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Configuring with Publc Static IP


Presently in my office, Exchange fetches the mail form a third party mail hosted server and distributes among users. I want to change the configuration of exchange to send / receive mails directly to / from our exchange server hosted in our office. We have the following:

1- Exchange 2007 installed server
2- Domain name, say
3- One public static IP address and internet leased line 1 Mbps.
4- Windows 2008 Domain Controller

Please describe the setup of the same step-by-step since I am quite new to Exchange 2007. Your help is highly appreciated,

Best regards,

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I should of explained this better so here goes.

I have a Windows 2003 Server running with Exchange 2003. I have 1
Static IP address, but host 5 Domains. The domains are not the problem
its the email I need to figure out how to setup. Now my questions are
if anyone can help or point me in the right direction.

1. When adding a new user in AD how can I get the other domain to show
up for the email of setting up a new user... There is a drop down box
there so you must be able to select more then one email domain.

2. OWA say my default domain for OWA is
and I host another domain and need email for it can I use OWA to
access that account too? could it show up as
http://seconddomain/exchange ?

Now about DNS... I have bulkregister hosting the DNS for now it's just
pointed to my server here for now until I make this server a NS. This
all worked before I put exchange in, but I used Ipswitches Imail
Server so it was pretty easy to setup.

If you have any questions just reply.


We are small--only 6 users, and we are bringing our email inhouse. We are
switching to Comcast as our ISP and they will give us one static IP address
for an additional $6 per month. Once we take ownership of the zone for
email at the Network Solutions level, using that IP address, will that be
enough for us to receive emails to our email
accounts resident on our inhouse server? Of course, that static IP address
would be the OUTSIDE address on our cable modem.

I'm not looking for step-by-step instructions, I just want to know if we can
do inhouse email with a single, static IP adresss. Also, if I understand
correctly, there's no need to purchase bundles of
email accounts from Comcast. All mail for would be routed to
our Exchange server.

I work for a company that has an Exchange 2000 server with about 50 clients.
We had to configure a couple of clients with "Internal" static IP addresses
to be used for VPN's to their desktops.
Now,when they're physically at their desks using their Outlook 2000 client,
the only time they will recieve any emails is when they've clicked inside of
their outbox. It has to be something related to the Static IP as this is the
only change that was made on their computer. I've tried playing with their
DNS settings but no resolution.
Any insight to this issue would be appreciated


Howdy folks - have a design question. Should I use two network cards in the Exchange server? One connected to the established 10.10 network for users. A second card with the static ip from the ISP to allow OWA. We just wanna have fast LAN-based email with the option of checking messages from the house over our slow internet router.
Thanks a bunch

Hi All,
I pressently have a windows mixed enviroment of win 2k and win 2k3servers. I have an exchange 2003 server running on a windows 2k machince(it was updgraded from exchange 2k). Both clients are running windows vista with outlook 2007. The servers including the email server and one client are on one physical network call it and the second client is on a second wireless network call it The two networks are sepaarted by a linksys wireless router, which I configured with a static IP of say  

The first client on wired network can easily connect and stay connected to the exchange server, however the second client on the wireless network, has difficulty and most times does not connect.

any thoughts...


I've searched several forums on this, and unfortunately came up with very little. Thought maybe someone saw the same thing and could help out-

I have a very simple environment - a 2003 server (PDC), a 2003 server running Exchange 2003, and a third 2003 Server acting as an "additional domain controller." The third server is basically there for exchange redundancy.

Exchange is working fine, the AD is happy, all is well. After adding the new domain controller (which shows up fine in the AD and DNS on both the primary and the new server), Exchange refuses to discover the new DC. (System Manager-Directory Access only shows the PDC)

The installation was relatively straightforward. Install 2003, configure with a static IP, run DCPROMO (new server in an existing domain, etc), install DNS (verified that zones were automatically created on both servers). Also turned on the Global Catalog for the new server. Rebooted basically everything for good measure.

Exchange server still shows only the PDC in Directory Access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -- I've asked every Windows admin I know, and everyone else seems to say "it just works, I don't know why yours doesn't!"


I have a client with 3 locations, and they all are connected, in the same domain, and Exchange shows all 3 locations in the Exchange Administrator.

My question is: By using one static IP on the main mail server, can email be sent to it, and then distributed to the other locations, being that I can see all 3 servers in Exchange Admin?

Setup: All 3 locations: Windows 2000 SP3, Exchange 2000 SP3.

ANy help would be appreciated!

Ken Jancef
Technical Solutions

I am newbie with Exchange. Recently we have started to use Exchange using a single adsl line with public static IP address.
Currently we have no MX record due to political reasons. We use POP to receive emails through POP Connector and send emails directly with Exchange via SMTP.
Yesterday we have been included in the DSBL black list! So there are a lot of emails that can´t send because there are returned.

The DSBL guys tell me I have to configure my mail server to accept incoming mail from the DNS name of my IP, this is a DNS name from my ISP not mine.
The only way to unlist from this black list is accepting an email that they send to a "postmaster@... (here the reverse dns record of my IP)"
How can I configure Exchange to accept incoming email sended to the reverse record of my IP?

Thanks in advance.

Dear all,

glad to post my Q here, i have a Exchange 2003 SP2 with Win2k3 SP2, everything is working fine, now i have a receives emails from external user so i have purchase a Domain from ex:, now the problem is i have ADSL modem with public dynamic IP assign by our ISP, how to configure correctly dynamic IP to exchange emails from internal to external users, any reply is really appreciates here.


Hi all

I have been testing SBS on Win3k SBS in a virtual environment - so far so
Shared calendars working, send/receive ok etc.

This office has broadband without a static ext ip address on the router, is
there a way to get OWA to work outside of the office?
Secondly, anyone know of CALS in SBS are on a 1 to 1 basis with AD cals - so
if I have a 15 user license for AD, am I limited to 15 for Exchange?
Reason why I ask is 5 emps actually work for two diff companies (sharing
server) in same office and have two address each at (ext domain,
and - and that means I would exceed the cals for the doubled
I guess for those users I can pop out direct to isp those accounts.

Finally - due to the fact that the domain in their office is private, and
they have a domain or actually two domain names reserved and in use
externally which are being used at an ISP hosting their mail - it seems to
make sense to use a pop connector (that combined with the fact that there
isn't a static IP on the external side of the router) - Agree?
Or should I just share the calendars in Exchange and pop them all!

Finally - any recommended PM - to keep it up and running?
I would imagine I should limit box sizes (where ever that is) for each user.



Im currently running my personal exchange server for me and a few other people off my cable modem, so not a lot of traffic.

My IP address hasn't changes since day one so no problem with that.

Well to make a long story short. It turns out ive been added to the non static IP list, now some companys block my emails ie

So I was going to forward outgoing mail though my ISP comcast .net. I tested it out and it seems to be working great, my queue of messages finally sent.

My question to you is...can comcast tell that my outbound mail is being forwarded though them?


I have domain with Domain Name: I have Dynamic IP and I have registered with and got host: Its' working fine with my dynamic ip. Because I installed dyndns updater. Now I need to know How can I setup with A Record & MX Record??? Please help me using my domain name and dns name....

Is there any setting to do in Exchange server also?????

Please help me friends...

Supun Silva

My company has mail exchange installed , it is using a dial up through an isp with a static IP. That is every time they connect to the net, the same IP appears.

However, to reduce costs, the company I work for and 2 other companies in the building has decided to get one connection and share it to their offices. Actually they are all under one Mother Company.

In order to share the connection, all workstations and including the mail exchange server are going to be assigned with fake IPs.

The browsing works good, as well as other internet activity. However as for the mail, when workstations send a mail, there seems to be no problem, but the mail never reaches the destination, it stays in the exchange queue. The moment I revert back to the dial up the message is delivered.
I suspect there is a small configuration to be done, something with routing the message or DNS or some little change in some exchange settings.

If someone feels that he/she can advice, I would appreciate that very much.

Thank you

Obtained a static IP this morning -- setup the external network and all is OK.  Updated my DNS records for, left my MX record as is since it points to and that has already been re-directed to the new static IP

Removed the Dynamic DNS client from the server and deleted Dynamic DNS entries at my ISP's site

Called my ISP and requested they establish a reverse DNS entry for us as the IP currently resolves to resolves to ool-6039133e.static.optonline.

Once they make that change and the record populates (this is a PTR record I believe) I am hoping we will be able to send mail directly to recipient via DNS (no longer flipping mail to a smart host)

I deleted the old SMTP connectors and ran the CEICW so that evrything is all newly configured and restarted the server as well.

We are receiving mail already.  Is there anything I am missing that I need to do in order to send mail?  Also the name of the mail server is not the same as our FQDN, though that is listed correctly in the protocol setup for SMTP but I am concerned that it may not resolve correctly because the actual server name is different. 

Thanks in advance for your help!!


I have a static IP at my office and I have my Outlook send/recieve set
to my IP address. When I travel, I can recieve emails but not send
emails. Any ideas?

Thanks, Kevin

AOL in the UK don't offer static IP address's. How can I have a static IP
address on my broadband connection with AOL? I want the static IP to go to
my Draytek Router so that I can remotely log in to the network using the
routers vpn system.

This is a setup I inherited. Some of the IP addresses that are within the
DHCP scope are being used as static IPs on network printers that are shared
out on the servers. I'd like to fix this mess, and others with DNS, by
changing the static IPs on these printers. I've never done this. If I were
to change the static IP on a printer will users that are connected to that
printer loose their connection to that printer? I know it is shared out by
it's NetBios name.

Is this possible, without having to go to every computer and changing their
printer setup?


I've just added a mailbox server to an existing DAG.  The new server is on a different subnet to the existing DAG members, so I have assigned a new static IP address using the Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet with the -databaseavailabilitygroupipaddresses option.  All looks good when I do a Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup as I can see both the old and new static addresses assigned.

The problem is that I can't ping the new static IP address and it doesn't appear in DNS.  In other words it doesn't seem to have hooked up to the DAG correctly. 

Is this maybe because I added the server to the DAG before I set the IP address?


Got several questions actually so pls bare with me.

First my setup:
Got a local lab environment with 2 servers that have ExchSvr 2003 (enterprise) installed on both. For now I set one up as a front end server to understand how it works with relaying and such. Later I will have it set up as a standalone but would like 1 to be for my blackberry enterprise and mobile messaging and the other as the regular back-end that handles my general mail. The intent would be to filter out unwanted mail and have it forwarded to the other server that would then tranfer it to my backberry or mobile device. Reason being I want to get mail from family and other important stuff delivered immeadiately and spam mail and whatever else isolated on the other server which I can respond to whenever.
Now my ISP is not able to provide me with a static IP as long as I retain a residential account so I want to configure my servers to relay and receive mail through my ISP's smtp servers. I understand that I must configure my smart hosts and pop3 connector in order to accomplish this and I should have it done by this weekend. With the documentation found on in our forums.

Now I do have a domain registered but again without a static IP I cannot setup my Exch to work with it unless I have a static IP. So for now it is sitting in limbo...

Is there anyway to work around this without having to pay for it? I would be interested in paying for an MX setup (not too familiar on this just yet), but seeing how it would cost me aswell for a static IP I might as well just switch over to a corporate account and host it all myself with a static IP. But this would be once I get a better understanding of my network and able to properly secure it.

Is there a way that I can ghost (backup) the server that has the Exch (back-end) installed on it? I am able to use norton ghost on the front end, but for some apparent reason when I perform the same type of backup on the back end, the server locks up and never gets booted into Norton Ghost's backup script.Once this occurs I am unable to boot back up unattended and must always choose interact to have it boot back in to my regular OS.
I have some tutorials that explain how to perform a backup with ntbackup however I find it tedious and somewhat complicated, especially since at times I tend to crash things while I am testing limits and such. So I just want to be able to have a sound backup image that I can revert to should I cause an unrecoverable error....again
I am still interested in having the nt backup performed unless there is a better one but I will need to setup a vmware lab with exchange installed on it to test the restore before doing it on my live system.

Where can I find some good documentation on using the mobile services that Exch 2003 offers. I seem to get flooded with so many points of reference that it feels overwhelming so if anyone has a good location or knows of a pdf, pls let me in on it I would love to get involved in uderstanding and incorporating those features in my lab.

In my tutorial (Winstructor) they stated that with Exch I should created a user that has admin priviliges and assign the services to run off of that account that way should an issue arise it would be easier for troubleshooting, however when I attempted that; as they show in the video tutorial, after the reboot, the services never started and when I try to start them manually I was prompted in a msg saying that the dependicies that are required must run for this service to run (this is not the actual msg but it was what it was basically telling me). Now when I manually tried to start all the other dependant and related services manually from the mmc they in turn gave me the same msg resulting in me having to revert back to the default settings. Why is that? Is it truly worth going through the trouble to do this setup that the tutorial has implied?

Thanks for any help that you guys can offer! really appreciate it.

I'd like to get some in put from any out there that can shed some light on this for me.  I have a three drive raid configuration with 18gig hdd. One drive is failing.  I need to replace it post hast since I use the windows server 2000 front end mail server.  Anyone knows where the best place to get a replacement drive.   2ndly what's a good replacement plan for the entire box.
Thanks in advance.


I am looking for a procedure on how to setup an exchange server to retrieve mail from an ISP instead of having the ISP send the mail to the server. This server does not have an static IP from the ISP

This is an pdate to 452 message.....
Why would an smtp packet come in with the wrong IP address. I had just removed an exchange2K server from our network two days ago. Messages were not routing properly to the new machine. I found this looking through our Netscreen logs.

Quick fix was to enable the other nic on the new server with the old IP. I've now gotten "I THINK" all of our lost mail. But this is not an acceptable solution or answer to me.

any thoughts?

I just receive a new static IP from our ISP. I updated our DNS, and MX records and email, web site, and VPN all work fine. Now my problem is OWA or mobile access does not work externally. So I guess my question would be do I need to create/install a new SSL certificate if my static IP is different now?

(Apologies for the double post -- accidentally put this in the exchange 2000 forum)

Hiya - small-time Exchange tinkerer here.

I was running Exchange 2003 to handle a couple of personal, low-traffic email domains. My server is in my apartment and runs behind a router using NAT with all the appropriate ports forwarded. My ISP (RCN) gives me a static IP.

It used to be that all emails I sent were marked with that static IP, as follows:

Received: from ( [])
by ( with ESMTP id l4OG4k3Z099744

But now, they are marked with the internal IP:

Received: from ([])

I did have to do a complete server re-install (had to Win2003 32-bit with 64-bit) but I don't recall ever explicitly specifying my IP in my last setup.

Where should I look to try and get to the bottom of this?

Thanks in advance,

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