items folder and unless you manually open them up and remove the attachments,there doesn't seem to be a way to automatically remove them.

Is there a way?
What kind of solutions does anyone have for this?

Appreciate it,

I would like to run a script that would automatically remove all attachments
from all email in a folder, or create a rule to do this when an email is sent
to a folder.

As an example, I have a quota and if I send of forward an email with a large
attachment(s) that I use up my quota too fast as the "Sent" folder counts
towards my quota. I might want to keep the email, but want to keep the "Sent"
folder free of all attachments.

Any ideas?

Hello, I am new to this and am hoping this will help. I am currently trying to set my outlook to take any new email that i receive with an attachment to automatically save it to a directory of my choice. So far I have pieced together what is below. Everything seems to be working but here is the problem I am running into. The macro only appears to be working for anything I have highlighted. It is not working for the email that just arrived I figured out that the problem is with the Bold section below. Everything I try causes my outlook to crash. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Public Sub Attachments(Item As mailitem)

Dim myItems, myItem, myAttachments, myAttachment As Object
Dim myOrt As String
Dim myOlApp As New Outlook.Application
Dim myOlExp As Outlook.Explorer
Dim myOlSel As Outlook.Selection

'Ask for destination folder
myOrt = "H:Attachment"

On Error Resume Next

'work on selected items
Set myOlExp = myOlApp.ActiveExplorer
Set myOlSel = myOlExp.Selection

'for all items do...
For Each myItem In myOlSel

'point on attachments
Set myAttachments = myItem.Attachments

'if there are some...
If myAttachments.Count > 0 Then

'add remark to message text
myItem.Body = myItem.Body & vbCrLf & _
"Removed Attachments:" & vbCrLf

'for all attachments do...
For i = 1 To myAttachments.Count

'save them to destination
myAttachments(i).SaveAsFile myOrt & _

'add name and destination to message text
myItem.Body = myItem.Body & _
"File: " & myOrt & _
myAttachments(i).DisplayName & vbCrLf

Next i

'for all attachments do...
While myAttachments.Count > 0

'remove it (use this method in Outlook XP)
'myAttachments.Remove 1

'remove it (use this method in Outlook 2000)


'save item without attachments
End If


'free variables
Set myItems = Nothing
Set myItem = Nothing
Set myAttachments = Nothing
Set myAttachment = Nothing
Set myOlApp = Nothing
Set myOlExp = Nothing
Set myOlSel = Nothing

End Sub

I would like to run a script that would automatically remove all attachments
from all email in a folder, or create a rule to do this when an email is sent
to a folder.

As an example, I have a quota and if I send of forward an email with a large
attachment(s) that I use up my quota too fast as the "Sent" folder counts
towards my quota. I might want to keep the email, but want to keep the "Sent"
folder free of all attachments.

Any ideas?

We're running MS Outlook 2010 and MS Exchange 2010

When you hit reply in Outlook, any attachments are automatically removed. This is good, as it stops the e-mail network being overloaded. Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't note what the file was or even that a file was there. After a few e-mails have been traded back and forward, the "conversation thread" can get a bit confusing without knowing the file that is being referred to.

What my bosses boss has tasked us to do is find a way to indicate a file was there (hopefully without requiring the end user to do anything).

We'd also like to find a solution on the Exchange side, rather than having to apply an add-in to every single outlook client. (as mentioned in a few different threads).

There are ways of removing the attachment using a macro and applying the name of the removed file (see this thread: Maintain name of removed attachments - how to?). But this requires action by the end user for something we're trying to do at the exchange level.

The the full e-mail Internet Header has a field that shows "X-MS-Has-Attach: yes".

What I'm thinking is that Exchange transport rule to check if there is an attachment. If there is, it then adds a line showing the name of the file to the bottom or top (for preference top) of the body of the e-mail.

For example:

From:John Smith

Sent: 29 April 2013 11:07

To: John Brown
Subject: test

Please find attached as discussed


From:John Smith

Sent: 29 April 2013 11:07

To: John Brown

Subject: test

Attached: test.txt

Please find attached as discussed

Is this possible?

Hi Guys,

I have a problem. When I want to prevent any file with any file types in Exchange 2003 I can do it with Remove Attachment. But; when I do that it covers everbody. I want to keep 2-3 people out of this order. I am triying that with ISA 2000 but again in ISA 200 SMTP filter is doing the same as Exchange 2003. I cannot cancell SMTP filter because it is very important for SPAM. What I want to do is I want to keep a few people out of Remove Attachment but at the same time I want to get a protect for the same a few people from SPAM.

We are using SBS Server 2003.

Hello all,

I have a problem when I need to grant certain users access to other uses mailbox where they need "Send As" rights as well as full mailbox access

I have added "Send As" rights to the users mailbox but it seem to get automatically removed.

I found this link but I'm a little confused.

My users are normal users and to know knowledge not part of any "protected groups" as the KB says???

I've tried running:

dsacls "cn=adminsdholder,cn=system,dc=mydomain,dc=com" /G "SELF:CA;Send As"

No good same.

Any ideas??



How can I set up Exchange to automatically save attachments to a specified folder on the network? We have a client that sends us orders that are attached to emails. I just want Exchange to monitor that email account and anytime an email is received with an attachment, then that attachment is saved to a folder I specify.


I am forwarding one users email to his blackberry. His blackberry has a 10mb
limit. Is there any way to remove attachments before the email is forwarded.
He would still need the attachments to go to his exchange mailbox.

Any thoughts or ideas?


Dave, thanks for the info. Carla, I had the same issue with the greyed out
option, but I have since realized that it's because I use the preview pane to
view emails. To do what Dave suggested, simply open the email all the way
rather than using the preview pane...then, the remove option is there.


"Carla" wrote:

> hmmm... interesting. when I tried this, the 'remove' option was grey and
> unavailable... do you know why this is and how to correct it?
> "Dave" wrote:
> > Cliff
> >
> > Open the email. Right click on the attachment. Click on remove. Save the
> > email. Done
> >
> > Dave
> >
> > "Cliff" wrote in message
> >
> > > Does anyone know if it's possible to remove attachments from an email
> > > without
> > > deleting the email itself? There are cases where I've saved the
> > > attachments
> > > or don't need them any longer, but I would like to keep the email itself.
> > > In
> > > order to minimize mail file size, I'd like to be able to remove some of
> > > the
> > > larger attachments but keep the emails they came with. Is this possible?
> > >
> > > Thanks!
> >
> >
> >

Folders transferred to Favourite Folders automatically removed on exiting
Folders deleted from Favourite folders remain deleted.

During the composition of a message, if a user removes or updates an
attachments in Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 then sends the message, the
recipient receives the new and the removed attachments!

This is a major problem for us. Some project managers, after
double-checking, are in the practice of requesting changes to documents that
they have attached to a draft message. They remove the attachment and attach
a revised version to the message before sending it. The original attachments
no longer appears in the list of attachments but somehow shows up in the
message that the recipient receives.

The described bug puts senders at risk of sending duplicate, incorrect and
or confidential information to clients.

This phenomenon also applies to inserted images. I’ve encountered this
myself when I try to resend a message that I modify with changed images. The
old ones still appear as attachments…

OL2003 doesn't want to send mail The pst is 151 MB. I think I have to slim
down the pst but how do I remove attachments from messages already in a


Hi All,
I'd like to use the "Rules" capability to automatically forward email
messages from one email account (at work, which uses Outlook 2003 and doesn't
have any bandwidth limits but is cumbersome because I can only access using
Webmail from home) to another account (at home, which I can use Outlook 2003
to access but has bandwith limitations). The catch is that I want to
automatically remove attachments (because they eat up bandwidth) before
forwarding. I also want to keep a full copy of the messages (including
attachments) in the work account. I can't see to figure out how to do this?
Is that capability under the "Custom Actions" menu? The work IT people
haven't installed that add-in, if so, and I doubt they would do so on my
behalf. Any workarounds?
Thanks so much.

I am currently using Outlook 2003 SP2 configured with cached Exchange mode,
and Exchange 2003 server. I am having some bizarre problems when removing
attachments from messages. If I open a message, right-click on an attachment
and select remove I can remove the attachment without a problem. When I close
the message I am prompted to save the changes to the message as expected. If
I select NO, the attachment should be put back into the message. However the
attachment is still missing. When I look in my Inbox, I can see a paperclip
next the message indicating that there is an attachment, however when I open
that message, there isn't an attachment at all. I don't use this feature a
lot, but every now and then I do, and it drives me nuts. How can I fix this?
Where is this missing attachment going?