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Syncing Outlook 2010 calendar with Mobileme

Do I need the full version of Office 2010 to sync with mobileme.

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It's easy to find posts with people having problems syncing Outlook contacts &calendar with iPhone 4 - but I just want to know if anyone does use it regularly and know that it works.

I know the method (see links below) just wondering how buggy it is - not working is basically its a dealbreaker for me getting an iPhone.

I would prefer not to use workarounds or apps if I can help (Google sync etc: I don't believe in addinga 3rd party into the mix if iit's supposed toi work out of the box as per the below!)

It would be good to hear of any Microsoft Office users who have a similar set-up to me and are successfully syncing iPhone4 directly with Outlook through iTune:

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Enterprise Edition 64bit Windows 7 Looking at iPhone4


I have an Outlook 2010 Calendar that I would like to sync to a Sharepoint site calendar. I have found how to connect sharepoint to outlook, but not the other way around without a lot of manual manipulation. We have a teamshare site that has a calendar and we would like the calendar from outlook to sync into that teamshare calendar. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I have 1 user (out of 55) who's Outlook 2011 (Mac) calendar won't sync new appointments FROM the Exchange server, it will sync outlook appts TO the exchange server.

When items are put on his outlook 2011 calendar, they will sync to exchange 2010 - they show up in OWApp and on his iphone and his ipad. However, when items are put on calendar using his iphone, ipad or OWApp they will never sync to his outlook 2011 calendar (they will show on his OWApp calendar when put on his ipad or iphone).

I have done a permissions repair, outlook database rebuild, created a new identity and even setup outlook 2011 on a totally different mac - all with the same result. I have checked the logs on the Exchange Server, and the error log in MS Outlook and see no errors when trying to sync.

The only fix I have found is to empty the cache on his outlook calendar and then new items will sync, however future items will not. I have to empty the cache on his calendar several times a day. This is not a good fix.

Mac OS 10.6.8
Outlook 2011 v.14.1.4
Exchange 2010 SP1

I am using Outlook on py PC and on my laptop to manage my email and calendar for my Live account. My problem is that my recurring appointments in my calendar keep getting duplicated. I had this problem with Outlook 2007. I bought Outlook 2010, hoping this would go away, but the problem is still there.

Example: I create a recurring appointment (ex: once a week for 8 weeks). A few hours or days after, when I go check my calendar, the whole series is duplicated! If I don't delete one of the series, I can end up with 3 or even 4 identical recurring appointments!

I am not sure, but it seems that the whole series is duplicated when I modify the content of an occurence (I write some text inside the occurrence). The duplication is not immediate.  Even if I sync, there is no apparent problem. But the following day, my calendar is all messed up!

My PC: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Office 2010 Professional, Outlook Live Connector 14

My laptop: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Office 2010 Professional, Outlook Live Connector 14

Both are fully updated.

I am currently using Outlook 2010, 32 bit, Windows 7 with pop mail, hosted thru Godaddy.

I sync my calendar, contacts, etc to my Blackberry with Blackberry Desktop Manager and a USB cable.

I am getting the new BB Z10, but it does not work with the BB Desktop manager.
I am looking for ways to sync my calendar, contacts etc.

Here's my thought:

I can set up a hosted exchange email thru Godaddy (with a new domain name and email address), which could handle everything.
However, since I want to keep my old pop email address, can I set up Outlook with 2 accounts - one for the pop address and one for the hosted exchanged address?

Then I would like to get email only at the pop address and everything else - contacts, calendar, etc - would be set up thru the hosted exchange address. Will this work? Will it sync all my stuff (other than my email) instantly? If it does,how do I transfer my contacts and calendar only from the old account to the new account? Do I need to delete them from my old account? Will it all look the same in Outlook. Do I need to keep 2 pst files?

Your feedback is much appreciated.


Outlook 2010 calendar and my iphone had been working great at syncing.  Not it has stopped - I have tried all solutions from apple, talked with their support and tried all including restoreing phone and reloading all apple software - they are convienced it is something to do with outlook2010 - HELP  It had been working fine.  I also run McAfee, Windows 7.

How do I sync Outlook 03 calendar/contacts with mobile telephone?

Can I sync my Outlook 2007 calendar with my treo 650 calendar? If it is
possible how? I have been using the palm desktop software that came with my
phone (treo 650) to sync everything on my phone to my PC for quite some time.
I recently loaded Outlook 2007 and would like to sync my treo to it and vice
versa. I cannot figure out how. Is it a capability and if so can anyone
tell me where I can go for direction. I downloaded the update found on the
palm site but it still is not working. Please help.

I am using Outlook 2007 with the Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta 2. In Outlook I
can see both my local Outlook Calendar and my calendar on Windows Live. When
I enter an appointment on my local Calendar it does not sync onto my Live
Calendar. However, when I enter an appointment on my Live Calendar using
Outlook it does sync and I am able to see it when I access the Live Calendar
using IE.

Is there any way to sync the local Outlook Calendar with Live Calendar, or
do I have to enter appointments into the Live Calendar to have appointments
accessible in Outlook and remotely through IE?



I have office 2010 and I cannot sync my iPhone 3g with the Calendar.  will sync the Contracts but not the Calendar.  I can sync my home computer with the phone  it runs Office 2007.

Can you advise what might be the problem?  I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes..(Have updated itunes to latest version)


Win 7 - Office 2010

A new Guided Walkthrough: Sync Outlook Contacts & Calendars to Windows Phone 7 was released on April 15. This Guided Walkthrough helps you import or sync your Outlook contacts and calendar information with your Windows Phone 7.

I am having problems with the outlook 2010 calendar sharing.

When trying to access my shared calendar via the web site it doesnt even
attempt to show my calendar, instead it shows this page:

I have tried re publishing but doesnt work?

Anyone else have similar problem?



I em using An HP Jornda568 PDA Why won't Outlook 2010 Comunicate with it?

When i was using Office 2007 it worked fine but since i have upgraded to Office 2010 it won't communicate with my PDA what is the problom woth Office 2010???

It is very frustrating to be getting the message that there is no Default Email Client when i conect myPDA i have tried looking to fix this but there is nothing to fix as far as i can see every thing that need to be set as default is set as default. but it won't Sync.

I am having problems with the outlook 2010 calendar sharing.

When trying to access my shared calendar via the web site it doesnt even
attempt to show my calendar, instead it shows this page:

I have tried re publishing but doesnt work?

Anyone else have similar problem?



Outlook 2010 calendar shows the current month in the month view - 4-5 or 6 weeks whichever is the case.
Is it possible tot always show 4 weeks - preferably with the current week in the top section?

Hi all,

I've been looking everywhere trying to solve this. Is there a way to darken outlook 2010 calendar gridlines so that people who use window's high contrast theme can see them? Currently they're having trouble seeing the default grey gridlines. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you.

I've got office 2010 and for my calender I'm using outlook 2010's
but if I don't start outlook I miss a reminder that I have setup.

Is there anyway to have a calender always running in my task bar
to set appointments & keep an eye on my schedule during the day
instead of always having to start outlook or keep it running.

Hoping to sync a public calendar with my private one so I can view them both
as one for exchange server purposes (primarily so I can view them both on my
iphone). Any suggestions? Would like a free solution if possible. Thanks!

Is there any way that I can share Outlook 2003 calendars with other Windows
XP users (profiles - with different logins) on my home PC?

I am syncing the default calendar - but when i update an item on my phone calendar - it will not update on my desktop calender - i have upgraded to but the lastest versions of itunes and the iphone software.

But if i update an item on the desktop - it will update the item on the phone.

What is the solution?


I want to hide my name when i am inviting someone for a meeting in Outlook 2010 calendar. how do i do this?

is it possible to set Outlook 2010 calendar to print more than one month per page?


Sometime over the past week or two, my Outlook 2010 Calendar is defaulting to a list of Holidays.   Each time that I click out of calendar to go to Mail, or Contacts....etc.. then come back to calendar, it shows me a list of holidays.

I have to click on a different calendar, so it switches from the holiday list view, then switch back to my Exchange calendar.  I don't see any settings that could have gotten changed.   This is REALLY annoying...

I am using the Connector so I can see my MSN email, but this has been running fine until just recently...  

The ideal setting for me (Which is how it has been working until recently) is to default to my Exchange Calendar (default), then show the "work week".   Now, it shows Holidays, then I click on a different calendar, then back to my exchange calendar, then switch to the workweek as it only shows "today" ... ALL of that each time I want to see my calendar.

Is it possible to sync Outlook 2010 on 2 computers (my desktop unit and my laptop)?

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